What to Do When You’re Overloaded With Leads, Why Your Website Does NOT Have To Look Great (and what it’s ONLY purpose is), and the Fatal Flaw I’ve Discovered About Most Clients!

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Like Q&A? Well I got a whole bunch more in this video!

So get ready to discover:

  • What to do when clients won’t do their homework (hint…it involves treating them like children)
  • The best ways to get clients (if you don’t have a killer direct offer, you’ve got nothing…I’ll show you how to create one)
  • How I turned my client on-boarding area into my ‘client-success’ area
  • What I did to modify my message during COVID (the answer is I didn’t modify my messaging – I did something a lot smarter and kicked ass)
  • What to do when your clients start complaining about half your team being outsourced (as usual the answer involves whipping your clients into shape)
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[00:00:00] So Chris asks this question right here.

[00:00:04] Chris says how to film going through clients looking like you’re gonna meet your guarantees that their appointments per month fulfillments is going pretty darn well because it’s somebody else. And so when I’m yelling at my white label guy, I’m not yelling at myself and said, I’m yelling at somebody else who’s doing it. And he’s got a proven process, remains copy and paste. Nothing unique. And he’s giving me three or four or five forms. I just have to get my client to fill out.

[00:00:28] And then he does his job. We lean on customer research as a way to deal with objection handling and scenarios of like. But have you ever done my specific niche in my specific scenario, my specific city, like everybody’s like so unique that it would never apply. It’s like, of course it would like of course it would work for you. But, you know, you’ve lived your whole life thinking you’re a unique snowflake and butterfly. You’re not like this, generates leads and helps converts leads. You just do fulfillment. Right. That’s a narrative with me. My client. You can’t tell him that. You can’t be like, of course it’s gonna work because I know what I’m doing and said you have to have a better answer. So we lean on customer research to say like, hey. Yes, I understand your scenarios a little bit unique. And you are not like every other pest control business. And I know that your geography is different depending upon the Paksas services that you offer. So what we’re gonna do is are going to run customer service to your specific zip codes in specific neighborhoods so that we know your stuff’s gonna work before it goes live. Let me go. Okay, great. So my fullfillment guy gets the forms, requests, access. The client has like a 24 hour SLA saying like, hey, you got to answer it in 24 hours. Otherwise we can’t guarantee it to turn on. We get the campaign up and running. Customers south in 48 hours, runs for three or four days, and then we in turn on within a week. But I was into it just in case. So far, there’s no reason for me to change what we’re doing and look at fullfillment. Looks like it’s going to work. Historically, most agencies have a fullfillment squeeze. I like 10 to 15, maybe 20 clients. We’re in and paying the fulfillment guy. Like five to ten to fifteen thousand dollars a month. I’m like, this is a lot. And so they end up bringing somebody in-house and training them on how to do it. I never recommend doing that at beginning because you obviously don’t know what you’re doing. Not you, Crispi. You know what I mean? And I mean, if you did, you wouldn’t be at zero dollars, right. So you really have to lean on a white label to do the doing part. And if somebody is coming and saying, hey, I can do whatever you want, just trade me, I like what I’m going to train you on more. So if if you’re dealing with I mean, I deal with your clients, it’s going to lean on like a supplier type relationship. Absolutely, Rehmat over. Hold on. So the answer questions like Tilghman’s looking good. We could probably keep doing what we’re doing till he gets 15, 20 clients. And as long as my client, as long as my clients actually do their part, there actually are tracking 30 custom opportunities appointments every single month. The company will turn. I mean, Utah got the first point within 24 hours. So we seem to be working pretty well. Let’s see what else, James Pond. How you doing, sir? Bond Freyer, what’s going on, Bond? I think I answered your question about the no shows and all that and should deal with those no shows for everybody’s wondering bond as it’s having a big problem with no shows. And the mistake that I’ve seen everybody make is that like, hey, thanks for scheduling, here’s a demo link and then people schedule, never show up and your show up rates and you call your demos based upon the quality of your qualification processing qualification calls. And if people aren’t showing up to the Demoustier qualification process and qualification calls aren’t building like a real conversation, a real report. And real client understanding. So I hope that answers your question. If you need to bond. Just send me your stuff and we’ll take a personal view of it. Chris, as you have doing 10 to 14 calls a day had blocking my time on my calendar because my day’s a big consumer of the calls and getting nothing else accomplished yet. So time to up that level of of. Qualification called quality and get a little bit harder and stricter. And instead of, like, letting everybody hit your calendar, it’d be like, hey, before we actually get on the phone, can I confirm a couple of things, by the way? Qualification calls should be booked for like fifteen minutes and nothing else. So the very most you should have, like, I don’t know, ten, fifteen minute calls, which is probably enough to back up your day, but you should be disqualifying about 50 percent of those. You want to have five or 10 years as a day. Let’s just say three or four qualification calls and then one or two demos. That’s like the that’s how that funnel should look at that makes sense. Ferg is requesting a rip apart of her Web site. Sure, why not? Let’s take a look. This is book with for 20 Acom, this is Ferg.

[00:04:44] And requiems, sorry, my bad. I can’t. I don’t know how you do that. I don’t know. Pronounce your name. Sorry. So just Ferd. This guy seems familiar. I think I’ve chat with him before. Oh, yeah. Shane there you go. The exact 420 on demand system use abuse. Fifteen million dollars in cannabis delivery sales were partners in 2019. OK, that’s cool. The only two platforms that attract serious patients. So that’s client getting, which is cool. Why should you never rely on one marketing channel? OK. Was secrets to building systems within your shop. So I think the format for bullet points is getting more leads, converting them better. And then selling them more stuff to the best of my knowledge. That could be wrong. I don’t know if this one is like. Of that moves my needle because I’m not in your tribe, but maybe we’d maps or legally is like maybe that’s exactly like, oh my God, I’m relying on that. For example, with my target niche. A big problem is Thumbtack and Home Advisor. So definitely be like, hey, why should never rely only on thumbtack and homo divisor? I could even go even stronger, be like the reason why you’re some tech home and Bizer leaves are horrible and never convert. Kind of thing. So maybe like push this a little bit more. I also want to say first before you like before you take my stuff and just do it. This is within context, me not knowing your niche, not knowing your industry. I would really recommend that for every body that. You are that have on your list send out a big text message saying what I want from your business and they will tell you. And that will help create bullet points that were really, really, really well. So this is a standard like Sam Oven Salad VSL.

[00:06:25] Let me go ahead and not show my phone number, I’ve done that before. Hold on. Just signing up right here.

[00:06:33] Let’s take a look.

[00:06:37] That is very same oven, Sal. Yes. So confident ly transfer a cool. So let’s keep this what people do, they scroll down. Well, there, Shania Yul Nevarez, beautiful. These are the testimonies they are looking for. Nobody’s actually gonna watch this testimonial. They’re going to see this and see a person’s face, which is cool. Seven Tenjin you delivered patients cool. To shop deliveries, hundreds of deliveries per day per client. I think this is call rail. I feel like this is the same guy that’s doing. Bail bonds. Is that correct? I’m not sure. I do want to say that this might be too technical if you just have a normal testimonial video right here. I do want to see a pixel on this page. Got to fix that.

[00:07:29] Let’s see what happens here. Or 20 on demand. Google CyberKnife. So I would make sure that this. Matches this.

[00:07:44] So how does self-surrender one hundred and twenty one hundred and two injured delivery patients a day on autopilot? It’s fundamentally different than what people originally saw. And so that may be a break. I don’t know if that’s, like, massively different, but you can say we use produce 50 million cannabis delivery sales. So it should be like how we generated 50 million canvas sales.

[00:08:05] So it should definitely match up. This is assuming that, like, this is a problem. It’s not converting, you know, I mean, like if it’s already working. Don’t touch it. But if you’re looking at this and saying it needs to be fixed. This is like he neatly broke the flow in the narrative way that makes sense, instead of having read maps, doesn’t care.

[00:08:26] I would. Have testimonials. They can be the same ones here.

[00:08:35] Yes. So I’ll be like before we get started, we’ll let you know that the system works. And then picture and then text. And yeah, this is Alex is based at Miami. You know, we help to make blank, blank, blank. This is Johnny’s base out of Baltimore. Helped to make blank, blank. Like and I have like three or four sides just like that. It takes like a second. And it’s totally worth it. Let’s see, blueish in Red Ocean. I’m not a big fan of this. I think you may be able to say something a bit stronger. We haven’t had a ban in over nine months. Gary, S.A.S. list legal and compliant. I’m always not a fan of actually showing me, as in the demo, because people do this and do it wrong and then they’ll blame you for not doing it. So I think you could have something different or just not show a naturally actual ad itself. What I would do is I’m a guy like, okay, great, I can just run this ad and then like, you know, it won’t work because I don’t understand the difference. I would like to see.

[00:09:39] What else?

[00:09:42] Yeah. There’s your testimonies for their testimonies in front, like you have about fifteen seconds. And if your testimony is in the back, it’s too late. I try not to show any of like my CRM or High-Low. People get confused immediately.

[00:09:56] What else?

[00:09:58] I’m not a fan of the blue ocean red ocean. I do like the idea of, like, weed, Knapp’s doesn’t care about you. What I would do for this?

[00:10:12] I would say I would have a big guarantee. I would do something like.

[00:10:21] There’s my phone number. Great. This is how you produce 15 million in sales for our clients in twelve months. Just so you know that this works, testimonial one, two, three, four, five. The reason why this works is because we have a revolutionary new three step system. That involves three things. It is an online advertisement targeting a Jim kinds of customers. They sign up, we text them, making sure that the real and then we get them on the phone. And then you do your job. Three step system, stupid, simple, makes complete and total sense. By the way, my in-person demo is very, very similar to this process. And then you can say, well, does this really work? Yes, more testimonials. And I want to let you know, we guarantee that this program will get you blank, blank and blank. So like one hundred customer phone calls a month to X are a Y. Blah, blah, blah. And we always beat out our competition like weed maps. Blank, blank, blank. This made for you. SML software. I don’t know if this is like an actual pain point that people are communicating away, there were SML software making sense. When I see this, my brain immediately goes like, hey, I don’t have any other thing to focus on. So I’m talking about the tech. My demo has one screenshot of the tech and that’s it. And it’s just text messages. I don’t ever show them like a pipeline or nothing like that. So I would like to see this is how we generate 50 million sales for our client partners in twelve months. Testimonial, testimonial, testimonial. Here’s our three step system. And yes, this works. More testimonials, more testimonials, testimonials. And yes, we guarantee it. And if you’d like to see how we can do this, work for you and do it in 30 days or less. And by the way, we guarantee it so much that if we don’t get you blah, blah, blah, we would find your money, give you a thousand bucks for wasting your time. So interested. Click the button below. You can see how this works and you’ll you’ll be talking to me. Remember my team. Just click on schedule time. Now that’s it. And then from here. I want to see that more testimonials and more screenshots and more proof like like case study, case study, case city case, it need to be able to scroll on this. So I hope that gives you some action in a way that makes a lot of sense. As always, do not change it if it’s working. I’m assuming that it’s not working or you need to have some improvement. The biggest win is probably doing the. What’s your number one problem? Your business and using that to attract the bullet points from your from those text message responses to your client partners and putting those on the the bullet points on the front of the page and then make sure your BSL follows that format. I use that VSL format in my demos and we’re closing to gay clients pretty consistently. And it really, really works. If I say when I roll out of ESL, I don’t have the same structure that I just mentioned. This is how we do it. This is how it works. Here’s our three steps and we guarantee it. Would you like to schedule time? That’s it. I hope I. I hope I answered your question. Tommy, how you doing? Vidi says I build Web sites and landing pages for my clients. I don’t have a Web site selfie ibt. You’re in the Icee with one click. You can have a sales editor that makes people say, wow, that’s really darn good. It takes 30 seconds. Joan did it yesterday. It took her. It doesn’t take 30 seconds. It took her 30 minutes. And she has to be it. She now has a sales letter that just works. And it’s it’s darn fast.

[00:13:32] Ferg says twenty nine came on. That’s a big deal. Awesome. It’s Shane right now, by the way. Still bad for Facebook. This might be a not to worry. That’s awesome. T.J. says tried to find a, quote, call thing to page a new course, but couldn’t find it. It isn’t the sales area or the prospecting area. Many contingencies. Can you share me with exactly where it is in the course? By the way, I got my first to 90 second videos done. Very cool. T.J. is referring to the 90 Tegmark in videos. It’s like it’s just this with talking just to the camera. There’s promptings. After that, we use you can have scripts there, like always like 90 percent the same, but you just change a little bit. And I still mind walking around and then I clip and cut appropriately. It’s very YouTube selda very hard clips. And we’re seeing that those builds. No, like I can trust very, very quickly. They see my face, they see my screen top our bottom barbaria Gary V. S and it’s converting. And I know this because I’m talking to future clients by qualification call and they say, yeah, I saw your videos, I really like them. I go, Which video? Like the one where you’re talking about, like the three secrets. I’m like, Yeah, it’s really, really good. But T.J., I can give you that link or walk you through it later today.

[00:14:44] Chris, as you monitor, they account for the first couple weeks to make sure a white label is on pace to reach a goal and not dropping the ball. Yeah, I guess. I mean, I don’t even look at the account.

[00:14:54] I really just look at the imbalance. If there’s not enough inbounds like two or three a day, I’m like, hey, what’s going on this count? I’m trying to not actually look at the active ad account because that ends at me getting stuck on fulfillment and said, I want to talk to the person Athans fulfillment, and then they’ll figure it out. So, yes, but kind of.

[00:15:12] Ryan Pres, how you and Mario says, hi, Jeff, have you or anyone, you know, done Legian campaigns for managed service providers? Yeah, I know, I know MSP is like. Yeah. I.T. company. Yeah. Did they do you think, Facebook or this type of customer generation? No, not at all. And the reason why I don’t think a direct offer on Facebook will work is because chances are your direct offer will not make the money that you expect. Here’s what I mean. When you’re making a direct offer, it’s either make more money.

[00:15:44] Or save more on costs.

[00:15:47] That’s the best type of direct offers, like, hey, I.T. companies, if you’re interested in doubling your revenues at 30 address, click, sure, I had to do it. That works, right? Hey, high tech companies, you are interested in cutting costs by 30 percent over 90 as that works, right? Same way with my niche. Same with Facebook as like that type of direct offer. Makes a lot of sense.

[00:16:04] And when you look at all the Facebook ads that worked, whether it’s marketer to marketer and marketer, intermarket or business, the business, it’s make more money or save more costs. What will happen is that make more money to flare out. Can I get you more clients? Can I do a VSL for you? Where you make more money? Can we get higher quality leads? Can you qualify better? They’re all derivatives of that. The save more money thing has less variability, but it’s still kind of works. The problem is that most s.m bees aren’t running around town saying, oh my God, I so desperately need I.T. support. They are not doing that. Instead, they’re saying, oh my God, my computer sucks and my printer sucks and everything is bad. So they have two options. One is they hire somebody in the office to come in and do their stuff, then figure out or. They hire an MSP or company to do it. That uses, like virtual management software to like take care of all their terminals for one flat rate. The problem is that most small businesses don’t have the the the budget or the dollars to have that conversation. Like, you’re not going. Hey, we’ve got like five computers and an I.T. solution. They’re saying, I need an I.T. guy to plug in printers. And now, by the way, you’re trying to advertise a business that only spends like one hundred dollars a day on I.T. support. Ain’t gonna happen. Right. But then you’re saying, well, what if I did? SMB is a real SMB. Like, they’re like between five and 10 million dollars a year type thing. Now you’ve got I.T. managers or ITV. These are making those decisions. It’s highly unlikely that you can pull a list from from a lead generation provider and then get a whole list of I.T. service providers at a V.P. level for an SMB and then show them a direct offer saying, hey, can I show you how we can save, you know, 50 percent on your I.T. service Bill? Right. It’s highly unlikely for that scenario to happen. It’s also highly unlikely for you to be able to go to like an I.T. VIP or an I.T. understood SMB. Like, hey, can I show you how it can help make you money, your I.T. program? I know that the Intel vice president, I.T., that was her angle. She’s like, we’re going to make I.T. profit centered and we’re going to use I.T. to save money and make money. That worked for her. But I know of no other ad that is constantly doing that. Your best bet is instead to go straight, to lengthen. Hey, I’m an I.T. guy. Can I show you how I can cut your I.T. costs by 15 percent or increase your throughput by 30 percent or do something like that? It’s a very linked and focused conversation where the platform just makes a lot more sense, where you don’t have to do a direct offer. And then maybe you can use Facebook ads for a follow up. You know what I mean? I’m not particularly sure that that you’ll get your intended result by saying, hey, I’m going to Facebook and generate customers using a direct offer. Maybe you can do like branding and stuff like that. Maybe you can do like KLT campaigns. Maybe can take everybody on your list right now is paying you money. So, like, hey, by the way, my name is Jeff. I’m your I.T. guy. You probably talk to John, my business partner, right over here or here, some on the camera. I want to let you know that for a limited time or paying out a customer for OWFI. So if there’s anybody that you know that wants to be a customer of Jeff Miller, I.T. as MSP company, just click the button below. Now, you can text me within five minutes. Let me know their name, number and email. I’ll contact them. I was sure I could be able to pay you 20 percent. You can do something like that. But if you’re expecting to say, hey, I’m going to put a thousand dollars a month into Facebook ads and generate As and BS that are I.T. focused, that have a problem and want me to take care of their I.T. problems. It seems highly unlikely that it will work. I’m not saying it won’t. I’m saying in my experience, I have not seen those types of campaigns working and be like really a legitimate if I was like, yeah, Mario, that would be awesome because like, I don’t have an experience that I’m just kind of like, flesh it out. My default answer is probably won’t. Magnus, how you doing? A net. How are you? Hunter Oscar. Adam Ball deep. Adam Chambers’, what’s going on? Chris says I.T. service is such a tough sell. S&P for 10 years. You have to go omni channel. Call the emailing.

[00:20:01] There you go.

[00:20:02] Todd how you doing, Jacob? Tom says as a sales letter, a click funnels page. Nope. I’m actually migrating off a cliff funnels. I’m on their lowest tier package. We are rebuilding my Web site. Cool beans, digital and agency selling secrets. Or that Oregon, when that’s done, will be entirely off of click funnels. Everything will be gone and we’ll be moving everything to high level. It’s much easier and integrates a membership side. It’s a better bang for the buck and the guys that are doing it are like really focused on making it a service company and a software company, not a marketing company. You know what I mean? So I built my sales that are on go high level. It’s very Frank Kern style. It took it took me maybe 30 minutes or so. And everybody knew I was gonna be getting that later today, which will be pretty darn cool.

[00:20:43] I would bet it costs.

[00:20:45] I mean, I did I got a quote for, like building out a a sales letter and it’s always minimal one to K and a good ones like five K. It’s like I don’t really wanna do that, so I just do it myself and give everybody copy. So yeah, not in funnels but inside of high level. Mahrous has got it, Meyers’s thank you. Sean, how you doing, Howard? Napoleon J. T.J. says, you know the title of the quote called Tutorial. I’ll show you later today, T.J.. But something that’s always been like messing around my head is clients, because overall, like, if you don’t tell your client what to do, they’re gonna have a bad time.

[00:21:20] And this is why I’m discovering my client is that clients won’t do their homework, like right out of the gate.

[00:21:29] They’ll pay me money. And not go to class. Normal, right?

[00:21:36] They will pay me two thousand dollars and I’ll say, here’s what you have to do to complete. I’ll take them three to five days to do it minimum. They’ll do it wrong. We’ve even got people filling out a form, and instead of like typing in their email, they’ll type in. I’ll get it to you later, dot com. I’m like, really, man? Like, you can’t even do that. Like, you can’t spend the 15 to 20 minutes to do it correctly. Instead, all you’re doing is like half asking this all over again, like clients as a whole will not do their homework more. So when I give them their homework. They go like, oh my God, this is so much. It is so massive. How can I ever complete it?

[00:22:13] It’s like really it’s like fifteen minutes of forms. Just do it right now. And I even preface them saying, hey, as soon as you’re trying to propose on to give you three links, you do those immediately. We gave campaign up and running zero out of all of our clients have actually done that immediately. They have three of them. They don’t care. They’re just ultimately lazy human beings. They’re not going to do it. And so what we’ve discovered is that right now, sending them three onboarding forms, three separate lengths aren’t working. And Anquan Musil that I expect. And so what I mean, there is I’m gonna build out a a pseudo public course area.

[00:22:50] That’ll walk them through each of them. And because you guys are part of the ass fam and they give you like a low premium and if you’re part of the ice, you’re gonna get this in about a week or so. This, by the way, is.

[00:23:04] I don’t know if anybody else that runs a group is actually showing this type of stuff. I’ll bet they’re either, like, unwilling to show it.

[00:23:13] Don’t know about it or just plain old don’t care. It’s usually like when I was three. Let me put some borders on this real fast. Here we go. There’s more to this. Let me do this right here.

[00:23:34] Tax center that real fast.

[00:23:38] Everybody asking. Yes, I still run an agency. Yes, we started from scratch, gotten hit by the Croner real hard. That’s really darn cool, like exploring these types of things right here.

[00:23:50] And I document everything inside of the ITC. I also do want to say, by the way, we’re opening up Hiruma slots for the ITC.

[00:23:55] If you’re interested in seeing, like, behind the scenes of all this, I actually like building an agency we to make an F ton of money. I just hashtag ICN got in, Brett Watts or Louis will reach out to you. I can’t do like one on one conversations anymore to focus on the agency otherwise, like an illegitimate conversation. But this is the beginnings of let’s just call this the client.

[00:24:20] Onboarding area.

[00:24:24] This is what you are missing in your agency right now, and whether you’re inside the ITC, the public group member of the ASAMOAH just lurking around. This is what you need to be doing so that you aren’t having that constant back and forth of chasing down your client, saying, hey, did you do this? Hey, did you do this? Hey, did you do this? They never do. And so I’m going to be rolling out a client onboarding area where I actually walk them through step by step. And instead of giving them, like, five forms, I give them one form at a time. It takes five minutes in total. And for some reason. That is having better results and a better return on document Odie’s than me just giving them everything. So here’s what I do. So this right here is a video.

[00:25:09] Let’s just call this an introduction video.

[00:25:13] A, my name is Jeff. I’m super psyched you’re coming on board with blank, blank, blank leads. Now, I think I have an absolutely great time. If you’re watching this, you’ve just paid your invoice and I personally sent this to you or somebody on my team. Send it to you so that we can get your campaign up and running fast. I do want to say before we get started that this whole area will take five to ten minutes per segment. I want to be in a quiet room and you can focus. I don’t want you like dealing with all this other stuff or doing on the road. Just sit down by your desktop computer and get it done. And there’s videos above my face with homework below. And the sooner you do this completed, the sooner we can get your campaign up and running and delivering on our promise. If you incomplete these forms, if you missed complete these forms, if you don’t complete them, we can’t actually start your campaign. Because what I don’t like to do is like hide your campaign, run incorrectly and then deliver you poor clients. That isn’t what you expect. And then have to have this, like, fight come day 30. Right. I need you to set up for success so we can have this proven program to be successful for you. So what’s going to happen is like as soon as this video is done.

[00:26:14] I want you to click the button below this video, and you’re gonna start on your first onboarding document. Again, I need you to spend five minutes per document. Yes, I can leave and come back. But our best clients, when they’re gone, are why fast and get their phone ringing. Fill those out immediately. And I don’t care where there’s like two in the morning or two p.m. just get this done A.S.A.P.. So when you’re ready, click the button below now. So that’s the first introductory video, right? Then they click the button.

[00:26:39] And it goes from here. You hear? They call it access.

[00:26:48] It’s like that and it’s like, hey, awesome, so in this video of you walking you through on how to give us access to your Facebook page, your Facebook ads account, I’m going to split my screen now and walk you through it. There’s also a step by step Google doc beneath this video, a click it and do it. There’s all the secret codes that you need to see in there and effective. What’s going to happen is when I turn my screen around right now, how to do it.

[00:27:12] That’s a map. Correct.

[00:27:14] If for whatever reason that you try to do this, it doesn’t work. I want to send an email to this email right here. And then when you do that, you earn you a calendar link where you can sit down with one of our fulfillment partners and they will personally walk you through it, but do not default to that. It will take way too long and fertility is super busy. I want you to give a real honest shot walking through this video and we’ll start now. So, Mr. Johnson, so this is how you do it. I want to go to this business page, click on business page and then add access and blah, blah, blah. Like I just walk them through it just like that. Hey, I’m super psyched that you did it. So if you did it correctly, I want you click the button below now and I do the same exact thing.

[00:27:54] With the story. Number three.

[00:28:00] And then follow up. So that’s how it like the follow up systems and all that stuff.

[00:28:08] We’re going to do that. But pretty. It looks pretty. The. One. Who breaks?

[00:28:28] And then the last one is a launch called.

[00:28:36] You can’t make that pretty again.

[00:28:41] Great, Mrs. Johnson, through watching this video, and it’s up one call again, this is something you did all your homework. I want to schedule the first bell thing. It’s going to take us about seven or 10 days, get everything up and running. So just click here and blah, blah, blah. That’s it. Like, that’s all you have to do. It’s probably gonna take me 30 minutes until to do all these videos and I would then be able to personally walk all of my clients to the client onboarding area. This is part of a value add that gets clients sticking around less fear and regret and increasing the quality of the documents that we’re getting. This is not something my white label guy does this something that I’m going to be doing because like I’m the face of the company. Nothing. But having a client onboarding area is massively powerful, like like holy crap. That’s impressive. That’s why you want people to experience, which is several steps higher than just giving them forms. Morsal You know, so we scheduled a launch call. So that has like a deadline to my white labeler and a deadline to my clients. I’m gonna go back to all my old clients, give them this area again. So like, hey, by the way, if you haven’t done all your films right now, I’ve got an area that walk you through it. Yeah. Then don’t worry about it. That’s it. I will never have to deal with with a client not knowing what to do.

[00:29:49] Ever again.

[00:29:51] Ever again, it’s just it’s all right there. And for whatever reason, we want to change instruction video. It takes five minutes every whatever reason. One, we want to change. Document. It takes five minutes. And because I’m using phrases like email below, I can save the screen flow file and always edit it later. I will never have to be anything other than massively personable and have a highest level of consistent quality ever again. It’s all there.

[00:30:19] Done. So this is the client onboarding area. I really want this to be an industry standard. We’re starting off with the ice. I’m rolling out a Beda of this. I think I like Friday or Saturday. Give it to a couple of you only. I see if you run your your website through our proven processes, it’s very easy to add a slash and then like onboarding area, we’ll introduce like a password protection if need be. But damn, this is going to be good. Like, real good. And our client’s going to say, wow, that’s amazing. And we can speak in a way towards easy to flip out videos or even like a six button and a six video and even have like, hey, now that you done the client onboarding area, we’re super happy about it.

[00:30:58] Watch these series of videos to learn how to do blank. And now my client onboarding area is now my client success area.

[00:31:08] And if they’ve got like, well, let me before we do that, I mean, copy and paste this.

[00:31:12] And now I can take the same idea and change it to the client success area. So now we can say, like phone calls.

[00:31:20] I don’t know. Sell scripts.

[00:31:27] And tips or whatever it is. Right. So now I can give my clients another course, the area that automatically answers their questions. Well, that makes a lot of money. And now I can sell this as like an individual thing, sometimes called the conversion and having me. But we’re changing the language and now it’s like, hot damn. Jeff Lokes, effin smart. Now, here’s what’s crazy. If you’re not doing this, you’re already behind the curve. Yeah. Like in a week there will be 500 other agencies that already have.

[00:31:58] This right here, if you’re not doing this within, let’s just say, a week or two, you will find it consistently that your clients say like, oh, you know, I just I’m not really feeling it. I want to cancel. I don’t want to renew. It’s going to get harder because there’s me and tonight and other people like CONSOLI being on the cutting edge inside of the Icee, doing stuff like this, like like there is no other agency owners that are normal, everyday people, not like a Frank Kern or a Russell run.

[00:32:24] So like normal everyday people using a sales letter, the average agency owner is like, oh, I need a huge website doing sales letters. Yeah, out, out, done. Everybody’s got one. Takes 30 minutes. We’re finished. Now we have a cutting edge, constant one percent always beating you against forty five other thousand agency owners. That means everybody is public. It does not take any action. Then we’re introducing the client onboarding area again, one percent advantage and the client success area again, one percent Bange. And then we’re introducing the perfect agency follow, then the perfect client follow. So like all these things along the way are allowing people inside of the ICD to constantly get better.

[00:33:03] Consulate get better and constantly get better.

[00:33:07] It’s not overnight success. It’s not like, oh my God, I did this. One thing is like now. It’s just part of the process of constantly having an edge. Sam, I did that test on Amazon. Do like they’re not looking for the overnight success. They want that one percent weekly basis. Just like that.

[00:33:21] And so I really hope that this broke people’s brains and showed you that it’s possible do some cool, something cool. And I’m not on the fulfillment part, by the way, is all client facing stuff, sales and prospecting, not doing any of the ads? I’m not talking about ads on our time out getting results because as it turns out, whether or not you get results has almost nothing to do.

[00:33:42] Look at that. Getting results has almost nothing to do with, like, actively getting clients. It’s entirely different mindset, entirely different type of person. Should be entirely different skillset.

[00:33:51] I’m actively getting clients make these are my clients to pay me money time and time and time again. We’re cutting our demos in half. We’re introducing vessels. If you don’t have a VSL for your agency that people can watch a precognitive sales objection’s, you’re gonna be losing out. So, I mean, I’m bringing this up because, like, I realize that most people respond to asshole Jeff. Lot better than nice, Jeff. I don’t know why. Well, like, if you’re watching this and you’re not upping your game and building out your client onboarding area, you are consistently enabling yourself to lose. But if you’re consciously doing stuff like the client onboarding area client VSL, a client success area, a perfect agency for perfect client also like that or a sales letter. Now you’re in a winning position out that like puts a fire under. Somebody is asking they can make money later. Like, for doing like twenty five thousand dollars a month type thing. So let’s see what’s going on. We’ve got, Howard says, sales pitch, copy, good purchase, good to do it yourself. Then get a proven crude critique and tweak it. I know I speak to these questions. Let me say it again. Howard Tianna says regarding sales page copy. It’s a good approach. You do it yourself, then get a protoje critique and tweak. That is correct. Pros are expensive. A going rate for a sales letter is about five K. If you want a good one. Or you could do your shitty one. And then pay somebody a hundred bucks an hour to fix it.

[00:35:09] That’s what I did.

[00:35:10] And that says, can you show us the back of your head if you went through it? Let’s see if this works as intended.

[00:35:17] I’m going to get the delay going.

[00:35:21] I shall begin our work, as I expect. I don’t know you can see this, but.

[00:35:28] I don’t have you saw that, but, yeah, that’s that’s the but that kind of looks like a dick on the back my head, which makes my hinge date this morning a little bit awkward, but it was totally cool. Ryan says, Hey, Jeff, do you run Facebook lead ads for inbounds or just traffic? I’ve never seen traffic successfully. I literally only care about some guy’s name. No email. That’s it. I really think that idea of traffic is incorrect. Traffic is just made up of individual people.

[00:35:52] And honestly, I’d much rather have 10 people fill out a form than a ten thousand people visiting my site and I only run inbound leads for my client getting out. That’s it. Nothing else. Francis says, I’ve only seen one of the person do the shoulder stuff like this. I appreciate that very much. Emile, how are you? Matthew says, hey, are there links in the chat? I have no idea what you mean. James says this is great. Super happy for you. Sigh Here. Sorry. Dude says best way to get clients been blessing e-mails from scraping. There’s a couple of things. Just write them down now.

[00:36:28] How to get clients. Standard problem, standard question, everybody brings us up.

[00:36:34] Ultimately, here’s how we should be thinking about this.

[00:36:41] So this is called the prospect engine.

[00:36:45] Ideally, you want five to 10 inbound every single day of somebody saying, hey, I like your stuff, here’s my name, no email, let’s talk. And their son input’s your prospecting engine. What’s funny is like I’ve gone over this like 30 times and the question still comes up and it’s not a bad thing, but it really just shows how underserved human beings are like how to get clients question.

[00:37:07] It’s easily solved very, very quickly. There’s inputs so you can do things like Lincoln. You can do Warchild drops. You can do Facebook and you can do called email. You can be your Facebook group stuff.

[00:37:23] You can do your personal Facebook profile.

[00:37:27] Easy ones. Yeah, they’re very easy. I discovered that these two.

[00:37:34] All right, Lincoln, Facebook guys called e-mailing are what we focus on inside the ITC, usually scalable, whether it’s like one thing or ten thousand things, it’s going to take 30 minutes. You have a visa, do it. It’s really, really awesome. There’s other prospecting engines like in-person events or Ravi videos or loon videos or stuff like that. But this is just a sample. Ideally, you want to have.

[00:38:00] Linked.

[00:38:03] How do you spell Lincoln? Lincoln? There we go. Ideally, you want to have all these engines up or running, very rarely do you have them up and running all at the same time. So I just focus on these three right here. I’m doing this right now from a new agency. Been rolling out this one. I just hired a V.A. to do it for me. And then after that, Lincoln, we’ll be done an up and running. Well, you want to have, by the way, is a direct offer. Hey, can I get you X number of client, your customers? Hey, can I help get your house, like, fifteen percent, like, hey, can I get you this type of thing? That process of having a direct offer and then sending out to your gym clients with Facebook. I told them Illington is what we’re doing inside the Icee and we’re getting massive results consistently, predictably and reliably. You will always have people that say like one is better than the other. I’m like, yeah, you’re right. No one is always better on the other. But right now, four agencies that are sub let’s just say 20 K.

[00:38:51] Anything will work.

[00:38:53] I’m not getting anything, or if you’re doing cold e-mailing, you’re not giving responses because you’re direct offers, no good. Nobody wants by we have to sell. And I’ve got fake businesses where I’m there seeming to call the emails so I can see it and I’ll get a cold email and saying like, hey, can we get you 20 new patients a month? Not good enough. Not good enough. You need to go like deeper and better and stronger, like, hey, can I get you five to 10 h back installations?

[00:39:17] You get no responses. Needs to be deeper, better, faster, stronger. Sometimes you don’t know what your direct offer is. So you call the track Cummings like the student marketing. Got 30 seconds. Can I ask you a couple questions? I hey, was one thing you want from your from your marketing. Great. And who’s your gym client? Cool. Thank you very much. That becomes your direct offer. And that cycle of of constantly find new direct offers, constant discovering the problems constantly for not ex is that one percent advantage. I do want to say for my niche, we saw between 30 customers. Everything was guaranteed. And then we said, can I add 10000 hours a month to your production? And then I said, would you like 10 to 15 monthly recurring homeowner contracts or constantly finding a new direct offer?

[00:39:57] If you’re doing cold emailing and you’re not getting direct offer, you know it’s not working because you’re setting like a thousand, two thousand or three thousand emails and nobody responds, assuming from a technical point of your works. If it doesn’t work, you have a bad direct offer. You need to get more specific, more different, like you can to keep hidden chiropractors up with like, hey, can I send you 30 clients? Nope, not any good. I’d be like, hey, can I get you fifteen lower back L4 L5 patients. Great try. That doesn’t work. Get more direct with your offer. Things like that. More so if you. If you have a week guaranteed it’s not going to work. I hope they like going into Minitel crossman icy territory, but I hope that answers your question.

[00:40:37] Mara says if a white label, companies in India do have issues of the clients complaining that your eyes and ains the resources to deliver the service, not really. My clients don’t give a shit where the results come from as long as you get results. If you are, you’re dealing with that. It’s probably because you’re a bad salesperson and you’re not focusing your client on the intended result. If they’re like you’re just outsourcing this India type thing, it’s because you said like and we do Facebook ads and our Facebook ads are great and it’s so wonderful. Like, you put the the emphasis on the product and they’re properly questioning the product and say we need it need to be doing is focusing on the result like 20, 30 is guaranteed, two times are guaranteed. An eight week program that delivers you an extra thirty thousand dollars to your bottom line guaranteed and get them focus on that. You could say like, hey, look, like half my team is in India. I know it. Is that OK? Because we still got to get you that guarantee. That’s why you bought. Right. And so, like, as long as the focus is on here, they won’t care about over here. And that’s one hundred percent fine. I’m pretty sure, like maybe in the callbacks isn’t the Philippines. Maybe I’ll give her shit. I’ll be like, hey, you know what? I totally get it. But if you want 15 to 20, 30 customers guaranteed we could talk. If not, that’s OK, too. And the reason why people go to here is because they don’t know about this. You need to put your emphasis on this. If you’re not emphasizing that, you’re going to question this and this happens a lot with like plastic surgery. If you have a shiny plastic surgeon, they’ll be like, oh, my God, look, I get the scalpel is it’s it’s made in Belgium. You’re like, I don’t give a shit where the scalpel is made. I just want this fat out of my body. So scrape the hell out of me and have a good time. Like if the plastic surgeon is shoving their tool in front of you.

[00:42:13] You’re not going to get your intended result and said now the narrative is on a tool and the reliability is on the tool. And now I’m going to say like, but Belgium doesn’t make the best scalpels. Like, no, man. That’s not what the narrative should be. Should be on how you’re going to cut 10 to 15 pounds out of me. I can go have a six pack I’ve always wanted.

[00:42:32] Get married. This is like kind of generic advice on our now, but I hope this makes sense because I don’t know anything about your unique situation and I don’t know like where you are in your journey, but I hope this makes sense. Qanta, how are you aliments going on? Sellew. Says, I can’t wait to see what Jeff is doing for tonight meeting. Dunno what that means, sir. He says, Where do you host the onboarding session? Just click on his name and I drop click funnels. Not particularly happy with their software, their coaching business, and especially like when Russell started out. Hey, we’re moving everybody to monthly plans.

[00:43:07] I was like in the South.

[00:43:10] Like, where was that in your map? Right. I’m not really happy with that. And more so, like, I generally like the high level guys are like much more in tune to the community. And our growth strategy makes a lot more sense for me to get on that train. So it’s just go high level site. That’s it. Brian says, where Craig Klein onboard and Brian, if you’re inside the SCA and show you but sorry dude, I can’t go into details. Typically, I see stuff and I’ve I’ve had people pay ten thousand dollars for this type of information and I can’t, like, show you that type of stuff. Brian says, random question, do you still do customers to general clients? Yes, I do it regularly. Actually, I do customer research as a service to deal with. But have you dealt with our specific scenarios instead of saying yes or no? I say we run customer research. Totally fine with it. And I still do custom research to the people, the clients on my list. I would say once every six weeks, I hate what someone from your business. Can you fill out this form? Always getting responses. It’s a regular thing. So I keep Sahab says, sorry, did I just mess it up against this? Holy shit. You pronounce my name correctly. Appreciate that. He says, well, you have this video posted anywhere. Yeah, it’s inside of the group. It’ll stay at the top for two or three days after this. By the way, we are doing a prospecting. Prospecting. A power partner. Prospecting. Masterclasses. Jeff Lopez, you’ll see it go live tomorrow. So you and I are riding up the agenda and it’ll be a really cool way of of finding one person. They get awesome results for and then they just pay you enough ton of money. It’s really cool. So that goes live tomorrow. I think we’ll do the master class now this coming Friday by next Friday. Howard says, how are you modifying your message encoded if you are. Yeah, it’s interesting. It’s like let me just write this down. Good question.

[00:44:56] Duplicate how it does.

[00:44:58] How are you modifying messaging during combat instead of modifying that message? I said f my fulfillment. I’m not I have no allegiance to my past. I have no sunk costs. I don’t care about what we used to do anymore. And that’s really like an Amazon philosophy. Like, I don’t care what we to do. It should be like my allegiance is to my future and current clients, customers. And I’ve no clients. Everybody canceler and cronies like, guess what? I’m a free bird. I can do whatever the hell I want. And so instead of trying to modify my message, it’s like, hey, chiropractor’s, this is how you make Americans run up false. That can happen. It can’t be done because their business close. Hey, medicine. Supposin this gonna get prepaid bookings and gonna happen? I’m not having that conversation. All I did was transition to a Korona friendly business or COGAT friendly business. And now it’s on an objection. Like they’re like, yeah, there’s work external.

[00:45:45] That’s it. I really looked it was harder than that. But when your stuff doesn’t work, you change your message. You change your market or you change your offer. It’s one of those three. And so all I do is change my market. Instead of going to car washes, bike shops, I went to buy new niche that was krona friendly. And all I did buy, though, is look like what businesses are open during Corona.

[00:46:05] That was it.

[00:46:06] I just had a direct offer and then we get in bounds and we’re done. I wish it was harder, dude. Like, I didn’t have to modify my message.

[00:46:13] I just change my market. Yeah.

[00:46:17] Erica is off topic, but just like my first demo and first lives musically, I see super awesome, dude, super happy for you. What are some good advice to close? I don’t have results or screenshots from different inch, Eric. I would post up in this public group. Be like, hey, I’m looking for a white label that does blank industry. And then there’s like forty four thousand people that love to take your money and like, hey, cool, great. Find perfect. Can I have a further conversation with you another time. Have that conversation like. Are you comfortable. With giving me screenshots of campaigns, I’ve already worked. And if I land the client, I send to the business. Are you comfortable with that? The answer is yes. Great. Use those and have a good time. My white label, you just gave me everything. That’s it. So all you have to do is just keep changing this. All you have to do is find a white label or they’ll give you results if they’re worth their weight in salt. They have no problem giving you unbranded screenshots if they are not a white label, but instead a retail agency thinking that they white label, they’re going to brand their stuff. It’s not what you want. A good white label agency will say, like, here’s everything our logos ripped off. Have a good time. Put your logo on top. So totally fine.

[00:47:21] You’re done.

[00:47:24] Robert Prosser says, scrape the hell out of me. Have a good time. I know OMX says examples of prospect. The engineer did right here linked in. Send out your direct offer like, hey, I saw you in the financial industry space. Can I get you 20, 30 people that want financial products? Services. Yeah. Voice mail drops. You literally leave a voicemail drop to a business. They call you back. A lot of false positives. It’s totally fine to one of my mentors like you did it and got like 75 phone calls and 30 minutes. It’s like that’s how we’re supposed to do like. We definitely have that time frame. But that’s a voice mail job.

[00:47:55] Facebook guy is gonna direct offer, like, hey, attention, niche, whatever. If I told you I could get you 15, 20 customers guaranteed, would you believe me? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Click here to schedule time. That’s a.

[00:48:07] Called e-mail and direct up or Facebook group, Facebook profile again. I wish you would go into more depth in detail, but this is like ten thousand dollars worth of information that would cover inside the ICEE. So I can’t, like, show you everything. But I’ll tell you what the prospect the angel stuff is not as hard as you think. It literally just like, hey, let me find a client and let me find a problem and let me see if I can solve it. Let’s just bridge that gap. Like like selling books on the inner is not hard. You find books in a store. You find someone to buy the book, Bridge the Gap. That’s all you’re doing. And for Amazon in Prospect, the engine was mostly paid and paid as an online advertising. For me, it’s mostly paid online. That’s an advertising. That’s why Facebook has like tripled their stock during Katrina. That’s not true. But you know what I mean. Yeah. The best number one prospect engine I’ve seen in the past three, four, five months has been Facebook ads. Direct offer, we have samples inside the ICU. Man, I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t might be disingenuous. People are like, paid for this type of stuff. So there you go.

[00:49:04] Kevin says, what would you do to get plant based restaurants and clients? Kevin, here’s the problem right here.

[00:49:13] Howard asked this question like, how are you modifying your message? Colonel, let me walk you to some of the more if what you’re doing.

[00:49:19] Isn’t working. Change? One of three things. Either you offer the market or your message. Here’s the problem specific to Kevin.

[00:49:37] The vast majority of restaurants will ultimately always fail. Face forget not because they all make money with Facebook ads, but because they have real trouble making money. And during Corona, they’re gonna have real trouble making money and they’re going to make all of the above. But we can do delivery and e-commerce, not fun stuff. But tell you what, you’ve got a lot of incumbents like Uber Edes that are more apt to do do that e-commerce space where they’re the business of the Russia does have to shell out cash upfront. They only take a percent of sales. They’ve got a billion dollars or the training and education and software and systems and technology like it’s really, really hard to beat that.

[00:50:08] But then the restaurant is going like no cabinet could work because we just want our phone calls. Great. So let’s say I run ads for you. And gave you one hundred dollar order. What’s your profit, 20 bucks. OK, so now I can get you two thousand dollars. The business and you’ve only made five hundred bucks to your bucks. I forgot my math. OK, so I have to do ten thousand dollars or maybe even twenty thousand dollars a month for you to for my two thousand on my feet. That’s really effing hard. That’s what’s gonna happen. And what will happen is you’ll try it. You’ll fight me. I’d be like but it could work. Restaurants could work. They make all this money. It’s like. Yeah. But their margins are so slim they’re gonna have a bad time trying to keep a client, get a kind of stuff like that. And if you lose a client for 30 days, you lost money. Yeah. Like like agencies make money. One, two, three, four, five and six and a month. One. So, like, if you try to go after restaurants, what’s going to happen is it’s going to bomb nine times out of ten.

[00:50:58] It’s gonna be real hard trying to get your thousand, two thousand or even three thousand dollar a month fee. And then you’re gonna come back and be like, oh, it’s not working. What should I do? And say, well, change your market. Yeah, you should definitely change your market to a point where it’s like, don’t do restaurants. Are you going to fight me on this? I get it for whatever reason. Like you really like plant based restaurants as clients. That’s cool. But if you can get five, some on the phone haven’t sat down really low. Let’s just have a real conversation about your business.

[00:51:28] Where are you now? How much are you making every month? OK, great, so let’s just say to doing fifty thousand dollars a month. Cool. And of that. What’s your goal for the end of the year?

[00:51:37] A hundred thousand dollars a month. So you want to double in six months. Cool. And how many clients each you have every month. Gotcha. We have forged your clients month. OK. And so let me ask you this. If we got you a hundred thousand dollars a month, how much money would you make at the end of day after all your costs and stuff like that? You know, we’d probably make like twenty thousand dollars a month. Are you sure? Like, are you really sure, because the margins, our restaurants are like razor effing thin. I’ll bet you restaurants that are doing one hundred thousand dollars a month, million dollars a year in sales are probably a little bit comfortable, just a little bit comfortable.

[00:52:11] And you probably won’t get those hundred thousand dollars with restaurants. You probably do. The restaurants are like fifteen or twenty, thirty thousand hours a month and they’re not taking home 20. They’re taking home five or even 10. And it’s going to be real hard for a business owner that’s just dealing with Korona. Trying to make it work, to get them to spend two came up with you or even a thousand dollars a month. It’s gonna be real hard.

[00:52:32] There’s a guy inside of the ISIS trying to figure it out and look for a five hundred dollar month product sale. That’s the most. And maybe can make an argument that’s kosher. Maybe it’s not. But like like the biggest problem I always had with restaurants is like as a whole. It’s hard to make money with them. They have razor thin margins and there’s not enough cash for them to pay for a Facebook marketer. And what will happen is you’ll do that and you come back to the I seem to like what I’m doing isn’t working to change your market go to a different type of business? That’s a long winded answer. Guys, I got to boogie off in five minutes and we’ll take it from there.

[00:53:04] Harris has been checking new markets. Are you just building out a whole appointment funnel or are you just doing new app on messages to see what would happen? Yeah, so I don’t do a whole Butman funnel. I just run the direct offer. This is after I’ve talked to five to 10 businesses like, hey, where are you now? Is your business. Yeah, no, that’s fine. I totally get it. Mr. Johnson. Yeah, I’m just student marketing doing some research. Yeah. Just trying to figure out if like if it makes sense for me to enter a business where I’m running.

[00:53:32] Where let me start all over again. I would just talk to five to 10 businesses on the phone to see if it makes sense for me to even begin to run ads like, let’s say I was talking to plumbers. Yeah. Mr. Johnson. Yeah, I know. Deployment and I case for 30 seconds of supermarket wants you to make sense. I’m doing this because I want to know if I should get into the space of generating appointments and customers from plumbers just like you just want 30 seconds. I got nothing to sell. It’s just research. And they have that conversation. If it turns out from those conversations that you get some positive stuff and can run ads and invest one hundred two inch etranger dollars, and now, you know, if you can get people on the phone now, you got a prospect. Right. Getting people on the phone. You’re gonna have a conversation. Where are you now? Where you want to be if they’re comfortable talking about a fee that you can do a sales engine. And that’s that’s how I check new markets. It takes like three, four or five. And your bucks at the most of include. Time to see if I want to enter new market. And that’s it. It’s not particularly hard. And I’ll do any fulfillment. None. I’m not doing any effing cooking. Don’t even talk to me. Not directed to our ability. We don’t even talk to me about. But you need fulfilling. You do not. Fulfillments is the cheapest skill set out there. Can only, like, pay somebody like 30 bucks an hour and they’ll do all fulfillment for you. Done. Great. I’m gonna go back on a skill sets. Pay me a thousand bucks an hour. And so like I’m always second prospecting in sales. I’m not doing any fulfillment. So to do a market check just got five to ten of them have a conversation. If it looks like they’re comfortable with the idea of invest three, four or five dollars of ads, get people on the phone. Have a sales conversation and then take it from there.

[00:55:05] Eric says, I did post yesterday for a white label and some replies today, glad I did demos tomorrow. Awesome. CNN says, Sorry, I should have been more clear. How would gentle giant more appointments with a plant based restaurant owners? I do agree with the deal. Difficulty a tell 12 tough clients paying five hundred fifteen hundred a year plus. All right, Kevin’s last question. Kevin says, How would Jeff Miller generate appointments, a plant based restaurant owner? So you’re trying to get business to business. OK, understood. I still think restaurant owners would be like a bad one. Let’s just set that aside. I would go to a lead generation provider like these seven. Pull all the restaurants across United States, run ads saying, hey, attention, restaurant owners. Are you offering a pan, a plant based restaurant diet or food or something like that? If you’d be interested in getting 10 to 50 more customers every single month using a patented plant food client now system, I don’t know. Whatever your brand and system is, click here. That’s it. By the way, would guarantee our work if we don’t get 20, 30 paying customers every single month. Refund your fee and give you a hundred bucks raising your time.

[00:56:09] That’s it.

[00:56:11] Not hard if you don’t get a response from that. And you can advertise your niche. You don’t have a business. But now I’ve got a book because I got a call. So I’ll get you guys later. By.

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