The Big 3 Problems That Hit After You Run A Working Facebook Ad

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All right gang, if you think the trick of running Facebook ads for your clients is getting leads to sign up, show up and spend some cash, well… you’d be half right.

You see, the problem is when those ads are NOT generating enough business to get your clients to say, ‘damn, I gotta renew with your agency immediately!’

But you’re in luck…

Because in this video, I’m gonna show you the 3 problems which rear their ugly heads once you start seeing some fb traction, and more importantly…

…what you can do about them to start generating monster show-ups for your clients and get them drooling to keep working with you!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The secret of ‘The Natural Offer Evolution’ – Tesla does it, Apple does it, and if you’re smart, you’re gonna too
  • Why you can’t just offer lead gen anymore (hint…if you’re living in the Philippines, you can keep doing the same old lean gen all you want)
  • The high-ticket question you must ask your clients (nail this and ‘overnight’ you’ll be reeling in premium clients for them)
  • Why the ‘old’ way of lead gen not only fails to make serious money today, but – even if it works – will make your clients hate you (and how the ‘new’ way turns low 5-figure deals into booming 6-figure sales!)
  • The BIG 3 problems you face after an ad is working – it all has to do with getting people to actually show up to your client…
  • And more Q & A!
Joining the Inner Circle

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[00:00:00] Up and running, this is gonna be cool, hopefully by the end of today’s lunch, learn and live, you learn the three big things, one of which I hope will be the three big problems that come after working in Facebook ad sort of talk about the natural evolutions of like leads aren’t good enough to moving to book appointments to actually what I think might be the next thing, which is business process mapping, which is an NBA term, which is like super confusing. But we’ll walk you through it. And then we’re gonna be talking about Facebook ads, masterclass with Steph Signs who turned seventeen thousand our three month budget into a two hundred thousand dollar client sale.

[00:00:35] That’s not right.

[00:00:36] She heard seventeen thousand dollars over three months turned into two thousand dollars for her client. Which is cool. And now she’s in the running to get like a hundred locations and has to build a team, like, super fast. So she’s hiring like ten people. We can talk about that in her upcoming masterclass this coming Friday, which will be probably one of the if not the best one, but the best masterclass that we’ve done so far, which will be pretty darn cool. And let me go ahead and do my click ends because I can’t do it otherwise. But I have to. Right. Click, pause. All that fun stuff we got Steph Simões going on. Steph Hatoum, Brett Factor X. How are you? Glenn Domen, who’s in the inner circle. Christine’s here. How you doing? Oh, I do want to give a special high five and hand hug to Adam Chambers, who joined the ICC. God, it must be like thirty days ago now. And he closed, I think, five deals in seven days, which is like really darn awesome. The dude lives in Mexico, has a hardcore English accent, and I think it took it like five or six, maybe seven demos for him to get the ants out of a system. And then he just start closing again and again and again and again. I type closing one deal a day everyday for a whole business week in a row. Well, we’ll get moving pretty darn fast. I’m super happy to say that he’s doing that same thing with Zach. I keep mispronounce. It’s like Zaca, but it’s Zach who’s on his second deal, which is pretty darn cool. And all the new people like to join the ICC. Honestly, it takes like three to four weeks for you to like to get comfortable with the idea and you have to have a certain number of pitches go through your system. But now that most recent cohort is getting results, which is really darn cool, and that opens up space for me to have a new masterclass launch, which is coming up with Steph this coming Friday, I’m sorry, any time at all for all sorts of fun stuff today. I do want to say I haven’t had my coffee yet, so maybe somebody over my words.

[00:02:25] But he just got his my cartoon, but as a little f you to censorship, because I can’t run ads to my butt, but I can go live my group about my butt and my butt is on my group and I don’t understand it. But whatever. We’ll see what happens from here when they go and click that show in Stream Button and let me drag this sucker over me. Right. Click Porres again. Very cool. All right. I think we’re up and running.

[00:02:49] For context, I have three different screens, I have fake earphones so that at least I feel like I’m in the zone. But today’s Lunch and Learn Live. February 26 is going to get started. We have Linda James watching Ben Roman. We have Glenn Domen saying we can’t see her grandmother’s art.

[00:03:06] Well, Glenn, take a look. There you go. What’s funny. By the way, is like we take these lunch and learns that part of my content leverage program. Turn them into videos. Half the time those videos get automatically rejected. So I have to appeal saying it’s art every time. I know they watch the video where I say it’s art, but we don’t have it. This part. Right. We only like start from the official launch in London lives. They don’t. I don’t know. I just kind of poke fun at the rules and they’re kind of okay. Because you’re making what like what is Facebook doing like a billion dollars a day? And I’m probably right. And half that check. Sometimes it feels bad, guys. Let’s get this started. So we’re talking about solving the big three problems that come after working Facebook ad. We’re going to be talking about Stepps, Facebook ads, masterclass. And finally, a Q&A before we get started, the first thing I just want to give a really big shout out to Steph who’s who’s giving away her secrets. And I’ll be writing a big fat check, too, in exchange for giving the secrets. And if you ever have a problem where you’re in a scenario where like your ads are working but your client says that they aren’t and you lose a client, you no longer have an excuse. It’s literally ninety seven dollars. And you’ll have access to everything that we’re doing inside of my agency, INSETs Agency, to turn a Facebook ad lead into a book appointment and have your client saying, oh, my God, this time and time again. So if you don’t know how to do that. I know ninety seven dollars may be a lot or a little. Doesn’t matter. It’s your hard earned money. I want to tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this will be worth five, six or even 10 times what you will pay in exchange for a ticket.

[00:04:41] You’re getting a 30 day group chat with Stefan, everybody else who got the course or so I got the masterclass. You’re going to be getting the PDVSA sized replays, a Q&A session, dedicated time. I’m not to mention all these other things and just getting one of these bull punches worth ninety seven dollars alone. But the way I tend to run my honest knowledge in relationships is like just make it so stupidly simple and so stupidly, overwhelmingly awesome. I don’t have to do like perfect webinars, so I don’t have to leave with curiosity. So I don’t have to do the stuff I don’t like. I just say it to be worth a thousand bucks. Momeni charging ninety seven.

[00:05:14] And so I really recommend that you get this like the last three masterclasses that we’ve done have blown everybody out of the water. Everybody’s got an hour. Why they made a ton of money. So get your ticket now or miss out forever. And then I will yell at you and you’ll be like, oh, my God, I can’t believe I didn’t pay Jeff money and pay Steph money. And I’m secretly thinking that I should just not put this on the store and just keep this inside of the inner circle and keep this inside of steps, inner circle. And so maybe we may not even put this up on the store if you’re willing to risk it. That’s up to you. But if not, no big deal. So, ladies and gents, room time about something, the three big problems that come after a working face forget. So this lunch and loan is really for people that already have a working Facebook ad. Clients are signing up. There is people showing up. There are dollars to be made. But it’s not really enough to where you claim saying like, oh my God, after knew immediately. And so to really discuss this idea, I will always be using my slides. Right. So we’re going to talk about the natural. Offer evolution. And this is part of an interesting business concept, and it’s also like a. Verbiage concept.

[00:06:24] It’s like the natural evolution of words like like words that meant something to our grandparents, mean nothing to us, which could mean something to our gram, to our grandchildren. That’s just how things work. And what was, like, totally not OK to talk about then is OK. Now, what’s not OK now might be OK later. Like politics, sex and religion was unacceptable to talk about in the 50s and others. An open conversation about it. It’s a natural evolution of languaging and now there’s a natural evolution of offering. And so this was the first offer. And this, by the way, offered what offer worked? I would say 18 months, two years, maybe three years ago. This is what most Facebook ad agencies did in exchange for money.

[00:07:04] They would get their client a lead, which was a name no.

[00:07:09] And email. That’s what they used to do. And by the way, like this work, this is totally OK as an offer to do exchange for money. It was like mind blowing. It was cutting edge. It was amazing. Oh, my God. You’re telling me that I can pay you fifteen hundred dollars and not get a list of people that are interested in buying what I have to sell? Holy crap. This will blow me out of the water and the narrative with a with the client and the face we had agency was like, look, Mr. Johnson, as part of buying my services, I’m gonna give you a list of stuff named. No, I was just gonna call.

[00:07:51] Go back and pitch them and get them to the agency’s offer, an offer is like, what are you doing change from? I’m not gonna go into like a really in-depth answer and Q&A session and what an offer is. I mean, just like this is what you do, exchange for money. And this is what used to be a face forget agency’s value add and what they do in exchange for money. And you’d buy the way you could charge like fifteen hundred two thousand dollars. This.

[00:08:11] Three years ago. Two years ago, maybe even one year ago.

[00:08:16] But there is a natural treadmill that comes with language. It comes with offer because ultimately people are trying to compete in what’s called a marketplace like like Tesla used to be. I’ll show you.

[00:08:27] We’ll do a natural Tesla evolution, right? So Tesla.

[00:08:32] It used to be only. Used to be only electric vehicles.

[00:08:40] This is so cool, this is so exciting. Oh, my God. That’s a good charge. Like a hundred thousand dollars electric vehicle every way to pay all sorts of money. This is so awesome. This is the Facebook guy’s equivalent of just Facebook ad to lead, to offer, to phone call, whatever. Just you’re right there. And then it was autonomous driving and most driving.

[00:08:59] You know, like that. And then that was like the cool thing, and then they could charge more money for that or at least keep their market share while other people were doing electric vehicles. And then Tesla said, no, our new cool thing is autonomous driving. And pretty soon they’re going to come out near a thing like, you know, their own version of insurance or someone or read it on Uber or auto driving. Forever. I don’t know, they’re going to come out the new cool thing coming up soon. I mean, like like solar. And I don’t mean boring company. I just mean like Tesla, the car company, like they had this natural treadmill effect of their offer, like what worked a year ago. Won’t work now. Apple did the same thing. They had the camera or sorry, they had the iPod and then they, like the iPod is not good enough and they have the iPhone, then that wasn’t good enough. Then they had to watch it. They had like new products and services and natural evolution. And what’s interesting is that, like, most Facebook got agencies. They don’t evolve. This is your extreme advantage, by the way. They are really stuck at the three years ago, two years ago or one year ago.

[00:10:06] Client relationship, which is just lead generation at, is old school line of thinking that will put you behind the curve. That will not put you in a winning position. You’re essentially selling. I don’t want to use this language, but like old stuff. And if Tesla and Apple and Amazon stuff expires and gets old after a year, like, who wants to buy a year old iPhone type thing, what makes you think that you can sell one year old stuff? And this is like this is how I got, like, slightly angry at at our collective marketplace and our collective industry. Because most face we’ve got agencies are simply selling lead generation. When that is the apple equipment, test equipment, arms, I’m just old stuff, right. And so there has to be a natural movement forward.

[00:10:54] From there, we started selling customer opportunities.

[00:10:57] Customer opportunity is like my term for this I saw from John Lowgar. It’s probably an incorrect term, but it’s it’s a higher qualified lead, a real life human being that lives in your serviceable zone. Saw you. I clicked on their ad. They’ll let the landing page load. They typed their name, number and email. They clicked call now or you call them and say it’s more steps. It’s like a higher quality scenario. It’s not just random leads, it’s customer opportunities. And so, of course, the movements of an agency as a whole and a marketplace. Well, we moved over here.

[00:11:28] Customer opportunities. And then the marketplace moved again. People are trying to compete and trying to go ahead and win business. So they improved on this offer in exchange for money. And then they moved from.

[00:11:40] That’s some opportunities.

[00:11:42] The book appointments, by the way, if you’re offering book appointments, you are now industry standard. If you’re offering customer opportunities are probably six months behind the curve. If you’re only offering lead generation, you’re already behind the curve. And this is why your clients are leaving you. This is why I have a high churn rate. This is why your sales pitches are going poorly. It’s because of the OR service they offer. What you’re doing is change for money. You can talk about customer opportunities where we like lean in with the USP of customer research that gets us in the door. So Barbara sequences make us look awesome, but there’s a natural evolution and then has to move forward and moving into books a point. Great, fine, perfect. Everything is OK if you are here, you are really fast. Yeah. Philip has your 200 k Robi’s there to Tinger. Joe Captain Judith Reinjure. Hey, Steph. Side’s getting a hundred location franchise deal coming up. I mean, it happens time and time again on. Doing real estate or buy shops or med spizer Massai sports like you’re offering like appointments. You will always be Esmie offering customer opportunities will always be about Legian. Just like if you’re offering autonomous driving, you’ll always be somebody who does electric vehicles forever. And now I think about Tesla’s evolution and other stuff too, like free gas or like free supercharging or something like that. Or they’ll come to your house, which is not that big of a deal with them. They mean that they announced. That’s just how it works. And the reason why I bring this up is because I think that there’s a next evolution. There’s something else that’s down the pipeline. And if you’re smart enough to just cough up ninety seven dollars, you can get ahead of the curve and see Steph signs, get 100 location deal coming soon. But we’re moving from booked appointments.

[00:13:29] To let me go ahead and decrease this font size. Moving from book appointments. You come on.

[00:13:44] Nearly. Guaranteed. Or others say show ups.

[00:13:53] Markets moving again. It’s moving from lead generation, get smart pretended to be twins. Now we’re talking shops. Book departments is good enough for now. You probably have a three month runway before this gets undercut by people in my tribe, insteps tribe and people who want to go from one conjugate to injure. And then you’ll be like, oh, my God, this isn’t good. My clients are leaving me. And then you won’t know this type of process. You won’t know it’s the offer that isn’t working. You’ll go back to and say, I need to put more money into Facebook ads and you put money into Prospect Engine and you’re going to pitch, pitch, pitch based patient. One out of 10 purely environmental, lower, low rate. Just get pushed out of the market just like Kmart does. Right. Like Kmart’s problem is their offer. They just can’t get stuff to you fast enough is not price competitive. And the offer for face begets evolution.

[00:14:37] But do not disturb is show ups like you can’t guarantee shops. But like ring get people to show up. Like I’m talking they’re going to shopping up a tattoo shop, shop on your bike shop, shopping your med Spiderman sidebar. All of that. If you are now talking shops, you’re ahead of the curve every time. Booked appointments, you’re at the curb. Customer between behind the curve regeneration. You’re being undercut by I don’t mean this disrespectfully, but somebody in the Philippines or India on a low cost country that can do your job for 250 dollars instead of fifteen hundred. Doesn’t have to pay rent. Four thousand fifteen hundred two thousand dollars a month. And then can take that money and put it back in Facebook ads in our video. That’s it. The bang for their 250 dollars is much more than your banker. Two thousand dollars and they’ll just consistently undercut you. No other way around it. We even have a guy in the hospital just doing the white label who only does book appointments. That’s it. He doesn’t talk leads because Martin’s book demands guy guys based out of India charges five dollars a month. So now I’ve got to compete with that. How to compete with that? We’re talking shops, Mr. Johnson. I’ll get people to show up to your office. How do you shop? How do you get people to show up to your office? Well. Tell me, go ahead. Bring my notes up on the right side of the screen. Because.

[00:15:55] Yes.

[00:15:58] How you get people to show up? To your client. The first part of all of this. As a working Facebook.

[00:16:11] If you don’t have this everything, retirement doesn’t make sense. You can not get this to work. You need a working Facebook. If you don’t have a working base because you have a bad time, no other way around it. And by our working Facebook guy, I don’t mean a 21 dollar teeth cleaning that’s out. That is lead generation stuff. I don’t mean a thirty seven dollar backtracking adjustment. That is lead generation stuff. That’s stuff that was brought in the 1980s. We’re not talking about that anymore. I’m not talking about a low ticket, just fill your funnel and get people signing up and maybe there’s people that moneyless. I don’t mean at all when I say a working face for that.

[00:16:49] I mean, you’re getting five to 10. People every week saying, I want to spend five thousand to ten thousand dollars with your client. Their prospect, the engine, right? This is what you need to build out.

[00:17:05] If you don’t have this, going to have a bad time. By the way, we’re covering this in the ninety seven dollar Facebook Gads Masterclass. The reason why I know this, because I have a preview of it can be well worth it if you do not have your link. Just scroll up and get it. It is going to be damn awesome. Go. Put that in here.

[00:17:22] There you go.

[00:17:24] The first things first is you need to create an offer that gets five to 10 people every single week, say, I want to spend five to ten thousand hours for client. We do not have this. Nothing is going to work. How do you do that? Well, you don’t do a 21 dollar offer. You have a conversation. The client saying, what do you charge 5000, 10000 dollars for? My only job is to get people interested, raising and saying I want to buy five to ten thousand dollars with stuff for you. Sometimes it’s 20 grand. You only need one and clinics and say this is working. And now you’re not sending hundreds of leads to your client arguing about the follow up. Instead, it’s like, hey, we got somebody who’s that was interested in spending 10 grand. Did your front desk call them back? That’s a much better conversation than, hey, I got somebody interested in paying 21 dollars. Did you call him back then? I can do it anymore. That’s Legian stuff. That’s iPod stuff, that’s electric vehicles stuff. Don’t do that. We want people to shop. So the first thing is, versus we’re getting five to 10 people every single week saying I want to spend five to ten thousand dollars to the client. And the second we get them in with a easy to say yes, sign up offer that there’s not a 21 dollar. That is not a thirty seven dollar. No. Instead, it’s a conversation, a client that says, what do you do in exchange for money that you’re willing to give free the natural leads, your five. Five to ten thousand dollar sale. If you’re doing medical stuff or dentist stuff, then you could say.

[00:18:45] Actually, I can’t even tell you right, because that would be like, I don’t know, leading out the bag.

[00:18:50] But whatever it is, you know, I’m talking about, like, what are you doing? Change for money that would lead naturally to a five to ten thousand dollar sale if we were selling bikes. It would be, hey, if you’re interested in arguin 18. We have five left. They cost eight thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars. And if you’d like, you can bring your bike in for an estimate, do a test from the AGA 19 and get a 50 dollar voucher for upcoming Argand 18 training class. That type of stuff. And first and foremost, you don’t A discount B on anything that they’re doing. Your client will hate you for it. They will think that the leaves are bad. So you don’t have a discount conversation. You just say, what do you do in exchange for money? Naturally lead to a five to ten thousand dollar sale. That’s it right there. So first things first. You need the second thing. You need to give your staff a conversion academy. And that’s just my Jeff term about saying give them a training portal. Give them a video series. Give them a click funnels or jobby or a high level course area when it comes out, whatever it is, as soon as like your client says, yes, want to pay you money, you say great. Here’s a username and password. Give this to your staff. Have them brush up on the scripts. The follow ups, the text messages, the inbounds, how the CRM system works. That’s new offer stuff, right? If you’re not offering a CRM and just Google slides or Google sheet, you can have a bad time. That’s old school stuff. You need to give them those types of information of, say, in classes. It’s worth me paying you money. Otherwise, well, having medially regret immediately I mess all this up not to justify to my wife or my husband. So you need to give your staff conversion academy. Sometimes this is called DE.

[00:20:33] Training portal.

[00:20:35] And as a side effect, by the way, of having a training portal, you won’t have to spend more time with them on the phone, you say. But did you did you look the videos? This will cut your interaction declined by 90 percent and increase the quality of your front desk by like one hundred and fifty percent. So you need to give your staff and training portal. You meet me, by the way, when I’m going into a client’s office and saying, hey, I know your thing, but you spend two thousand dollars a month with me or two thousand dollars. The other guy, by the way, is he trying to sell you five to ten thousand other stuff and giving your client a trade, giving your staff a training portal’s. They know how to sell five, ten thousand our stuff. Are they trying to tell you that you need to call that 250 people for a 21 dollar teeth whitening?

[00:21:12] Cierra, I mean. See what I mean?

[00:21:15] So you need to figure this out. Need to give your client training portal then.

[00:21:22] You need a business process tool, and this is confusing. I get it. Just just understand what I mean by business process. I mean.

[00:21:32] A series of steps that happen. Automatically to the lead in the front desk. That’s it.

[00:21:41] This is high level stuff, by the way. I’m talking like pipelines and squares and all that fun stuff. So, for example.

[00:21:47] You go in and draw the sucker out real fast.

[00:21:52] So can I have a lead and then you’re going to have.

[00:21:59] An appointment.

[00:22:03] And then you’re going to have a shop. And then you’re gonna have. You know, show.

[00:22:15] There you go. These four, there’s actually a fifth one right here.

[00:22:18] Come on.

[00:22:20] It says this is like the wrong term, you know, I mean, deal in the works.

[00:22:27] And then you’re gonna have another step right here. It says sold. This it’s probably the wrong terminology. But, you know, I mean, let me go ahead and. Out to this word. There you go.

[00:22:40] You can have like six steps. These steps will be different for your client. Different for you. But effectively, nine, I am now tracking my lead, not just a lead, but one, two, three, four, five, six, all the way through. And then I have a series of steps of things that happen because of this. For example, if the appointment does show up, you’re gonna have a sneaky serve and a welcome text that fires automatically have two or three or four days.

[00:23:01] Sorry if if there was appointment, they have a shop going, gonna say, hey, how’s your experience? Does this make sense? What did you think of the staff. No show. You can have a series of text messages, God saying, hey, it looks I could interrupt your point. Would you like to reschedule? Brings them back. Deal in the works. Yes. They showed up. Yes. This came from you. Yes. The information is track. Yes. You can prove it.

[00:23:22] Mr. Johnson, why would you want to cancel your four deals coming up? Fifteen thousand dollars apiece. If one of these deals closes my two grand, they spend may turn into.

[00:23:32] Oh, you bet I do.

[00:23:33] Now, by the way, if your campaign is if that month on week three and four, you’ve got proof that they should renew. And then you’ve got a column that has sold. You can very clearly say, Mr. Johnson, look, you spent two thousand dollars with me. I get it. We have to give you return on investment. This is what happened. We got three hundred and fifty six people signing up saying I’m interested in buying what you have to sell. That’s a lead. And others are injured. Fifty six people, my automatic follow up system got them to automatically schedule and looks like we had thirty five appointments out of it, which is pretty darn cool. It looks like about half those people showed up and another half those didn’t show up. But what’s interesting, by the way, is we’ve got a no show sequence coming up. So the other half those people, we’re going to decrease out by about 30 percent. So all of a sudden, your sharp rate is going to be 65 to 70 percent. That beats what you had the other marketing company, right?

[00:24:17] Great. And it looks like we had a couple of people said they didn’t have a great experience, so I’m gonna have your staff go ahead and go back to the training portal.

[00:24:25] Cool, right?

[00:24:27] Mr. Johnson, it looks like we send about 350 leads, your staff did no work. They don’t have to do any. They just set up an appointment. And at 350, please, by the way, they all try to spend five or ten thousand dollars with you. But like I get it, you’re busy. I’m not going to fight you on this. I’m gonna have my V.A. call and schedule. Plumas, everybody.

[00:24:43] All right. By the way, this cost me like 30 bucks. That’s it.

[00:24:47] Now, all of a sudden, schedule appointments job, right? No shows, funnels, automatic CRM system kicks in. Deal in the works and then sold.

[00:24:54] You only need one five to ten thousand dollar deal. And your client says let’s renew. Fundamentally, at the core, the reason why a lot of Facebook ad agencies are not having success is less about the technical side and more about the offer side. They are going to clients and saying, I want to get you 100 leads to Angeles. Least Angelito formulates that. I want to spend 21 dollars with you. And stuff science is coming up and saying, I don’t want to get you 300 leads, I want to spend 21 dollars with you. I want to get you. Fifteen people to show up to your office. Wanting to spend 10 grand with you. The old way of working.

[00:25:37] This right here.

[00:25:41] I want to get one hundred plus leads. Sign up. And have you call them all back and brog your front desk hoping these 100 plus leads turn into. Twenty one dollars. And then complain to you when you don’t know how to sell to these unqualified leads.

[00:26:10] That is your accidental narrative with your client right here. When you were saying 100 plus leaves and a 21 dollar teeth whitening, I don’t care if all the math in the world shows that you are right, your client will hate you for this and not renew it. That’s the old way.

[00:26:25] Here’s the new way. We go in and dress this up real fast.

[00:26:32] The new way is saying, Mr. Johnson, I don’t want get your hundred leads trying to spend twenty one dollars. I want to get you.

[00:26:41] Fifteen people to show up. I want to spend five thousand to ten thousand dollars with you.

[00:26:52] We’ll handle. Follow up. Tracking.

[00:26:58] And all that jazz, not all fifteen are going to spend five to 10 k.

[00:27:05] But how? If we get one or two. Ari, why isn’t it? Does the new way.

[00:27:19] The old way which everybody here is probably doing unknowingly is ludi telling their clients. I want to give you an F ton of work which causes a flywheel in the wrong direction, like like guys like why would you give your client more work? You hate it when I give you work. You hate it when teachers give you work. Why would you give your client work? The old way you’re saying I wanna get you a hundred leads to sign up and I would call them all back and then bug your front desk and then hoping these hundred leave, turn twenty one dollars and then complain to you and say you’re a bad client when you say that these leads aren’t any good. And and you don’t know how to sell to unqualified leads. Unqualified is in quotations because it’s like halfway sarcastic. The new way which we’ll be teaching in the ninety seven dollar Facebook ads master class taught by signs as I want to get you 50 people to show up that want to spend five to K.

[00:28:07] We’re gonna handle the fallout. The tracking, the No shows, all that jazz and not all fifteen are gonna spend five 10k. But hell if we got one and two is not an hour, why does not justify my fee.

[00:28:19] That’s how it works. This philosophy right here and this way of working. Well, all of a sudden. Turned a seventeen thousand dollar. Deal, ad spend plus management. Into two hundred thousand dollars in sales for client.

[00:28:45] And I have proof. I’ve seen the receipts.

[00:28:49] If you went to your client and said, I want to give you all of this and I went to that very same client and said, I want to do all of this, all you got to do is do your job. Who would they say yes to, who would get that client and who? Is talking old shit. Probably should have crispy, you know what I mean? Hey, Ed, please, please remove the curse word, right? He’ll probably won’t see it. Probably getting the gun. This is the new way. If you’re talking Lean’s, you’re talking old stuff. I hope that makes sense. And Steph signs, it says it’s two hundred fifty thousand dollars.

[00:29:24] I’ve signed that I’m going to show you everything for just one hundred dollars, ninety seven bucks. Actually, you get a 30 day group chat. All the fun stuff. You’d be Apsley insane to not take a next step. Put this link in here. Steph and I are giving serious considerations than ever, actually releasing this ever again. And if we do, maybe never. There’s no reason for us to give this to everybody. Like, all of a sudden, I mean, after seeing this, we’re like, maybe we shouldn’t even do the master class, but we are kind of committed. And we said, yes, we’re gonna do it. And then we probably just won’t put the replay up for sale.

[00:29:56] So if you want to miss out on the opportunity, learn how to do this. That’s OK. If you want to learn how to do this and keep clients longer, just buy your ticket. All that fun stuff. So I hope that made a lot of sense. And removing the sales, the aside from all this. I can definitely detect that. I’m trying to get more people interested in buying a ticket at the core. If you are selling old stuff, you are fundamentally going to have a very big problem if Tesla was just selling electric vehicles.

[00:30:23] It wouldn’t work if Apple was only selling iPods. It wouldn’t work if old age, if agency is only selling Jenness, not going to work. And this group in this tribe is. But Pham asked Pham. But group has been pushing towards customer opportunities and we’re seeing booked appointments and now.

[00:30:41] We’re seeing it move to show ups like actual shops. And if you don’t have this new tool while your offer is going to be old and then other people out compete and then simply we’ll beat you pretty darn class, pretty darn fast.

[00:30:55] So this is solving like the big three problems that come after our working Facebook ad, the big three problems are right here. The first is that one, you could be selling old stuff, which is just Legian. You have to do more things. The second is realizing that clients really want shops.

[00:31:11] And the third?

[00:31:13] Right here, you need to have five to 10 thing your client has to sell. You have to give yourself a training portal and you’ll need a series of automatic steps that that happen automatically to the lead and the front desk. And these are the automatic steps lead to appointment, appointment to shop a shop to no show or deal and work slash sold. This is how you get people to show up to your client. And then, by the way, there are.

[00:31:36] I mean, these lines.

[00:31:38] There are a series of steps. That happen, I would say four or five or six steps that happen automatically. All the way down. If you don’t have these series of steps. Oh. Going gonna be selling old stuff really quickly. They’ll listen. So it’s a good screenshot for ever wants this old on.

[00:32:05] I’ll be paced show. No show. Now show. Bill in the works.

[00:32:16] But each step you’re doing stuff that your client goes, oh, my God, this is amazing. The coolest part, by the way, is when you set up a series of text messages when when your front desk knew something to sold jokingly and then the client, the front desk, the office, everybody gets a text message saying, hey, you just sold the thing for thirty thousand dollars. And then the intern goes, oh, I fucked that up. It’s like it’s going to happen all the time, but it’s proof that the system works. And so we have things that happen at the lead, lovely apartment, lovely shop level. No show the deal in the works in the soul level. So you can keep your client longer.

[00:32:45] You’ll be pretty darn cool. So now that we’ve gone over that. Steps face Facebook, God’s masterclasses is coming Friday. The group chat invites go out tonight. And then we vote on a time for Friday. If you get a ticket, you’re gonna get the replay. You’re gonna get the Q&A session. Thursday’s group chat support. You can get the slides, the. All that fun stuff and any other bonuses that we decide to throw in there. And.

[00:33:11] This won’t go in the store.

[00:33:15] If you don’t get a ticket to the live yank and a ticket to the replay.

[00:33:22] Now, the move to Q&A as your questions, comments, concerns, thoughts or ideas, all that fun stuff.

[00:33:30] Questions and answers. I’m going to do my best to be an open book that attentive and honest to solving your problems and moving you forward. Like I mentioned before, I have so many PMS considering like one of our zaps broken like ninety nine messages again. And I had to go respond to all of them. And the fixes app, it was like 90 minutes of hell. Pretty sure I got three gray hairs because of it was just like angry at my laptop and just yelling and click funnels yelling to.

[00:33:55] G.F., why you can you can forget that acronym, but now they’ve gotten through that this my dedicated time to you to answer any questions, comments, concerns, thoughts or ideas.

[00:34:04] Go and scroll up and see what’s going on here and then feel free to ask questions and all that fun stuff. We’ve got our first question from Dope’s.

[00:34:14] Come on. We’ve got.

[00:34:16] Priok that says, can you please tell me about strategies to increase booked appointments so I can’t really go? I just said I’m gonna tell you everything. I can’t go down because that’s part of what Steph is gonna be doing. And right now, a lot of the information that I have available publicly and what 7C to me is like. So intermix that I can’t go it properly in depth. But I will say there’s three things that you can do to increase your booked appointments.

[00:34:39] The first have a. OK, now. Special offer.

[00:34:47] So look, your look your dollar offer now and get blank. Chances are your client already does this stuff for free. Jazzar, your client already has like something that they’re doing for free. So just include it in their book. Now, a special offer. The second thing is have an automatic.

[00:35:04] Next email sequence that triggers. To non book people.

[00:35:14] There’s ways to set up your lists, whether it’s High-Level Active Campaign or something like that or tagging system, so that if they don’t book inside of Kalani or high level, then they get a series of text and saying, hey, you should book, by the way, should book now, blah, blah, blah.

[00:35:27] Hold on. I’m getting a bunch of Justin, don’t. You’re on the live. Justin, don’t pmu when you’re on the live. And the third thing that you can do is run a booking sequence.

[00:35:41] Of ads to non bookers.

[00:35:44] They can be like, hey, thanks so much for signing up. My name is Jeff Miller with Jeff Arnold and his company want let you know that we’re super psyched to see you. But you haven’t put your appointment and you’re still interested in clammy or ten thousand dollar molar examination. Click the button now and book and doing these three things, by the way. Prepack pre Yonke. Don’t get that wrong no matter what. That will increase your booking rates very, very quickly and put you in a position where, like you’re not having to sell old stuff, but instead selling new stuff. That makes sense.

[00:36:15] Let’s see. Brads says.

[00:36:22] This is gonna be saved and poses my Internet isn’t allowing this to play. Yes, it’s going to be in this group.

[00:36:28] And then my guy chop it up the smart parts and Milingo instead of a YouTube channel and Instagram, so you can just see those parts. And also my business page. So, yeah, dude, if like if your plays and working, you know, I’m not going to take this down and stuff like that.

[00:36:40] Let’s see. But I’ve got a question for Mike. No, Mike’s just asking steps, questions. Steph says, no. Nothing. They’re just talking to each other.

[00:36:56] Yeah. So now time. Ask any questions, comments, concerns out 30 of again, the basic structure. What I’m trying to emphasize is there’s an old way of doing this new way of doing this. The old way is top of funnel stuff. The digital marketing like get people on list. But there’s an implication or hope that you’re top of funnel stuff. Your local business client will turn into money and top of funnel is very low ticket, very twenty one dollar and hope that there’s like a ten thousand dollar deal. And that’s the old way of doing this very LEGIAN The new way of doing is saying, hey, I just want to get your small number people to actually shop and then you can pitch and then say, I want to buy what you have to sell. So that type of stuff.

[00:37:30] Francesca says.

[00:37:34] Hey, Jeff, thanks for the training. You got it. My question is, is this doable only for the lines that fly the 10K service? What kinds of smaller budgets and practice service? So if they don’t have to fight the 10K, you definitely can make this work.

[00:37:45] You just want to take their most expensive thing. That they’ve somewhat.

[00:37:54] Regularly sold.

[00:37:58] This can work for a three to five K or even a one or two K. The problem is that, like, if if you’re just selling wanted to K stuff, it’s gonna be hard to convince. Declined to pay you one thousand two thousand three thousand dollars a month. Like, like the amount of money that you bring is directly related to your retainer and the number of problems you solving directly related to they spend with you. Right. But if they don’t have five the 10k thing just take their most expensive thing that they somewhat regularly sold. Like most businesses have a two to three K, sometimes a five K type thing. If they do, then this can definitely work for you and your business. And then you’re gonna have to like a great time.

[00:38:33] They don’t have a thousand dollar thing. You’re probably going to have a very, very hard time getting your client wanting to to renew with you consistently.

[00:38:42] I’m talking like year long deals or two year long deals. Like we’re talking like near lifetime type cell conversations. Not like, hey, yeah, we’re in traffic. There isn’t the turn it off and then maybe turn on again and then turn off like like you really need to have an expensive thing. Chances are, by the way, if your client doesn’t have an expensive thing, you can go on Google and say, hey, your competition down the street is doing this expensive thing. If I brought somebody saying they want to pay you money to do this, could you do it, too? Most businesses will say yes. I don’t care if like our car wash, it doesn’t have a thousand car wash. I can Google what’s a thousand car wash and bring it to my clients. Could you do this? Your dentist probably has a ten thousand dollar all in for your personal trainer.

[00:39:22] Probably has a five thousand dollar topi program. Chances are your client does have expensive stuff, but you haven’t had this narrative or had this conversation or presented them the opportunity to do as such. But Franchesco, I’m sorry I called you Francesca. But Franchesco, if you’re having these questions, I really want to challenge you and say just put down the 97 bucks. It comes with a money back guarantee. If you buy and you hate, I’ll just refund you. I’m not in position to screw people over and then see behind the scenes of how this works because honestly, like you just did one client to say yes. And your brain will be like, oh, my God, I’m never going to do it the old way ever again. So I hope that makes a lot of sense. Glenn says for a booking audience, size is their minimum audience to run this Renesys for. Will that add? OK, so Glenn says something along the lines of, hey, I’ll have three people I didn’t book. Well, my Facebook guys run to it. Facebook will say now, I secretly think it will because like, I’ve gone a non booking sequence before and I know that they don’t have the thousand minimum. Like, there’s no way in hell it’s a dentist, right. There’s no way there’s a House bill that didn’t book. You know what I mean? And so I’m convinced that it is possible. But let’s say for whatever reason, whatever reason that Facebook says, oh, my God, full stop. No show. Sorry. We’re not running your no show sequence. We’re not saying any money, blah, blah, blah. Just layer it on top of something like like everybody that’s been to the Web site. Send them their show sequence. It doesn’t matter. And you’ll probably get more sales along the way as well. You can also run the no show sequence to everybody within like.

[00:40:56] Their email lists or something like that. Like, you don’t have to do it just for no show people, you just need to know show sequence and then you can, like, put other stuff in there, if that makes sense. We’ve got a couple people have joined up. We have freedom insurance company. I know that is. But they just joined up Freedom Insurance coming. What does that even mean? Let me go ahead and see who just joined up. I think Daniel Poppy is just trying to dance, I began to Apsley love this stuff like like I think our clients have. I thousand other things, a cell. I think you’re the person trading space. You tell me if I’m wrong. If that’s the case. This is like, really, really good for you. I’m just off screen right now.

[00:41:39] Let’s see if I can logon. Oh, my God. Okay. HWP Dutch Admon.

[00:41:54] Hold on. Looking at a thing.

[00:42:04] OK. I didn’t work. Right now, I’m locked out. Great. I’m not to wait. Forty five minutes. Listen, quite work out the way I thought. Let me say this in my email.

[00:42:16] Sort by date.

[00:42:22] Oh, my God. I don’t know how the Internet works anymore. Forget it. I was going to give a high five and hand down Tapia. Dude, I don’t even I can’t even see anything right now. Whatever. No big deal. You’re gonna actually love it. Marion says.

[00:42:36] Do we ask the local businesses, clients for the tribal language, for using the book of women’s Narrabeen, so like tribal language is really the customer research side to figure out what you should put an ad in pretested ad before it goes live. It’s really to solve that biggest fear of like, oh my God, this campaign is going to work. So you run custom research, that’s your USP and you talk about tribal language to like get a client to say, OK, I get it. I’ve tried this other agencies before. We haven’t tried this thing you’re in. I’m gonna pay you money. And the customer research is that USP, just like Tesla’s autonomous driving is like their USP. Right. But what you don’t want to do is ask your clients for tribal language to use when booking their appointments. Instead, you should just follow what Steph does. There’s no read like we’re not we’re not pages and computer science. We should not be doing anything other than what works.

[00:43:24] Leave the learnings to scientists. Our job is to just IKEA level instructions so you don’t ask your clients for tribal language and said you want to say, here’s what works. Yeah, we can do some adjustments, but ninety nine percent of it’s going to be the same.

[00:43:35] So just do what Steph does. I think I think you’re inside of the. I’ve seen your name a lot. I think you bought a ticket, if you did, you’re going to love it, so you’re good. Meunier says, I will step on the massive request, show her a long e-mail sequences for what she says to the dentist, get leads on high level.

[00:43:54] Yes. Let me go ahead and see what she messaged me earlier today about this question.

[00:44:01] Steph says. A better No-Show campaign e-mail sequence strategies that convert for one month, three month and twelve month text and email follow, Thalib skips to the front desk so that they don’t hate you and actually do a job. So moaner? Yes, actually. Yeah. You’re gonna actually love it. So, yeah, she’s gonna shove all that fun stuff. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to ballpark this sucker and be, I guess not gonna be 60. That’s probably closer like an hour and a half, two hours. And we never have all the bonuses ready. They come up over time. But yeah, I mean, you’re gonna actually love it. We’ve got about fifteen minutes before I bring the sucker to a close. Let me see if I can.

[00:44:44] Find it.

[00:44:47] All right, we’ve got Jay Landin joined up. We’ve got.

[00:44:54] Is that right? Yeah, I think so. Let me see.

[00:45:04] Everything is broken and everything is bad, so we’re not sharing that at all. Steph continues on, says Yes. I’m showing the emails and giving them templates to build your own strategic e-mails that necessary like a soap opera sequence. So this is how they can run after a soap opera sequence or in place of a soap opera sequence, which will be pretty darn cool.

[00:45:22] Yeah. Dude, you’re gonna have to love this stuff. We’ve got about 15 minutes left. So there’s any questions, comments, concerns, thoughts or ideas. Now is the time. We’ve got about 19 people on, which is cool. We have step signs. Meunier, Joshua Velar Rella. The real sorry dude can never quite get your last name right. But we met up in Orlando, Tampa about a year ago. Bryan Dunlap. We’ve got Vidi.

[00:45:44] We’ve got George Morales, Leo Lenny, Justin Oglesby, Ronald O’Conner, Ardito, Mark Casey and a bunch of other people, which will be pretty darn cool. So I’m to bring the sucker to a close. I genuinely hope that everybody’s learning today was realizing that if you’re selling old stuff, you’re gonna have a bad time. Like, if Tesla was only selling electric vehicles without autonomous driving them, the next thing they would not be able to charge as much as they’re doing. They would just be like beat out by the market, like Tesla had a three year heads up with electric vehicles. They realize that they need a new thing and they’re autonomous. Driving is six years ahead of the current market.

[00:46:19] IPod, same exact thing. But guess what leads me? If you’re just selling Legian, you’re behind the curve. You’re being undercut by someone trying to win. You have the dollars for copy and paste. Campaign is not going to work. You’re selling custom opportunities six months behind your book, DEPLOYMENT’S. You’re right where you should be, which is cool, but if you’re not actively moving forward and talking now about show ups, you’re not going to be able to charge the fees that you want to. And there’s people on the ice charging three thousand dollars easily every single month while there’s some people outside the icy desperately being unable to charge five hundred dollars a month.

[00:46:54] The reason why what you’re doing is change money. Your offer is old. And what I want to do is get you at the news. So at least you’ve got like three, six, nine months of something that works and build an agency they’re happy with that moves you forward and put you in a position where you’re making more and more money. You’re being more like.

[00:47:10] I don’t know. You see right with the mag, congrats. You see those people in deals because they’re talking shops like absolute relay shops. And I’ll tell you what, if I to start my agency all over. Lead generation, when I learned it was probably getting old and then everybody was definitely old. I helped figure customer opportunities high level, really helped to standardize booked appointments. But ahead of the curve right here. Show ups.

[00:47:38] So if you’re selling shelves, you inherently get more people saying, yes, I want to buy what you have to sell. And now there’s a text stack. Now there’s a proven process. Now there’s no strategy and business process behind it so that you can lead with confidence, saying I will sell you show ups. Of course, you’re going to have to generate leads. That’s what you pay Facebook for. But your internal steps, your internal processes will turn a lead into a show up right here. And you’re going to have things that run automatically. So it can turn a lead into a shop without having to do any effing work. And you get to see behind the scenes of what could be a hundred thousand dollar a month deal. So if that’s not enough to get you to spend ninety seven dollars, that’s OK. I understand not everybody is where they’re supposed to be. I get it. But I’ll tell you what. This will not be going up in the store. This will be a I see only for me and I see only for STF style event or happening. Sell you tickets because I have to pay Steph.

[00:48:32] I think she felt like a check for like. And half ton of money for showing all this stuff as well she should. So, ladies and gents, go kick some butt, take some names. See you later. I’ll be coming on tomorrow.

[00:48:48] Am I doing an interview tomorrow? Also find out.

[00:48:52] But Friday is the event a group chat invites got later tonight. They’re going to vote on time. And then from there, I. Drive four hours to PLDT live and hang with all my friends for four for four days and come back down. So maybe we’ll do an interview tomorrow or we’ll find out. So that’s it, ladies and gents. Go kick some butt. Take some names. See you guys later. Bye.

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