The Agency Engine and Why People Are Not More Successful

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It’s real simple gang…

…most people running agencies are NOT more successful because they ignore the 3 KEY boxes to success.

Prospecting. Sales. Fulfillment.

And if you want to be a winner, you’ve gotta nail all 3.

Which brings me to today’s video…

I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to be focusing on to run a kick ass agency…and what to ignore like a yapping chihuahua.

Fantastic. Because in this video you’re going to learn:

  • The 1-and-only dollar-driving goal of cold emailing
  • Why it doesn’t matter if your qualification calls turn into cash (do what I say and before you know it those prospects will be jumping into your pocket)
  • To stop worrying about fulfillment and do what matters to make serious money (I’m talking about signing deals at $5,700/month for a 24 month agreement!)
  • What Elon Musk doesn’t give a sh*t about and neither should you
  • My fast and dirty prospecting process – it’s not pretty but it makes me a cool million a year
  • What I say to people who b*tch they don’t have the tools to grow a business
  • My plastic surgeon analogy for how you should be qualifying clients
  • And the fundamental reason you’re NOT closing sales!
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[00:00:00] Here’s the agenda item on my prospect, the engine and moving forward with the ball and chain of fulfillment. Number two, what’s worked fast and dirty from my qualification calls and how to pitch.

[00:00:14] How to increase, increase pitch. Call quality and number three. Number three. My outsource outsourcing first plan to stop bottlenecks and move me faster than I want to. So first and foremost, an update on my prospecting engine. So like I mentioned not too long ago, I fundamentally believe that the reasons why people are not more successful is because they ignore these three boxes. And I feel very much like Alex Becker, who is like here’s the Alex Specter’s YouTube’s. It’s just the same thing again and again, which is just boxes. And it’s the same lesson again, which is by something her five cell four. Six. Right. And so effectively like prospecting.

[00:00:54] Sales. Full film.

[00:00:58] This is effectively the bones of any face got agency. What’s interesting about this is there’s no Facebook gets. It’s just it’s just this Facebook page is a sub. Part of a sub. Part of a sub part of fulfillment. It’s maybe one out of a hundred things. You need to have a business be successful. So I’m just kind of moving it to the side. I’m not in the business of talking about one percent reasons why some are going to fail. I want. Ninety nine percent.

[00:01:20] The reasons why something is going to work prospecting that is getting five to 10 people every day saying, yes, let’s talk about me paying you money.

[00:01:33] Sales. Is getting people on the phone showing them how it works. Getting them to pay for it and fulfillment is delivering the results as fast as possible. Possible, possible, possible without you doing it.

[00:02:02] And these are really effectively arrows that go from the left to the right. So this is how your agency is supposed to work. So if you feel like your agency is not accomplishing its goals, not moving forward, you feel stuck or distracted or shiny object or for some reason, your brain dies way too deeply deeping YouTube. And after, like four hours, you’re like, oh, my God, what a day in my life. You are probably not doing this.

[00:02:24] You are probably not having a fulfillment engine that works. So let me just go ahead and my knees up. Right. So this is like the bigger picture. This is the agency engine. This is the only reason why your Facebook agency works or it doesn’t. No other reason. No other reason. It’s really a massively successful agencies. They have these three engines up and running. For the most part. What will happen is people prospect curious student free trial, cold e-mail and Facebook. Guys, LinkedIn. Oh, my God. I got some budg people that I’m moving to the sales. Get a better feel and then move into fulfillment. And you know what? For your agency to be successful, you need to have all three running, not one or two at a time. Nobody wants to buy a house that only has one light on Christmas lights are only meant for December, right. You want to have all three on at one time. You’re not having all on at one time. You’re having a bad time. And so not too long ago, I talked about creating a prospecting engine. And inside of a prospecting engine, inside a prospecting box, there’s really four or five of these little boxes right here in each of these are like the fuel for your engine. And these fuels could be, let’s say, cold e-mailing. Let’s say it’s paid Facebook ads in person events.

[00:03:47] You could hire appointments that are company linked in whatever it is, and there’s no real rhyme or reason behind me putting this on, just whatever I remember. Right. Well, you want to do is you want to have these little sub engines or diesel fuel’s going in again. And again and again, you want to have something like this just up and running so that your prospect, the engine gets fed every single day. And so when people talk about, oh, Islington, better quality, Mei-Ling better face because better actually what’s better for me. Right. I just haven’t done any linked in, so I don’t know how it works. I’m in the process of hiring appointments that are so maybe that’ll work. I’ve done in-person events. I like it. Cold e-mailing is up and running paid Facebook guides. I’m experimenting with it now. Prospecting.

[00:04:39] Here’s what’s cool. Over the past two, this.

[00:04:48] Over the past 30 days, I’ve paid people. Real life money to get my prospecting engine up. And running like dollars, like you do it, like I understand I could do it, but you probably do it faster and cheaper than better than me.

[00:05:12] Yes, I could rip up all the plumbing, but at much other higher, rather higher plumber. Yes, I could change my oil rich by the pace of me do it. No big deal, right. So the past 30 days, I’ve paid real life money to get my prospect the engine up and running. And I chose new cold e-mailing and Facebook. I did not end up doing in-person events because I was traveling so much, because I couldn’t figure out a time, because life got in the way and I was just so mostly exhausted, they could not bring myself to actually go to in-person events. So I defaulted to cold e-mailing and Facebook. Again, I don’t know how this could work or this could work, but I did cold emailing and Facebook gets. So I hired a guy to do cold emailing for me. And his goal was to get me something called a yes, and he yes is when a reallife business owner reply to that email saying, yes, I am interested in buying what you have to sell. Cool. And what those carpet cleaners or micro blading or dentists, whatever it is, you simply sending them e-mail saying, are you interested in getting 10 to 15 more carpet cleaning jobs a week? Are you interested in getting fifteen or three more micro dating appointments every single month? Whatever the number is, and chances are you’re freaking out because you don’t know the script. I’m going to challenge that and say you’re freaking out about going to the gym because you don’t know what exercise to do. Just go to the gym. Just don’t go in the gym. You’re going to lose weight. Like when you’re starting in zero wins or wins. Right. And so if you’re saying, oh, my God, I can’t do cold emailing because I’m not sure. Well, just do it. Number one. Number two, I do have a masterclass on it. If you’re interested, just hashtag called E-mailing Masterclass. I’ll give you a link. It’s actually amazing. It’s topped by somebody, my current mentor, who went from zero to sixty five thousand dollars a month just by called emailing.

[00:07:00] So. I paid someone else to do my whole D.M.. I didn’t want to figure it out. I didn’t want trust me to do it. I don’t wanna get bogged in the details. I didn’t want get second fulfillment and prospecting. So you set it up and he runs it and I pay him in exchange for money. And in how many is this? It’s got to count now. All right. It looks like, oh, very cool. It looks like for the month of November.

[00:07:35] And there are 20 days so far, so from this. From November 1st to November 20th, he got me doo doo doo doo. Twenty four. Twenty four yeses. And that’s when a real life business owner replied that a male said, Hey, I’m interested in buying. We have to sell.

[00:07:59] Cool. Right. Now what? Well, I go ahead and I call them back and say, hey, looks like your spot. And one of my emails about getting you 10 to 15 more carpet cleaning jobs, 10 to 15 more micro blading appointments, ten to fifteen more implant cases every single month. If you’d like, I could ask you a couple of questions that seem willing to do business with each other. That’s no big deal. What’s even more interesting is now that I’m letting my current mentor had to face paid Facebook ads.

[00:08:24] I got 20. Let’s just say yes is actually considered leads, but I don’t think that’s the right context. 20 S’s and six appointments just from Facebook, from cold e-mailing. I got twenty four yeses and 10 appointments.

[00:08:41] The way the appointment setting works is you could do a qualifying call first and ask you tend to five, five to ten questions. You’re going to business. This is Johnson. And definitely to beat these numbers, if you’d like, I can schedule a demo. Linda, there’s time for me to share my screen and show you how this darn thing works.

[00:08:55] Sixteen appointments. How cool is that?

[00:08:59] This is an agency that grows scales and ultimately sells. As it turns out, in the past six months, I know agency owners DeGroot of three thousand dollars a month and sold out seventy thousand dollars a month and sold out. I think he grew at a million dollars. A hundred thousand dollars a month. That’s a million a year. And then sold out like I’m seeing this trend. You have to build it to sell it.

[00:09:21] And the way you build it is by having these engines up and running, which is really darn cool. So prospecting engine passed 30 days. I’m paid to reelect people called emailing. Got some. Yes. Got 10 appointments. Facebook gets 20 SS six appointments. Perfect. Now, the mistake that everybody gets is.

[00:09:40] Oh, my God. You got an appointment. And they showed up and didn’t bite. That’s fair. That’s fine. That’s great. No big deal. And guess what, they didn’t buy yet. So even though. 14 appointments. Didn’t turn into cash.

[00:10:06] I have 14. Name, number and e-mails of people that might turn into dollars later.

[00:10:15] I can email them. I can text them. I can say I’ve got this other thing. I’ve got this special. I’ve got the blah, blah, blah. I’m not too concerned that only 14 of that 14, 16 didn’t buy. I’m excited because I spoke to 14 people that said I’m not ready to buy yet. The prospecting engine works. And if you’re not achieving the success that you expect from your agency in terms of dollars, in terms of fulfilling, in terms of progress, you’re probably second. You’re probably spending so much time in adds manager, saying, oh, my God, why are my ads stopped? Oh, my God, why do I only have ten dollars per lead? And so seven dollars late. Oh my God. Why is this follow up? Don’t worry about Ficklin. No, just pay somebody else. The industry is so mature now that you can get a Facebook ads expert in your niche for five hundred dollars a month. You let them guarantee it. No big deal. And now I can go to any business and have a portfolio of experts. A bench of reallife experts and say, I am not the expert. I don’t have to be the expert. You are an expert. He is an expert on doing his hiring them to service your account. Are you OK with that? Just like a general contractor. Just like a board directors. Perfect. So now I can leverage their five, 10, 15 months of success. They’re five, 10, 15 case studies of success, all for five hundred dollars a month. Don’t worry about it. No big deal. And so I’m really bring this up to keep myself kind of all my prospecting engine and moving forward about the ball and chain fulfillment. I do want to say my calendar was completely overwhelmed and named nap time to call back. Most these people much less fall up or even deliver a quality pitch. I was too busy thinking about the next thing.

[00:11:56] I was too busy wondering if, like, maybe my lunch didn’t work. What if I could get it done? But that’s kind of like I can’t ask a girl because I don’t know if I’d marry her. That makes no sense at all. Right. So guess what? I deleted fullfillment for my brain. I said, I don’t care. Not a thing.

[00:12:17] I’m not going to worry about Flint. All I care about is taking people on the phone during the demo, make more about for Flint after they’ve paid me money at the very least, and get them pay money if I can’t find a bench for an expert. We’ll just refund it. Mrs. Johnson, it looks like we can’t fill your order. Here’s a refund. That’s it. So it was pretty darn cool going through this, some prospecting engine experience, again, if you’d like to know how this prospecting engine works, how it can get you up and running with one, two, three or even four vs, you can just hashtag icey as per my paid mentoring and coaching program. We’re getting people with massive results with somebody lanta. Fifty seven hundred dollars a month. Twenty four month agreement. Fifty seven hundred a month to 24 month agreement. That’s pretty darn awesome, right? We’ve had people sign a nine thousand dollar deal. We’ve had people go from zikr next to five thousand dollars a month in 10 days because we get the prospect engine up and running. We’re rolling out more engines behind it, like we’re getting a guy up and running. David, get Singer, that’s you. Don’t worry. We’re going to talk. I’m hiring appointment setters who going to train appointment setters paid Facebook guys. I really don’t want to have that conversation, not in the business of, like, taking from my mentor. But like, if you just get one or two or three of these things up and running, you could be prospecting really darn fast, like really darn fast. And Elon Musk is selling Tesla’s for fifty or a hundred thousand dollars. And guess what, guys? You got to wait a year to twenty four months to get your Tesla. He doesn’t give a shit about fulfillment and neither should you.

[00:13:51] So guess what? Gone.

[00:13:55] Don’t worry about it. Only care about your prospecting engine and your sales engine. So I hope that makes a lot of sense.

[00:14:02] So we just went over that. That’s number one. Number two, what’s working fast and dirty? If my qualified qualification calls and how to increase my pitch quality? I think what will happen is people will focus on this instead of focusing on this. And there’s a reason why I put him in order. Do not. Do this thing until you’ve done this thing. My prospecting process is gross. It’s dirty and it’s fast. I just have an ad to Kalani. That’s it. It’s just an email. And they reply us and I call them that is it. It’s simple. Didn’t work. You didn’t make symbol work. The advantage has never been a complication, ever. Like Steve Jobs, literally American district engineer built billion dollar companies. You’re just talking about the simplest terms. Like computers, like a bicycle for your mind. Oh, my God. It’s the most efficient, amazing thing ever. Oh, my God. IPhones. They just work. Right. So do not make this complicated. Do not go to number two until you’ve done number one. Just get your prospect engine up or run again if you want help. You can hashtag ICL a great reach out, but your prospect engine comes first down, your qualification calls.

[00:15:09] So here’s what’s worked fast and dirty from my qualification calls. Here’s what’s respected. There’s my will come qual calls.

[00:15:20] We’ll do this first and bring this down.

[00:15:24] Here’s what’s dirty. My qualification calls now I’m planning to increase my pitch quality.

[00:15:30] Number one, cold dema. And whenever they respond. I call it immediately. Let me just do this. They respond and I call them immediately. That’s it.

[00:15:50] I don’t care what they say. I don’t care what they do if they’re saying, hey, send me more information. I call them and I call them three times. I don’t care. They say, what company are you with? I call. I don’t care where you based out of. I call them. I don’t give any reason for my brain not to call them.

[00:16:06] I don’t give my brain any single reason to not move forward. I only make progress and I remove options.

[00:16:20] I put you in a room. Is that the only reason only we’re going to get out of this room is if you beat the hell out of this bear. If you kill this bear, if you eat this bear and there’s no other way around it, they’re gonna do it. There’s just no other option. Well, guess what? When you remove options, you make progress. If I put you in a room with a bear and I said, you’ve got a key over here. There’s a bear. There’s a deer. There’s all sorts of things. There’s a gun on the wall. There’s a knife. You could also jump up the thing. It’s like Metal Gear solid. You’re not going to make progress. Your brains could spend so much time trying to figure out the options that you’re not even going to do it. And the bear’s gonna eat you before you eat it. I only make progress and remove options. So as soon.

[00:16:59] As I get a response to any cold email. I call that, too. What do I say? Well, guess what? Hey, Mr. Johnson. It looks like you responded to one of my emails about getting you more blank, and that blank is really like a quality and quantity.

[00:17:29] No. So, for example, I’m getting you an additional five to 15 micro blading appointments every month. Does that sound familiar?

[00:17:43] Just like that.

[00:17:45] And sometimes whether it’s sound familiar or do you have time now? Whatever it is doesn’t matter. I just. That’s it. And if you are not getting the success that you expect for an agency, you’re probably not doing this. This is what we teach at Affan works. And it blows everybody’s mind. And they’re like, oh, my God, I was just talking to the guy who owns a dentist agency, dentists company. And he responded and I called him and he picked up the phone.

[00:18:11] If simple didn’t work you to make simple work, this is all I do is fast. And instead it makes complete, total sense from their. I asked four to five more question.

[00:18:24] Specifically, how are you getting blank now? Is it working for you? Do you have any goals? Repeat and then schedule a demo.

[00:18:44] That’s it. So, Mrs. Johnson, it’s super awesome, by the way. Let me ask you this. How are you getting more implant cases now? Awesome. And is that working for you? OK. And do you have any goals and getting more in place in case you’re looking to move from five a week to 50 a month? Gotcha. OK. So if I understand correctly, you’re looking to go from five implant cases a week to 50 implant cases a month and add an additional 50 to a hundred thousand dollars a month to your dentist agency. We can definitely beat these numbers. What would you like to schedule, Demo? All I ask is you set aside thirty or forty five minutes, makes all the decision makers online. I’ll show you how this works, how much you cost and I can get started.

[00:19:16] That’s it. That’s it.

[00:19:19] No fliers, no website, no business cards, no whatever type of air pod, two beats, headset, nothing. When everybody says they don’t have the tools to grow business, I say you don’t have to want to grow business. The only success I’ve ever had has nothing to do with adding more stuff to my toolbelt, only success I’ve ever had is not about adding options.

[00:19:46] The success I’ve had is about moving options and making support and making progress. If you do not have five to 10 yeses every single week. You have no advantage in figuring out how to have this conversation. As soon as you start getting five to 10 yeses, we can do this. But here’s a mistake. Everybody does this. They say, oh, I’m gonna do a curious student. For a whole bunch of clients that don’t value your time, effort, energy and no money, and you deep dove into a Alice in Wonderland type black hole where you think the reason you’re not successful is because of some ad set, because of some audience. And it’s like, what does that matter? Success has nothing to do with whether or not Tesla gets 180 miles per gallon watts per hour or whatever it is, or a hundred and seventy five or a hundred and sixty people are going to buy Tesla no matter what. And they don’t give a shit whether or not they’re getting 10 miles a gallon or 20 miles a gallon. You can buy the Honda Civic no matter what, because Honda says they’re focusing on prospecting. Does anybody buy an iPhone because it gets one point four gigahertz or one point six gigahertz?

[00:20:50] And that’s what you’re doing when you focus on fulfillment. It’s a disservice to you and your family, your business, and it really people you want to serve instead of focusing on fulfillment, get in touch with people that need your services. That’s it, get five to 10 yeses every single day. We teach called e-mailing, we teach in-person networking events. We’re gonna be teaching Willington. That’s it. Get him on the phone. Have this conversation. That’s it. Now, I don’t care how they come in. It’s the same process every single time.

[00:21:19] No big deal.

[00:21:22] Does this make sense? Like this is something that you can see you doing, if this is like well within your range of acceptability, just like yes, in the chat. So I have an idea if I’m still online, because sometimes Zoom was, I believe will show me. And then like the Internet doesn’t. So if this makes sense, just type. Yes. In the chat. So I have an idea that this was working effectively. The only reason why you’re not more successful, their agency, is because you’re not getting more prospect. I don’t care how you get your prospecting. There’s people who focus on each of these. I’ll gladly do in exchange for money.

[00:21:50] Just get more this. And once you start getting more of this, then you can start having a conversation.

[00:21:59] About sales.

[00:22:02] And then only after that can you start having a conversation about those.

[00:22:11] Fullfillment.

[00:22:15] Fulfillment. Not before and not after. I hate to be a student model. That’s why three Rudell. Because what you do is you’re focusing on faceplant instead of focusing prospect and sales. Because we’re in marketing. We tell our clients and customers, hey, you know what? You need to be focusing more, expecting I can get you more prospecting. You yourself focusing on our prospecting. To be of service, you have to be ready, ready for service. So I have that makes a lot of sense. And that’s the fact. And dirty coming off a qualification calls. I don’t know. Want to go into how to increase pitch quality. That’s something you’re interested. Just let me know. Type in one in and chat. If you want me to show you how to increase pitch quality. Again, the reason why I’m hesitant bring this up is because everybody’s going to focus on it. But they have. Nobody ever is going to focus on it, but they have nobody to fulfill. So if you’re interested and my game plan increased pitch quality, I can show you that I’m using all these charts and graphs and all that. If not, that’s OK. Joe. We can talk about that or we can talk about me, outsource it first. So let me present you guys a couple options. Would you like me to show you how to increase pitch quality or. How to outsource it first to stop bottlenecks and intermediate. I’m just gonna go ahead and check on my comments and all that stuff and just make sure people are taken care of.

[00:23:36] One moment. To. Let’s see.

[00:23:42] Let me go ahead. Check the comments while people vote on number one or number two. And Jerry says, when did you where did you find someone for 500 a month? Well, Jerry, there’s a lot of threads inside of the Facebook group where I said, does anybody know any HBC experts or solar experts or micro leading experts? People say hot. I ask them questions, say, how much does it cost? And there you go. It’s really not as hard as you thought. Like in a world where there’s no food just moved to where there’s food. Right. Mark Rowan says I’m making money to Mark Roan’s in the ICM soup habit. Have you David get Singer says join me. I’d see Brock and Gary Keaton just hashtag. I see Breadths going to reach out to you. Say hi and all that stuff. Trevor says online jobs up P.H. Self are getting visas called e-mailing partment setting. Perfect exactly like. Like remove the reasons why you’re unsuccessful. If you cannot wrap your head around cold emailing, fine. Hire somebody who can be willing to invest in other people so they can move you forward. We’ve got Lenny Ramirez, Francis Waldeck or John Michael James Donovan, Jennifer D.S., Rick Cromwell, Robert de Birlik, the Phenix. What’s going on? We have Jesse Cost. Joshua Guillou Rella. We’ve got a whole boatload of people. I think it’s pretty darn cool. Gary says, I want to see your dummy. Should prospects Gary start, man. As for the I only. So if you’re interested, you can see the eye you see to me Saiva. I see. But for the most part I’m trying to get my demo out to everybody, if you know what I mean. Landis says he’s off to a pitch now, which is absolute fantastic. John and Carmichael says, I’m getting pitches. I need to up the quality. See, Pavin, Alice just joined. Steve, what’s going on? I hope you made your transition from Colorado to Indiana. I think that’s correct. And Christine says high for high level, it’s going on. Christine is now teaching inside of my program, which will put you on cool. So based upon what I’m seeing, a whole boatload of people are looking have a higher quality pitch. And here’s my game plan.

[00:25:38] So we’ll just call this the the sales engine. So the sales engine, there’s really three parts to your sales pitch.

[00:25:50] And I think this is where everybody messes up. They think, oh, my God, it’s all about the sales. Right. But it’s incorrect. Right. There’s three parts of the sales. There’s the onboarding docks.

[00:26:00] There there’s a demo or pitch and everyone to call it actual called the behind the scenes. How it works.

[00:26:13] And then closing either top down or pick your poison.

[00:26:23] If you’ve ever been to a doctor or a lawyer or accountant, plastic surgeon, they don’t need me. They say, oh, my God. Thanks for sitting down. Let me go ahead and show you how this plastic surgeon works. It’s not really like how that happens. They sit down, they ask you some more in-depth questions. These are sometimes repeat of what the nurse said. It’s just there to confirm that effectively they’re asking you more series of questions that further qualify you and make you ready to hear behind the scenes of how it works. So the plastic surgeon, you’re sitting down, you’ve already talked to the nurse. You’ve already filled out the form. The plastic surgeon says, great, can I spend a couple minutes reviewing this form with you and ask you some more questions? They said sure. They said just to confirm your blank, blank, blank and blank. Awesome. So let me go ahead and ask you, what’s wrong with your face? Oh, I’ve got this mole here and this jaw line here, and I’ve got these scars here. Gotcha. So, Mr. Johnson, do you think he’d be more successful if you remove that mole? Gotcha. And so when the scars on your faces at stopping you from having a better quality of life. Got you. And when your job feels a bit more recessed, you feel like you could blah, blah, blah better. Yes. There they’re further qualifying you to take a next step. At the end, I say, well, Mr. Johnson, I definitely think do this. Would you like to see how we’d remove your mole, fix your scars and fix your jaw? Yes. That’s behind the scenes of how it works. Mr. Johnson, you’re probably wondering how much this three surgery, this three procedure surgery costs? Well, if you go and down the street to Harvard Medical cause you changed 50 K, but because I’m in private practice, I’m brand new. I just know I can’t charge that much. So instead of going down the street to Harvard Medical attention, it took General Hospital friends. Maybe I can charge you thirty five thousand dollars right now. That’s closing top down, right? You can’t really pick your poison style with plastic surgery. So it just kind of removed that as an analogy. But that’s closing top down. You compare your prices. Who? Your client. Everybody else. Just like not Expedia, but another company does. That’s it. That’s your sales engine. Now, I’m not going to go into more in-depth and detail about this, but I am going to talk about is increasing the quality of this. And as it turns out, there are things you can do before, during and after to increase your yield and buy yield. I mean, the chances of somebody actually paying you money. So we’re going to do this right here.

[00:28:37] So onboarding dogs. Two to two to give me a couple minutes. Ladies and gents, so onboarding docks, closing top down. I don’t know why this is not lined up.

[00:28:52] This is going to work.

[00:28:55] Close enough onboarding docks behind the scenes of how works, closing top down. There you go. Now there’s things that you can do beforehand. Remember we talked about how they going to schedule employment.

[00:29:11] We’re going to fix that spawned for you.

[00:29:14] I think they’re going to schedule employment and then move into the onboarding docs phase.

[00:29:19] Cool. Just like that. We’re going to schedule an appointment.

[00:29:26] It’s funny. I can hear Nick pitching right now. That’s so awesome. Nick Corms in the office. So they’re going to share an appointment to do the onboarding docs. And what matters is two things you have about.

[00:29:41] Let’s do this.

[00:29:46] One, let’s say, 24 to 48 hours between when they schedule the appointment.

[00:29:56] You have 24 to 48 hours to get them so excited, motivated about getting on the phone with you. That they want to accelerate that sales process and pay you money immediately. Kind of like when they say, oh my God, I’ve been hearing all about this plastic surgeon. It’s amazing. I’ve been seeing these ads everywhere. I know all of his friends. You sit down and the plastic surgeons start to ask you questions and you close a ten thousand dollar deal in 30 minutes. You have this open timeframe between your onboarding docs and your schedule with them scheduling.

[00:30:28] Get them so excited about buying from you that they do it kind of like when you’re buying your iPhone. Hagelin. There’s so much excitement, right? So I have not been doing any of this quick and dirty fast, but moving toward here’s what I’ll be doing to go ahead and get people more excited about buying what I have to sell the space between the prospecting engine and the sales engine. This little arrow here, that’s what we’re doing here. That’s. This arrow is two years. I’d be doing number one.

[00:31:02] We’re gonna be doing testimonials. So we’re gonna have a landing page with testimonials.

[00:31:14] Landing page with testimonials. I’ll tell you what, you think it’d be easy as shit. Where’s your landing pages with testimonials, right? I don’t have any. You guys probably don’t either. Right. But they’re going to see a landing page with testimonials.

[00:31:27] Then they’re going to see an ad with Google reviews, literally. Jeff is amazing. Five stars, carpet cleaners, micro bleeding clients love me, whatever it is, ads with Google abuse. Then they’re going to see Jeff’s. 90 second marketing videos. Hey, what’s going on? My name is Jeff Malone with Colby Intentionally Street. Things you need to know about blank, blank, blank. Just like that. And then. I’m going to be sending them emails, texts and voice mail drops.

[00:32:03] I learned this from Nick Corm. Hey, my name is Jeff. I’m super psyched. I wanna let you know I’m out of dinner right now. But you’re going to actually love it. What I’m to do is I’m gonna send you a couple video testimonials of people just like you that got amazing results of their brand new system. It’s people showing up and buying what you have to sell. And then every like 30 minutes or so for a couple hours, I’m gonna send you some more information that’s going to help you make a better decision downline, if that’s OK. Just kind of apply. Yes. And I’ll send you everything. This can be administered through a program called High-Low. That’s it. If you have questions on high level how to do it, just message, Christine.

[00:32:33] She’s got like a bunch of agencies where she does this type of stuff for she’s got really cool rates. Just send her message like, hey, I’m curious about this thing on Jeff’s live and she’ll set you up.

[00:32:44] So as soon as a carpet cleaner, Michael Blanning, any future agency client schedules an appointment. They have 24 to 48 hours before we actually start any sales demo or pitch. Right. So I have one wanted two days. I’m so excited about buying for me. That would give them the following, the first. They’re going to see a landing page of testimonies about how amazing I am. And by the way, it doesn’t have to be perfect tenant testimonials. People are so afraid of being screwed that all you know is testimonials of people saying, no, Jeff is great. We got results. Abolhassan does matter. It’s in the niche. Doesn’t they just need people, people’s reassurance that you’re not gonna screw them. The secondary to see ads on Facebook with Google reviews say, oh, my God, Jeff is amazing. It’s so cool. Five stars, blah, blah, blah. Just a screenshot. That’s it. Then they’re going to see Jeff’s 90 second mark in videos. And then I’m going to be sending them e-mail, sexy voice mail drops or they’re emailed to their phone or emailed to their email, text messages to their phone or voicemail drops of their phone. This is how the increase in inequality of my pitches. It’s interesting, as you thought I was gonna increase quality my pitches. I didn’t mean on me. I meant on them. I meant how to increase the quality of them in my pitch videos, get them so excited, so motivated. My yields shoot through the roof. And if you are saying, oh, my God, my brain is saying I need to do this before I start prospecting. No, that is wrong. You do not need to do that. You need to first, senator, prospecting engine get five to 10 appointments every single day. People saying, yes, I want to buy what you have to sell and then you can do your qualifying calls just like this. And then you go a scheduled demo. And once that is connected in working, then you can have a conversation about making it better. This is a river.

[00:34:26] It’s not Lego blocks. No more. You’ve got to get this thing up and running. This is an engine that you’ve got to build prospecting first, then sales. When you get your prospect the engine up and running, then you can make this arrow better and bigger and stronger.

[00:34:41] Then you can do your sales and then you can do fulfillment just like that. And only after you’re starting any consistent sales, you have a conversation. But we just form should look like Ron boarding doctor systems, your processes, your S.O.P is all that. This is the fundamental reason why you at the core are not having successor agency. You don’t have this. This is the funding reason at the core. Why are not having six sales success of their sales? Because you don’t have this. And here you are focusing on fulfillment the whole time. Your brain is yelling, your screaming at you. Oh, my God. Keep staring at the ads manager. You’ll be more successful as you figure out how to get your client from five leads a week to seven or 10.

[00:35:20] It’s like, why?

[00:35:22] Makes no sense at all. Like equinoxes and going, oh, my God. Our gym members are still fat. They don’t care. There’s no plastic surgeon saying there’s no. What is it called when they do the stomach stapling surgery? There is no fat person plastic surgeon saying, oh, God, my client’s gained more weight. Why do you let your clients failures dictate your emotional success to progress and moving forward?

[00:35:46] There’s no reason for it. Your successor agency has nothing to do with helmet prospecting and sales. Get appointed checkpoints, appointments, nothing else. And there are people that have blown me out of the water that started with me at zero that are doing a half million dollars a month, that learn this much easier than I did and quicker than I did. So I hope that makes a lot of sense. I don’t think we have a lot of time to go over my source at first plan. Love to go and check the comments, make sure everybody’s taken care of, and then we’ll see. There’s time for all this. But I hope this realization has allowed you to move forward really darn fast. Let me go ahead. One moment, ladies and gents, I’ve got to switch something real fast. Doo doo doo doo. Let’s see. There’s some tech stuff that just really broke right now, and I need to fix this immediately. Just give me about 30 seconds or so in the meantime. Now, go ahead and ask it whatever questions that you’d like. And then we’ll take it from there.

[00:36:55] To.

[00:36:57] All right, cool. You should be good. Now, let me go ahead and see what’s up to Jonathan answers as I join the icy love up as soon as I did.

[00:37:09] That’s true. He got an appointment for Monday really fast. John Michaels as free it is good for me, is going to be safe from cold calls. Beautiful. So go to free up. Ask John Michael. Coco, Alex Campbell. It’s going on. Alex Carvalho, what’s going on? Good to see you in Hollywood. Peter O’Donoghue, what’s happening? Chris cirE says just to pick your poison for plastic surgeon, how much for that left jaw? Actually, that’s about right. Like the pick your poison sounds like. How would you like to pay me money? Either I can buy my course, which is just recording what I would have done for you. We can do it together. I can just do it for you altogether. Rick says, What’s the process for during the ice, for the icy? Can just hashtag icey and Brett will reach out to you. Kanan Frederik’s says you’re a genius. I appreciate it, but my goal is really just to reinforce the obvious and explicit, to make you realize that if you want to be more successful, your agency just do this.

[00:38:03] And I’m probably only two or three months ahead of your planning curve and I’ll get moving really darn fast. Mr. Adan says NH hasn’t got these slides. Yep, I joined a bit late of this replay is available in the Facebook group at any time. Robert Veeco, thanks for joining. And you’re actually live the elite program, we’re going to get you up and running later this week, if that’s OK. It’s going to be really darn gouldman like like your your upcoming service is in desperate need, like, absolute fantastic. So if there’s any questions, comments, concerns outside the US, now is the time. Otherwise, I’m in a boogie off and see if I can make my one o’clock, one fifteen and one forty five qualification call. Guys do more, do more cold emailing. Pay people smarter than you. Move yourself forward. This is not high school. This is not college.

[00:38:57] You have no advantage in trying to understand with on to the depth that you think. Not at all. Like Elon Musk has no understanding of. I know he says he does, but he is not APHC and like.

[00:39:09] Magnets or whatever the fuck it is. Right. It’s not just hire someone to film it. He’s only prospecting, only prospecting. Jaron asks that question. So we’re gonna move in a Q&A. Ladies and gents, I don’t know why the slides are so sensitive on a Mac. So moving to Q&A.

[00:39:33] Gerrand says, how do you find offers that work?

[00:39:37] So Jerry’s probably asking you a fulfillment question. And before I answer this with one question, I will say, Jeron, did you generate five to 10 client opportunities this week? If you did not do not talk about offers at work, do not talk about fulfillment, do not do any of this. This this group will make millionaires and it ain’t coming from Facebook ads film. It is coming from running an agency. I mean, that’s why there is a but right agency scaling secrets, not Facebook ads or Facebook guys on a blood. Right. But to answer your question, Jarron says, how do you find offers at work? There’s a couple of things. First is you can ask your client.

[00:40:15] I don’t know why it’s doing that. Go ask your client. About their best performing offer. You ask the competition. About. Their best performing.

[00:40:36] Offer or Google a best performing offer. Sharon, I wish it was any harder. It’s really not.

[00:40:46] If your Facebook ad is not genuine results for your client, you should probably just send the fulfillment up to somebody else as your face, because our general results for your client. And they’re not converting them into five thousand dollar sales. You need to hire a sales coach and sell that sales coach to your client and say, Mrs. Johnson, we’re getting you five, 10 appointments every single week. They’re coming in and you’re saying that they’re not of high quality and not the right audience. I’ll tell you what, you may be right. You may be wrong, but how about I go ahead and hire sales coach? I’ll make it part of increased monthly retainer. And I have direct access, somebody who can help you sell more stuff. Something similar to that. So this is the three ways that I do it.

[00:41:25] Easier than you think. More so you could just hire fullfillment person and pay them and they’ll tell you everything. It just doesn’t apply. Austin as a great questions. More on the prospect inside, which is Austin, says RECALDE, emailing to make an offer in the first e-mail. No and no effing. No.

[00:41:48] The only purpose of a cold email is to get them on the phone. Nothing else. Do not make an offer on a cold email. Do not say will do X, Y, Z, one, two and three. Do not make a long email. Do not say hey, we do all this stuff. Nope.

[00:42:07] Hey, are you interested in getting five to 10 more Web zine clients over the next 90 days? If so, replace? That’s it. Hey, are you just saying game five to ten more implant jobs every single week over the next 90 days? Yes, no, maybe. What company or with. Send me a flier. Just called. That’s it. Do not make an offer on the personnel offer. Comes in the pitch nowhere else.

[00:42:30] Sharon says, how do you show your calendar if you’re shy at live events? That’s what I say. Jeron, grow a pair. Don’t be shy. Say hi. Don’t try to be an expert. You can walk around saying, I’m literally starting my face. Forget agency. They’re gonna say, Oh, that’s awesome. Thanks so much. So, Geran, you have to fundamentally tell your brain to STF you. Move forward.

[00:42:57] Just learn how to be un shy and spend less time trying to figure out why you are shy and spend more time trying to figure out how to be out in front prospecting. All that stuff. Even more interesting, Jeron, is let’s say you are shy. That’s fine. So then you don’t do this.

[00:43:17] You still got four other ways to do your prospecting engine. No big deal. And your shyness is really just your brain saying, oh, God, there’s bears out there and Agora is going to hurt you. And there’s no bears no more. So just go ahead and start doing it. It’s like if you’re fundamentally fat. No way. It’s like. But how do I go to the gym? All right, just go to the gym. So we’re kind of bringing the sucker to an end. I’ve got about two more minutes or so. You got any questions, comments, concerns out there? He is. Now is the time. But effectively, what’s happened is my prospect. The engine damn worked really darn cool and I’m building an agency to sell it. My goal is to build the two hundred thousand dollars a month and sell the damn thing, which is pretty darn awesome. Adan’s says.

[00:44:07] How effective is Yahoo! Compared to ALEC in terms responsible D mailing, it ends up being the same darn thing if you’re not getting a response. You probably aren’t following the program process for getting called e-mailing networks. If you’d like, I can put a link to our masterclass about called e-mailing. He says whether it’s Outlook or Gmail or Yahoo! Or whatever its similar results. The mistake that people make is A, they aren’t warming up their accounts. They’re not warming up their accounts. B, their template is Apsey horrible. Or C, they’re not filtering using removal tools. They get rid of bad stuff just equi.

[00:44:45] Let’s see. And Varly will do this as early as the last question. Let me just shrink this down real fast. This will be the last questions for today. Orson Braly says, do you construct a first email that can help them get why X, Y, Z customers? Yes. Your first thing all says, hey, do you offer group classes or personal training or would you be interested? Just do this? That’s it.

[00:45:16] And if you’re cold, emailing isn’t working. I say, but did you send out enough cold e-mails? You want to send five hundred to a thousand per day? Five hundred thousand per day.

[00:45:29] And if I was targeting gyms, I would say, hey, would you be interested in 15th or new members, free gym? And what you want to play with? Is this right here? But only played this after you’ve sent out five hundred two thousand per day. You’ve done it for two or three weeks. You’ve got people on a call. They’re not buying. Then you can start changing this. So instead of new members, you can say high end training clients or instead of new members, you can say personal training clients or you can say whatever X that you want.

[00:46:03] Just as an FYI!

[00:46:07] Jorge Morales says, Jeffrey, making things too simple, I’ll tell you what, man, I ain’t smart. I just do simple things better than everybody else. So we’ve got to bring a second to a close. This will be available inside of the Facebook group. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you make money with it. I hope this solves problems and moves you forward again. If you’re interested in taking an exit. The interview, just #ISee and Breskin going to send you a PM and talk about unstuff. We’ve had a long history of success because we just make stuff easy and set off these old prospecting engines and money shoots out of our butts. So that’s it. I got to boogie. Go kick some ass. Take some names. Make some money. See guys later. Bye.

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