Solve Your Agency’s Biggest Challenge With My 3 Ps Process!

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Experts, experts, experts!!!

If you’ve spent more than 3 seconds online engaging in social media groups about building your own marketing agency, there’s a 99.999% chance you’ve been bombarded by the likes of Russel Brunson, Dan Henry, Sam Ovens…etc. promising to make all your agency building dreams to come true!

But here’s the problem…

The typical wide-eyed newbie signs up with one of these guys thinking they’re on the way to life-changing success… only to watch everything go to hell VERY FAST.

So why does this happen?

And the even better question, what can you do to smartly and successfully build your agency instead?

Well have no fear, because in this video you’ll learn:

  • Why you can’t sell like you’ve been sold to (this is the 1 thing Russell Brunson and his cohorts will NEVER tell you…)
  • The 3 structural ways selling really happens so you can start selling too!
  • My 3 P Process for building a rock-solid agency from scratch – and you don’t have to have a single review or testimonial!
  • The 1 thing you should NEVER refer to yourself as – and don’t let your clients – no matter how well intentioned – call you it either!
  • Forget the flashy big-names, here’s why ordinary doctors, lawyers and accountants hold the blueprint to your agency’s success…
  • How to get the prospect to approach us in the first place – it all begins and ends with my mighty prospecting engine!
  • The secretly obvious key to surviving and thrivin’ during a recession (hint…stop stressing about fulfillment and do this instead!)
  • My unbreakable strategy on what to do when your clients say their customers aren’t coming in – warning... they’ll stick with you forever after this…
  • And a whole bunch more!
Joining the Inner Circle

Gets you access to a consistent and repeatable process so you can land and keep clients who pay $1k, $2K, even $5K+ a month without any hidden upsells. (yeah… upsells suck)



[00:00:00] But today, we’re going over three interesting ideas. The first is how to restructure our offers. So it’s ultimately something, one of what our client wants to buy. And ultimately something that we have sell. Or we could go to the three structural sales pillars or just general Q&A. Let me go ahead and share my screen. Then share screen, application window, share show and stream. Here we go. So when Lunch, Learn and Alive, March 18th. And this is one, two or three. Go ahead, you Dragons, and move this stuff over. What’s going to Linger James, how you doing, Zach? What’s going on? How are you? We’ve got George Mirali Obey out of the San Francisco Bay Area. If I recall correctly. Sorry, rival comes. It’s going on, Rocchio. That’s a new name. What’s going on? Reno pays. How you doing? So for Recio Sharaf. What’s going on? Let me just go ahead and refresh, make sure. Up and running. And that’s the agenda on the left side of the screen side. The right side of the screen. Let me move stuff around. And it’s as always, depending on which one is best going to fit your goals and what you’re trying to deal with your clients and your customers. We get to vote today because you don’t have enough time to talk about the three things I want to talk about. So either we could talk about restructuring your offer to better metro market. We could talk about the three structural sales pillars. They are experts. They are more stuff to sell and the 3P process and ultimately why more and more people have such hesitancy after following. So Brunson and Sam up in the traffic and tunnels because they sell by expertize. But we can’t. So there’s a secret switch you have to make when you’re being sold by expertize and then selling it to your clients on the 3P process. It’s a secret switch that I don’t think is talked about enough. And I think it’s why I’ve had success. And the people that I see have had success. But structurally as a whole, when you look at the millions of people that follow the same guys that we follow, why they haven’t had success, anything be pretty darn useful as well. What’s going on just now? You don’t sort of just a great interview on Friday, by the way. Your letterboxes are done. You’ll be getting an email or a Facebook p.m. for me or my team. You’re going to some now is you’re gonna get the solid interview. That was an hour and a half long as well. It’s chunks up. So you can do with as you’d like. It’s going to Mark. Casey, how are you doing, sir? Pat, how are you? Glenn Domen, what’s going on? Jonathan Neotel. Jonathan, special Hi5 in hand hug. Well done, sir. Roof read. Four thousand dollars. That’s pretty darn awesome. As well as a six hundred dollar trial for customer research. Tell you what. That’s one hell of a deal right there. Just simply, by the way, using custom research to go from a free trial to a pay trial is a big, big win. That isn’t easy to fulfill. Nearly 90 percent digital products that naturally leads into more things people can buy for a pretests your campaigns. Puts the was going to say the horse out to pasture. But I think that’s the right term. Finally, once and for all, gets your client confident about a campaign that they will run with you or a campaign that won’t work so you can move into other offers, which is pretty darn useful. So well done, Jonathan. Super happy for you. Let’s go to Soubry. It’s been a long time running. First time in a long time, I think. Rusty Ferris, Angel Mendoza. What’s going on, everybody? So like always, we have a couple options we can talk about. Number one, restructuring your offer to better match your market. I’ve been getting a lot of response saying, hey, I don’t have money to spend. I want to stop everything that’s really a function of client and getting when we really need to transition to cost savings. And that’s an entirely different offer. So you talk about that so you can go to your client with a big audacious goal and take it from there. Or you talk about number two, the three structural sales pillars, why we are sold by expertize but need to sell by the 3P process or general Q&A. So if you’re just number one, just type number one, restructuring your offer to better match market. Number two, the three structural sales pillars so that you can buy buy expertize, but sell by problem solution or just general Q&A number three, whichever you’re up for. Give me a one four. Restructure your offer. Number two for the three sales pillars. And number three, for a Q&A session.

[00:04:04] Whatever you feel is best while he going on. How you doing, sir? Come on. The Friday coaching calls. Brian Dunlop, how you doing? Megan Watson, how are you? Jonathan says, dude, your face is epic. Just say it. Yeah, I appreciate that a lot. There he is. I had no idea my face was so fat. This is about fifteen pounds ago, but there will be a lot of big heads at Ass University, which is pretty darn fun. It’ll be pretty darn awesome. I think our ticket website goes live this Friday and then we’ll take it from there. There is a Corona clause in our contract with the, um.

[00:04:34] So if we do have to push the dates, we can. And I think every single airline is offering free travel changes or something like that over the next 90 or 120 days or so.

[00:04:45] As a side note, by the way, for everyone who did not cut their teeth and earned their stripes and the two thousand, seven, eight and nine recession, this will be uncharted territory for you.

[00:04:57] But for anybody over the age of thirty three or thirty four, this is a common thing that was supposed to happen. Billion dollar businesses are built during recessions. They are lean. They have a high value offer that has no internal costs. They have almost automatic fulfillment. They focus on sales and prospecting. Everything that we’ve been talking about in the ICC and in the public group and these lunch and learns will be coming to fruition over the next 30, 60 or 90 days.

[00:05:24] Having a high velocity offer that as easy to fulfill, having a prospect, danger that up that is up and running easy and automatically, and a sales engine that turns one of the five sales calls into one of three K. This is the structure and this is what will accelerate agencies to massive numbers like massive like like people who build their businesses correctly over the next three months. We’ll make a million dollars before the end of the year. It will be absolutely insane. So just as a side note, recession, depression, all that fun stuff, 2008 all over again. This is where Geoff’s time to shine is finally coming. I operate great in a recession and super darn fun. So we’ve got a couple of votes for number one. We’ve got a couple of votes for number two. Guys, one more time, last call.

[00:06:11] Give me a number one. If you want to go over restructuring or offered a better match, your market. Number two for the three structural sales pillars. Or give me a number three for general Q&A.

[00:06:21] We’re gonna take it from there. Also, by the way, the Ask Pham Corona Summit, which was yesterday led by Jeff Lopez and team at plus plus marketing, you’ll be seeing him at asked university. He’ll be speaking. You can go ahead and I’ll send this out as a I call it a two step post. You’ll be seeing that go up, I think, later today or next week or something like that. You’ll all have access to it. We’ve got number ones, we’ve got number twos. While he says number three, while you’re in the inner circle, come by Fridays for Q&A. We’ll make sure to take care of you from there. We’ve got ones we’ve got to Josh Gavins going to say, why have we done an interview yet? Ryan Wilkins’s to Fabrício says one. There we go. So I think it’s like 50 50 guys. Like, it’s it’s up to me to figure it out. So we’re gonna be talking about the three structural sales pillars.

[00:07:13] And why, Russell, Brunson’s told us in a way that we can’t sell. So we’re talking about this right here. And this has actually been like on the to do list for a while. Francis Wall Decker, who does webinars and copywriting. He’s actually really, really good. He wrote e-mails for me and was like, damn, like they were very, very, very well done.

[00:07:33] He’s wanted this for a while. And I want to talk about this royal. I think it solves the biggest challenge that most people make and the biggest gap that most people have. So this is kind of what happens. You go on a journey. Let’s do some curved connections right here. Let’s see if this works as intended. Maybe not. Scribble, yeah. Here we go. So this is kind of like your Facebook ad agency. Digital marketing agency journey things along those lines. You know, nothing here and nothing here. And then you get hit with an ad and then nothing here. And then you go to Russell Brunson and oh, my God, I bought it. I’m all in. And then it all goes to hell really fast. I did not work out as I thought at all. Let me do that again. OK. So this is usually what happens with people’s Facebook at agency digit marking agency journey. So let’s just say that this is.

[00:08:31] Their level of excitement, let’s call that level of excitement and progress. So that sector over here. Rotate it that way. So this is their level of excitement and progress when it comes to digital marketing. Facebook, ad agency, whatever it is.

[00:08:55] Progress and then let’s do this is the second of four time. Just like that.

[00:09:07] Whether it’s day or years, whatever it is. And this was really like my journey. And I’ll be asking everybody question really fast. Just like, you know.

[00:09:15] Follow on. You have no idea about digital marketing. Not a thing. You’re on Facebook, you’re on the.

[00:09:23] The experienced part of Facebook got marketing, digital marketing, stuff like that. And then one day you wake up, you get targeted by somebody. Dan Henry, Russell Brunson, Sam of Traffic and funnels, whoever it is, whatever it is. And they say, I’m the absolute expert. I’m the best person in the world. You should be following me what I’m doing. I’m super wealthy. I’m super rich. I’m super successful. And they hit you with an ad and it gets your attention. And then nothing really happens. You don’t take action, you click. But not really. You look at the landing page but not really, not really interest in making a purchase and level, except one goes down. But then they hit you again and again and again and again. And you get super excited. Super motivated. Oh, my God. This is going to be the most amazing thing in the whole dang world. Holy crap, this is awesome. This is usually what happens with with people’s Facebook guides agency journeys right here. This is what their Facebook ad agency experience is like. And then what happens? They start their own journey. They say, I’m going to do with this guy or gal says it’s going to be sitings, going to be motivating. And everything goes to hell really fast, like it is a plummet into sadness immediately. And what I’d like to discuss right now is the reason why this plummet happens. The reason why everything goes to hell. And it’s not what you think, by the way. That’s nothing to a skills, knowledge or ability. It has to do with the way that we bought. My digital market journey started off with Dan hennaed always giving credit to the first guy to pull the credit card out of my hand. I was at bottom, but everybody here has their first person that they they they interviewed or sorry that they they paid money to free.

[00:11:03] It was Dan Henderson, Field, Trussel Brunson. Some people it’s Sam Evans. Some people it’s trapping, folks.

[00:11:14] And what I’d like you to do is in the chat, let me know which one of these people broke your brain. Which one of these people was the first guy or gal to say you should pay me money. And I understand your challenges. Understand problem. I’m the expert. You should do what I say. I have more experience than everybody else. Let’s do it. Let me know in the comments where there was Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, Sam Obinze, shocking photo guys or whoever it was like, whoever it was, it was the first person that said, hey, you should pay me money. I’m awesome. Let’s go. I mean, even Billie Jean is an. Frances Brunson, there’s all sorts of people that that have helped us move through our journey. I’d just like to give them credit. We’ve got people like Dan Locke, which I don’t like. I’m not a fan. But his name is on here, too. We’ve got him on God. We’ve only recently heard of him. Pat tells me I said a lot. Pretty good to be on this list. I appreciate it. But somebody on here said I’m the absolute expert. I’m the best person out there. You should be listening to me and be paying me money for the conversation. I’m just going to do.

[00:12:31] So Brunson.

[00:12:35] Dan Henry. Let’s say it’s Hamos.

[00:12:39] I think those are the big three that I can and have a real can do and have a real conversation about. Maybe Dan Kennedy is on there. But for most intents and purposes, like this is a good three to start up with. I think the analogy will apply to everybody else. So this is what happens.

[00:12:55] How this is Russell Brunson.

[00:13:02] So, Brendan, this webinar, he qualifies himself. He says, guys, you should listen to me.

[00:13:09] I have been doing this for 15 years straight. I’m good at my job. I’ve been doing it a long time.

[00:13:19] I did. Thirty thousand dollars a month. And I don’t want to call them pills, but like vitamin sales. Right. Right.

[00:13:26] This like vitamin sales and launched a business that did. One million in twelve months.

[00:13:37] You should listen to me. And this is really butchering his communication. But this is given my limited time and limited memory and and whatever it was like, literally like Russell Brunson has a and says, guys, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m. I’m fantastic at it. I know what I’m doing. I know how I’m doing it. I did. Thirty thousand dollars from the vitamin cells and launch a business. A million dollars plus.

[00:14:00] That’s what he says.

[00:14:02] Cool. Let’s look at Lopez as another example. He does a webinar, he qualified himself and says, I have been reading books every day for 15 years. I’ve spent. Millions on marketing.

[00:14:21] I have the cars, the girls, everything.

[00:14:28] You should listen to me, he says.

[00:14:31] And there’s nobody here that will ever, like, dispute the fact that he has those things we certainly add. He’s smart enough. He’s good enough. That’s why he’s a bookshelf. That’s what he seemed up the plenty of fish guy. He’s good enough. He’s qualified. You can look at some of its. So I have an unqualified himself and says last year I made.

[00:14:53] Over, I think, like two million dollars. Doing what I’m doing. You should listen to me.

[00:15:04] Even with Dan Henry, his new offer does last year, I made over 10 million dollars selling courses. You should listen to me. Most of the people in this group had their start with one of these four people, and it’s a big compliment to what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. But here’s the mistake. Here’s the problem. Russell Brunson says, hey, I’m an absolute expert. You should listen to me. I’ve done more than everybody else. I’m qualified. Makes complete and total sense. Ty Lopez, I’m an absolute expert. You should listen to me. I spent millions on marketing. I have everything. You should listen to me. Sam Evans, I made over two million dollars a month. Twenty two million a year. Do a Danish. Listen me. Dan Henry. I’m a 10 million dollars less. Sure you should do what you’re doing. Listen to me. Here’s the problem.

[00:16:02] Every single person here. Is selling. True expertize.

[00:16:12] Every single person is soundtrack’s piece. I’m the biggest. I’m the best. I’m the most amazing. And then they sell you that. They say, get to it. And now you’re going.

[00:16:22] But I’m not an expert.

[00:16:25] I can’t sell the way you do, your brain freezes. You freak out. You have no case. Any show previews also have no experience. Everything is going to hell when you try to be an expert. Everybody ripped to shreds. You can’t be Gary V overnight. He’s got 20 years of experience. You bought with Sam Evans did. And he he’s his entire campaign. His entire.

[00:16:46] Everything is built on the fact that he’s an expert.

[00:16:49] But you’re not you can’t sell through expertize. And that’s why everything goes to shit really darn fast, because you realize very, very quickly you can’t sell the way you were sold to. You’re not Sam Evans. You’re not Thai Lopez. You’re not Dan Henry. Not Russell Brunson. You can’t shoot a video. Renting Lamborghinis and expect to be bought from the market will rip you to shreds. And that’s why there’s a whole series of people, including me, that are like anti marketing marketers. I don’t buy into the cars, the flashy clothes, the girls. Nothing like that. But those are the people who are actually doing. What they were taught is Tai Lopez does this, Sam Ovens does his own version of this Dan Henry de Zone version of this. Russell Bronson does his own version of this. Every single person does their own version of flashy cars and Lamborghinis and girls. But we can’t, and that’s why everything goes to hell for you. Very, very quickly.

[00:17:55] And what I want to do is spend the next 15, 20 minutes or so talking about the three structural ways that selling happens so that you can actually start selling the structural control. That’s not right. Waves selling happens. So you can start selling to go ahead and make those pretty.

[00:18:23] Before. Here we go.

[00:18:28] See, there are three big ways of selling that you’ve bought from. And most people skip this lesson when it comes to their MBA or the books behind me or something like that. You have to understand this because you have to switch from the left side of the boxes to the right side of boxes when you’re starting out. And when the bigger challenge as to why individuals have this huge drop. One of the biggest ways of selling, and this is not academic. This is me just organize. Organizing my thoughts is selling expertize. You’re the biggest. You are the best. You are the person that everyone should be listening to. I am king of the mountain. I am qualified. I’m the best person the world. You should buy my stuff. This is how everybody bought. That’s how most people in this inner circle are. Sorry. In this public group bought. This is the first dollars they bought from the number one person in their field, Russell Brunson, Dan Henry Tight-Lipped, Sam Evans, etc.. They bought because of expertize. That person is the number one, I’m the best in the world, and that makes a lot of sense simply because we are in marketing. But that doesn’t work for everybody else. And if you’re just looking at your marketing journey, it doesn’t work. So, like I mentioned before, the people that sell by expert Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, Ty Lopez, Sam Evans, I am good to say, should be buying my stuff. Personal trainers that are ripped are a great example. Chefs that are fat as a great example. People who bike a lot and also sell bikes are an example. People who are experts in their field. You should be spending money with them. The second biggest way of buying or selling is simply having more stuff to sell. Are there certain companies that do this very, very easily and very, very quickly? E-commerce companies are great examples of things like Amazon, Apple, things like that, like these types of companies simply say like, hey, you bought some stuff from me. Would you like to buy more stuff? You spot fifteen dollars. But you spent fifteen dollars. Would you like to spend one hundred and fifty dollars just simply buy more stuff. And when you have more stuff to sell, you don’t have to be an expert to be the smartest person in the room. You have to do absolutely everything. You have to be like, hey, I’m awesome. No, I simply have more stuff if you want to buy like a normal retail store. Public doesn’t run around town saying I’m the number one grocery store chain. That’s not how they’re selling. They’re simply saying, we’ve got more stuff. Wal-Mart doesn’t run around town saying I’m the absolute expert in all retailing. You should buy stuff that doesn’t happen that way. Like the people that buy Wal-Mart are not buying because of Wal-Mart’s an expert. It’s not a thing. And we don’t buy stuff from Amazon because Amazon is an expert. And I think we will buy stuff from Apple because. Because Apple is the number one leader in their field. We as normal human beings looking to make a purchasing decision, do not buy. From an expert we buy because they have more stuff to sell. And that’s how most stores and e-commerce companies and and most purchasing decisions work. A great example is like all these, like vitamins that I have on my desk. Here’s magnesium stuff. I blog. Here’s tumeric. Here’s flax seed. Like, I didn’t buy these because because Publix was like, I’m the number one vitamin person. World is just they simply had more stuff.

[00:21:41] And the third you buy because someone. Understands. Your problem. As a process, we fix it. And promises it will get done. This.

[00:22:05] Is the number one easiest way. To actually get clients, keep clients, get them results. You can not lean in on expertize when you’re starting out. I still don’t lean on expertize.

[00:22:20] I can’t go to a bike shop since I am the number one by choppers in the world. And I’m I’ve got all the cars that bike shop owners want and I’ve got the biggest biceps. So you should be buying my gym stuff. Like, that’s not a thing that I do and you shouldn’t have to do it as well. That was just how we started our marketing journey.

[00:22:36] My clients, the people that spend money with me, whether it’s my. Done for your service. I’m a digital product, are not buying for me because I have more stuff to sell. I usually don’t. And the vast majority of the dollars and the purchases that happen are not because of up cells. The vast majority of dollars in sales that I make, that the people and the books I read make and the vast majority people actually make real life money, do it here. And if you’re just starting out on your face, forget agency journey, your marketing journey. You want to lean in on this right box.

[00:23:11] Nine times out of ten.

[00:23:14] Nine times out of ten, if you lean in on the expertize on the left side of these boxes, your future clients will laugh at you. Your future clients will tear you down. They will say, oh, if you’re such an expert, how can you not previous dalts experience. Case studies. If you’re so great at your job, why don’t you do this? You’re so awesome. How come you’re not competing with me directly? Why are you selling this to me as a service leaning as an expert when you’re starting out? Is the. It’s a reason why everything goes to hell very, very quickly. So don’t try to lean in on an expert. Don’t try to say I’m the best in my field. I’m the number one. Don’t try to do that. Instead, you’re going to sell just like a doctor, lawyer or accountant does, no doctor, lawyer or accountant. Let me do a this slide here.

[00:24:01] Doctors. Lawyers and accountants. I don’t think any doctor would do this.

[00:24:13] I don’t think any doctor gets more business beating their chest and saying, I’m number one in the world.

[00:24:25] I don’t think doctors do that. Right. Like, even if a doctor did. Would you really be spending money or paying attention to this doctor? You’d be just be like, Oh, I’m such an asshole.

[00:24:38] I think you’d be more of the latter than the former. I don’t think a doctor actually gets business by running around town saying I’m the number one person in the world. I don’t think lawyers. Get more business by beating their chests and saying, I’m the number one person in the world and I really don’t think accountants or more business by beating their chests and saying the number one person world. Think about it like this. When you go to a doctor, lawyer, an accountant. What do they do to earn your business? Do they say, hey, I’m the absolute expert in transfer pricing and heart valve replacements or whatever it is? Do you do business with a Dr. Larry town because they’ve got a whole bunch of other surgeries to do, because they’ve got a bunch of services to buy?

[00:25:25] Or do you spend money with your doctor because one A spent fifteen to twenty minutes talking with you and understanding our problem?

[00:25:40] Showed you a plan.

[00:25:44] That would solve it and promised it would get done at the price.

[00:25:52] They said it would I think more doctors, lawyers and accountants get more business by doing this than by banging their chest, saying that they are an expert. The next time you talk to a doctor, lawyer, accountant, do in a professional capacity. Doctors will sit you down in the chair and they’ll say, what’s going on? What hurts? They’re gonna ask you more questions like, oh, my knee hurts. And then you say, OK, what about your knee hurts? Is it then your butt is in your hamstrings or quads. Where does the pain go and where does it lead to? Was there something specific that happened? How does this negatively impact your life? Are you doing certain things like picking your kids and playing sports? Or like you’re walking around and it really ruins your work. How much pain is this? They’re having a Real-Life conversation where the beginning of that onboarding session. See what I did there? They’re asking about the pain and quantifying the pain. How does this negatively impact your life? How does this change your life for the worse? If we solve this, what would your life look like? You say great, Mr. Johnson. Totally understand it. Can I show you what we would do in a outpatient surgery so that you never experiences pain ever again? They bring out a little diagram or a little model. They don’t chop it up. It’s just the knee. The bones and the ligaments. And it looks something like this. They say, here’s the problem. We’re going have to run some x rays and tests and make sure. But for the most part, it looks like the cartilage here is kind of worn. It’s a pretty standard procedure. It does not require months in the hospital. We can do this in 20 minutes. And within about two weeks, you’ll be able to pick up your kids again, live the life that you want. Is that something you’re looking for? Great. Do you understand how this can positively impact your life for the better? Do you understand how the surgery works? Would you like to know how much it costs? Great. We can do this whole knee thingy. I don’t know.

[00:27:38] It’s called and we’re gonna make sure taken care of. We’re gonna give you two weeks of care. You get to stay overnight. We’ve got an onsite nurse assigned to you and blank and blank for one. I’m one time price of three thousand dollars. And that includes checkups every six weeks in my office to make sure that your are up and running and it covers any mistakes or problems or blah, blah, blah. What would you like to schedule a surgery?

[00:27:59] The conversation that Dr. Laura account sounds more like that, that a Dr. Laura account banging the chest and saying, I’ve done more surgeries than anybody else. You should spend money with me. Here’s the kicker. Our digital marketing journey started here, but nobody told us we’re supposed to do this.

[00:28:20] Our digital marketing journey started here, and nobody told us we’re supposed to do this just like a normal, everyday small business and more small businesses will buy because the box on the right then will buy in the box and left. Especially if your starting especially if your sub thirty thousand dollars. You cannot sell the way you bought. And this is unique and specific to digital marketing. It’s unique and specific to our journey. It’s unique and specific to our agency experience. If you’re running around town saying, I bought because Ty Lopez’s, Lamborghini’s and Einav Lamborghini so I can sell stuff. Guess what? They’re going to rip to shreds and say you’re not an expert. You can’t do what Frank Kern is doing. You can’t do it. Dan Locke is doing. You have to do what is going to work for your target audience. If your target clients and how they buy.

[00:29:13] I’ll say that again. You have to sell the way your target market is buying. This is how we bought our target market. This is how they buy.

[00:29:26] And I think that’s a big mistake that most people make that leads to this like excitement and downturn. I bought all this stuff. I’m doing everything right. I’m telling everybody I’m doing what I was told. It all goes to hell real fast, like real fast. This was my experience. Probably yours, too, because you can’t sell like Frank Kern and Sam Ovens and Mark Black and Dan Henry M. on Gaza. You can’t. They’ve got a three to five year head start. You can’t sell it. Gary Veto’s, you see it all the time. Like you’ll be like, yo, man, here’s five tips you need to know about digital marketing. They’ve got the top of the bottom. They just give me and everybody, like, who is this clown? Because he’s trying to sell expertize that doesn’t have. But if this guy said, hey, I want to let you know that we’re gonna spend 50 minutes on the phone, I’m thoroughly understand your problem. And to show you five to seven steps to fix it, and I promise you’ll get your intended result. What do you say? That’s a much better conversation. This, by the way. Naturally, sex expertize can lead into here. And I don’t care if you just a dental implants. I don’t care. You’re starting up profile files. I don’t care. You’re just starting out your your Facebook got agency any whatever it is. You cannot sell through expertize which you do not have. That was simply how you were sold. You have to match to what your target market audience buys. And chances are you’re selling to real life, normal human being businesses that don’t give a shit if you’re an expert. Like, no plumbers, like, hey, I’m the number one plumbing expert. Does it make more business that way? Am I going to write a check just because he is an expert? But I will write him a check. If he does that 3P process and that’s what this is right here. Three day process. And I learned this from Andrew cruzi. And I think he learned it from I don’t remember who.

[00:31:03] But effectively, the three key process is as follows.

[00:31:10] And this is the number one reason why when I had my carpet cleaner, our cavaquinho, I had my car washes. We don’t do this anymore. I was charging ten thousand dollars a month. I married super happy with it. Why? When I had my bike shop and I was charging eight thousand dollars a month and they’re super happy with it because I didn’t run around town trying to say I’m the number one car wash guy because the guy with 20 years of Kiaresh expenses like who the hell are you and what are you doing? My office. Get out. It just laughed me away. The bike shop guy would not believe me at all. Even if I was, I’ve got a baby face. What if somebody who’s a guy who’s 50 years old going to listen to me for. But I didn’t go in an expert. I said, I don’t understand your problem.

[00:31:51] Let’s show you a process to solve that problem. And let me give you a promise that we’ll get fixed.

[00:31:57] You’re probably saying, oh, my God, what is this promise look like? Blah, blah, blah, I’m freaking out, et cetera, et cetera. Like, look. You don’t have to let these different font sizes. You don’t have to let this fear of not having a good promise stop you from moving forward.

[00:32:15] I’m going to solve that right now. The problem most times for most clients is I don’t have enough business.

[00:32:23] So my problem, the way I understand my client’s problem is I say I can get you 30 customer opportunity a month that directly addresses there. I don’t have enough clients problem. And whether it’s four to five or eight track installations per month or 15 to 20 more implant cases per week or fifteen premium carwashes per day, whatever it is, you’re going to have a tag line that directly addresses a problem. You can say generic adopt a niche. You can just do 30 customer two month or 30 prepaid appointments a week, whatever it is. That’s that’s how you address the problem. The process is five to seven steps. If you’re inside the Icee, you have access to the worn out campaign. It’s five to seven steps that will show your client the work that you will do to get them the problem or the solution to the problem. Five to seven steps. By the way, one of those steps is Facebook. If you’re leaning just saying face because they’re not going to work like no plastic surgeons, like, hey, I sell because I have the greatest scalpel. That’s not a thing at all. So don’t lean on the tool. You want to lean on the series of steps like even plastic surgeons are going back to the plastic surgeon or any type of food, just not about the tool, the scalpel. It’s like I have the expertize. I’ve got a background. We’ve got staff. We’ve got facilities, got support. And we have a six week, six month and six year follow up. This is your process. These are steps and this is inherent to a doctors, lawyers, accountants, sell not inherent to us. You have to make this switch and have to make this change. You have to move from expertize to 3P process. By the way, if somebody starts introducing you as an expert, you will have a bad time. Do not let your clients introduce you as an expert. You’ll notice that when people are introduced as an expert on stage, you’ll say, no, I’m not an expert. I stand on the shoulder of giants. I appreciate the compliment, but I know a lot of people a lot smarter than me.

[00:34:13] And the reason why is because when people are introduced as an expert, there’s something inherent to to to give them a sense check to see how expert they are and immediately challenge them. Oh, you think you’re so good. What about this? And there’s a million reasons why that person cannot give a great answer right there. And it all goes to hell publicly. So if your client is introducing as an expert, try to peddle the bag, be like, hey, I appreciate you introducing me as an expert, but I really want to in assuming it’s always learning. So if you just introduce me as Jeff, who helps gets me leads, I’d be great or helps give me customer opportunities. I’d be great. Or the campaign that got me ten thousand dollars a month in sales would be great because when somebody is an expert, there’s something human about trying to tear them down. Don’t let your client introduce you as an expert. Problem, you understand that? That’s your tagline. You can see on my cover photo. The process, the worn out campaign, not Facebook guys in the promise. The promise is what you’re gonna do if it goes wrong. Plumbers inherently have a promise. Hey, you did everything and all broke. I need to come back and fix it. Fine. I won’t charge you. G.E. has a promise if you buy a a washer and dryer or a washing machine for your dishes. A dishwashing machine. Great. Talking as hard a dishwashing machine. And it doesn’t fit. They will give you a five hundred dollar gift card to any carpenter to cut out a bigger hole. And then you put your machine in there. It removes a reason why somebody forget like what I’ve heard about it and said the right size. We’re going to make sure taken care of. If you if you pay me to do your ads for you, my wallet up campaign done for you program, you don’t get third customer opportunism. I will pay your next month’s bill for you again until you get through to cosmology’s month. If you don’t get fifteen walk ins guaranteed, I give you next month’s free. The promise is what will happen if it goes wrong. Microsoft has a great example. Microsoft has a competitor to compete brought to A.W., US and Google Cloud. It’s called a Zuhur. It’s like a million dollars a month with the software. It’s huge. This cloud service. And if you are running your software and your services on a cloud. And if Microsoft is Zorro’s cloud goes down, they will pay you. I think it’s like one hundred thousand dollars an hour until it’s fixed. It’s huge. Which. OK. All right. So if it goes wrong and our website goes down, it is going to be OK.

[00:36:34] Level three communications. Another good example. They own all the up. I was going to say pipes, but the wiring between servers, like imagine like your Netflix stuff is here and their computers here. They own this stuff right here. They have SLA agreements like Netflix, wallet.

[00:36:51] You know, if your stuff goes down, we’re going to pay you and we’re makes your skin care. Amazon has the same exact NWS where Netflix information is actually is on. If everything goes to hell, remakes, you’re taking care. We guarantee nine nine nine nine nine point ninety nine percent uptime. Whatever reason it doesn’t. We’re going to pay you.

[00:37:08] Same thing, except I don’t pay them directly.

[00:37:11] Just pay their bill for them. Same exact thing. And so I really hope that everybody here realizes that the big lesson is that you bought by expertize, but your market will not buy your expertize. You probably don’t have it or you don’t have enough of it.

[00:37:28] And if you do, by the way, you’re probably selling by expertize probably ain’t gonna work for you. Nine times out of ten it doesn’t. We’re only lucky enough to see those few times that it does. Instead of trying to sell by expert.

[00:37:42] Sell by the 3P process. Mr. Johnson, well, you know, I understand your problem. I have a process to solve it and I have a promise that if it goes wrong, I’ll make it right. This is how you can restructure your selling, thinking your thoughts, and put you in a position so that your clients are more comfortable paying you more money. They’re more comfortable paying for your process and your plan. Your clients are realizing that there’s a lot of stuff going on so that it’s worth paying your fee when you hire a copywriter. As a great example. Your copywriter is going to come in and say, like, hey, here’s the five to seven steps I’m going to do. We’re going to run research on your list. We’re entering often makes a lot of sense. We’re going to pull a product that you want to rework and we’re going to include in a 60 coaching program. So if you want to buy what you have to sell. Great. That sounds a lot better than simply writing e-mails, right? That’s something that you’d be willing to pay three, four or five thousand dollars for. But if all the copyrighter saying, like, hey, I’m an expert, I’m going to get some emails and I’m going to charge you this model and see you later. Goodbye. Probably not going to have a good time. You’re probably not going to want to buy from a copywriter again. And so that’s why I really think everybody on here blocked in a way that their market will not buy. Everybody here blot in a way their market will not buy. They bought from expertize. Dan Henry, Russell Brunson, Ty Lopez, Sam Evans run around town, top of the world, saying, hey, I’m the best. You should listen to me. But that’s not how you can sell. That just happens to be the way the digital marketing audience buys instead to sell in a way your market wants to buy you to buy from, you get to sell a three key process again. Credit goes to Andrew Cruising. Mr. Johnson, I understand your problem. I can get you 30 customer up to my guarantee. Here’s your five to seven substring to solve your problem. The wallet up campaign. And I promise that if you don’t get 30 customer opportunities the first month, I will pay your next month’s bill for you and will continue until you get there, because Martys month you fire us or we fire you. The three peat process and I forget who instilled this to Andrew cruzi, but Andrew cruzi really instilled this to me. This is just how I have been selling since I was taught this at Washington University in St. Louis. Univer Chicago until an erixon. This is it. And using this process, you can build a bench of experts. If if an insurance company came to me, by the way, that Congress assessed science related five thousand dollar deal and insurance company came to me and said, Jeff, I really want 30 more customer opportunities for insurance appointments. It’s a great I understand your problem. Here’s a five to seven steps, and I promise it’s going to work. And by the way, it’s not just me doing this. I’m going to pull from my bench of experts to make sure that we can get this done. That sounds a lot better and a lot easier to communicate than if I went up to them, said, hey, I’m the absolute expert insurance appointment industry and you’re going to want to pay me a lot of money and you’re gonna love it. The second doesn’t work as good as the first. So that made a lot of sense for everybody. The way you bought isn’t the way your market will buy you. You need to have a 3P process. This is baked into. Right. And so so the ISIS part of somebodies journey, you can see me doing this all the time again and again. And everybody on the public group and the free group just use Google slides. It’s gonna be a good time if there’s any questions, comments, concerns on. Now is the right time. But overall, I want everyone to just take this one message home.

[00:41:07] The way you bought it probably isn’t. The way they’re going to sell.

[00:41:17] Famines means the Lamborghini’s, the fast cards put away the pretty girls. If you want to sell your stuff, it’s probably different than the way you bought your stuff. That’s just how the world works, the way public spies their supplies is given away. I buy from Publix the way I buy my coaching services, different the way than I sell my done for you products. You cannot have the same upstream and downstream. Your wholesaler relationship is different than your retailing relationship. I mean, imagine if a white labeler banged his chest and said, like, I’m the number one white label or personal world, I’d be like. But what about the one campaign you messed up on? And so instead, most white labelers have this 3P process so that I feel more comfortable white labeling them and ultimately going retail and selling it for them. So again, if there’s any questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, ideas. Now is the time. The kind of. In conclusion. The way you bought it probably ain’t the way you’re going to sell. And so these are the three structural selling pillars. Again, I just kind of made up that name. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but there’s expertize simply having more stuff to sell. And then ultimately the three P process. Let me go ahead moving to Q&A and then we’ll take it from here. First question is Vishwanath. Let’s take you make sure taken care of. Vishwas says, Jeff, my question is how to get the prospect to approaches in the first place so he can use a 3P process to convert them into a client. So that is a prospecting engine question. As always, let me go ahead and do this.

[00:42:53] So call this the agency engine. Oh, call the prospect the engine. So you want to have. You won’t get five to 10 yeses a day. And you want to have certain inputs into your prospecting engine, so PR. let’s just say hold emailing. And let’s say LinkedIn. Let’s say Facebook groups, there’s about 16 of them, you can look at Judson’s interview last Friday for a big list. But let’s just say it’s these right here and let’s just say form filled. I made these up, but basically what this is what’s happening. You want to have these prospecting engine inputs up and running at all times. So that means that you’re sending out. Let’s just say five hundred to a thousand calls, e-mails a day and says, hey, Mr. Johnson, are you interested in getting five to ten more track installations? I addressed the problem directly linked in. David Sanger does this as a service, as a soda, does this as a service that’s affected the same message, but just send out through Arlington instead of buy called e-mailing with a couple of changes, things like that, foreign films. You go to a client’s website and fill their contact form saying, hey, are you interesting?

[00:44:21] Five to ten more implant cases, Facebook groups you go to where your current future client and customers hang out with hang out and hang out with them and answer their questions on the thread. I’m not a big fan of Syed PMing. I think it’s way beyond it’s it’s done and done and there’s an allergic reaction to it and it feels kind of sleazy.

[00:44:38] If you just answer questions on the thread, say, hey, Miss Johnson, here’s what I would do. How I would do it. Naturally, they will go to your personal profile and then schedule a time with you. The coolest part about all this is like I can see the numbers and analytics. I can see that if a if a thread gets about one hundred comments, there’s about ten thousand people looking at it. It’s ten. Those people seeing what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. That’s a lot better than side PMing and hoping. And one person replies. Right. You have to your prospect, the engine up and running. You need to be doing cold e-mailing linked and Facebook groups form bills. We’ve got about. I think we’ve got seven that we do inside the icy out of the 16 or so main ones.

[00:45:19] I mean, there’s other stuff like let me bring in my talk right here. You can find it’s just reworking some ice slides. I just have it right here. There’s about 16 of them, this was taught to me through just an interview right here.

[00:45:44] So you can see like there’s a whole lot of different inputs. Again, you can watch Justin’s interview to see how this works. I’m not like trying to take a stuff and just this is what it is. He probably went from somebody else as well. But you’ve got, like, all these different types of prospect, the engine inputs. Yes. We doing these. The more you can turn on, the better. You want to pick two or three in the beginning. Otherwise, your brain will freak out either way. Too many options. But the more you can do and the more you can make it automatic so that you aren’t doing them the better referral program. Super easy. Just include a link in your e-mail saying, hey, I’ll give you 500 bucks every time you send my way. Very quickly, one turns into six value videos called E-mailing through and through again and again. Have two or three on automated. Get somebody else, get them to change from money that you can either do it yourself, have a visa, do it, or managed service, that type of stuff.

[00:46:35] That makes a lot of sense. But effectively, visual. Vishwas, question is, how do I get prospects in the first place? You need a prospect engine. These are the three or four that I’ve used consistently, but there’s up to 16 of them. I need him to like seminars and stuff like that, but depending on where you live. That’s like a whole problem and that becomes more like an expert thing.

[00:46:57] I did a couple of seminars are really, really cool where they, like you, teach in front of 30, 40, 50 people. I ended up almost getting a six thousand dollar deal for a college down the street, which I thought was pretty cool. And I met them and then they heard me speak. And then I got a table rush. And my Chamber of Commerce slides is what I call them, are in the store.

[00:47:15] So what I hope that answers your question. Let me go ahead and move through this again and again. Oh, by the way, again, man, congrats to Jonathan Neto, who’s inside the I see that landed a four thousand dollar month roofer. And Jerry, the ride that landed a 17 hundred dollar month. I think it’s a pest control appointment. Apartment’s getting service, something like that. If you’re interested in joining and seeing how we do it, what we do and how we do this type of stuff with you or for you and my wallet out campaign and how you use this 3P process to sell that proves those extra case studies. Just #ISee. Brett will reach out to you by p.m. and then we’ll take it from there and see if you’re a good fit. We’ll see what happens. Vishwa says awesome. Thanks so much. You got it. David Gassmann. David Gassmann. I love his dad. He says I’m 52 and I still listen to your baby face. I appreciate that very much. I hope you’re staying safe among all the handwashing, things like that. Let’s go through all the comments, questions, concerns, thoughts or ideas. I think that’s it. We’ve got about five minutes left for any, like Q&A or stuff like that. Now is the time. Like I mentioned before my lunch, I really can’t respond through P.M. I just get too many. And my priorities are in my business and my personal relationships, not the sounds messed up. Not dealing with like. That right there. It just went to three and then 13. I live literally it’s going to be ninety nine before the before 2:00 o’clock. So I just can’t respond to it. So if you have any questions, comments and so on, now is the time. Otherwise you’re gonna bring the sector to a close. I know there’s a little bit of a delay depending upon where you are and how Facebook works and stuff like that. But the big lesson for everybody here today is chances are the way you bought is not the way you should be selling. Do not try to sell as an expert. Do not try to sell like you’re the number one person in the world. That is just how you bought most small businesses. The one that will be paying you money. Really don’t care if you’re an expert. Don’t believe that you’re an expert or don’t want to be an expert. Every time they’ve hired an expert, it didn’t work and cost too much money. I think that’s ultimately why the Frank Kern and Grant Cardone agency didn’t quite work out. They relied on expertize saying I’m the best in the world. I’m the most amazing at what I’m doing. Instead, what they should have done is say like, hey guys, I think I understand your problem. Here are the five seven steps and an absolute guarantee, your guarantee. Here’s what’s going to happen if it doesn’t work. And if you’re interested, here’s how much it costs. I genuinely believe that they would have a much higher rate of success, much happier customers if they did the 3P process instead of simply going up on stage and saying, I’m the most amazing person of world. Look at me. Which is probably why I don’t like Grant Hard-On in the first place. But, you know, whatever. So, yeah, I hope that answers everybody’s questions. I hope this adds value to your day, moves you forward, solves your problems, helps you land a client and makes you realize that you know what? What are the reasons why everybody gets sad right after they make a purchase is because they bought by expertize when they really should be buying the 3P process. This is how your small businesses are going to buy from you.

[00:50:23] So people are much more comfortable spending money, more so when shit hits the fan with your campaign, you can say, hey, Mr. Johnson, I get it. I understand it. Facebook gads costs have tripled. I understand completely. You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to pause the Facebook ad campaign or do a slight adjustment to your process so we make sure you get 30 customer obtuse. But are you okay with us removing the face, get process and adding Google AdWords. And here just so keep your campaign up and running. Yeah. Great. Go for it. That sounds a lot better than saying the Facebook ads expert dropped the ball again. I hope that makes sense. Christopher says, “This makes sense because even if there’s a mistake made, the business problems still exist with or without.” Exactly. So like I’ve discovered very, very often that most small businesses have a not a client getting problem with a client keeping a problem or client conversion problem. So, like, they don’t have a problem created. They don’t have a problem solved by more leads. They have a problem solved by a better automatic follow up, better conversions, automatic follow sequences. We missed you campaigns by staff or you didn’t show up. Campaigns, things like that. Or simply publicizing the fact that they do a five thousand dollar thing that most people think should costs ten thousand dollars. They don’t have a lead problem. They don’t know if Facebook ads problem. They’ve got other problems to solve. And when you can show them a five to seven step campaign, where to start is the Facebook ads. And then we solve the problems along the way. You’re actually solving the biggest challenge that they have, which is why I buy went from one location to four by my car, which went from eight locations to 80 locations. Was like that. If somebody else, Roberts says. What do you think about the recessional itself going on the world? It’s the easiest right now. Yeah, there definitely is a recession going on. When you look at the let me show you right here. So this is a Dow Jones Industrial Average. Let’s go back. To Max. So this is the 2008 recession. This was like the worst in the world. Everything was horrible. Lehman Brothers disappeared. Bad, bad, bad, et cetera, et cetera. And it peaked at like 14. Let’s just say 14000. And then decide to go down. Everything was bad. And then like overnight, like from September, October, in less than 30 days. And it halved just shy of half in less than 30 days. Like this was insane. Like end of the world. Bear Stearns leader in the industry disappeared. Lehman Brothers later in this week disappeared. Washington Mutual leader in the industry dispirit Countrywide. Lewis, you disappeared. Insane, like, absolute horrible. And this was over the course of 30 days. It dropped by half. Oh, yes.

[00:53:13] Twenty nine. Let’s just say 30 to 20, it dropped by 30 percent. Like, that’s such a huge number.

[00:53:22] Like that is absolutely massive. It’s not be 50 percent of the 2008 2009, but it’s pretty darn close. And if it wasn’t for like the past two days or so, if it wasn’t for these, like, jagged ups, it probably would have halved. And honestly, like, we’re only 4000 points away from it having in the first place. So I Genya believe that the recession or depression is happening. It’s well overdue, like beyond a shadow of doubt. But this was part of the number one option that we had earlier about changing your offer. I mean, even look at this admits recession is unavoidable, unchartered waters, blah, blah, blah. And I know these are like alarming type of stuff, but like it’s going to happen.

[00:54:05] So what you have to do, Robert, is you have to not be married to fulfillment. And instead, the married.

[00:54:17] Solving your client’s problems, not be married to fulfillment, but instead to be married to solving your client’s problems like the best general contractor in the world. They’re not excited about tile at all. They’re excited about the plans. And they switch out tile like we’ll just find a better tile guy. It’s fine. The best plumbers in the world that own the ones that own plumbing companies. Like whatever, man. I don’t care if it’s like this toilet or that toilets yet your toilet installed. Let’s get your hotel up and running. So they’re not married to promote their marriage to solving client’s problems.

[00:54:48] And so what you really want to do a conversation about your client’s problems, not going in saying, hey, I want to sell you a thing now, like, hey, it’s Jones.

[00:54:56] I got something else that you really should be buying. Mr. Johnson, we are a marketing agency. Let’s have a conversation about the biggest problems in your business right now. Yeah, like Frank, honest, open, your biggest problems in your business right now. And then they’re going to tell you and you’re gonna write him down. This is like a problem part, right? They’re gonna say, I’m worried about the recession. Whether it’s coronavirus or a bankruptcy or whatever, like the trigger point is that the straw that broke the camel’s back was just instead of saying Corona, we’re just going say recession, because I think this is it right here. And whether we come back or not fast, it doesn’t matter. I’m worried about the recession. I can’t pay my bills. Customers aren’t coming. And. Everything is too expensive. Now, what would happen, by the way, is an agency who is not as good an agency that is married to the Philmont, an agency that is not married to solving a client’s problem. We’ll say, well, you know, you should probably be running more ads because ads are so low and it’s so cheap. And you’re not wrong for saying that as an agency. But that doesn’t solve your client’s problem at all.

[00:56:08] Your client didn’t say I need more customers. Are you saying my customers aren’t coming in? Not I need more customers. That’s different. When I need more customers, you can run at my customers aren’t coming at something totally different. I’m worried about the recession. I can’t pay my bills. Everything is too expensive. That’s entirely different than a client getting a plan. I was struck to the conversation as follows.

[00:56:33] Mr. Johnson, I hear you, how much cash you have? And what’s your runway like?

[00:56:44] Runway is you know, I’ve got six months of cash in the bank, I got three months of cash in the bank to save cash in the bank, whatever it is, just like Lippmann’s on. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I just need to know so we can create a plan. Like, I’m not passing judgment. I’m trying to be your doctor. How much cash do you haven’t run away like? You know, that’s super offensive. How could you asset that doesn’t come up? They’re gonna say, like, look, I probably got like three months of cash. Probably got three days. I need a sale today. Mr. Johnson, I get to understand that. Let’s say they’re saying my cash. I only have three months of cash left. Gotcha. What expenses?

[00:57:19] And you cut. All right. Sorry. Going gonna say what expenses? And you cut staff advertising, maintenance. Things like that.

[00:57:34] What can you cut? Including me. Like, what can you cut when you say including me, by the way, you’re on their team. Up until then, it’s been this, like, fight. Conversely, you say like, look, what can you cut, including me. You say, well, we got you and then blah, blah, blah, I say, great.

[00:57:52] What if. He cut me the front desk person or. What do we got me and one of the front desk people and we still got your clients coming in consistently. And you didn’t have to worry about them not coming in?

[00:58:23] What you want without what you got, this is a competition probably of my chiropractor who just came on board again, just wrote me a check and I was freaking out. Look, I get it. What if you cut me and we cut one of your front desk? People are paying a thousand dollars a month to their only job is to call people back. Would you cut me in the front desk and we still got our clients coming in insistently. Don’t have to worry about them not coming in. I understand the problem. I understand their problem.

[00:58:49] Where is it? Is that something I just said? Yes, but I don’t know how that would work and I don’t know if it would work. The law. That’s Johnson. I get it. I understand it. Here’s we’re gonna do the first thing I’m gonna do. Mean audit your tools and tasks.

[00:59:07] And it’s send me all the time you’re spending money on to renegotiate your bills and probably get your 20, 30 percent lower rates. I will have to charge you for this, but you’re probably just going to make money and I’ll probably be a net gain for you. And by the way, when I’m doing an audit, the tests that your front desk is doing, a gentle manager doing a like that. And what I would do is only discover three things.

[00:59:25] The first. I’m a great software. We’ll run. Ninety nine percent of the time. Automate, you see how hard it is to talk and think, automate 90 percent of the tasks. If I discover that your front desk is calling people back and we can create software that will run 90 percent time and automatically call people back, automatically, text them automatically and prepay. And now you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars a month on your front desk person with an increased runway. Yes. Great. So are going to create software and only do off the shelf stuff that works and it’s done. Customize. Cool. So we’re gonna install it.

[01:00:14] Maintain it. You make sure it works.

[01:00:21] Either way, this is probably just Active Campaign, Kalani,  high level, normal stuff that we talk about every single day, but instead of just making sure I use it to solve their problems and by the way, I’m showing a process right now, Salt maintains sure it works. And then I’m just in competitive research. To discover our other chiros are getting pre-paid. And. We’re gonna get pre-paid from your 3K and 5K offer. What is it, you don’t have one. I’ll make one with you.

[01:01:00] But you really only need two or three sales and now you can pay for your rent and your clients can actually love it. I’ll walk you through the entire process. It’s gonna be absolutely. awesome. And then, by the way, we’re gonna set you up with online classes.

[01:01:15] So when you have to do your adjustments or your stretches there, run some software and your client will get a message, you’ll get a message, you’re gonna click it and it’s gonna open up to your desktop and guide them through the stretches and the blank in the blank. In the blank. Do all of this. I’m going to call it. Your keep your business running in the recession program.

[01:01:44] But something like this, you see what I’m doing here? Like, I spent five minutes understanding their problem. I showed them a process. They say, Mr. Johnson, look, I’m not here to charge you for this. There’s no other way around it. But here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to charge you two thousand dollars. And the way it’s going to work is look at it like this. You’re going to pay me with the first sale. The first two thousand or so, the first three thousand. So you’re gonna pay me with that. And then after that, all the money is yours. That’s it. And by the way, you’re only gonna pay me after we audit your tools and your tasks and they find the software that can automate.

[01:02:20] Ninety nine percent of this is probably like two hours, three hours.

[01:02:24] And I can go to my client Kofman like, hey, I can promise you that we can remove your front desk to save twelve thousand dollars over the course of the year. You’ve got to pay me three thousand dollars one time and it’s only and you really should be looking at this, you’re going to pay me your first sale and then every other sell off of that is yours.

[01:02:39] What do you say. I’ll probably fight on the three thousand dollars and say, look, you and I both know that the reason why you’re paying me money is that you can do this right here.

[01:02:47] And the way it’s going to work is I went to five hundred all the deposit to cover the all the tests from the tools and ah turns out then it works and then you’re going to make a lot of money and then magically the recession turns around all that fun stuff. Well you’ve already got a Hedstrom, an honor as a deposit to the three thousand program to keep your business running in the recession and save your twelve thousand dollars, increase your runway from six months to nine months. And now you’re gonna have software that runs and works. You’re gonna have online fulfillment and you go three to five dollars, I think that you can sell. And honestly, you just need one sale next to each, which you and I both know that we can get. And you’ve paid for me twice. What do you say? So that’s the conversation that I would have with my clients about the recession. You’ll notice that I didn’t go into my client. I’d be like, I’m the expert in keeping a business running during their session. I didn’t go in and bang my chest about blah, blah, blah. All I did was say like, hey, it’s an absolute horrible. I get it. I understand. I’ve been there. Here’s a plan. Here’s a program. Here’s a process with that I do have to boogie off. But I hope, Robert, this is something that you can do.

[01:03:46] And communicate in a way, because most businesses are really not in a buying mood. It’s not easy to sell stuff. And you know it that’s OK to be like, hey, I’m not trying to sell you, so I’m trying to save you money and build an online fulfillment and build out a three to five thousand dollar thing so that you can get paid for what you’re doing. Your client would probably say, like, hey. Yeah, but I don’t know if they’re gonna buy. And also you say, look, I promise that somebody is going to end up paying you money.

[01:04:11] If not, you know, what do to keep running this program for free until you make your money back. It’s good to cash in the bank. The only problem is that my guy doesn’t take cash in the bank at the actual cash. So I do have to pay for it. But it’s just five hundred dollars to cover the odd and the tools. We’re going to see what you should be cutting and then I’m going to show you how to cut it and keep it running at the same time. What do you say.

[01:04:32] So that ladies and gents, I do gotta boogie. I hope this was valuable for your time, effort, energy. I hope you make a lot of money with this. I hope you can take this plan right here and show it to your clients.

[01:04:41] I hope you stop selling as an expert and then start solving by the 3P process.

[01:04:48] That’s it. See you later. Bye.

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