TV Masterclass


With JR Rivas



Always wondered if TV could get you the results you want? Learn How To Get On Your Local Tv Station Small Business Segment, Build Authority, Authenticity And Do It All Without Completely Bombing It! Here is how JR Rivas got on 3 TV shows in less than 3 weeks, got 15 5-second clips, and build out his brand, authority, and became a household name almost overnight?

  • 👊 The 5 steps to get yourself known by local media (including producers and agents)
  • 👊 The difference between the producer, agent, TV host (and how to approach the tri-fecta of decision makers even if you dont know them)
  • 👊 How to setup a local interview, share your story script, and get viewed as the digital marketing expert in your city.
  • 👊 How to get a call back even if you don’t have a big audience, a story, or are just starting out.
  • 👊What to wear without breaking the bank or ‘up-staging the bride’
  • 👊 How to create a story worth telling that captivates an audience and builds authentic authority
  • 👊 How to control the questions asked and be prepared for everything,
  • 👊 How to maneuver around bad questions that could catch you with your foot in your mouth
  • 👊How to not get bumped for a fluff piece
  • 👊How to avoid being too personal but just enough professional
  • 👊What to say and how to say it so you look and sound awesome (or at least not a total idiot
  • 👊 The RIGHT way to use it all for getting clients and building business.
  • 👊 The best way to go about getting the replay rights, and leverage it all for larger outlets and speaking gigs.
  • 👊 How to use your 10 minute TV spot into youtube, fb ads, branding pages, and social media
  • 👊How to build a relationship so you can go back on anytimePLUS…
  • 👊 The recording of the live 1 hour event
  • 🤜The exact cold email and out scripts that get responses
  • 🤜The exact email you could send to your client to get them paying you for this program
  • 🤜 How to do it for your client as part of your new highly paid TV program
  • 🤜 30 day support group to keep you moving