Med Spa Masterclass




Kris Trinity and Simon Nung are getting results for med spa clients, consistent quality leads month after month, and doing it with different offers that are getting customers buying what their clients have to sell.

Kris, Simon, and I just finished a 1 hour event where we went over…

  • 👊 The EXACT ads and targeting for Fat Freezing, the hottest trend hitting the industry to date!
  • 👊 How to call out your audience, tie into their fears, and how to bring in scarcity that makes people act.
  • 👊 A complete campaign walkthrough for Laser Hair Removal, Micro-needling, Facials, and Micro-blading.
  • 👊 How to create an offer that gets someone off the fence and into their clients office.
  • 👊The TWO kinds of offers and the THREE ways clinic owners make money (if you don’t understand, they won’t renew)
  • 👊 When to use landing pages, lead ads, and the exact language on what to say so it converts leads into buyers.
  • 👊 How to create a bot that qualifies leads, is GDPR compliant, and runs like magic

    You’ll get all that above


  • 👊 Instant access to the recording of the event
  • 👊A pre-recorded 20 minute QnA session
  • 👊 The slides of the event


  • 👊 How to create a client content library so your client know what photos and videos to send so your campaign works immediately.
  • This is Kris and Simons EXPERT SECRET to generating leads, getting those leads to convert, and keeping their Med Spa paying their invoices month after month after month