Massage Spa Masterclass




Can’t figure out how to get franchise and multi-locations contracts that are really 3-4 deals rolled into one? Get The Ads, Funnels, Strategies And Expert Secrets That Land, Keep, And Get Results For Massage Spas And Get A Proven Path, Blueprint, And Guide That Cut Down Your Learning Curve And Got You Results.

Want to know how Steph Snz is getting results for 12 different massage spas, getting leads to set appointments, and getting customers to pay before they even walk in the door?

  • 👊 The MASSAGE SPA ads that already work and the ads that don’t convert and what mistakes to avoid
  • 👊 The easy way to split and A/B test that cuts your cost per lead by 50%
  • 👊 The EASY way to turn customers into sales BEFORE they come in the door
  • 👊 The KEY phrases and pricing structure you aren’t using that costs you signed contracts
  • 👊 The value ladder top SPAs are using that low performing SPAs aren’t
  • 👊 The white-label ready to edit case study you can use
  • 👊 The blueprint that brought in $55,000 before the business even opened their doors
  • 👊 The easy as heck way to handle ‘but my calendar doesn’t integrate and we don’t want to double book’ problem
  • 👊 How to meet these multi-location business owners, what to say, and how to say it, so you can prove these leads work
  • 👊 The pre-planned ads that already match up with upcoming holidays anniversaries, and special occasions (Having this TRIPLED one locations sales)PLUS….
  • 🤜 The recording of the live event
  • 🤜 A support group of other agencies owners that are targeting Massage SPAs (including me and Steph)
  • 🤜 A 20 minute QnA session where you can ask anything you’d like.​
  • 🤜 A real life ready to be white-labeled case study walkthrough that PROVES THIS DARN THING ALREADY WORKS🤛