Martial Arts Masterclass




Want to know how other agencies are landing martial arts clients, getting leads to convert, and doing it FIRST without split testing, targeting, or any of that other junk?

This is a replay of a 1-hour live event, where Jamie and I will teach you…

  • 👊 The already proven ads, landing pages, and thank you offers that turn ad dollars into walk-ins
  • 👊 The right sales strategy that keeps your client converting cheap customer opportunities into long term customers that pay more every month
  • 👊 The pre-written soap opera sequence that automatically follows up with every lead.
  • 👊 The templated ready for your info voucher that looks great on desktop, tablet, mobile and PC.
  • 👊 The pre-planned customer and client notifications
  • 👊 Samples of past customer research and scripts for phone calls, voicemails, and text messages.
  • 👊 The Upsell Strategy that increases Customer Tickets by 50% and gets parents paying more right out the gate.
  • 👊 The recording of the live 1 hour event