Holiday Ads Masterclass


With Steph



Sick and tired holiday sales that don’t last, aren’t tracked, or don’t convert? Wish you could have a behind the scenes views of what’s already working so you can sell it and do it for your client? Stephanie Saenz just turned a $3,000 ad budget into $25,000 in actual sales (not leads but sales) and is going to do it again in Christmas and in Valentines day and EVERY holiday from now on!

  • The Black Friday Ads that work, convert, and get customers banging down your clients door
  • How to do it all without clickfunnels, bots, or even lead gen ads
  • The FAST way to get it done in less than 20 minutes and get your first result in 24 hours
  • How to keep your black friday sales going up to 1 week later EVEN when you turn off the ads
  • The strategy and processes that keep the client accountable, make sure they process the payments, and put YOU in the ‘yelling pants’ position
  • The RIGHT way to use the ‘don’t even do that’ tactic’ that reminds customers to keep banging down your clients door to give them money
  • The Two $20 Time Sensitive Techniques that work even when Facebook drops the ball, breaks down, and cuts off your ads
  • How to avoid paying a graphic designer, relying on your client, and build the photos and videos from your cell phone in less than 20 minutes
  • This works even if your client doesn’t have a website, a landing page, or even a Facebook page with 1,000s of followers


  • The recording of the live 1 hour event
  • A support group of other agencies owners that are running these exact campaigns
  • A 20 minute QnA session where you can ask anything you’d like
  • A White-label case study
  • And you’ll see us build the backend LIVE
  • And how to monitor the darn thing without being in front of your computer all day long