Front Desk Appt Setting Scripts


Get your client’s front desk closing 50% more appointments.



Want to know how I take a $1500 a month low paying client into $3k, $5k, and even $10k a month high valued account. Wish you knew how to turn bad receptionists into appointment setting machines?

  • How to obviously show there is a front desk problem
  • How to get your client excited about buying a sales script
  • How to customize your script without changing it
  • How to get around common objections
  • 3 AMAZING reasons they should buy a script from you
  • 3 AMAZING reasons you should sell a script to them
  • The recording of the live event
  • How to sell the damn thing so you get PAID
  • The recording of the live 1 hour event


  • The EXACT sales script you can use, sell, and customize today and sell for hundreds of dollars to clients that desperately need it…