Facebook Bots Masterclass


With Mack



Want to know our EXPERT SECRET to building bots that sell, get results, and using bots as a way to approach new businesses so we get paid?

  • 👊 How to integrate the bot into your funnel (leads and e-commerce), setup the flow, and do it in a way that isn’t overkill
  • 👊 The easy way to map out the whole thing first so you aren’t overwhelmed with all the options
  • 👊 The 3 big secrets to selling bots to businesses like restaurants and car dealership
  • 👊 The RIGHT way to customize it without having to learn how to code
  • 👊 How to know the best kind of and type of businesses bots work with and how to charge for them
  • 👊 a ROI detailed case study of a orthodontist bot (getting $5 appointments) and a restaurant bot thats been performing for over a year (set it and forget it)
  • 👊 How to use bots to get higher conversions and generate leads from Facebook Ads
  • 👊 The ENTIRE step by step process for creating a personal brand building bot for yourself (as an agency owner)


  • 🤜 The recording of the live event
  • 🤜 A support group of other agencies owners that are building bots and getting results for their clients (including me and Mackensie Liberman)
  • 🤜 A 20 minute QnA session where you can ask anything you’d like.
  • 👊 ANDDDD The behind the scenes view of…
  • Mackensie Liberman building an actual bot live that you can take home and use that very same day…