Auto Updating Database




Sick And Tired Of Your LEADS Getting Lost In Their Shuffle?! Is your client so UNORGANIZED they don’t know what leads got what call backs and when? Does your client have no idea how many dollars your brought them?

Want to know my easy ‘do it once and never again’ solution to this problem WITHOUT having to put
the time, effort, and energy into figuring it out the hard way?

  • How to create an automatic updating customer database
  • How to keep the front desk accountable
  • How to give your clients homework every day of the week
  • How to catch the front desk when they lie about the leads
  • How to automatically collect all the leads into a database
  • How to give your client access so they can add and edit without bugging you
  • How to sell the damn thing so you get paid
  • How to leverage into additional upsells that get you paid more
  • The recording of the live 1 hour event


  • The EXACT step by step technical walkthrough so your automatic updating customer database gets up and running TODAY