The Power Of Pre-Conquering Objections!

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Forget about waiting until the prospect complains…the key to landing sale after sale is to pre-conquer any and all objections. 

How do I do this?

Well, that’s for you to discover in this video!

But you’re gonna get A LOT more than that.

Because in this Lunch & Learn video you’ll learn:

  • The secret to scaling faster and becoming more dollar driven
  • How I deal with the most common objections
  • Why I send everyone on my list S.O.S. sequences
  • My “weight trick” to clobber the ‘make it perfect’ desire when writing emails
  • The difference between a deposit and a down payment
  • Why I don’t use any “dark magic” or technical mumbo jumbo when talking to prospects (but I’ll tell you what I do use!)
  • The qualifying beauty of my “asshole” text
  • How I introduced 2 new ads and got 10 agency leads for just $8!
  • My 3 steps to avoid ever running into an oversaturated niche
  • And more!
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[00:00:00] Hey ladies and gents, let’s get this party started. Here’s a couple of cool old fashion updates. The first things first is we introduced inside of the I see the soap opera Secrets of Great Donkers objections. I think it’s immensely powerful to get out ahead of objections, not behind them. So example of of being behind objections is I’m going to buy a Tesla. And in your head you like I can’t buy the Tesla because I don’t have a charger. That’s what your brain says. It cements. It makes an active thinking decision. You communicate that and then the salesperson rebuttals. Oh, don’t worry. We have chargers everywhere. Why don’t you pay me money? That type of rebuttal is kosher and fine and great. And that’s understood. That comes that’s handling a objection after the fact. But if you really want to move the in your business and really want to get lead sales in our ally and get somebody really interest paying you money and saying, oh, my God, this is a perfect fit, you’re actually pre conquered the objection. You don’t wait until they say, I don’t have a charger, I can’t buy you, and then say, oh, we have charges everywhere. You get out in front, you know that they will have that objection. I don’t have a charger. So you pre concrete by saying, hey, the best part about buying at Tesla’s, we have charging stations across the United States. So never without a charger. You’ve pre conquered that objection and that that movement is much less friction. That movement is much faster and much more dollar driven when you print Cochran. Objection. I got an inspiration for that idea from Nick Robins, who’s that would be top local. He’s currently in Boca Raton, Florida. And I’m using that in my own soap opera sequences. And every time I get an objection in my qualification calls, in my demos, in my conversations, my clients, I write it down and I go back and I write an email about pre conquering that objection when the objections that I get is who’s doing the follow up? And that means a Real-Life client that is interested in paying me money. Once I a conversation is about to pay me money is getting emotionally invested in future base is saying, well hold up, who’s doing the fall. That’s a huge break in that flow.

[00:02:09] Knowing that I write a soap opera sequence saying we’ll do the follow up for you so you can focus on your clients and customers. Prikhodko about objection. Another objection that comes up is are these leads legitimate. So guess what I wrote. I literally wrote an e-mail saying, are these leads legitimate question mark. And I dealt with that in the soap opera sequence and other examples. How fast is this work? So guess what I put. How fast does this work? Question mark.

[00:02:33] I’m literally knocking out an prekop in the objections that a client customer would use to stop paying me money. It’s one thing to deal with those on a sales call and a demo and the rebuttal phase. It’s another thing to bring it up beforehand. And I really challenge everybody here to look back at your qualification calls, your demos, your sales conversations say like what demo or what objection came up and write a soap opera sequence. We’re seeing Jeremy raise. I think that’s the same with Megalodon marketing. He’s really taken that strategy and kind of upped it a lot and actually actively shoots videos that create conquer that. And guess what? I’ll be doing, too. So in my next phase of client getting ads, I’m going to be running an ad saying, what’s going on? Blank. My name is Jeff Miller. And the coolest part about doing business us is one, two and three. Number one, we legit. Number two, do your follow up. Number three, we guarantee it. Prikhodko those objections or even flesh that out in a 30, 60 or 90 second video. So that people are interested in paying me money. And there’s a lot less friction. You’ll know that you removed a lot friction and people say this is a no brainer. This isn’t easy. Yes. Let’s have that conversation. And so every single client or customer that is on my list and a sign up saying, hey, I’m interested in your direct offer.

[00:03:46] Let’s talk. They have barriers of entry along that journey. Just because someone sign up doesn’t mean they’re interested in paying you money. You have to prikhodko those objections. And so I do that for myself as an agency.

[00:03:57] But I also do it as a service. My clients and customers. And so my soap opera sequence is really about removing reasons why people are interested in paying me money. And so you can do that with emails. You can do that, which is what I’m doing with ads, with text message, with rebuttals. But the rebuttal and a one to one conversations probably, I would argue, the weakest part of it, because that person is already cemented. They already figured it out. Then they’ve communicated. You could do it with ads and e-mails and text messages, things like that. So that’s an interesting thing that I’m learning right now and really using in my agency. I think it took us six weeks to go from zero to 10K, which is pretty cool, which just takes five clients at 2K a month. You can make an argument that it’s seven point five hours or eight point five K because we include ad spend. But I just get another client and then guess what, we’re at 10K and any other metric and measurement. All of this is sent to my white label or it’s pretty darn simple. We even have a cool onboarding area that I’m introducing the ICEE. So soon as a client pays you money, you just give them this. And then they work through it. And then your white label or links. Kind of like copy and paste, which is really darn fun. That’s just kind of like an easy yes. An easy lesson for every single person. Again, if you’re running client getting ads or client getting prospecting engines, whether it’s Facebook, it’s called e-mailing in-person events, Ravi videos, Facebook profile, whatever it is you want to create, conquer those objections by running ads, by running emails, by doing text messages before that objection comes up. I don’t care what you’re doing, done for your service, done with you one on one coaching or whatever it is. This creek conking objection is probably the easiest way to do it. And if you look at Jimmy Raise, I don’t think that’s his name. He’s with Megalodon marketing his or her brand, Khadem. He does that, it’s damn effective. I’m going you do it to Taiwan, it’s damn effective because when I’m on the phone, these clowns, they say like, hey, you know, one of my biggest problems with another agency was this superheavy sent that e-mail because like now it’s now I’m ready to take the next step. That’s exactly conversation. How are they coming in Arizona? Who saw my ad three days later? They paid me two thousand dollars like that. Turned out as damn fast.

[00:06:00] And that’s really darn cool. So I just kind of like wanted to talk about that for a bit. I mean, take all the stuff in my pockets, general high fives and hand hugs and all the fun stuff.

[00:06:09] Pedram, what’s going on? How are you? Angel Mendoza. Jonathan Hesston. Fernando Wayne. Russy. Sean Schwyzer.

[00:06:18] I think that’s right.

[00:06:19] Sean Schreier, think it’s good. Scott says this is soap opera sequence got to everyone. Yes, it does. I don’t do anything as advance as if they have signed up or they haven’t scheduled a demo. Then they get one sequence or not. That stuff is really I would put in the brain trash bucket. Like, that’s arguing about percentages of like maybe I can get a little bit more or a little bit less. And I go, nope, there’s no reason to like to let that sink into your head. If somebody has signed up and not paid you money, send the soap opera sequence. If somebody has signed up and paid you money, send them the soap opera scenes, remind them that you exist. If somebody sign up and not do quality, I’ll send a soap opera sequence so every single person that’s on my list is getting all these soap opera sequences. I think I’ve pre Concorde nine objections so far and it’s working and I’m looking at the open rates. It’s damn good. And I know it’s working because people are texting back saying that was good stuff. So, Scott, the answer to question is yes. Every single person. And if you have a problem or a challenge, like I write a soap opera sequence and then like, I have to write all of it. To then send it. That is incorrect. You can write one email at a time and then just keep adding to it using the wait trick. So here’s an example. You have day one day to day three. Most people who don’t move faster or failure focus or worried about all of them will write their three e-mails and say, always ready for release. I don’t do that at all. I use something called the weights tricks. All right. One e-mail and do it a weight. I’ll be like everybody in the sequence has weight. Nine hundred and ninety nine days. Cool. And then when I’m ready, write the second e-mail. I do a second wait and turn this weight into the e-mail. Now everybody gets a second e-mail. Right. The second e-mail. We’ve got a nine nine nine. Wait. We’re good. Nobody leaves that sequence. It’s like a factory. Nobody’s going to leave it. And then when I’ve got that third e-mail ready to go, I do another nine nine wait. And then I change us into that e-mail.

[00:08:12] And I continue on again and again and again and again. And it really helps remove the make it perfect and then turn it on kind of thing and really helps you move into a position where, like a let’s make progress and let’s move forward. So I hope that kind of like clears up some of the questions people can ask. David gets there. How you doing, Sean? So what’s going on?

[00:08:31] Tell one man I’m sorry that your last name, like, depending upon who you ask. There’s a million half ways to pronounce engy y you e n n g. You i n. Nugan. New men. I don’t even know. I always get it wrong. Sorry, dude. Good luck.

[00:08:51] Sara. David, get sicknesses during the icy. How’s it going, ladies and gents? David gets in. What’s going on? How you doing? I do want to say a lot. Give me eyes. David are very consistently impressed on the quality of the Lincoln train that you didn’t see. I see. Well done. Dude, I’m super happy you’re happy for your progress. If you haven’t left me a testimonial video, do it and we’ll give you access to a new course area when that is done. Charging 10 grand for that alone. And since you’re part of like the icy Beckman day and you bought in, I just leaving a testament of it on the thread. You’re gonna get access to it. And by the way, David, you will be super psyched about the upcoming masterclass with Jeff Lopez on how to go zero to one hundred thousand dollars. Or his journey can go to zero hundred thousand dollars human powered partner process, which I’ll be talking about for a bit. Christly. How you doing, sir? Howard Siano moaner. Abraham Cassol space out of Miami. Floyd. Abraham, when all this Korona stuff is done and gone, I you come by the studio, which is right over there. I want to do a good old fashioned Joe Rogan, sit down and hopefully sell podcasts for a hundred million dollars. How could that be?

[00:09:48] Mine says, Hey Jeff, just check in and say hi. Morning. How you doing, Hamied? Sebastian Rusk based out of Miami. Shivon based out of Australia, I think. And Albert Van Niek, Kurt.

[00:10:00] Says, what’s up?

[00:10:02] James Rivers. What’s going on, Scott says Dam. I’m writing this shit today. Yes, you should. Every single person here watching this lunch and learn. One hundred percent beyond a shadow of a doubt needs to be writing a soap opera sequence that pray Congress or clients reasons why they cannot pay you money. I don’t care if it’s done for you. Done with you one on one coaching. I don’t care if it’s six weeks, 90 days. I don’t care if it’s a forty nine dollar product or fifty thousand dollar a year program. Everybody has reasons to not pay you money. You have to disassemble it. And the mistake that every single person makes is like, oh, you know, I’ll just make it ninety seven dollars or seven dollars or seventeen dollars, whatever it is they. The reasons why people do not pay money and the the objections that they have. Do not change and do not get lowered magically because you lower your price. Like the reasons why I cannot buy a Lamborghini are not different, whether it’s a five thousand dollar Lamborghini or a five hundred thousand dollar Lamborghini. I’ve got a goddamn speed bump outside of my hallway and you know it tough. So I’m going to be driving that Lamborghini and.

[00:11:04] That’s an objection, they have to deal with that. So I hope that makes a lot of sense. Every single person should be running soap operas. You don’t have to be good at writing soap operas, sequences in the ICU. We have like 12 that you just use either for agency or for clients. It’s pretty darn awesome.

[00:11:20] Jeremy, how you doing, sir? Nick Santa. Been a while. How are you? James River says TPP added the power partner prospecting. That’s it. There’s too many peas. It’s pretty darn cool. Tickets are in the description.

[00:11:33] It’s ninety seven dollars. Friday, four thirty p.m. Eastern Standard. We go live then a pop up group. There’s a Q and a call after three days after the Miklós the pop up group, 14 days after the purpose of the pop up group is not to like have unlimited want to one access with me and Jeff Lopez, but really to make sure that you’re taking care of and you you get what you paid for and we can’t do with PMS and tickets.

[00:11:54] So like that’s just easier to put that in a pop up group. So we go live Friday for thirty PM Eastern Standard. He’s gonna be showing you how he set up his power partner, how his power partner does sales coliform, the client support forum, the Q&A. He has a power partner academy. He has a client academy and he uses the same process to go into a new niche. I think he just broke thirty K within two months of a brand new niche. In the middle of Korona, so it’s ninety seven bucks can actually love those all, as always, a 14 day money back guarantee. Indeed. APSEY One hundred percent do it on the masterclasses that we do. I pay a lot of money to bring someone who has a unique skill set and teach my. I see so that the ISIS is always up to date. And as an incentive so I can pay them even more money. We sell tickets. We are not putting this up for resale. Everybody who gets a ticket will get a replay. You’ll get an individual customized course, Eric, just for you. Within 14 days, you should be doing it. This is not going up for resale.

[00:12:55] In fact, are going to be removing the store. So if you’re curious about it, just take action. Just get your tickets. Now, there’s no reason to be waiting. Like, if all you got was like four or five scripts, then you’d be good. If all you got was like, this is how you send e-mails to potential power partners. So they sell for you. Come on, guys, it’s gonna be awesome. Come on. Says do you. White label customer research. If not, do you still present it in your demos? I personally do not white label customer research, but I know people in the eye. See, do we use customer research to again disassemble a reason why somebody does not want to pay us money or believes we should not be paid money?

[00:13:30] So my new niche is like really weird. Geography’s like neighborhoods are different with different needs for this unique niche. It’d be like the difference between, like selling bikes at New York versus bikes in L.A. versus bikes in Miami versus bikes in Louisiana. You think it’s like whatever. No big deal. But all these bike people think that everything is so unique and different, like there’s no way it would work here as opposed to working over. Here I go. Look, Mr. Johnson, I understand I’m not the bike shop expert. You are. All I’m going to be doing is running customer research to know if your campaign will work neighborhood by neighborhood before it goes live. You’re gonna give me your best performing zip codes to make the results better. What do you say there are people in the ISO charging fifteen hundred dollars for a one time customer research then naturally leads into they’re done for you face gets as a service. I do not white label customer research. I have a master class that shows you how to do it. I hope that answers your question and I don’t know if it does, but sure. There you go. Rusty says, I just bought my power partner, Ticket Yaris, even Apsley. Love it. Jeff Lopez is his goal is to make this a a masterclass that beats out a five hundred dollar course area. That’s like his goal. So Emili getting a banker buck, which is cool. Moina says quick question. What software are using to send your proposals? I’m currently using DocuSign thing in transition of Panadol. Have you tried Panadol? Yeah, I use Panadol, but I don’t use it the way that everybody else uses it. I’ve not yet filled out the automation’s so I can go into high level Draga to send a proposal a minute, magically send the proposal to Panta doctor doctor sign when somebody says Yes, I’m interested in buying. You have to sell two things. First, as I do a I do a squeeze. And so that means like, hey, Mr. Johnson, I’m super psyched. The same proposal. I want to, you know, a couple of things. The first is that we are actively advertising for clients in your area. You saw that, right? You saw as we want to client in your in Arizona, we were actually looking for client Arizona. So in the sense of this proposal. But I want to let you know, if you take too long to turn on this proposal, we will give your slot away. The reason why we do this would be exclusivity. You’re going to claim all of the Arizona or all of Tucson, but I’ve got other to sign appointments coming up Thursday and Friday. I’m going to be telling the same exact thing unless you return this proposal within twenty four hours. If you want to lose your spot. And I’m not trying to screw you, I’m just saying this. If you want to lose your spot, you’re going to wait too long to guarantee your spot. You’re going to return in twenty four hours. I’m just letting you know because I don’t want you paying this on Friday and me call you up and saying, hey, tough guys and your customers saw it. Does that make sense? And then I send that proposal that I log it a paradox copy and paste and send it. And what’s funny, by the way, is I haven’t quite yet figured how to integrate the signature. And the payment. So it’s literally a panda dock with a pay phone link. That’s it. It’s the same proposal for everybody, which is really just a receipt style list of everything that they get. I’m not trying to sell it anymore or anything like that. So minor. That is a long winded answer to your question. I’m still using candidate, but I don’t just send proposals hoping people say money. I haven’t done any cool integrations. I haven’t done anything about signing. And then then the next step is automatically like a pay Palestra thing. No, it’s literally I give them that squeeze script. I go into Panadol, copy and paste and send it. That’s it. I don’t even have a signature line. It just if you agree to this pay here, we’ll get started immediately. That’s it. Miner says, I see Pandor except for the icy somewhere. Yeah, I kind of hint at it in the I think the sales area where I say this is how this is my proposal. But honestly, it’s not as hard as you think with it. Fifteen minutes of digging around. It’s super darn fast. Why build up the automation’s between high level words like send a proposal, then it should trigger correctly. But I did bring in some automations expert to figure it out. I don’t wanna mess it up and give it everybody ICMP like I was afraid. So it’s easier than you think. I still do manual process. If you’re subtenant fifteen clients embrace the manual A.. Don’t try to make everything automatic. Don’t try to make think every thing automated. It ain’t gonna work for you again. Spent too much time trying to trust software. Just literally just set it up by hand. That’s what I’m doing. Anyway, it went from zero to ten thousand dollars in six weeks to send a proposals by hand. It’s fine. Shawn says what’s Joern percent conversion? Slowing the prospect. The engine. I know, Neches, that can be different, but my intro called a demo call is six to 10 percent. Many are unqualified and I need to switch and get qualified prospects or switching niches. So if I’m understanding, Sean, what you’re telling me is out of 100 qualification calls that you’ll do. Only 10 will be good enough for a demo. If that’s the case, something is definitely funky. You really should be looking for 20 to 25 percent. So one out of four. One out of five. If your qualification calls and your demo calls are all sorts of janki, as in what you’ve got right now, you’re probably not either a having a strong enough direct offer. If you have a strong enough direct offer that will pull people into paying you money. So you may be running to a scenario like, hey, get 30 qualified leads in 90 days or less or something like that. That’s not a particularly strong offer anymore. You’re going up against people like me that are saying booked appointments, guaranteed customers, Agora Mosiah saying guaranteed shops if you don’t pay. So, like, if you have a weak offer, people will still sign up. Still waste your time, but not want to do a demo. You need a really, really, really strong offer. That’s number one. Number two is you need to do what’s called an asshole text or a welcome text. And that is just simply an automatic text messaging message saying, hey, I want to confirm this is what you want, which is my direct offer. And it’s so funny. This is the same thing I shot earlier today. Great question. I want to confirm this is what you want. I only really view those as somewhat qualified. The people that respond. Yes or no. So I’m not looking at like fifteen people that signed up and then calling back fifteen and calling them qualification calls. That’s such a false positive. And if I told my clients like, hey, you have to call back everybody, they’d be like, no, I’m not doing that tough. I’m only calling qualified people. So, Sean, you may be doing that scenario. We’ve got a week offer that’s really incentivizing people to sign up, saying, hey, click here, sign to learn more when it should be. Hey, do you want this direct offer? 10 to 15 Invisalign sold every single month? Guaranteed. Do you want this direct offer? If yes, click here. Right. And then an automation trigger saying, hey, just want to confirm you want to sell 10 to 50 more designs every single month. Is that correct? Yes. Then that starts my qualification. Right. That’s where I’m having that conversation. Great. How many business lines are doing every single month? How much are you charging? What’s your goal? Would you like to schedule a demo? When I do that, I’m getting one out of four. Turning into a demo and I’m closing one at a two hour, one of three demos. And that should be your thought process. I think what could be happening for you and maybe everybody else? And again, caveat, I haven’t seen your stuff. I don’t know. You’re not party icy, so I can’t like like check it and make sure it’s working according to industry standard or what’s already working and the recipe behind it. I’m just making the assumption that, like you’re probably doing, hey, sign up for more information and we’ll call you back. Wouldn’t that be great? Which is overly friendly and is a good has good sign ups, but really bad qual calls and really bad demos and not right in the business of getting an F ton of people on my list. I’m in the business getting demos, so I start with a demo which is do you want to buy this? And then the qualification call is just want to confirm you want to buy this. Right. And my ad is a direct offer saying, hey, can we do this? So I hope that makes a lot of sense. You could be having that problem. I’m trying to answer this question way. It makes a lot of sense for you and everybody else as well. If not, I’ve totally missed the mark, but that’s just my suspicions. Again, you could be having to string along your direct offer through that whole process. And then my qualification calls are one out of four, maybe one out of five. And my demos are one to one out of three. I don’t even look at the leaves. I don’t care right at all. I’m not saying somebody signed up. I need to contact them. Did they respond to that asshole text saying, hey, idiot. Are you sure you wanted this? Yes. Great. Let’s talk now. I’m in a very blue collar niche, so maybe that’s that’s not correct. I’m in a very short tempered niche, so maybe that’s not correct. I’m in a very low education niche, so maybe that’s not correct. But what I’ve discovered is that when I send a text message saying, hey, do you want this? Just confirming, well, then my qual calls, my demos work a lot better. In fact, I looked at the numbers and every single person paying money said yes to that asshole or welcome text. So I hope that makes a lot of sense. People are so mean, PMS, things like that for everybody that’s interested in getting the power partner prospects thing masterclass. There is a link above. Go ahead and open this up again real fast. I just got to PMS about it. I’m not against two PMing me, but it’s really not a good way of getting a response. A copy and paste right there. So again, this is the power partner prospecting. That’s. Jeff Lopez. Zero to 30 clients at three Karanth each. The thing is that thirty five clients now almost entirely handle by us. Our partner, we did an interview about it, 14 day money back guarantee. I think we’ve had two people in the entirety of all of our masterclasses ever ask for their money back. And it’s because they didn’t even show up or even bother. Qanta says, should I ever collect a deposit? And the client pays author a substitute. It’s possible. I’ve had people say that. I’ve had people say, like, hey, could you do a deposit? And I’m like, I’m not sure what you mean. Can you only understand? They’re like, could I put half now down and half later? And I would always say yes to that. But it’s a definite red flag for me. Not a deal breaker, but a red flag. I will not start a campaign after it’s paid so they can put like so the narrative shonto will be something like Miss Johnson. That sounds great. When would you like to start? I want to start today. Okay, great. Here’s your proposal. Turn that around and we’ll get started immediately. Oh, but I can’t do that. I only have like 50 percent. I only have a thousand bucks. OK, that’s fair. Why did you take her the thousand to start building out your campaign halfway. You got the rest. We’ll turn your campaign on. OK, great. Go for it. If somebody is coming and saying I only want to pay half. I can only pay half. And I want the campaign to start and then hopefully make money. I don’t think in the history of the ICEE or the history of this public group or in my coming up for years of experience with this or any of that, talk to you. Has that ever turned out in a positive manner? That’s not a deposit. By the way, that’s just like a down payment hasn’t quite worked. But, Qanta, you’re asking about a deposit that’s one hundred percent fine. So like a good faith, like, hey, I. I’m to put down a five dollar deposit. Save my spot. You stop prospecting for other people and pay it off, too. That’s Kosheh. The reason why answer that, by the way, is some people confuse deposit with down payment. I’m really not a fan of put that down payment on and then we start work and then we get it two weeks later. Not a fan, but some just putting a good faith deposit. That’s one hundred percent. Cool. All he says, struggling to communicate the value of my offer to more traditional business owners like roofers and home. Seen scanned them with a dark magic of social media. Dude, I love the way you type. Especially for roofers. How would you approach the pitch so that they bite? All it makes total sense. I try not to have any dark magic. I try to have no technical skills. I do not even bring up Facebook ads other than saying online advertising. And I don’t show them my CRM except for that automatic text back. I do not employ any level of technical mumbo jumbo. I do not do anything. Advance my slide decks, by the way. Little to say like this is the stupid, simple system that just works. And when you think of the reasons why people don’t pay you money, it’s you myhre the thing. I don’t trust you to do what I deliver, to do what I want. I don’t trust me to do what I do want to do what I want, which is like I have a problem going to gyms, I’m not going to sign up or the thing which is I don’t believe this is going to work. If they don’t believe this is going to work. They’re not going to buy. Like, I don’t believe this. Tesla actually has an engine in it. So I’m not going to buy it. End of discussion. I don’t believe that this laptop right here, that this Mac that this cameral actually get what I want. So I’m not going to buy. And when you use techno mumbo jumbo, you probably are doing some dark magic and they don’t believe it. And it’s not a communication of value kind of thing. It’s do I understand what you’re trying to do and ultimately solve my problem. So all the instead of trying to communicate value, which I think is a shortcut way of failing, instead of saying I’m trying to communicate value, we should be saying is, does my customer, a customer, feel like I understand a problem? Does my customer know the offer and the problem I’m trying to solve? Does my roof know that my goal is to get them 10 to 15 more phone calls and book appointments every single month? If they understand that you’re good, that’s step number one. You’re good right there. The second thing is, do they understand how it’s going to work? What’s your three step system, your forceps system? Don’t f in any split tests. None. I have one screenshot of an ad’s manager. That’s it. Do not try to show them anything about multivariate or colors or an advance leak magnet or a 17 step system with value letters. Don’t show them that like that. You’ve been taught wrong and it’s unfair and it’s bad.

[00:26:41] They’ll be like a plastic surgeon saying, hey, I know you don’t want me to redo your nose right now, but I really need to hit my sales goal. So.

[00:26:52] So let me tell you how the surgery is going to work. Can I open up YouTube and show you a nose job? Yeah, it’s really, really cool that that may be the communication that your you’re accidentally giving off like that type of like.

[00:27:04] I don’t I’m not communicating that.

[00:27:07] A, I understand that you don’t want a nose job. And even if you did, I’m not listening. And see, guess what. Tough because I want to sell to you anyway instead of going through that patch, just one make sure that they understand your offer to make sure that they understand that you understand. And three, they understand the thing. You’re gonna get about 90 percent of way of signing somebody. We got somebody in the ICD. I just signed a roofing client. I see roofing as all the time. I know people in my coaching program that are like zero one hundred K in six months using roofing clients. And it’s literally because they employ a stupid, simple system that just works. I was on the phone with somebody I see that’s going out to get remodeling and it’s so funny.

[00:27:46] Like there is like good guy from Kentucky, like, hey, I just want to let you know my name is Jeff. And, you know, we’ve got this other company like Lead Masters or something. They put like an overlay on our site so they can see what’s clicking on. And it’s a whole bunch of techno mumbo jumbo. And I, I don’t particularly care because guess what? My phone’s not ringing.

[00:28:03] And this guy, the Icee man, goes and say, great, let me tell you, I’m qualified. And then lists like all this qualifications and really cool fifteen step technical advance system like no man, your client doesn’t understand that. He literally does not understand it and just said he does not want to understand it. So all you may grasp on one of the things that a couple sentences or one things I just went over and I hope that makes a lot of sense. Ideally, I think what’s going on is you’re not coming in with a stupid, simple system. It needs just work. They need to understand it. They need to believe that they can do it. So just call back the appointments. Do not show them the CRM. I swear to God, if you show them another CRM, that’s another time where they think I can’t do it or the thing can’t get it done. Do not show them the CRM. They’re gonna have to use it. Do not show them as part of the onboarding. And then finally, number three, they have to trust you and you can use that through the soap opera sequence or KLT campaigns. Ultimately, when you try to communicate the value, you’re probably just trying too hard to give them too much stuff. Well, you should be saying, hey, this is your offer. Do you want this? Do you understand how this works? Why would you like to start? That’s where we go in the icy and things like that.

[00:29:10] Oh, by the way, ladies and gents, if you’re part of the ICI or attending the Power Partner Masterclass, can you hashtag peepee so that people know that this is like a real idjit thing that like it’s worth a ninety seven dollars and can be a damn good masterclass. If you’re part of the Icee, you get a ticket already. If you just bought a ticket to the power partner of Prospect, you just hashtag GPP just so other people know that this is the thing.

[00:29:32] I think there’s like a level of comfort in knowing that there’s like a crowd. It’s not just you on the light and stuff like that. So just hashtag TPB. Lew gives me a star. There we go. Thank you very much. QandA says downpayment Yashar on top. Do not start work until after they pay the full price. Sorry, dude. It ain’t going to work out the way you think. I mean, you could take it on knowing that they will pay you. Maybe need the cash, which is totally OK. But it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to pay. Scott says you’re not calling back other leads. That is correct. Scott says, I just like the asshole Texas soap opera sequence. Get you to get people in calendar. I’m getting these. The asshole text to text me back are to generate inbound text messages. I will do a asshole text probably once every six weeks, either automatic when they sign up or every six weeks with something else. And that’s it, effectively, a soap opera sequence does link to my qualification page or my qualification calendar. So, yes, Scott, by the way, I dropped a walkthrough inside the ICEE. You get all my soap opera sequences right there and you get to see me do it. I haven’t quite figured out how to tell an enema ornament to remove my info from hire somebody yet every time I share my phone numbers in there. So, yeah, there you go. Meunier says, is the Panadol set up on the ice somewhere? There’s a video walk through. I’m not kidding, Warner. It’s my proposal put inside of the ice. Maybe overthinking it. Just sign for Pandak 14 day trial and work through it and you’ll be easier than you think. Lisa, I just signed up, Lee, you’re gonna have a great time. Lee says, I love your attitude and directness. Yeah, I’m a big fan. Just like this is the box. This is it. This is our time out. This is in theme or not. It’s. I don’t know how it fits me so well, but I damn like it. It’s really darn cool. Lee says we have eight dental clients would always love to do a better job with them. So, Lee, if that’s the case in a really awkward position, because Jeff Lopez, we’ll be showing you how to approach one of them as a power partner and dentists, no dentists, they just need an extra and then they’re going to start signing up other dental friends. We first discovered the idea of like a power partner with one of the guys, the ice. Twenty five thousand dollars and two weeks. Like, how the hell did you do that? He’s like, I have no idea. Like, this guy just sent me all this or all this. I was like, man, that’s a powerful partnership. And we coined the term power partner. Then Jeff Lopez weaponized it. And his plan is to at five and your cameras with his agency. I’m like, man, fireman, you cam on to your agency like, damn, that’s f ing cool, right? Like, that’s damn cool. How Indiana says, how about showing them a diagram of your system? No, I do not show them any diagram. Nothing like that. Not at all. Diagrams might work if they have to walk into your office and they’re stuck for an hour and cannot leave and they can focus and look at their screen. You’re doing zoom calls and like their text message pops up in there already, already half paying attention. Nope. I do not do any diagram. I do know system maps. That is like internal flexing stuff. That is like what? Like car people do to show to other car people that there that there is bigger. They’re like, look at all these like cool dials and dashboards and how we routed them. I don’t even know what cars are. That’s how sneaker heads like brag to each other about how cool they are. Like, look at all the cool stuff in the sneakers or or painters talk about the different metallic compounds of their paint or like white by watch people be like, oh my God, this is so amazing. Like this is a forty seven dollar close. Watch for Michael cause watch. But they’re like, oh my God, look at all the like the the moon thing like like the way a flex on each other in industry is different and flexing on each other outside of industry. Howard, I don’t know your background as much as I should. We’ve only met like once or twice. I know a part of other coaching programs, but I will tell you, like, if I ever showed my current clients or my future clients a diagram, they’d be like, nope, right out of the gate. Drew says it seems to be simple for best roofers or blue collar. That’s for sure. We’ve got five, 10, 50. We’ve got a bunch. We will join the power partner. Masterclasses can be damn cool.

[00:33:32] Joe says this might be dumb or not. We’re going to find out really learn fast. But if I want to be selling leads, how do I sell to a company that gets like 50 leads a day? Turns out coats today and a few side deals per day. They do three Inju came on the one go six hundred K without adding a ten moving parts. I don’t know how to help but I want to. Yeah. So if you’re trying to sell a certain number of leads, that’s a paper lead engagement.

[00:33:55] I don’t have explicit background in it, but there seems to be a trend coming up like more people are interested in doing pay per lead. I know some Amy Isy is doing it. They’re doing like five to 10 K a day and 50 percent of that goes in her pocket. I know somebody skyrocketed their agency by going from a retainer model with real estate agents. That is like a thousand or fifteen dollars a month. And having two in your clients to having just 30 clients that he charges ten to fifteen thousand dollars a month each. And it’s all pay per lead. Right. But I wish I could tell you more, man. I know nothing about paper lead. My entire background, it’s flat rate and I’m a big fan of it. And until I start experimenting with paper later, find a paper partner I can’t talk about with any level of confidence or endorsement. But I know there are people in this group that do paper lead and specifically for non e commerce, specifically for lead yet. So you may have to do some looking’s or post up like, hey, who’s the best paper lead guy? There is a and this is not an endorsement, if I can make an air quotes for emphasis. I’m not endorsing this. There’s a bald dude and I don’t know his name, but he’s got a paper league course. I don’t know anything about it. I just see his name come up again and again. I wish I knew more. And I did get hit with a guy that’s doing Systematize Systematize, but it spelled a doozy. Let me look this up right now. Maybe this is what you’re looking for.

[00:35:20] Systematize system. Pyes. This is dude’s name. Just watching it earlier today. Hold on, history. Famous for you right now. Two to. Now, that’s a Trag. I’m going to find it real fast. I’m off screen, tell us. OK, so is getting hit with the ads for setup my ads with Vince Reed. Not an endorsement. I’m not saying you should be paying him money, Natalie. That’s all I know. And the other guy. Thank you, Howard. Is Dan Waldrup or Wardrop. Dan something. Dan Wardrop w our D.R Opie. There you go. Thank you. Meanwell Mantell and Howard and James again. Not an endorsement. Don’t know anything but that’s our bad. So we’re talking about it. Right. There you go. Let’s see what else. Got a bunch of beebees. Very cool. Yeah. This this massac asking me. Damn cool. Very, very cool. OK. So. But feebler saying it’s Dan Warde drop. And just to be nice to put Vince Reed’s name in the comments. Vince reads again, this is not an endorsement. Do not buy their stuff or pay money. Be like Jeff said so. It’s just because of ads. That’s it. Let’s see what else is going on.

[00:36:50] Oh, I want to spend like five, ten minutes or so talking about how he introduced two new ads and got ten new agency leads in 48 hours in the process that I go through. This is massively powerful for people who have like Peel’s it shoot through the roof or ads ResultSet go down or you know, it’s just not performing anymore or I don’t know what’s happening. Like is that is the niche. What do they call when there’s like too many people in the niche. Like is it. Is it. I don’t know. Mean, there’s too much competition. Something like that. I do not believe that you will ever run into an oversaturated niche. That’s the term I was looking for. If you do the following and there’s three steps and I’m not doing my Google Slide because I think if you’re listening this to audio, you will now have an unfair advantage. It’s damn cool. And this is the same process I’ve used to constantly reiterate the ads that I’m using for my new niche and I’m beating up my competition. Even people inside of the ICU can see my ads are not innovating fast enough to beat me out, which is like pretty darn interesting. The first thing’s first is I am screenwriting. The first, second and third ad that I see on Facebook, on desktop and mobile every single day.

[00:37:59] Those are the best ads. Those the ads. The Facebook says you should buy that stuff. It’s a great fit for you. Have a good time. Screenshot that put into your Swype file. I’ve got on Google Drive. It’s called ads. I like it’s thousands of ads long. Whenever I run into a scenario like, oh, I shouldn’t be creating ad, so I go to I go there because I’m doing the first three ads at the beginning of the end of the day, or whenever I see something smart, a screenshot, put it in there by the end of an average working day. I’ve got like ten new ads that’s on my desktop job, all the ads manager. That’s number one. Screenshot the top one, two, three ads on your desktop and mobile. You will always have new ad ideas, new formats, new angles, all that fun stuff. That’s number one. Number two, introduce new ads on a weekly basis. I’m not kidding. A weekly basis. Russell Brunson that run the same ads from six months ago. Sam Evans and the same ads from a year ago. Dan heading up the same ads from six weeks ago. How even like Alex Becker, that’s doing millions of dollars a month. He’s got like five hundred thousand dollars a month in recurrent income is nothing to always introducing new ads. The second thing is you’re always going to be doing. Guess what? Introducing new ads, some say again always introduce new ads. With what, Jeff? How do we introduce new ads? Go to swipe file and just start getting some inspiration, getting some interesting ideas and have a good time. I saw an ad from King Kong and Australia. Five dollar leads got my attention. So guess what I’m doing for a new niche? Five dollar leads. Let’s see. We can have that conversation.

[00:39:29] There’s a roofing company that it literally has a guy in a book, not a bikini, a jock strap, a Speedo. With a shotgun or a rifle or some like that and a gator. Oh, my God. I should do that. And I can just mock something up on the Internet, stands out.

[00:39:48] Have a good time and use the first three words or the first three sentences, their first three ideas. I saw another ad for a dental implant company. Can we add ten thousand dollars a month to your dental dental offices? Monthly production. Guess what I did for my new niche. Can we have ten thousand dollars a month to your new niche monthly production? I saw a bunch of ads saying exclusive, non shared, geographic consistent, reliable phone calls, pickups, all that stuff. Every single week I’m introducing new ads that make a lot of effing sense based upon the first one, two or three ads. Facebook shows me again. Here’s the connection you want of an ad that’s awesome and amazing. Makes a lot of sense. I’m not smart enough to create ads, but I’m smart enough to copy people. I should not to use the word copy. But you’re an adult, you know what I mean? Right. Number one.

[00:40:36] First three screenshots. First three ads. Screenshot desktop and mobile. Your job is done. Whenever you run to a scenario like I need to create new ad, do not employ the creative part of your brain. Not a good idea. That stuff’s only good from like nine to 11 in the morning after that. It’s like fighting a fire. Not a good idea. Introduced a new ad based upon the first three that you saw at 10 came on the production. Get 15 phone calls, guaranteed shops, 30 shops and 30 days, new system, whatever is like being input into you from Facebook, from his top three. Those are your best three. And finally, the third thing is bring up new ads very, very quickly. I’m always introducing three by three. I don’t know if this is Dennis Use Framework or I have Beeby Frank Kern framework. I’m not sure. But every time I introduce a new ad, it’s a new ad. And then I have three different versions. Same offer, same message, same headline. So if it’s like AD 10 came onto your blank office’s production. There you go. Three different pictures. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. I did that. I introduced two ads. I got ten agency leads in 48 hours. Something I pay like eight dollars or so for a client getting out. That’s awesome. And you know what I ended up doing? I accidentally use the same strategy three weeks ago, introduced the 10K, whatever, and Glenn in Arizona came to pay me two thousand dollars and thirty six hours. So for everybody watching this, here’s your unfair advantage. You’re going to use to beat out everybody. Screenshot those suckers. Introduce a new ad three by three. That’s not three by three, it’s one by three. I don’t know, but interesting new ad. Have a good time. Three different pictures. Your job is done. And Jim is saying, do you create a new ad duplicated, winning and then edit adding it? I do nothing like that. I’m not smart enough to even try to understand. I don’t mean that condescendingly. What you mean like, I don’t do that.

[00:42:25] All I do is click, go to my campaign, go to my list, or go to the ad site which has like my list and all that, and then create a new ad. And then I just I just start writing a new ad. Oh, there’s a picture.

[00:42:37] There are some words. Let’s go. And then I duplicate it. Change the photo, duplicate it, then change the photo. And those three ads that running. Done. No big deal. And I don’t particularly care if when I takes off or not. I really care. People end up paying me money. And here’s the kicker. Here’s your here’s your 15 second. Clip. Cut bit. I don’t know. Something like that. Every single time somebody has paid me money from a new niche, it’s like, hey, Jeff, I’ve been seeing your ads ever. I say, like, hey, which one stood out? They’re like, don’t know, man. We saw like we saw one with your talking head and then we saw one with, like, your meme. And then we saw one was like the doorknocking was like so you saw all of them right there. Like Yeah that was pretty cool. I was like, awesome. Let’s have that knowledge of in conversation and say, Delage, I’ve been on I mean, let’s have that demo. I might sneaking suspicion is that you cannot simply show the same ad and then expect for that like to keep working. You always have to introduce new ads, new angles, new offers. Out of one hundred percent of people are going to pay you money, maybe 20 percent do it. Right now. The 80 percent need a different reason. And here’s what’s cool. Remember earlier I talked about pre cocking objections of the soap opera sequence. Guess what my ads are doing? They’re pre concrete, those objections which enable people to have better quality qual calls, better quality demos and turnaround proposals even faster than ever before. I hope that makes sense for everybody. I hope that was worth tuning in for forty five minutes or so. If you are interested in getting the ninety seven dollar masterclass, I would highly recommend it. I vet these people very, very well. I pay them an f a ton of money for continued support and that’s highly unlikely. You’re ever gonna get a chance to learn directly from somebody went from zero to one hundred thousand dollars a month using one process. And he’s gonna show you everything that he can. It’s ninety seven dollars. It’s a 14 day money back guarantee. It is absolutely effing fantastic. We go live. Friday four thirty PM Eastern and you’re gonna buy you’re gonna get a link to the pop up group. Typing your email. Give the V.A. day or so. She’s gonna approve you and then you’re in. You’ve got homework for to doing medially just to confirm that. A couple of things and then we drop a A Q and a call tomorrow and then we go live Friday. So guess what, ladies and gents, if you are not hitting the goals that you expect and if you’re freaking out because of sales and blah, blah, and just want someone else to sell for, you got two options. One, you can go ahead and be disappointed by hiring a Dan Locke closer. That’s what’s going to happen. You be sad, disappointed with these and be shitty. They’re not going near the industry. They’re going to yell and yell back. You say this is stupid or done. Gone. They’re gonna have huge expectations, like I expect to make a hundred thousand dollars a month. A hundred thousand dollars a year tracking within six, eight weeks. Or you’re going to say like, hey, I can’t give you five to ten demos every single day. They say these are unqualified people are going to fight you the whole way through or you just go to your current clients like, hey, you like our work, right? Well, what if I pay you to offer me people? And here’s the three things you need to know. And that’s what good Jeff Lopez is gonna be talking about. So this is not meant for people who are just starting out. It’s not meant for be like I have all just like brain trash. Like, I can’t even move like, yo, dude, if you’re that type of person, go get sold by Ty Lopez and come back. Like, I don’t need to deal with people who are, like, so emotionally traumatized by somebody saying, oh, my God, you have to go to the gym that they’re unwilling to do it, not for that person. This is only for people who want a power partner. Do you want a power partner? And if you’re willing to do it. Pay the ninety seven bucks and join up with masterclasses, gonna be damn fucking good. I’m a stick around for about 15 minutes or so. Got any questions? Comments. Once outside is now is the time. Just use this to kind of pick my brain and see what’s up. I can’t ever share everything, but it’s usually like a really good opportunity to do so. Let’s see what else Bryan says. Can I still get a ticket from Masterclass? I’ll just respond to it right now. Let me go and copy and paste this real fast. It’s like that beyond the stick around until like one o’clock or so. And then I go boogie off because I’ve got I got a single guy, pest control companies. We had a campaign go live. They got their first appointment in fifteen minutes, which is cool. And they’re tracking 30 actual reallife customers. Damn awesome. And I didn’t open up ads manager. I didn’t touch any high level. I didn’t touch any of my customers. Well, just my agency EYE-LEVEL Everything was sent to my high level guy or my white labeler does everything. And it’s just like a positive expense. Working with my family introduced like new white label ways of working so that agencies know how to interact with a white labelers. And you’ll know if like this is good or if this is bad or if this is bad or this is good. I think I did it backwards. June says, How do I join the I see it as a paid program. You can message Brett Watts or SPREP, what’s Brett Factor X or Louis? It’s a paid program. It’s damn expensive. It’s not for new people. It’s for people that want to move fast and move together quickly. Introduce new updates every two weeks. But I want to keep this conversation about the power partner prospecting masterclass or a Q&A and things like that. So feel free to ask whatever questions that you like. All good. I don’t care if it’s new or old. Go for it. Somebody says, would the guy that the stranger came on be a good power partner civilian to. I don’t see why not. But I can’t guarantee that process. I know that power partners tend to be good with local legion companies, not necessarily paper lead companies. I’m not sure. But hey, maybe it could work. I mean, if you’re having conversations about the difference between where you are and where you want to be, the only thing stopping is 97 bucks just paid to buy the ticket. I mean. Zach says, Can I get a summary of this just arrived? No, Zach, you can not. Forty five minutes going on. Forty nine minutes. I’ve got ten minutes left. But feel free to go ahead and take a look. The bullet points above my head. Or or this way, I think Chris says, will point to positive current ads run out of the new copy. I introduced new ads every single week and then I compare the results. It’s kind of close. I default to the new ad if it’s horrifically bad. Then I turn off the new ad and keep last week’s ad. Using that process, I’m always finding a new maximum or minimum. And then imagine like six months from now and just turn them all on and see what happens. Facebook figured out. But for the most part, your plan, Chris, is always introduce a new ad on a weekly so you can see them inside. I see. From Las Vegas to this idea, as he introduced new ads on a weekly basis, you’ll have access to all of them. But what the thought process buying is like, let’s say this new ad on Monday. I let it run until next Monday and then compare it with the most previous ad set, if it’s close, a default to the new ad, because it’s a new angle, a new message, a new offer. All that fun stuff, if it’s horrifically bad, a default to last week’s ad. And then I’m always introducing a new ad like this Friday. I’ve got, I think, three or four different samples or examples I can be using. And I even just did a screen flow tutorial. And how did the top and bottom bar and stuff like that, which I’ll be introducing as well, like the three expert secrets to blank niche getting blank result and stuff like that. More so if if you’re on a qualification call and you’re getting some objections, our pain points or this is what I wish I had type conversations. That’s also really darn good ad space. Forty three secret ads and things like that. Sax’s I meant to link or something and it’ll just kind of put it right here. This will walk you through. It’s got an agenda. It’s got an overview video. As soon as you purchase a ticket you’ll be put into a Pop-Up Group and then there’ll be more information there. And take a next step if you’d like to go and check what’s going on with all this stuff real fast.

[00:50:17] Almazan and Gentz.

[00:50:22] All right, I think we’re good.

[00:50:26] Oh, cool. My code, e-mail and campaign just got 13 positive replies.

[00:50:32] At. That’s awesome.

[00:50:35] Howard says, well, how will be notified regarding the PDP Q&A tomorrow? So it is a Q and a drop, which is like what’s the number one thing you want us to review on the power prospecting masterclass? And so it’s just a just a Facebook post. I’ll pin it to the top and then you can just start dropping questions in there and we make sure to go over them on the live. So that goes up tomorrow. So there’s not like a notification. It’s just go to the group and we leave it up for like 24 hours or something like that. And then during the call, we also have a Q&A options, have you and job questions, and we do it live. And then there’s a Q and a second form. I think three or four. No, that’s not true. Nothing for like a week later. And then that type of process. What’s interesting, by the way, with the most previous master class, I totally dropped the ball. Like I totally forgot about the second unit. I had to rethink with the instructor will make sure they’re taken care of as well. The others, three opportunities for Q&A, Q&A drop on the live and then the follow up as well. We’ve got about eight minutes and then I got to boogie off. We’ll see what happens. Somebody else. This is the third live inside of the ICC.

[00:51:43] They, like people, are closing damn deals. This one is by Jonathan Yetto. I can’t really see what he’s doing, but every time he goes live because it’s like a two K deal and he actually down cells in the customary six for fifteen hundred dollars just to get the ball rolling, which is awesome. James River says, I love the T-shirt. I appreciate that a lot. Yeah, I’ve got like seven T-shirts that I did pull out the one nice T-shirt. I have my date last night, which didn’t turn out the way I expected, right? Yeah. Dating your 30s is tough, mostly because of expectations. Like show up on time and be an adult. Things like that. Right. Who knows?

[00:52:21] Let me kind of scroll through the chat real fast and we’ll see what’s up. Joe, about TPP traces during the NSC, Maryland says Jimmy Isomerism just broke 10K. By the way, some mad. Congrats, Marilyn. Good job. She went from zero ten getting in like seven weeks, eight weeks, something like that in the middle of Korona, in the middle of Spain. Like, hot damn right.

[00:52:45] Seattle’s is going on.

[00:52:48] Zach has a question answered that Chris has a question. Answer that Russy says Devlin, tell the prospect. Let’s have a knowledge of conversation. Yeah. Trevor says, I got hit.

[00:52:59] You hit with your niche as a name. Yeah. Trevor like like some marketer liked my stuff. And now that the customer side look like audience is gone, all sorts of crazy. To go in and fix that real fast. But I’m trying to keep it on the DL. So like trying to share the love you got. I mean, it’s just it’s hard for me to to be in my seat and be honest saying I did this without anybody’s help. When people are like helping, I’m trying to like just like a proven path to go from zero. No brand, no nothing. Just you and a desktop and a webcam pitch in presenting. And it’s much easier for me to be honest with that without having to ask fams porting out. That’s cool. So you dig it? I just kind of keep on the DL.

[00:53:43] Chris, as you contain increase your Facebook audience size when you create new ad versions or continues the same ad set and custom audiences.

[00:53:49] Yes. So Chris, so go to your lead provider. So like a D7 and pull like a big list of, let’s just say, the top 400 plumbers in Florida, other top 400 Plummers in the United States. I should rephrase that. The top four hundred cities and all the plumbers in four in those four industries in the U.S.. And you put them as a custom audience and shove them into Facebook ads at the ads level, put them in there from there. That is your custom audience. That’s like your master list. Right. You then also create a look like but not of that list. Look like a people that filled out the form. People that did not fill out the form. People that submitted. That’s it. That’s your look alike. And I think I messed up a lookalike or my guy messed up look like. So that’s why it’s all going funky. You can add to it by going to the audience and clicking add to a list. But if you’ve already pulled the top 400, we can add like top for 10, for 20, top or 50, something like that. You can go to another Legian provider and add that in there. I’ve never had to actually go re add to my list. There’s about fifteen thousand or so on that list. Facebook identified, I think 7000 or something like that. And I don’t got 7000 clients. Right. So it’s not a audience problem or list problem. It’s an offer, an add problem. So once it’s up there, it’s working. I don’t really touch it. If I only had like the top one hundred and I keep adding to it, maybe the top four hundred, maybe as part of my brand is going, oh my God, I need a new list. So I go to a different lead source provider and shove it in there. But for the most part, my brain is saying I only have 10 clients, so I’m not sure I only have five clients with my new industry. How many clients do I have? I think seven. I only have like five or seven clients. My new niche, the problem is not the custom audience, probably not the look like on the problems. The new ad, Chris goes on and says, do you continue the same ad setting custom model? I do continue to continue to use the same ad set. I just introduced a new ad. I turn off the old ad and turn on the new ad. That process is working really, really well for me, and it’s consistent pulling out quality qual calls and quality demos out of it. And so if you’re looking for like a variation, it’s very rarely an audience thing. If you’re doing local legion and using an ad, an offer thing, assuming like your technical setup is correct.

[00:55:59] Rowland says for weeks it took four weeks for it to go from zero 10k. Good job, Marilyn. And booked a nineteen hundred dollar deal today.

[00:56:08] Marilyn, I think it’s time we do a 10K breakdown. Ahead, your calendar tomorrow. I’m going to go I mean, I see you give your shirt. Well done. You put in work, you got it. Well done.

[00:56:24] It’s like a personal medal of Spain and no crying like full assed lockdown where you can’t leave your block. You beat out the vast majority of people inside of this group.

[00:56:34] Well done. Good effin job.

[00:56:37] So I think that’s it. So far, I’ve got to single with my agency clients, almost seven this from trying not to do that.

[00:56:44] If you want to get your ninety seven dollars power partner, master class ticket, ninety seven bucks for thirty PM Eastern Center on Friday, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

[00:56:55] You’re gonna love it. I guarantee it. If you hate it, I will refund your money on the spot. You have 14 days. I throw money back. We’ve got a Q&A job. We’re going live. We’re going to share funnels. You’re getting behind the scenes. You are. You’re going to learn how to get a power partner with a proven process. And Jeff Lopez has used this to power partner from zero. Again, brand new niche, brand new space power partnered and made an F ton of money really darn fast.

[00:57:17] If you do not have a power partner, you are probably missing an extra. Thirty three. Thirty three. Thirty three. Thirty two. Three hundred thousand dollars in revenue on a month or yearly basis. Just.

[00:57:29] Just get the. You know what I mean?

[00:57:33] Howard says, How do I find the pop group I didn’t book market? Yeah, I’ll tag you in the group right now. Just send it to. So that’s a place in the book that makes funny.

[00:57:41] See you guys later. Bye.

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