More X-RAY Insight Into My Ruthlessly Lucrative Yet Painfully Simple Client-Getting Process!

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Okay gang, you want more golden info-nuggets on how to whip together a 20k-100k/month agency???

Your no-excuse making wish is my command.

But be forewarned…none of this involves being ‘nice‘.

That said, let’s jam!

Because in this video you’re gonna get:

  • Exactly what I say to the hardcase ‘why should I pay you 2k up-front???’ prospects so they quickly take a knee and send me the money 24-36 hours after the demo
  • Why this is the first time in the history of living you have NO EXCUSE not to succeed in finding clients – and what your weak-kneed problem is if you don’t…
  • The mind-blowin’ 5 second script I use to lock down demos and get prospects dying to throw money at me
  • A breakdown of what I charge my clients to give me insane 50% margins (no other business, and I mean NO OTHER BUSINESS, does margins like this)
  • How my sales narrative is fundamentally different than other agency groups (yeah, I take a nice clean shot at Russell Brunson here)
  • The magically brutal words I say to clients who ask why they should keep paying me the same fee month after month even after the initial procurement system is built (quick hint… all I’ve got to to do is let them know what they’re really paying me for)
  • What I do to prospects who give me a hard ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ (long-story-super short… it sufficiently beats them down to where they’re desperate to talk to me again)
  • The new agency model which kicked ass in quarantine and is here to stay post lockdown…
  • And a whole bunch more!
Joining the Inner Circle

Gets you access to a consistent and repeatable process so you can land and keep clients who pay $1k, $2K, even $5K+ a month without any hidden upsells. (yeah… upsells suck)


[00:00:00] Never seen my face before. I didn’t spend weeks or months trying to get them interested in what I’ve got to do, what I’ve got to say, doing 90 second sorry, 90 percent of video views and doing five, ten different videos, trying to see what sticks are top of funnel.

[00:00:17] Nothing like that. It just works. I literally just create an ad that said, hey, this is what I do in exchange for money. Are you interested? If you are. Click here and let’s talk. Then we talked and then they paid me money. Second client in Frisian correctly. First client when we could go. Second client this week. Two thousand dollars apiece. Recurring. They’re going to say six to 12 months. That’s followed to twenty four thousand dollar deals like that. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult. No automation’s literally just did the normal agency ways of working and landed another dang client. And I know this because the client texted me saying, hey, we’re in, you’re different than the other guys because you’re doing blank and we’re in. So great. I’m going to get the paperwork tonight. Let’s go. And they’re going to pay today. Two thousand dollars cash in my pocket. I didn’t do any huff and puff. No groveling. Hell, I didn’t even follow up. I just said, here’s what I do in exchange for money. Are you ready? Where would you like your results start? This is how much it costs. Are you in? That’s it. By a white label guy. Does all the work. I just handle the client communications. And then a two thousand dollar. My deal. I walk away a thousand dollars a month clean. I don’t do any of the work part except for send them forms and yell at them once every other week. You’d make a thousand dollars for working. What an hour. Is that crazy or so building this dang thing, right? So I can put more money into the client getting ads that make people so desperate that they want to pay me money that they’re responding to my text messages and qualifying calls by text message.

[00:02:03] I’m getting messages every single day. Hey, Jeff, do you do this? When can I schedule a time? I’ve had two booked demos today. I’ve had four qualifying calls today. I’ve got two Real-Life Demos later today and one at seven p.m. Eastern Center because the guy said, hey, look, I know you want to do it tomorrow, but I just need this so much right now. Can you do it later today? I’ve got time. 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard. You got it. This is the type of stuff that makes complete, total sense. You’re not doing this. You’re not getting these results. You’re obviously doing something wrong. And whatever you’re doing or whatever your brain is saying is is fundamentally not working. And this process is I don’t care what you’re saying about Corona. I don’t care what you’re saying about your niche.

[00:02:49] I don’t care what what your offer or your message. Nothing like that. If you’re not signing one deal, we get two thousand dollars a month. You’re doing something wrong. People me, I see. They’re like, yo. Another fifteen hundred another to grant another three grand. They’ve been doing for thousand dollar days. Fifteen thousand dollar deals. Twenty thousand months. Consistently. Sweepingly. I see. Watching this and they’ve seen it. It’s normal. Happens all the time. And what I really hate about this industry is that they’re old people who sit, like I mentioned last time in my seat and be in charge of an agency group that don’t run an agency. They just read a whole bunch of sales marketing books and apply a sales marketing to their coaching programs. That is about sales and marketing to businesses. It’s like that’s such like a long, convoluted process of of trying to be honest, like imagine all the mental gymnastics you have to go through to say, hey, don’t do what I’m doing instead of do what I say to do that I used to do. But I don’t do anymore because I want something else that’s like fundamentally flawed. Stupid. And so I just proved to everybody, including everybody who who is part of this group that wants to call me out is like, that’s fine. Great. I’ll start from brand new. Don’t use my face. Don’t use my name. Won’t do it in Miami. That is exactly what we did. We’ll be getting five to 10 yeses every single day without staff, without automation’s, just a manual process of doing the doing part. And I’m so used to in-person sales and white board demo decks that I just changed my wallet out. Campaign to the stupid simple demo deck. That’s it. My demo is now five minutes. And the rest of it is pre framing where they say, yes, I want to pay you money and then objection handling is the why they think that they should not pay me money. That’s it for everybody in the eye. See, that’s on this live saying, hey, where’s the demo deck? You’ll get it if you left a testimonial like instructed. It’s only a matter of time. We’ll get to you. It’ll happen. But there’s people using this new way of working and landing. Fifteen hundred two thousand armed clients. We have a lady in the ICU based out of Spain that is doing the client getting process and getting five to 10 yeses every single day for four or five dollars apiece for two thousand dollar service. Come on. It’s insane. It’s absolutely mind blowingly simple. And if you’re doing what you’re doing and you’re not getting a simple result that you expect, you’re obviously doing it wrong. It’s going to the gym every day for an hour. You’re not losing weight. You’re doing it wrong. I spend Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That’s it. Doing my perfect agency follow up and I get five to 10 qualification calls. I say, great. Can we talk now? I call them. I do my qualification process and you know it.

[00:05:21] We get a demo.

[00:05:23] That demo is a two thousand dollar pitch. What would you like to start? Great. Here’s your payment. Here’s your invoice. Why don’t you go get other people in your area actively looking for new customers? If you don’t pay within 24 hours, I cannot guarantee your spot. More so if we get a case that if we. Area, we have to double our fees. What would you like to start? Every time I’ve used my client getting process and I case study clothes, I’m getting people turning around in 24 to 36 hours of a two thousand dollar deal. And what’s so funny is it’s so massively effective that I don’t have to mess with my mike. Hey. Are you interested just following up? No, this is the offer. This is the deal. You know, I’m smart, driven, motivated. And if you don’t take this opportunity, somebody else will. That’s it. I’m a total ass on my coaching calls. Ah, sorry, Miss HouseCalls. They love it. It’s absolutely amazing. The stupid symbol demo deck client getting ads, perfect agency follow up.

[00:06:17] And just works.

[00:06:19] Absolutely, fantastic, Absolutely, amazing. If there’s any questions, comments and turns out Tony has now is the time. This is time I specifically devote to you admits my ninety nine PMs and my ninety nine notifications of my ninety nine emails and my ninety nine text messages. This is how I specifically devote to you. If your agency is not lady two thousand dollar a month deals on a weekly basis, you need to join the icy flat out. This is hilariously effective. Like you will be laughing your ass off. We people I joined last week are doing demos.

[00:06:48] Last week. And they’re doing demos.

[00:06:52] A Real-Life human being business said, hey, I saw what you’re doing. How does it work and how much it costs and can I pay you money? Sure, Mr. Johnson. Here’s how the program works. This is how much it costs. It’s easy. Karen says, and you have grammatical errors. I do. It’s so funny. Like, nobody cares. And they’re still there, like we’re doing sales letters instead of websites. And there’s grammatical errors all over it. And my clients don’t even have like. Yeah, man, I saw your website. I really liked it. You know. Hey. Let’s do a demo. Great.

[00:07:22] So now I don’t spend weeks and months trying to figure out whether it’s a red button or a blue button or if it should be a top VSL or bottom yes or no. Just do a sales letter. That’s it. If you spend more than two hours building our site, you’re doing it wrong. Like at the core, you’re doing it wrong. Your Web site should only be a sales letter that should only reflect somebodies confirmation that they should be buying stuff from you. Tesla does not make money from their Web site. They make money because they got a damn good car. If you will go to a Web site and confirm why they should be buying that car. Your website should do the exact same thing. Buy a brand new agency website. I spent one hour last week building it another hour this week, and it’s already up and running an already working. Getting qualification calls off of it.

[00:08:04] There’s no reason why you should be doing the same.

[00:08:08] Mohammed says the confidence to speak like an ask. Yeah, it’s easier than you think. Really, it’s. There’s a lady in the iciest charging realtors four thousand dollars a month and she’s getting three or four qualification calls a week. Why is it hard? I get shouldn’t be this whole idea of, like Korona, an economy pause and also is either a lie or telling yourself or you simply lack the discipline to build an agency in the first place. It’s the first real lifetime in the history of your living, if not a generation of people just like you where you have no excuse other than you and yourself. If you have not landed a client during Corona, you are 100 percent at fault. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. You’re simply doing it wrong. If you have not lost lost weight during the quarantine, it is your fault and nobody else’s. It is your decision to do better. Not the fault of anybody else. Same exact way with business, same exact way with health, wealth and personal relationships. No other way around it. Alec says, Did you do Frank Kern? S sales that are of course, there’s no other sales letter. That’s the only sales letter. I was one of the best. Mike says love get caught up in the ICU last month. It’s been hectic trying to get back home. We’re gonna talk to be brought to speed. Mike, you got to talk to anybody. You just get access to it and you have a good time. We have Friday coaching calls every four thirty. That’s how you can talk to me. Donald says I love. Jeff You got it, dude. Brian Darren says, I want to do is getting a hair. Nobody. It’s way too long and way too big and really reflects the fact I’ve been focusing on my agency. Yesterday I went live and I showed the exact text message based com fixation and confirmation that how with a client who’s never seen me, never heard of me, never talked to me, never seen my stuff, that only knows of a blank Facebook page. I was put up three weeks ago saying, hey, we’re in. Hey, we’re in. I didn’t have to rely on a convoluted three by three video matrix at Disassembles, they’re pretty conquerers is objection’s and blah, blah, blah. No. Stupid, simple. Like, real stupid. Simple. Just like losing weight, Gentz. It’s just like losing weight. If you’re working out, you’re not losing weight. You’re working out wrong. It’s literally a five minute demo. Hey, this how it works. Objection. Handling.

[00:10:20] Before you do the demo, I say, hey, I just wanna make sure we’re working with dollars and numbers big enough to move your needle. Because I know that this is going to cost you money. That’s just how the world works. Right. Great. And I know I’m gonna be solving a problem big enough towards worth paying me money month after month. Right. Or are you getting SS? They know how this world works. So when I say Cosmati, they’re not like, oh my God, I had no idea.

[00:10:39] No, definitely cost money. Well, my qualification calls. I say, hey, just want to know this is a business call. Yes or no? OK, maybe not so much. Does any decision makers that need to be on the call make sure that they’re there? Oh, OK. Sorry for for you interrupting me saying you’re the only decision maker. Great. Great. I mean, just wanna let you know this is business. It does cost money. You and I can’t pay. We can’t pay our taxes with goodwill. And my plan is to show you how much this works, how much it costs, and ultimately where you can get your results. So once you open up your calendar and show me what’s available, I use that script three times today and I’ve got three demos, two for later today. There is no reason why you should not be landing a client using our fault, our proven followable easy is not process. I’ve got a girl outside of the I.C., not inside the United States, doesn’t speak English as a native language, is getting five dollar sign ups and qualification phone calls and qualification texts. There’s no reason to do it. Jake says, Hey, Jeff, longtime bureau, first time commenter, can you like me to the icy, you’re gonna talk to Lewis or Brett Fekter ex Brett? Well, Brett will comment on their saying, like, hey, Pemi, he’s my guy that handles all this. I cannot deal with, like, all the icy conversation. Gotta focus on my agency. Otherwise, I’m a fraud.

[00:11:54] And I don’t want to build an agency that is like that. I do want to build an agency that just teaches other agency ideas agency without actually having an agency. That’s how I was originally thought. Fucks me up like it messes up an indiscretion of KERS. So you’re going to Brett Factor X is going to reply to that message or just tag him and I’ll make sure taking care of the ICC actually amazing like we client getting ads that work. I do want to say every industry, but every industry that I’ve tried, it’s worked with like the last agency niche I focused on. I got eight hundred sign ups. This one I’m at one hundred and thirty seven. That’s not true.

[00:12:30] This one so far. I am at. How do I find that big list?

[00:12:41] Dashboard one hundred and seventy one Real-Life businesses in my chosen niche have signed up saying, Hey Jeff, I want to buy it, we have to sell for two thousand limiters, mind blowing. Now, well, here’s what’s really, really cool, by the way, that everybody’s going to say us right out of the gate. That’s why you fight this injustice every single day to through demos every single day. One out of three will turn into a one to three thousand a month deal. As soon as you get that client result, which is from your white label, or they do all the stuff for you, you go back to your big, big list. Bless it out. Hey, some deals just paid me money and double their investment. They just got 20 or through. Your current client had been forty five days.

[00:13:15] Well, would you like to sign up? Just be aggressive like that. It’s hilarious how like passive people are with their marketing.

[00:13:23] No, we just got another client may nature. Fifteen thousand dollars a month, the first month of working with us. When would you like to start? Click here to qualify yourself. That’s it. And I’m at beg bargain sitting saying, hey, you know, it’d be great if you gave us a shot. Nope. Why do you want to do business with me? We’ve already got a proven process and just got a confirmation for another guy at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard. We’re doing another Democrat try to qualify me. He said, you want us to page thousands before you’ve proven yourself. Johnson Johnson, we’ve already proven ourselves 10 other times. If you like, I can show in the demo call. But the biggest question, Mr. Johnson, isn’t whether or not our system works, but whether or not your business is built to work with our system. And if we send you a ton of phone calls and have tons of clients, get to make sure you the technicians and staff so that you can actually make money with our program, what would you like to schedule a demo? That’s how that works. Mario says just joined in the script sounds amazing. It is mind blowing. Nick says 2K includes ads or is that just management? What did they spend on that? Two thousand dollars a month is what I charge my client. Five hundred dollars in ads, five and management fee. I walk away a thousand dollars a month clean. That’s it. Now, businesses, the world has 50 percent margins. Not even tussle. I don’t care for Intel. Google doesn’t have 50 percent margins. If you’re good, you can get seventeen to twenty five percent margins. I’m walking with double that. Less time left. Less effort, less energy. And this guy, my white label, already has a client academy that trains all the clients on how to not fuck it up. Trains them on how to pick up the phone, gives them all the scripts that are already proven, he’s done all that stuff.

[00:14:55] Great. More so he’s my white labeler. He’s working with other clients, too. So when he gets a result, I get to blast my list. I’m working without doing the work part is how it’s supposed to be. Ali says this is like the wolf of Wall Street call for agency client closing. Yeah, and that’s how it should be.

[00:15:14] You shouldn’t be, like, overly excited and motivated, like, oh, my God, this is the best opportunity. Wealth. Now, Mr. Johnson, I want well, you know, I’m super psyched about this and I care a lot. But honestly, like, we’ve got other people in your area that are calling us. You can hear our phones ringing. This isn’t about whether or not it works. I’ve shown you that it works. Whether or not you can make it work for your business. They mentioned early in the onboard call. You’ve got technicians that desperately need jobs and you want to double from 500 clients a month to a thousand clients a month. And, you know, this program can deliver.

[00:15:44] There’s also what’s stopping you from saying, yes, right now it’s either me or you or the thing you don’t trust me. I understand completely. Is there anything that I can do to beat that trust or we’re just going to have to, like, go out on a limb here? You’re OK with that? Great. If I send you this proposal, you can return in 24 hours or my time to give your spot to somebody else. Great. See you later. That’s surely not that hard. You’ll notice that my narrative, by the way, is fundamentally different than the other agency groups, because I believe at the core, the other agency groups are really people that don’t run agencies anymore. Instead, they’re running groups. And that’s why this group is run differently. Because I’m running an agency, because I’m building a name and an industry that hasn’t heard from me.

[00:16:31] I’m not trying to leverage my interviews in this group for a brand new niche. I’m going in cold. And I documented everything.

[00:16:39] Everything. Everything. It’s all right there.

[00:16:44] I can’t. Getting ads, my client closing scripts, my demo decks, my qualification process. Ask anybody. I see. There are hours of footage of me going live doing the callbacks like a normal real life. You. Not using side cash to go hire somebody that’s a rockstar salesperson and put them on one hundred thousand dollar salary and then count as starting an agency.

[00:17:08] That ain’t real. That’s not legitimate. That’s dishonest.

[00:17:12] Tim says, Do you share your white label part inthe US or do you have to find our own if you join your program? I’m more than happy to share my white label guy with you. This is in the infancy and I will not be sharing it. Unproven process once I’ve nailed down the right way to filter and vet white label people. There will be a pre-approved list inside of the ISEF people that are, I would say, I would say to three masters per niche and per industry. You do not ever give one person monopoly. That’s bad for an industry, bad for a market, bad for everybody. So what will happen is after this is proven, I’ll have an application process for white labels. We’re gonna have to figure out a good filtering process will probably cost money for them to join in and donate the difference. And then they’re going to get on the list. They’re going to have a proven way of working, a standardized way of working where to say, hey, if you wanna be part of this, this is what you have to do as part of a white label program.

[00:18:01] Yeah, and then people me, I’m going to say, like, holy shit, crazy, I can charge two grand a month and it cost me five hundred. So we’re talking about.

[00:18:12] Mario says, Love the Bad Ass Attitudes Conference of B.S. This one is correct. You’ll find that most Real-Life business owners, especially the ones that run a business, have very high B.S. detectors. And that’s why Russell Brunson Marketing does not work on people who actually run a business. It only works on marketers that advertise to other marketing about marketers. By saying that, you know, look at the one percent difference on how to go from zero to seven figures a month with your painting business, with only working two hours a week. Come on. That’s not acceptable. But they would say, hey, can I send you a three to four painting jobs every single week in exchange for money? Yes. Great. Let’s go. One ad works. The other was incorrectly taught to you. Braedon says, what if you know our clients, that we have client getting ads? You can really be on the phone with a client that says, hey, I’m interested in paying you money within. We just had somebody dealt with in semitrailers. No guarantees on that can ever. But we had somebody get on the phone with a client saying, hey, I saw your ad, I clicked on it. I want blank. Let’s talk business. Just like that. And the vast majority of your best clients, customers actually talk like that.

[00:19:21] No fluff, no marketing, any.

[00:19:26] Michael says, What about the first month after they pay you? Are they going to pay the same month just on the same ad next month? Yes, Michael. That is one hundred cent correct. Now, the reason why you’re asking that is because you’ve probably gotten flack about your client saying, why do we pay you? Month after month after month after it’s already built.

[00:19:41] And you can have that fight if you want, you’d say, but we’re paying for results, your value based pricing, blah, blah, blah. So that’s what I say. Like Mr. Johnson, you 100 cent, right? Like once a plumbing has been laid, there’s no reason for me to charge the same rate.

[00:19:53] And if you want, we can charge you a lot less. But here’s why I’m going to pay me more. You ready? Because I’m running the same exact program for twenty five different chosen niche clients all across the country. When something works over there, you’re paying me for knowledge transfer. You’re paying me for knowledge transfer. So when I’m on the phone with your competition in California and they come up with a damn new offer and danu pricing structure that’s doubling their margins. Guess who? I’m bringing it to you.

[00:20:18] That’s why you’re paying me money. Is it worth keeping me on at two thousand dollars a month so that you can get 20 to 30 or 40 or 50 phone calls every single month? And now it’s going on across the country and get access to these scripts and do blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Or do you just want to close you out right now? That’s who you should be saying. The money’s in a knowledge transfer. Not in the program. The program gets them. It gets some results that we keep at it month after month after month is by literally having a text message graph saying, hey, we just got another client in California that doubled their margins using this really cool thing. Would you like to talk about it? That’s it. So in a 50 minute phone call record the damn thing, just like I do here. Send it out to anybody who says yes. That’s why they keep you on month after month after month knowledge transfer. It uses the same model. Nick says, what’s the process going to be icy? You’re going to message Brett Factor X and attack him right here under your comment. Factor X in touch with him. He’s a filter. You got to prove to him. Eric says, what’s the results guarantee that include part of your process? I guarantee you what my white label or guarantees.

[00:21:26] And so when I talk to my white liebler, I say, hey, what do you guarantee when I pay you money, give you ads? We guarantee he’s going to say. So glad you asked. I say, perfect. Talk to me.

[00:21:40] 20, 30 phone calls, 15 clients, 10 book appointments, 14 walk ins, whatever it is. Now, go to my clients and guess what? Guarantee I’ll use the same exact thing, same all the Best Buy uses. Best Buy says, hey, you know, we guarantee your Samsung has a 90 day refund policy. That’s a Best Buy. That’s Samsung. And whenever a client brings that that TV to Best Buy, Best Buy calls up Samsung says your fucking TV broke. Give me a new. That’s how it works. I guarantee is not my guarantee, my guarantee is from my white label. Just like a general contractor or subcontractor. Tim says if you join the IOC, does our client get access to the scripts? You will get access to the scripts. They will not be my unique scripts for my unique industry. But you will get ones that are 90 percent of the way. It’s called the Conversion Academy MACHARIA to build it up. It’s FC fantastic. It’s like that’s why people like, stick around and say, OK, if you’re losing clout within 30 days, it’s because you’re doing the work A, B or white level of sex. You don’t have one. C, you don’t have your client academy. Their client academy is where your client goes is like, oh.

[00:22:43] That’s how this program works. I like that. Yeah. Give me a coarse area. Show them the rollout. Here’s what can happen. The first three days, seven days, 14 days is when you go live. We don’t receive your documents by this date. The timeline gets pushed. You have to be OK with that. Here’s your homework. This, this and this and that. Yeah. So you do. And now the onus is on the line to get results done. You can only put a script above saying, hey, when we price you out. It was based upon this timeline. If you don’t get upset by this timeline, we sort to charge you. Yeah, because I’ve got to pay people. So whether you are on time or three weeks late, you’ll be paying the same fee. That is your incentive to get the stuff done. Do this now. Now, that’s it. Like, OK, great. I’ll fill out the forms. You have access to everything immediately. There’s no reason to do it any other way.

[00:23:36] Stop texting your clients. The other message and back and forth ball was because you did something wrong. Nobody’s actually talked to Amazon saying, hey, where’s my package? There’s a little interface. Same exact for your clients.

[00:23:48] Patrick says, What is the first time you will get on board in your new agency appointment setting? Now, pay appointments set are 30 or 40 bucks for every appointment that shows up to a demo. Now, all I have to do is keep the ads running. Do you know my qualification calls? No manual fall and only look at demos. That’s a.

[00:24:07] Yeah, and if somebody does not schedule a demo right out the ad, then my appointment said we’ll follow up. Failed access to our agency, CRM. Me jumping up and down, looking at everything, I only pay them when a client shows up from anywhere in the world. So now I’ve got 24/7, 365 follow up and so many specifically incentivized to do all that. It’s not as hard as you think. Once that is done and I’ve done my demo five to 10 times, got a proven demo and we’ve sold clients to put a salesperson in there. I’ll take a margin hit. But money is money. So instead of making a thousand dollars a month per client, I’ll be making eight hundred dollars a month for client. Fine. Salesperson just as the same demo, three, four times a day, strep hits my bank account.

[00:24:50] Done. Fulfillment. Already taking care of. That’s how you build a seven figure agency. Just those three things, prospecting sales with home. What I’ve been talking about forever. And if you want to see me do it. Hashtag I see you’ll get access to everything.

[00:25:06] You’ll get the scripts. You’ll see me build my client conversion academy. I mean, I even built my Frank Kern style brand new agency Web site whose only job is to convert people, not get them excited, not get them distracted. Let me just convert people into a qualification. Call into a demo. Eric says with Facebook ads and accounts, how to provide your white labeler with access of our billing to them, to the clients you reveal, to your white label, your client. If you do not want to show your white level your client, you are obviously having a very strong trust problem with your white labeler and your white labeling the wrong person. You’re white labeling the wrong person. Your little putting yourself in a losing position, if you have to put this wall between your white label or in your client. That’s stupid. They’re going to see your clients ads. There’s no other way of doing it. But they don’t get in touch with your white labeler and they don’t get touch with your client. You are the person, the middle. I mean, that would be like Tesla trying to say, like, hey, you know, here’s the salesperson for your car. They’re going to deliver. But you can’t talk them. You can’t see them. That makes no sense at all. My white labeler will be seeing my client’s communications, my clients at my clients form fills all of that. It’s their job to guarantee results. They need all the information that they can with their proven process. But my white labeler is saying, Jeff, I love when you pay me money and I love that you follow my proven process and respectful my time. I’m not talking to your client is a great white. They were. I don’t want you ever talking to my client.

[00:26:30] I want to make it fifty thousand dollars a month, living by the beach, taking care of your family, not doing none. Just get me my phone calls. That’s it. And do whatever you can. And he’s working with 10 or 15 other agencies. So it’s something worked over there. Brings it to mine. That’s why I pay him money. The same reason my clients will pay me money, knowledge transfer. Second client in two weeks at two thousand altarpiece. What are they, Texas, still saying? We’re in. So if you’re interested. Hashtag I see. I’ll show you everything.

[00:27:00] Mario says, I often go high level, automation’s free market service. I never mentioned the term go high level ever to my clients. And what’s funny is how, by the way, the way you just signed said, let me log in to my other guy’s high level, big failure, big failure on the other guys, the competing agency, 16 percent wrong. Never mentioned the term go high level to your client, just like no plastic surgeon tells you the brand of scalp that they’re using. There’s no advantage into it. What’s going to happen? The Klan’s going to go sign up for high level and then say this is too stupid and then discount and disbelieved your services can get it done. Never bring it up and say, I’ve got my perfect blank industry follow up system. Perfect blank industry, follow that to Apsley, great. This was gonna happen. Mr. Johnson, we’re gonna give you we’re gonna build this out. Get him up and running for your CRM and when needs come in to go into this pipeline right here. Your only job is to call them back and move them over one. That’s it. If they’ve called you Berretta, gonna move over. But for people don’t just get money. That’s all you gotta do. And when you send somebody out, when they come in, when they see your apartment, just move over. Keep moving them over to the right. By the way, every time you move them over to the right, something will happen. Notifications will go off, your boss will get notified. So, hey, we just got you another deal. And I will get points on this scoreboard every time you move somebody over to closed. This number will go up this side, prove.

[00:28:23] What’s doing is getting done and the money made is money earned. That’s it.

[00:28:29] That’s how I communicate the term go high level. But never mentioned that to your client. And I include as part of my services, too, because it’s insane for me to risk a two thousand dollar a month client when I can just get unlimited seats for X number of dollars. Perfect agency follow. And we’re building out now. It’s really cool, ladies and gents. Is that when this new course is done? I will be charging 10 grand for 90 days. Ten grand for 90 days. And then you’re out.

[00:28:59] That’s when it’s done.

[00:29:02] If you’re curious about how much this darn thing costs and how we’re getting people signed to five or even ten thousand dollars a month, the additional business hashtag guys talk to Brett. We’ll take it from there. If you have not signed a client during Korona, you’re doing something fundamentally wrong. You’re following the wrong person’s advice. You’re doing something incorrect at the core.

[00:29:19] We’ve got proven prospecting methods to get relight. Businesses saying, hey, I want to pay money. Happens all the time. Rowland Jenkins during Sabine Corinne. People just joined it, just follow it all, listen. Within 72 hours. Oh, my God, it worked. Now, like it’s supposed to be guiding questions, keep asking. I’ve got a demo at one p.m. today, a demo one p.m. today, the guy that did not believe that I was doing something legitimate. I used my scripts. He says, OK, let me pull over.

[00:29:50] This is important. And I know this because I went live in the ICANN to do my qualification calls. So every single person who I see knows how honest I’m making this and just does the same exact thing. The phrasing, the scripts, the terminology to turn. Hey, I signed up for your stuff and the scripts you need to be sending out to them saying, yeah, I want that too. OK, let’s talk on the phone. Let’s make sure that you’re qualified enough to actually do what I do. Guys on the phone says, I don’t believe that you’re real. OK, great. In 30 minutes, I had him saying, all right, I’m gonna pull over. I’m open to my calendar. This is important.

[00:30:24] There’s no other way of doing it.

[00:30:27] Now is the time to ask any questions, comments and certain thoughts or ideas. I’m on a break at twelve thirty on the dot because I’ve got to prep for my next two thousand old client.

[00:30:37] Who literally told me, you want me to spend two thousand dollars with you before you’ve proven your system? Johnson Our systems already prove it. We have dozens of screenshots showing that it’s proven. It’s just whether or not you can prove that your business will work with our proven systems. What would you like to sit down? You can see my screen. You can see my face. Show that I’m not a fly by night organization. Tell you how much it costs and when you can get your results. That’s it. No marketing fluff. Nowhere. So Brunson Excitement, no obfuscation, no wool over their eyes. Nope. This is what we do. The same as your costs. We guarantee you. Before we did the demo, by the way, we do an on boarding call and not the on board and call the way you and I talk. It’s specifically word in a certain way. Or they say, oh, you’re right, I do need this. This and it builds respect for the roof. You know what? I’ve never thought of it like that, Jeff. You know, we’ve tried all these other ways. I think I think it’s not working because. It does make sense. All right. Keep talking, Jeff. I’m interested.

[00:31:49] Mrs. Johnson, you said your biggest problem, their business, is the fact that stuff falls through the cracks, that you could make more money. But if if you just had to follow, taking care of probably double your margins. Right.

[00:32:00] Well, let me tell you about the perfect client. Follow. Oh, my God. It’s amazing. You will follow up with these people for up to 12 months. You got it. Going to help you sell your ourselves, helping keep them are a longer get them coming back. Satsumas. So you got any questions, now’s the time. Coming up here to tell you that there is a better way of doing this. It’s actually fucking awesome. Now, the two thousand client done and taken care of and finished. No huff and puff. They don’t know my face. I don’t have a 40 thousand marketing. I don’t have a 40 thousand person Facebook group in my chosen niche. Brandnew from zero took two weeks. The first client. Third week, another client.

[00:32:46] So now is the time to directly ask any questions that you like. I know that there’s a lag in the time frame, so we’re going to repeat it again. But just ask whatever you’d like. Getting clients, keeping clients, getting them result. Finding white labelers client. Getting stuff. Client keeping stuff. All of that.

[00:33:03] Michael says, you know, somebody’s killing it with website design niche. Couple things in my head. As soon as you ask. The first is Web site design niche. Jared Steffen’s charges ten thousand dollars for his website designs. He just needs three a month jumping up and down. Steven charges one hundred thousand dollars a month for website designs. Just needs one a month. He’s jumping up and down. If you run a Web site and you’re charging Antheil less than five grand, you’re having a bad time with your business. If you charge five thousand dollars, you can wait. It will announce or somebody else for a thousand dollars jumping up and down.

[00:33:33] Marceaux your white label or are your your Web site should be part of a program called your client getting program Johnson. When we did this on boarding call, you said the number one reason you need a website to get more clients, right? Cool is my client getting program using the Web site is the CEO. You and I both know just having watched as me getting your phone calls. So here’s what we do. Facebook. I’ve got a monthly maintenance service. Mr. Johnson, you said the number one reason tried to build a website, increase brand awareness. Right. Great. Here’s our brand building program. But you and I both know that brands don’t pay the bills, right? Like as much as it is as great as it is, say. I’ve seen your stuff. You really need to put yourself position words like, oh, I paid for your stuff. Right. Great for God’s program.

[00:34:17] Raydon says, best we get clients right now. Lincoln called e-mailing Facebook at top three. That a shot of them? Vishwas says Jeffs is joining here. My question is, is this a new method you’re using your clients? If so, how is it different what you’ve been doing before? It is a proven method. It’s new for me. I spent probably six weeks trying to test to make sure that it works. And I had a couple of people in the icy bay to test it. And they got sign ups and specific way of running your ads and wording your ads. So only super, highly qualified people. Yep. I want that. And none of this like 30 by three. Dennis Yu, none of the 90 percent video of you Frank Kern stuff. Nope. Direct offer this way of doing change for money. Are you in. Yes or no. Great. You’re in. How long you been in business. How many customers do you have? Give me your name, number and email.

[00:34:59] Cool. Would you like to schedule a five minute demo? Call our five minute quaff cash calls on your business. Great schedule. Call one three people. Sign up. Schedule directly on my calendar. Now I’m in the power Johnson. Super heavy schedule time. Well, they know I’ve got five of these take care of today. Guys who couple questions, everyone do business to Mars.

[00:35:19] What medium to use for outreach? Denomination, Facebook group campaigns. Facebook guys is working best for me. Fall by I e-mailing and then LinkedIn. The reason why I linked in is so far down. So they haven’t even tried yet. Get linked to mass classified top taught by somebody who went from two came up to 20000 last month and just signed a twenty one thousand dollar deal. Right. I mean started down that path yet. But I will. And then it’s gonna be a good time. Richard says, just got the first time WordStar with all this info. That’s what you mean. Richard can restate your question.

[00:35:51] Amar Jordt Amar says, I’m going to find a white label that can deliver something that just don’t cut it. Yes, you’re asking the wrong question. You’re probably white labeling a tool saying, hey, does anybody white label face bigots? Don’t ask that. I’m looking for somebody that can deliver. Insurance, Medicare form pools get super specific.

[00:36:11] I want something that can deliver V.A. mortgage form fills full.

[00:36:16] I’m looking for 30 of them every single month. They have to ask that second batch of questions are highly qualified people and will attract highly qualified white laborers, do not white label will do not say like, hey, look for somebody white label face gets. No, you don’t want Facebook. That’s what the result. I’m looking for something that can deliver 15 booked apartments for Identies. I want dental implants. Cool. How much does it cost? And that says you got somebody who’s interest in talking, prospecting. And that’s just I see. And that’s what we’re talking about. Like you joined, what, yesterday? He got somebody interested in talking from prospecting. Come on. All right.

[00:36:52] All right. So how many team members do you need to have a 20 car agency and approximate emissions cost for overhead? Twenty thousand. Our agency is 20 clients.

[00:36:59] You charge two grand a month. Twenty thousand. You charge two grand a month. One thousand ads. Wow. I’ll repeat the question. How many team members do you need to have a 20 K. Agency for ten thousand dollars in your pocket. You charge two thousand dollars to 20 clients. The two thousand dollars 1000 has cost five to add times available. A thousand dollars in your pocket. If 20 clients and your margins are a thousand dollars apiece, just you and the white little guy. That’s it. 20000 to 10000 him, 10000 Facebook done.

[00:37:31] Nobody else. We’re in an age where, like, one individual is massively successful. And the way you add more clients is now by adding more people, it’s by adding better processes that are systems, better ways of working and better tech.

[00:37:43] That’s how that happens.

[00:37:45] Eric says, if somebody gives you a hated. If someone gives you a heated maybe or no inequal called you, you talk to them pertaining to them, are they dead? You? I have a for follow up column of people that said no. Great. Johnson, I understand now is not a good time. Can I send you results as they come in? Yes. Great. That’s my follow. Ninety five percent people who give me a hard maybe or hard now. I use that script and they say, yeah, sure.

[00:38:09] And it keeps saying, I’m proof, proof, proof, proof, proof of Temp’s proof.

[00:38:15] I’d beaten them down so much and I’m not setting them manually. It’s automation. By the time the guard finally saw. Braedon says by LinkedIn, you mean ads are just LinkedIn outreach Braiden. I have to point you to the master class inside the. I see. I have not started LinkedIn. Other people I see have used LinkedIn. Great success. I’m focusing on a different prospecting method. But Tanesha question, I am assuming LinkedIn outreach. Michael says one more question. What about web design? What about ads for web design niche?

[00:38:43] Is it possible to have 10 20 clients? Maybe the problem, the web design is they get to argue about all the fun stuff. How it looks. Outfields is a pop pizzazz. There’s so many reasons that they will be unhappy. That it’s almost impossible to make them happy.

[00:38:59] Instead of trying to say I should be selling my Web site tools and skills and knowledge abilities, you should be saying I want to sell something that people desperately want and the shortest possible path to getting them what they want. And instead of trying to build this convoluted process of, oh, I’ve got this thing in my garage, I’m trying to sell it and build a thing around it. Go to your marketplace and what do you want? If you’re the shortest, best possible path to getting that, the easiest way to do that sale, like do more clients, I can gain more clients.

[00:39:27] Do you care how I do that? As long as your phone rings. Are you OK with that? Great. The short answer, Michael, is if you want to make ten, twenty, thirty thousand dollars a month, your best bet is to not actually sell website services but and sell Facebook services because Facebook services are direct strongest connection to phone calls for their business.

[00:39:48] Unless you’re charging 10 grand for Web site, then maybe. Richard says, never in the group, but I never paid attention. I would’ve set this properly. Where do I start? Recycling program. I don’t pay program for this.

[00:40:00] It’s damn fucking awesome. You can talk to Brett Factor X. He’s tagged in this thread or he’ll get to you later today.

[00:40:07] And that says yes for stabling doing, illington prospecting, ever icy rocks, and it joined like two days ago, she started getting SS, she said should have joined earlier. Rana says looking for a visa because you directly. The best place, it’s which no one you’re supposed in this group is, but you feel desperate. Take your money to say, hey, I’m looking for a visa. Be sure to say, please, no, please. Otherwise, you’ll get too many. Just make sure to say, hey, comment on the thread. I’ll message you back if I’m interested. That’s it. Make a post. Say, hey, I’m looking for a. Can you comment to the sentences about you, what you do and how you do it. Please. No pimps. That’s it. You get 30 responses. Pick one. Not as hard as you think. If you had to say like, hey, what’s the first thing I should be a I would say your first thing you should outsource or is your prospect?

[00:40:50] Like your manual outreach, something it doesn’t scale. I mean, Haskett done just manual average. So I have to do. Hey, five, ten dollars an hour, get two, three S’s every single day. And so when yes, turns in two thousand hours. Give us your white labeler. Walk away. Thousand dollars. Get 10, 20, 30 of those clients. Jumped up and down. And that’s new agency model. That’s the new economy model. And that’s what works in quarantine and post quarantine. There’s no excuses not.

[00:41:21] Absolutely no excuses. If I can start from brand spanking zero. Document everything. And then my second client in two weeks, it does not as a pop of people that don’t know me. At all, and I documented everything, if you can just watch a video and do what I’m doing, you can do the same exact thing.

[00:41:41] You know, the same exact thing.

[00:41:44] Then any questions, we’ve got ten minutes left. No, we’ll take it from there.

[00:41:48] We’ll see what happens.

[00:41:52] People are wondering, my plan has got to 30 to 50 clients in this chosen industry and chosen niche and then sell it and see what happens.

[00:42:00] Irving says, do you run ads from your own account or the clients? If my client has an ad account and they want to see their ad account, that’s fine. What I’ve discovered is most small businesses don’t have that managerial bandwidth. So I say, hey, Mr. Johnson, if you already have an ad account you want to use, click this form. If you don’t just text us back saying use your own ad account. And then I just seven out account on their behalf and only buy only I have access to. And I feel a lot better, too. It’s hard for another agency to, like, log in and take it from there. Charles says, I really want to be jumping up and down, assuming the source and the agency without a track record. I’m not going to set your expectations. And correctly, Charles and Delegate works for any new agency without a track record. It works for people actually put in the time, effort, energy and work. I know it’s not what you meant, but I’m saying if everybody hears it, I’m not here to say I haven’t written to millions. That’s fundamentally unfair for me and puts way too much pressure on me. And it’s unfair for you. What I am saying is that I went from zero to two clients in two weeks and I documented everything. Client getting at standard processes, sales tax, stupid, simple demo deck. I think we’ve got like.

[00:43:02] Seventy testimonials. In three weeks. It’s not. Apsley, not.

[00:43:12] To answer this, I’ll say it again, Irvan says you’re acting as your own account of clients inside my client conversion academy on the steps that I send them, it says, hey, if you’d like us to use your ad account, go through these steps. If not just Texas, back with the script. We’ll create that account on your behalf. Maria says FDL Anticline, who manages Communications Beckworth. I do that, so I get paid twice as much as my white labeler. Slava says, How do you new accounts? Is there a cap about accounts business manager? There is a cap for ad accounts for a business manager. If you don’t use your ad accounts, they won’t give you a new one. Just make sure you’re using them.

[00:43:44] As hard as you think.

[00:43:46] Rona says, what would work better having our clients seizing on file? Using your own Facebook? I thought this back and forth.

[00:43:53] Should they use mine? Should these theirs get points, all that fun stuff. I’m doing? Two thousand dollars. Five hundred dollars to five hundred dollars goes that. That’s my credit card. So I’m paying for Facebook ads on my credit card. I’m getting an F ton of points. I don’t feel like I have to pay for a flight ever again. And my plan is get that Amex black site, the Amex signature in using only advertising. It’s great. I think some credit cards will give you like two or one. Three to one. I mean, we have four face cuts. So I just put on my client’s credit card account. So I just put my credit card on file and then I pay for my clients. It’s that way. At one point, if I was paying two thousand three thousand dollars a day in at.

[00:44:32] Correct.

[00:44:34] Charles says cool about a book called Bread for Friday. So whatever that Mojie means. Awesome. Have a good time. Lanzas. How do you find good media buyers? You don’t need good media buyers. You just need a good white label. If you’re using the term media buyer, you’re probably using an incorrect term meant for like e-commerce or huge agencies. If you have like one hundred plus clients, then you need a media buyer. If you’re doing like thirty thousand dollars a day in sales, you need a media buyer. If you are less than 30 clients a month and you’re doing thirty thousand dollars a month and Facebook gets you don’t need a media buyer. You need to if your white labelers that can make sure that they get the results that they expect. By the way, if all you’re doing is buying ads, you are not an agency. You are simply buying media, you are placement. You need to do other things like client training, client conversion, automatic follow up, things like that. Then you have an agency.

[00:45:26] Eric says, Where do you recommend searching the niche for white labelers how you person qualify a new white label or for your use? Yes, part of the icy rollout is going to be how to qualify a white label or specific script’s terminology, standardization, things like that. What I’ve discovered is that when people ask for a white labeler, they usually getting the wrong answers because there’s a bunch of people that are plain, all effing doing it wrong, like they think they’re white labeling. They’re not they’re not white labeling.

[00:45:49] And then there are agencies that are like, hey, can you do all this stuff? And the white labels like, no, that’s not white labeling. So coming out standardization for white labeling. So everybody knows what it is that’s going inside the Icee as well as the than two or three or four pre-approved people. I cannot guarantee you will work, but at least I’ve talked to them before and they’re not going to screw you over kind of thing if they don’t remove them from the list so that you can have confidence in who you’re paying money to. And these are like a plus players that have done the agency game that can guide you on the journey, can have a conversation and focus on solving your clients, but want to make fifty thousand dollars of cash and live on a beach for this life.

[00:46:25] You can do that. Yeah, and some of these white labelers are doing like like some of them are getting one hundred plus a track installations every single two weeks. Like, what the fuck? How do I not do business with you? Eight minutes left, Jones.

[00:46:42] That’s going. Rinus is struggling right now. I have six Stantis right now. Twenty five injured, all clients. Any tips on how to get over this hump? There’s couple things that popped into my head. If you are charging twenty five hundred divided by six, you’re charging for two dollars per dentist. That is not an actual agency that is posting on their wall. Or some like sidewalk. So I think that that’s a real agency. You’re not delivering results. You should be charging twenty five hundred dollars per dentist. Not in total, I’m not saying you aren’t just kind of saying in case there’s a misinterpretation. If the opposite is true, you’re charging six times twenty five hundred fifteen thousand dollars a month. There’s a couple things that are holding you back. The first is you need somebody who actually does your ads and fulfillment for you. Adds and fulfillment for you. December one, number two, you’re probably saying, how can I do that, saying you can have a standard program. This is what we do, this what we deliver. How can you do that? Because you have a standard result. We’re gonna get you 15 book appointments to feel about why your dental implants, everything with guaranteed. Once you start with that, you’ll never know what is until you just say it. Then everything else lines up. Run says yes. Twenty five Angelo’s clients at fifty thousand dollars a month. So couple things I would say. One, you need to find somebody to do fulfillment for you. If you’re spending any time fulfilling a client’s order, you’re not spending time prospecting us, number one. Number two, need to start putting a good chunk of your money into getting new clients. Number three, need to tell those clients, hey, I ever or fro program. I will pay you X percentage for the lifetime that you are a client for any business ethics and my wife. And now you’ve incentivized combined to stay on even if results are kind of because they want to keep the referral program. The third thing you’re gonna do outside, the fourth thing to do is gonna spend a bunch of money on prospecting by yourself. Facebook gets LinkedIn called e-mailing, personal profile, being part of your groups. Things like that need to be start doing that consistently. If you are not growing your agency, you’re not getting five to 10 yeses every single day because you’re not prospecting enough. The only thing you should be doing, Wrona, is prospecting. If you’re doing the sales calls, you can argue with me saying, all right, that’s fine, you can do that and I won’t fight you on that. If you’re about fifteen to thirty thousand dollars a month doing this, we’re like really cool. Like sales guy transition. But you should 100 cent be on a show that run and not be doing any fullfillment at all, not be doing any fullfillment at all. I in doubt go back to Prospect. Fisher says at one point in time, if your livelihood depends on it, what are the couple of issues you would go after Agora after two, three or four neches at a time? And the way I would test that is by setting a prospect engine and start doing, Vaisse forgot, spent five, 10, 15, 20 dollars a day, maybe 30 bucks a day. Some people are spending a hundred bucks a day and put your direct offer out there that says, hey, can I get you five to ten implant cases every single month? If so, click here. If you get yesses, you’ve got a signal from the arkless that they’re interested in buying. We have the cell. Cool. If you’re going after a check saying, hey, can I get you to attract Insulation’s everything a month if you getting responses to the ad. Yes. Or interested, you’ve got an opportunity make enough to anyway. All that you Vishwas you’re a Grosh al Agora. I don’t mean that offensively. I’m just saying that for everybody here, most people will spend way too much time trying to figure out what’s wrong instead of going to a marketplace and saying, how can I get you business? What do you want from your business? What’s an unknown problem? Why you’re not growing great. I’m a go fill that need and then I go to garage entrepreneurs who actually have been working on it and then bridge the gap and make twice as much money as them. So, Vishwas, my line of thinking is that, A, you spend a whole lot of time on fulfillment when you go to prospect, which is what we teach inside the Icee, go back to Prospekt. Go back to Prospect and get five to 10 years every single day. Spend 20, 30, 40, 50 bucks a day on to three different itches. Which one responds to you? I mean, there’s somebody that I’ve been seeing land and nail the personal injury niche. He started six months ago, about a hundred thousand dollars a month the way he’d landed. And now the personal industry, which is sort of off three different inches and ran ads saying, hey, can I get you two to three. Personal injury cases every single month. And a whole bunch people signed up saying, yeah, let’s talk. You didn’t have a sales deck. He didn’t fulfill in partner a thing like that once he got confirmation from the marketplace. Then he forgot a sales deck with the Atlanta clients and he found a human person in that order. Eric says outside your own niche, where the issues that are hard to prospect are in credit. Eric, I’m going to tell you, because last time I told you got screwed hard and missed out on seven figure payday. So all I can say is that there’s a big thread in this group. I will not tell you the niche that I’m in. And you can. I forget which you just search for Korona lists or something like that in the script is a big list. There’s also publicly available lists, but I cannot tell you my own and I cannot share the ones that I’m learning inside of the I.C. because then people got to their niches. But they are weird. They are normal. They are unique. They are standard.

[00:51:20] We’ve seen people transition from I can talk about this because it’s an interview, a gym entirely online that is selling six month memberships. As soon as the gym reopens, I think May 15th, something like that, they’re going to open, fully staffed, fully booked. And what does your think? Capacity.

[00:51:43] Yeah, this guy changed his message and changed his market instead of having this relation like other avenues closed, blah, blah, blah. The marketer on record, the agents said, hey, I think what we can do is go to virtual and get people excited by buying. We have to sell something. You reopen. They want to buy two thousand dollars of the stuff from you. Could probably get him on the phone. You may have to give me a discount for buying now. Are you OK with that? Great. So I started lining. Thousand dollar deals every single day as client. Yeah. In the meantime, the agency has built out a free people can sign up for and then they go into a Facebook group where there’s accountability. It’s a monthly Facebook group charge per month. Then if they want to go the. Zoom calls it’s I think one hundred twenty dollars a month. And then if they really like it so much, you can schedule time to talk to the gym owner about a discount when your membership that starts when they reopen Emek. That type of stuff, so it’s not just the niche, by the way, but the offering, what you doing? Change money. And he says, what’s the best place to find apartments, houses in closer’s? First off, as you need to be making sure the apartment is enclosures and not set up for failure, you need to be getting five to 10 yeses every Sunday. I’m assuming they you’re getting five, 10 yeses every single day. If that’s happening and then higher apartments that are just posting this group, I will. I’ll do an interview with my appointments that are guy who does assess the service probably like next month or so, and they can pay him money to find one for you. Or you can post in the group saying, hey, I’m getting five, 10 yeses every single day. I need appointments, had to go through it, follow the script and schedule appointments to get paid. This person shows up to the demo. Cool. Now you’re doing the demo. Once you’ve done five to 10 demos and closing consistently at a margin that makes you money, you can then hire a salesperson saying, hey, these are five to 10 demos. I want you to study them. They’re going to do a fake demo. And if you’re selected, what’ll happen is you’ll get hits on your calendar and then you’re gonna do the same demo that you’ve always done just like this, and you’re gonna follow the script and follow this payment process. And if this person closes, um, to pay 20 percent.

[00:53:33] Do that thing, I mean, jumping up and down. I have two more minutes that have to go because I have to prep for my one o’clock demo and then I’ve got a six p.m. demo and a seven p.m. demo. So this could be a six thousand dollar debt. It actually could be an eight thousand dollar day today.

[00:53:50] Pretty cool, huh?

[00:53:57] Stand by for another 30 seconds, we’ll take it from there. The intermediate, we are seeing an F ton of money and f ton of dollars. And I’m sick and tired of people that run agency groups that aren’t doing any agency work, you know, exactly. On time. And when I say this, I Grant Cardona, Russell Brunson or my former mentor, that is like, hey, you know, you should do agents, you’re going to love it. And they are doing agency anymore, mind blowing. And a bunch of you all said, Jeff, what the hell is going on? All you do is Lovatt your face telling clients, look, all right, that’s fine. I’m sorry for Brent’s brand spanking new. I’ll bet you I can lend to new clients without anybody seeing my face before they go on the demo. And I’ll build a brand new demo decks and I won’t do it in the office. A brand new business page.

[00:54:35] So I get.

[00:54:37] Pascal says, hey, Jeff, fatuity client, if you pay someone, one can pay white liberal five hundred and spend time Gelb’s and as how do you save and pay tax free agency your taxes for your agency come out of the one K. So you need to be setting aside money for your taxes.

[00:54:52] Vishwas says, just curious, how many hours do you work and a week? Well, that’s what I think the mistake that everybody makes is like this four hour workweek crap or the like. I don’t really want to work. I just want to live the life as possible. OK, well, I take this effing seriously and I’m trying to make seven figures and a million dollars from agency.

[00:55:08] So our ten hours a day because I give a shit. So I know that wasn’t what you meant, but there’s a huge cloud of like, you know, you only have to work one hour a day or an agency two hours a week forever. No man like this is real job, real work put in the time, effort, energy, like this whole thing of like six minute abs. Screw that. I don’t want to culture of six minute abs. I want to go all the way in and build a real life human connection with my clients. I actually love my stuff. Build a tribe at a business that matters.

[00:55:37] Eric says, I believe they said before they average client lifetime of six or nine months, why would it be longer? It could be longer. Yeah, it’s only possible. But six, nine months is a good start. And that’s why you should be aiming for. And that means your two thousand dollar deal is anywhere between 12 and 18 thousand dollars. There’s no reason to think why it couldn’t be longer. But if I come in and say, like my average client lifetime is one year plus asking me, so many people fighting with it, that wouldn’t be worth the fight. So just say six or nine months. Nobody fights me on it. It probably is longer. Jesse says you ever do meet ups. Didn’t realize you live so close to me. We will. Once this kind of thing passes enough time, we were going to ask him, but we had to delay it because Corona. But we’re going to start doing something, meet ups and ask him. I’ll probably be 350 people later this year.

[00:56:19] I’m going to boogie off. I’ve got three demos today when at one one five, one at seven.

[00:56:24] Is that true? One at five, one six, one and seven. All these demos were real human beings that some I clicked on the ad, said, hey, I’m a qualified business owner. Let’s talk on the phone. We talked on the phone. Gave him the whole song and dance, if I like that to qualify to me. And I said, well, if you like, show how this works, how much are costs. This is a business decision between that and the two thousand dollars that’s coming later today from my other client. This could mean 8K day. Each day and for everybody I see going to see it live that life. I apologize. See a recording of it. As it happens so that I’ve got to boogie off. Go make some money. See you guys later. Bye.

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