In This Mighty Q&A Video You’ll Discover… …My No-Nonsense Tips To Finding the BEST White Labelers, Which Business You Should Absolutely Avoid Working With…

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Hey gang, it’s Q&A time!

Yup, in this video I take a FULL 60 minutes to answer a whole bunch of your questions to help you keep punching upward and grow your marketing business.

In this video I’ll:

  • Show you the 3 cut-to-the-chase tactics for finding high-quality white labelers at a reasonable cost (oh, great news, I threw in a bonus so you’re gonna get 4 things)
  • Discuss whether or not it’s a good idea to do fulfillment for mortgage/loan officers (long answer yes…)
  • Analyze the concept of getting paid off the revenue of a client company (I’ll tell you now, NO WAY, but…I also share how this situation is related to most “overnight” successes!)
  • Why you should run like an energy-drink drunk deer from hiring remote workers… and who you should hire instead!
  • Explore the world of working with college professors to develop and market online courses (yes, it’s a great idea, but NOT in the way you think…)
  • And a hell of a lot more!
Joining the Inner Circle

Gets you access to a consistent and repeatable process so you can land and keep clients who pay $1k, $2K, even $5K+ a month without any hidden upsells. (yeah… upsells suck)


[00:00:00] Today, we have three different options to choose from and depending upon what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling, we can focus on a certain specific topic or certain specific goal. We can focus on the three things I will be working on me as part of this quarantine experience. Number two, we can talk about how this is a great time to call your brain out on its bullshit and see what happens from there and really removing reasons or at least understanding the lies that your brain gives you as to why you can or cannot do a thing. And this is part of my learning with this book, The Inner Game of Tennis, recommended to me by Mike Mark, my sales manager. It’s pretty darn cool so far. I’m only that far in. But I think it talks about self one and self two the coach and the doer. And a big challenge that we all have is constantly fighting and coach, constantly fighting the doing and the natural distrust that comes from it. And now that’s a big cause. That’s why we always feel stuck or confused or not making progress or movement. And I think the quarantine experience is a really good time to better understand how your brain works, why it works, and tell your brain, the STFU, or just call your brain out on what it’s doing and why it’s doing it so that you can move forward faster. And at least it’ll be a really cool thought experiment. I’m going through on my own and hopefully you’ll be doing it with me as well. I’m some I would say I’m on page 17. Right. So talk about that for a bit, if you’d like. Or we can just do moving the general Q&A. So depending upon what you’re thinking or what you’re feeling. Just ask away or type your. Type your. I just put the number in the channel and take it from here. I do think my audio just broke. So if you can hear me just type audio works or something like that, because the.

[00:01:46] All right. Well, I guess it’s back now.

[00:01:48] I wish I know the Internet worked. I do want to say, Matt, congrats to Johnny Voh, who is in the inner circle. He just land another 3000 client back and gets Michael Pasha, who just landed. I just spit on the camera. Another two thousand dollar, my client, which is pretty cool. And he automated his prospect, the engine and automated a sales engine. So he’s not prospecting and he’s not selling. He’s he’s becoming the CEO that he really views himself as. Which is really darn cool. And also, Matt, congrats to David. Get Senior for not only being highlighted by accident. I’m Ravi Abu Vollies live, but also letting a three thousand dollar client as well. Money is still being exchanged. It really depends upon how you’re positioning and and connecting and communicating with those clients. Adam Chambers just landed a deal. I think I was like a twelve hundred dollar Kickstarter or something like that.

[00:02:37] Things are happening and things are making progress. You just have to move and change what you’re selling to the areas where the demand is, so it’s highly unlikely you’re going to get amazing results. Trying to sell in person, Jim, events just ain’t gonna happen. Right. But if you’re focusing on industries that work, such as like lawyers or carpet cleaners or personal injury attorneys, things like that. That’s just how the economy moves. It’s no use fighting the good fight. Just understand the rules of the universe and move forward so we can talk about number one, the three things I’ll be working on during the quarantine. Number two, how this is a great time to call your brain out on its bullshit. Or number three, general Q&A. I have a general. I’m looking to do a Q&A. I feel like I’ve accumulated a lot of if ands or buts and information and knowledge parts and smart bits. And I think doing a Q&A would be pretty darn awesome. So hopefully more than enough people want to do a Q&A. So if you’re interested, number one, type number one in the chat. If you’re interested, number to type number two in the chat. Or number three. And type number three in the chat. And because I’m really yawning and Durnan, to do a Q&A, I’m gonna type number three. Q And. So in the intermediate, go ahead and type your numbers in the chat and then I’ll just take it from there. I do want to make sure for my end that this is projecting as needed and necessary.

[00:03:51] And by the way, I have something cool to share with you. This was created by Stephanie Signs. And I think it’s so darn cool. I’m so darn proud, proud of it. I’m just going to show you all of this right here. This is, I think, going to be one of our logos, our logos for ASS U. And it’s going to be pretty darn cool. I do very much enjoy the leaf effect and the but in the books, I think it’s super darn fun.

[00:04:17] And as I’m redoing my course and re-communicating and making it much more tighter and spelt and less easy to misinterpret, we’re moving everything into the proper formatting of sales, engine prospect, the engine fulfillment engine. And it’s going to be pretty darn cool because we’re incorporating not newer material, but more impactful and better ways of working. And I think it’s darn awesome. And this is all credit goes to Steph signs for picking this logo for ASS university. ASSCAN is now at university, which I think is cool. Have lots of speakers, not fun stuff, but I think we’re gonna do a Q&A session, which I think will be very impactful for everybody who’s looking to move the needle with their agency. So I’m gonna go and reorganize my screen right now. Go ahead and feel free to ask any questions in the chat. I’m going to do as many as possible and try to make sure that I’m communicating in a way that’s oopes. That’s easy to understand, makes sense and moves your needle and is repeatable not just for people who are watching the alive, but anybody who’s watching the replay. And that’s one of the bigger challenges I’ve always had. Like like you should be on the live. And this is a really cool opportunity. Ask me whatever you like, but sometimes you can’t. And I don’t want the replay to be less of an important, less of an important, less important. So when you ask a question, I’d probably rephrase it a little bit. Weird way. So it’s easy for someone to just tune in, kind of scrub and see a question that makes sense. And then it can make. It’s easy to understand that way. People are asking, when is ASSCAN looking for late July or early August. We have had to move the date simply because of. Life, liberty and the pursuit of coronavirus. Right. But we won’t be doing it until like, yeah, late July, early August. It’ll be official announcement. I’ve seen the videos or the videos. I’ve seen the landing page, which is really cool. We’re gonna be reaching out to speakers as soon as we solidify a date. And we’ve got about 20, 30 people on bench that are ready and willing to speak at the event and run workshops and. And have you leave the event with more work done. And you came to the event with so like VSL or Lincoln Prospecting Engine or getting our webinar up and running or getting your book up and running or something like that, or I don’t have a book. I don’t know. Do you can create a book at the event said your bot qualification, high level, all that fun stuff.

[00:06:38] So let’s do this, ladies and gents, we’re going to move into Q&A. Go ahead and move that to show stream. Let’s do this. Questions and answers.

[00:06:49] So if you have a if you have a particular question that you’d like to go over. Now is the time. I specifically devote this as a way to give and solve your problems and put you put your position to move you faster than otherwise. I also got a lot of pens, I think on average ninety nine plus per day. And there’s really no way for me to properly answer like those questions in any depth, in any detail other than by doing a lunch and learn. And this I really direct everybody who’s who’s asking me PMS and stuff like that. I get it. I can’t respond. You understand that. But now is the time. Right. So if you any questions, comments, insurance, thoughts or ideas, just ask away. I do want to say especially high five and hand how you have Langdon, James, Joshua Brummell, Steph Sides, Ben Williams and Sath Saffy. Sorry, dude. I’m always going to ask your name. I just say Southy. What’s going on? How you doing? Alex Carvalho’s Zaca. What’s going on. Judy Parker. Brett. Heather. Ravi Prakash Högni. Close? I think so. Heather B. Stevens, an undercover superhero in my book. Kyle Moses is going on. Alexander Garza, Priyanka Malhotra thing I got there. I Prak. Adam Chambers, George Marlow, Sean Schwyzer.

[00:08:08] Did I get that right, Sean? I think it’s Sean Schreier, Jacob Charbel Bond, yo. That’s right.

[00:08:16] Howard Tianna, what’s going on? How you doing, Simon? Based out of London in this show, we have iconic Becker, Gerard Stepha’s, Zach Husen and all that fun stuff. We got the first question coming in while I answer this. Feel free to drop more in there and we’ll see what happens from there. We have Mark.

[00:08:37] LeMarc says, hey, Jeff, what are the top issues to focus on right now and maybe share some angles you are using during this time of the year?

[00:08:45] So that’s a great question mark. And there have been a lot of threads in this group about what niches to focus on US niches. This thread started specifically by me and by other people off the top of my head. There is a thread that went up earlier today. That specifically dealt with this question. And we’re seeing a lot of people who have a lot of success in carpet cleaners, lawyers.

[00:09:11] Elkin’s. Med spores, I would say beauty salons or med spores, but specifically with the setting up online consultations.

[00:09:25] So going Kummetz by you respond saying like, hey, can I get you more clients to walk in and buy what you have to sell? Is not an angle that’s going to work. But if you go to med spon be just. Say, like, hey, with coronavirus, what’s your plan to keep your rent paid and keep yourself employed over the next six to eight weeks. What’s your what’s your plan to get cash in the door of the next 45 days? And I really stole that from Nick Corm and Brett Watts on their interview with Christine SEAL. So I really recommend everybody check it out because they really broke my brain and realizing, like, you can go after BD on the Med Spoors, if you say like, hey, we’ll help you set up online consultations as a program so that you can get paid, perhaps get cash collected in the door and maybe you’ll have to take a discount like any 80 percent of your ticket is better, getting better than getting zero percent of your ticket. So those are just four off the top of my head. And then a unique angle, which is not trying to get more people in the door, but instead getting more people to do online consultations as well, scripts and setup and all that fun stuff. If Christine is watching or if Nick Corman’s watching, they are complete credit for this unique angle. But, Mark, there are, I would say, three or four different threads inside of this group that have a list of, I think, 10 to 20 solid ideas. I’ve discovered that my bike shop, like they’re probably going to shut the doors and closed down and just say, screw up, we ain’t paying our rent or employees, suppliers, nothing like that. It’s a full freeze. I’m included carwashes, a full freeze. I’m included. My chiropractor was still trying to figure it out. He is always going to be slow stepping. That’s just his nature of the game. I’ll probably be working with him to create a five K program that he can then sell and perhaps presell so that when all this opens up, he’s got cash in the bank immediately. And just as importantly, he’s got a higher tier program. So if I have any clients, this is called an offer, which, by the way. If I have any clients are like, hey, we are offices shut. This is going to work. We have to put you on pause. I can then move into a different angle or different offer, such as can help you save more money by auditing your expenses. I have to charge you for. Here’s a success. Who would go through? I think I talked in a previous video I can talk about. We can take it online and do online consultations. I’ll give you a script so you can start closing people over face time or resume calls or something like that. We can even you can even pay me to help set up a five thousand dollar program that you can sell and we’ll give you the scripts and setup and will even do customer research to see if your clients are interested in that process, in that program. I do have to charge you for any customer research. It’s five and you get started. What would you like to say? Yes. And so that gets cash in the door for me. That positions their client as like they can get people walking into their office and even if their doors are shut. I’m pretty sure if I can say, like, hey, if you get somebody paying you an F ton of money, would you be willing to open your doors for like two or three hours and collect three thousand dollars upfront and just get them moving in their package? They would probably say yes. So those are a couple of niches. And those I gave you a couple of scripts and thought processes and things like that. I hope that answers your question mark. But again, as always, you have to be prospecting and you have to be selling. Otherwise, you have no fulfillment. So there’s not a big advantage and fully fleshing out a program that nobody has bought, like there’s no big advantage building Teslas without preorders. So I really want to challenge you and say like, hey, it is cool. Def HarperCollins lawyers, beauties, menopause programs up and running. But that doesn’t matter until you have carpet Clinton’s lawyers, accountants, BDM that’s was giving you a yes and saying I want to buy, you have to sell. Then you move your sales engine where you position these different programs, posted onboarding or post Q&A. So I hope that moves you forward faster than ever before. Let’s see what’s going on. Michael asks a question.

[00:13:09] Michael says, Hey, Jeff. Michael, how you doing?

[00:13:14] Michael, I think you pronounce your name. Ball Simmo. Is that correct? Let me know. Michael Ball Simmo. I feel like that’s not right.

[00:13:21] Know we’ll see what happens.

[00:13:23] He says, hey, Jeff, my biggest issue is being able to find being on the scale is finding good white label service providers at reasonable costs. Yes, I do feel that pain. Ever since I started talking about white labeling, the few or far the few that the five to 10 white labels that I speak highly of and recommend and got so flooded with this that they either can’t take on clients or they’ve increased their prices to where they’re only working with agencies that are really, really, really top tier that are charging two, three or four or five thousand dollars. And as a result, there is this like dollar vacuum of white labels that haven’t, like, come into the industry yet. So there’s a couple of things that I think you can go through, Michael, to find good white labelers. The first is always be interviewing white labelers in a way that makes a lot of sense. I’m always interviewing white laborers, probably one or two a week, having conversations. How much does this cost?

[00:14:15] What are you doing? How are you doing it? I found one last week that charges I think to ninety five per client, up to a thousand dollars a month in ad spend.

[00:14:24] And that client will set at the landing page a thank you page. The automatic follow up. I think they’re going to be doing high level for additional fee or something like that. And then they will do the soap opera sequence effectively, like seventy five percent, the law about campaign. And then I said, look, if I give you the customer research processes, can you incorporate this? They said yes. So let’s just say it’s four hundred dollars a month for a white label service. Cool. That buys me some brainpower. That Brize buys me some space in my brain. I mean, their brain power and space in my brain, it buys me somebody looking at the stuff and more importantly, it buys me some industry knowledge. So when I’m paying four or five hundred dollars a month, I’m actually buying a shortcut to ads that already work. So if it turns out like my pest control, I don’t have any pest control. But as an example, if it turns out like, Hey, Mike, pest control campaign is bombing, this person who has another pest control client on the other side of the country is then saying, all right, we’re going to use those ads and Jeff’s client account and I get to see that and that kind of shortcuts my fullfillment fix. The challenge from Michael is two things. One, you may move, you may not simply be charging enough to afford a white labeler. That’s my first idea. And so, Michael, let me know how much you’re charging on average for your service. If you’re charging sub a thousand, sub fifteen hundred dollars a month, you do not have the margin to hire a white labeler. It’s gonna be really darn hard whether you include ad spend or not. It doesn’t really matter. You have to be charging a minimum of a thousand and then to fifteen hundred dollars, just number one. Number two, you may be white labeling incorrectly when you white label you white label for a result. You don’t white label say like hey, I need a face because white label. That’s not really going to get what you want or what you don’t want is to find a person white label like you want to give all your work to a person when you don’t have your product. You don’t have your steps. You don’t know your systems. You don’t have you like yours five to seven ways of working. So the first thing in my head that pops up is like a. Yeah. Maybe there is a white label squeeze.

[00:16:28] But B, you probably aren’t charging enough. And if you are, you probably don’t have your systems and processes setup so that you can have somebody take over when you don’t have your systems and processes setup as a side note system and process. This is just a really big word for what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, how you write your customer research, how you write your ads, how you do your landing pages or thank you pages, your soap opera sequences, all that. If you don’t have that written down, if you don’t have a specific way of working and if you don’t, like, put a box around it and then sell that box, it’s gonna be hard to find a provider and a supplier. And so I was chatting with Yoni Albert the other day, who’s based out of as there was like, hey, my white label is just cost too much. I was like, what are you, white labels like? Everything. We realized very, very quickly what he was doing. He was white labeling. And when he said white labeling, he was just passing off to somebody else, like, oh, just give it off to my assistant and we’ll do everything that’s not white labeling, just passing up the work, which is actually very, very expensive. That’s white labeling a person. That’s like having a senior vice president on your team. You want to label your product if you’re white, labeling your product. It’s very, very easy to get a white label or even to be up and running quickly. When I want to do a custom research campaign installation service, it costs me like twenty five dollars and I can charge five. Seventy five. Like, it’s awesome. I’ve got a five hundred fifty dollar margin and I can do that in about I don’t know, it takes me 15 minutes to pass off the work and they do it in three hours. And our job is done.

[00:17:51] That’s it.

[00:17:52] So that’s a couple of thought processes in my head. And I wish I could answer your question better because if I knew your numbers or something like that, it could work out pretty darn well. But a always be anything white labelers be charged more minimum. A thousand closer to 50 hundred is better. See, you may be not white labeling correctly so like white labeling a person instead of a product. And finally, maybe d what you could do is you could go white label first and like hey like you could just post this group. I’m looking for four or five white labelers. No. What do you do and how do you do it. Try to avoid white labeling until you don’t want a white label face because you want a white label or results. So I’m looking to white label, you know, fifteen booked appointments for pest control as an example. And what does that white label or charge. And then you triple it. If you go on a bunch of sales calls and you don’t get any signed deals at that tripled rate, your white label is probably charging you too much. So you have to charge too much. This is a challenge that Joan was having. She found a couple of people that said they they were white labeling. They weren’t they were just charging their normal retail fee, like white labeling as a person, specifically going wholesale, standardizing the product even more. Only working with one, two or three, maybe even ten different people. And those ten different people are retail who get to then mark up.

[00:19:03] So it’s like it’s highly unlikely that you can be a white label, real estate face of God’s person, guaranteeing 10 to 15 booked appointments, charging ten thousand dollars a month. That ain’t gonna happen. You probably have to charge five hundred dollars a month or seven hundred dollars a month. So, Michael, I hope the sentences that I gave you kind of help you find a good white labeler. Or more importantly, find a white labeler that charges correctly and figure out the reasons why. If that wasn’t clear, it just kind of like dropped some more Q&A in here. I’ll go back to you. But I think that that could be providing a structure to to how you’re thinking and why you’re thinking it and gives you some direct implementable action. And you can name me just post in this group right here and say you’re looking for a white labeler. And if it doesn’t, just kind of.

[00:19:47] Post up and I’ll give you a more in-depth answer. Mark says, What do you think, a mortgage loan officers?

[00:19:58] Mark, I would very much like you to be more specific with your question.

[00:20:02] I think what you’re asking is, is it a good idea to do fulfillment and fulfillment, engine sales engine and prospect engine for a mortgage officer, mortgage people, mortgage officers, mortgage, mortgage or mortgagers, mortgage and loan officers? I think it’s our question. Should I be doing direct measure results for a mortgage and loan officers? The answer is probably yes. Now is like a weird time. Everybody’s in effectively a business winter, but most people in the real estate space or the mortgage face really understand it’s going to take 30 or 60 days anyway. And any deals that they have now are a result of the work that they put in in February or early March and any deals that they will have in May, a result of the work that they will put in March or April. I think I spoke those dates incorrectly, but you know what I mean. There’s always a 30 forty five, maybe 60 day lifetime. So there’s no reason why you can’t start having a prospecting conversation or a sales conversation with mortgage and loan officers. I would specifically try to white label this because there are really, really great scalable white labelers in this group. I know people are doing five to ten thousand dollars a day. Specifically generating mortgage and loan leads, not going to give their name. You have to find them. Postnet group say, hey, I’m looking for a white label guy for mortgage and loan officers. And specifically this result. So, like, don’t just, say, mortgages or loan officers. You want ten to fifteen bucks points for mortgage loan officer or something like that. And that makes your communication, your client much easier. Bark. But try to like get more specific with your question. Otherwise I just kind of. Do whatever I think you asked. Right. So we’ll see what happens.

[00:21:39] This Ross says.

[00:21:41] If I was think about your offer of value, I’ll offer evolution process. And if I take it one step further, I am ending up as part owner of the business I am helping. Meaning I would be getting paid only on the revenue the company. Would you recommend going this far as my offer. So, yeah, there was a luncheon line that I did a while ago about the natural evolution of offers. In the beginning it was just ledes customer opportunities, booked appointments than shops. And then naturally turns in like revenue. That’s ultimately the end goal from every single business. Spend a dollar, make two or three dollars. That’s just how this world works. And agencies are evolving into that. And it’s not the first time that’s happened. So there are agencies that eventually go retail or take over their clients business or launch a competing business with their client. You’ll hear of million dollar.

[00:22:30] What is it called when, like home inspector businesses like overnight, they’ll become a million dollar home inspection business where they’ve got like ten to fifteen shops, pre-paid business deals like all the infrastructure set up, and like they turn on their lights, they turn on their ads and they’re hiring a hundred people in like, how the hell did this business grow so fast? They went from zero to a million and like 60 days, like, that’s absolute nuts. That’s because the people that started that company had experience generating demand for that type of industry and said, you know what, our current clients suck so much at their jobs, we should just start our own business. And those marketers get together and then just put a different logo on higher some end technicians and say, let’s go for. That’s how most overnight success stories are made, because they have two or three or four years of experience running as generating demand and taking it from there. And so, Vishwa, I think your question really is, could I go to a business owner and then do a revenue share in revenue split? I would recommend not. Actually, the vast majority of business owners do want like, you know, we’ll only get paid if you get paid, but that deal falls apart so fast that I can never actually endorse it or guarantee it. Imagine I went to my bike shop. I said, like, every time I sell 10000 or bike, I want you write me a check for two grand. He’s gonna say, Yeah, let’s do it. They’d be great. So you know what I do? I start running ads. So Gentium phone calls. He walks in and he gets a ten thousand or bike sale. And they say, All right, give me two dozen dollar check. He goes, hold on a second there, buddy. That was my customer. They’ve been in the shop before and they are on my list. It doesn’t count. OK, fine. Whatever. Find a new client. Do some edits of the ads. Remove a custom audience and somebody walks in. No, no, no, Jeff. That didn’t count because that was a friend who referred. And Mike, I asked him how he heard of us. He did mention your ads like liquidy talking about I have their name, their number, their e-mail on a recorded line. I know, but I met their family friends six months ago. And so it ends up sounding like it could work, but they fight you on every single step of the way. It’s an absolute horrific and horrible time. And the natural evolution of that is either screw it, I’ll launch my own business and directly appeal with my client or just go full on e commerce. It ends up being one of those two journeys. I specifically I’m super excited about the idea of saying I’m going to have two or three or four years of experience, genuine demand for certain business, and then just directly hiring a technician or a fulfillment agency or for Finland permanent to do it. That’s like what I’m excited about. I don’t like e-commerce, just doesn’t work with my brain. I don’t think I’ve fairly given up shot. But, Vishwa, if your questions like, what if I just go to a business owner and do a revenue share revenue split in my limited experience? They fight you on tooth and nail and everything. It ain’t good in income to work. No, that wasn’t yours. That was mine. They walked in. That was a third time they’re in here. I earned that sale. They fight you on so many steps, it’s not worth it. I think your best bet is just get a massive amount of experience and a certain industries, certain niche. And then one day, just open your own shop and go from wholesale and then go retail and directly compete with your old clients. And there are people in the inner circle who are getting direct experience doing body sculpting. And I forget the name of those machines and things like that. But now they’re talking to the machine wholesalers and saying, can I sell you? Can I sell some of those machines? Now they are selling machines to their their clients, their competitors. And I’m pretty sure that will naturally evolve to, hey, could I just buy a machine and hire. Eighteen dollar an hour person to sit in a store. And then I can do all the ads, the prepay, the follow up, get them in. All they got to do is show up on their assigned time. And just have a rock solid, dumb employee for 18 dollars now are just sitting there just beeping and body sculpting, all that fun stuff.

[00:26:22] I think that’s a natural evolution. That’s what will happen. But those people are only doing after two or three or four years of experience knowing that they can generate massive demand, picking an area, doing test runs, doing customer research and then end up. Doing that type of process. So if she questions like, Jeff, should I just go to a business and say my office is like, you know, we’ll do revenue share. Every business owner will say yes. And in every business owner, we’ll fight you directly on all of the dollars in the pounds. That’s just been my limited experience. You can try it. I challenge you to do so. Get like one or two and see what happens. But I don’t want you to be so excited that you’re disappointed. And I hope that makes sense.

[00:27:02] Zach Revera says you have any resources or courses.

[00:27:08] And that give guidance on how to manage projects and V.A. combined from the time the customer fills that intake form to complete the service, perhaps on his click up Asthana, Trello or anything like that? I do, actually. If you pay me, I can directly connect you to the mentor that showed me how to do all. This is a massive amount of success with Esso paying and V.A. and all that fun stuff. He does charge a pretty penny. I’ll get paid if you get paid as a disclosure for four Elfie. But he’s dang good at his job and I highly recommend it. So, Zack, if you’re interested, just send me a PM. I’ll directly connect you and then we’ll take it from there. He does project management V.A. saying he doesn’t use click up, but probably will soon. Asani Trello Monday dot com. And he’s got about 20 or 30 visas. And all he does is look at an Assunta board and make sure that the reds are yellows and the yellows become greens. That’s what he does.

[00:27:58] So if you’re interested in that, I can directly connect you if you decide to purchase this program. I will get a referral early. I hope you’re okay with that disclosure. It doesn’t really change my endorsement. It’s it’s a top notch program.

[00:28:08] But I specifically do not. I do have like a one on one thing where we sit down once a week every week and I give you my S.O. piece. But I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for. I think, Zach, what you’re looking for is like an absolute expert. And then I can introduce you as necessary.

[00:28:26] Says.

[00:28:31] How do you find remote workers to help you deliver? And how can you to the best ones? So, Zach, I think your question is and this is just based upon my assumptions of your question. We’re talking about fulfillment. So delivering the intended result. So the ads, the landing pages, the thank you pages, notification, soap opera sequence, automatic follow ups, all that fun stuff.

[00:28:48] The easiest thing you can do, Zach, is just go into this game, say like, hey, I’m looking for a white labeler that can deliver X result pest control 15 book to appointments, deliver fully filled out mortgage broker forms or something like that. And there’s people here that can reverse some. And I did this test a while ago. There was an insurance broker about like two months ago.

[00:29:10] Insurance company, insurance broker. So, like, hey, can you get us more insurance deals? And it’s a deeming book appointments or people want to buy insurance. He said, yes, it’s a great let me call you back in two days. I have no idea how to do any of that. So I posted the group. I’m looking for a white liberal that could do insurance appointments. And then three people recommended the same three people, the same three people recommended multiple times. So those are my white liberals. Let’s talk then. You have a conversation. And I didn’t pursue it because the insurance guy backed out. But if the insurance guy did not back out, then call those white liberals. How does your white label program work? What does it make sense? All that stuff that is different than a remote worker. I don’t think you want remote workers. I think you want delivery of the result, which is rarely simply a remote worker. Now, when you’re doing fulfillment, there’s a couple of different lines of thing. You can either do it yourself, which is what people do in the beginning. You can hire white labeler, which costs money but saves you a lot of time. And that white label is entire line of business about getting smart and delivering your intended result. Or you can do veejays if you have recorded videos of you fulfilling, if you know your stuff works.

[00:30:14] If you got backup plans, you can hire veejays. And I think that’s more like the remote worker style thing. And all they will do is follow steps that you outline. Think of like assembly line work. Do this. Don’t do that. Do this. Don’t do that. That is highly unlikely to give you your intended result unless you have one market. One offer. One message. One product. One program. And it’s all the same.

[00:30:38] If you are in that position, then you can simply record your screen of you fulfilling orders and then you can just give it to a V.A. who can then follow those steps. Otherwise, I really recommend people that are sub 15 and 20 K. Hire a white labeler and that white labelers brain will help you become better at what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. So, Zach, I hope that answered your question of not let me know.

[00:31:02] Alexander says, Oh, sorry, exactly. Go and do this.

[00:31:10] Alexander says.

[00:31:13] What about reaching out ads through targeting college professors?

[00:31:18] That need help creating digital scorches pages and groups online. So let me provide a line of thinking for you, Alex.

[00:31:25] I think this is like an interesting and a great learning moment. So when you think of, like, agencies that work. There’s three layers, and you’ve probably seen this before, there’s prospecting. Their sales. And then there’s fullfillment.

[00:31:46] So if your questions like, hey, what if I just start sending out emails to professors that need help creating their digital courses and pages and groups online? I agree with you. Start prospecting like start sending e-mails out to professors that are directly that that directly answer their emails and start sending out five hundred thousand e-mails a day selling. Hey, college professor, do you need help getting your stuff online? Blank, blank and blank. The challenge is that most college professors who are at a university already have that need filled by an I.T. person. And all you’re doing is giving them a reason to just. Oh, yeah, I should do that and call their I.T. guy. So it’s highly unlikely that your sales engine will work. I’m sure your prospect engine will work. Get some yeses. Great. Let’s talk. All that fun stuff. But when it comes to the sales conversation, they’re like, oh, I know. I’ve got an I.T. guy. I’m pretty sure they can do it. I mean, you’re like, damn. And then. And then you’re like. But, you know, software they like. Yeah. And we’ve got Blackbaud.

[00:32:45] You like art? Well, I’ve got nothing. Right. So that’s why I really have a challenge about targeting college professors. They have massive support, like a billion dollar company supporting them in their journey. And in the middle of all this, that university is like switching gears very, very fast. So I think you could try it. But if your expectation is like, hey, I could land a sail from this and then a professor could pay me money. A professor is not going to pay you money. It’s going to go through a budgeting process inside of that company. That’s going to take you one or two or three months. And they have a very long buying cycle. So you have to a convince the professor, be convinced that Dean see, the dean has to request money. And then Dean, it has to be the right budgeting time. And then all of those steps are really being fought against you by a company like Blackboard. Or whatever I.T. support or at any singular time, that professing be like, why am I waiting all this time to blah, blah, blah? You know, the alternative, I can just send out a zoom link and take it from there. And so, Alexander, like, it’s it’s possible. But there’s so much structural structural forces that would prevent you from getting a sale.

[00:33:55] That’s going to be a big challenge. I could be totally wrong and I really hope I am. But that’s just simply been my experience. And that was my experience when I was getting my MBA five years ago. It’s probably gotten worse now. And the company has a much more entrenched, much more embedded and have much bigger contracts. So I hope that provides like a level of like. Truthful sadness. I think it could be worth a shot. But I can’t specifically endorse saying, like, hey, Alexander, go for it and then have you come back in 30 days on the next lunch alone and say, hey, Jeff, I sent out 10000 e-mails, I got 500 yeses, I did 50 demos and a single purchase. And in fact, every single one of those demos told me that they have the thing already set up, already doing it. So that’s like that’s my biggest fear for you.

[00:34:44] Michael, Mossimo goes back to this question and says he’s charging 50 hundred dollars a month with ad spend. This is the original white label question. So that’s case, Michael. Five hundred of that should go to a white labeler. There are white label people that will charge five hundred dollars for the intended result. And then you have the thousand dollars as your fee for dealing with the client and providing a strategy. I spoke on the phone or sorry, on a Zune call with a guy in Malaysia that charges Deringer dollars a month. There are people in the I see that charge five hundred dollars a month to be white labeled. So unless, like, unless. I’m trying to phrase this correctly, unless you’re being outright screwed by a white labeler or not communicating your needs correctly to a white labeler or white labeling incorrectly at a fifteen hundred dollar a month contract. Assuming you’re charging correctly, right, you should be white labeling and should cost you between 30 and 40 and maybe you’re paying a lot, 50 percent. And then that white label should be able to do everything except communicate with the client.

[00:35:40] Let me know your thoughts and continue on things like that.

[00:35:45] Market continues on and says, my question is more. Do you think it’s good timing at the moment with what’s going on? Do you know people are having good results? I don’t know. I don’t really follow the mortgage industry. There are people who do mortgages in the. I see. That’s my industry. That’s my paid and coaching program. And there are people that do mortgages inside this public group. It should not. Not on my radar. I know that right now the chances of you signing a mortgage deal are pretty darn low, even though they simply are happening.

[00:36:13] It’s just not the volume and everybody’s afraid of blah, blah, blah. I know my brother in law is closing three or four real estate deals per week. It doesn’t affect him. That’s just because the work he was doing two or three months ago. And if the money is already down, they’re not going to be dealing with it more. So I’m sure there’s some people saying, you know, all of Miami Dade and Brickle is like saying no more. Moving no more. And and analysis like that. So there’s probably some forces against that. But most mortgage people and most loan officers know that it’s going to take 60, 30 or 60 days to close a deal. So most mortgage people are thinking. It’s now April 1st. What is my May first look like? What is my pipeline look like? What deals are in the works? Is that enough for my numbers or not? So you can totally prospect and start setting up sales calls. There are people, by the way, still having successful sales conversations and getting deposits and landing deals. We had four deals this week inside of the ISG alone. So the answer is the timing is never perfect. The timing is always bad. And there’s everything always going wrong. This is just another example of stuff like that. And so if your questions like, hey, should I do it? The answer is yes. Turn on a prospect. The engine start talking to mortgage brokers. Chances are they’re thinking 30 or 60 days down the line. The thing about May thing by June and they’re going out. If it’s going to Leben Manjit, am I going to hit my numbers? And you should, by the way, be talking them on the phone and let them tell, you know. Prospecting is not that hard. You don’t have to set up all the fulfillment. You don’t have to work on all of this. First, you can just hire white labeler. All you have to do to know if your idea is going to work. Start sending your prospecting engine. You can hire somebody to kill the mailing for you. Five hundred eight hundred dollars a month. There’s a guy in the ice that does it as a service and just start getting people on the phone. And through those discovery conversations and through those demos, you’ll find out in three or four days if your sales engine is going to work. If it doesn’t, then you know not to do it. If it does cool and you schedule all the deals to go live. I don’t know, two, three, four weeks, so to answer your question is like it’s always bad timing, you do it anyway. Now that answers your question.

[00:38:21] Chris says, brilliant wisdom. I appreciate that cheering the line sharing to make a line between businesses one thing and other help. Oh, this is not a question. OK, Chris, thank you very much. I appreciate it.

[00:38:33] Let’s see what else.

[00:38:37] Alexander continues on. Let me just make this a little bit easier.

[00:38:41] And says they’re not making much dollars, I’m asking more technical side knowledge on our side. OK. So if you have a professor at, for example, F I you that isn’t making enough money, that is looking to productize and a digital course, you should totally have that conversation.

[00:38:56] I do want to say that creating a digital course is as much challenging, much more challenging than simply running an ad and e commerce, saying it’s it’s it’s fundamentally challenging. It’s fundamentally more difficult. And when you look at the people that have had had massacres that have had massive success, it’s actually very, very rare. Like it’s one out of 100 or one out of a thousand. And the vast majority of courses don’t actually, like, get off the ground. You should totally be doing this. But what I would like you to do is actually, instead of, like, partnering with and having them pay you to create digital products. I hope to proactively go to customers, practically get a professor and say, like, hey, can I pay you money to teach in my program? And I would just like you to teach on blank topic. Now you have direct access to professors. Now you can sell masterclasses. You can add that to your ICI program or your Corser coaching program. I think that’s the easiest and best and fastest way to do it. If you’re asking a professor to say, hey, you should be paying me to do your digital product, it’s going to be really, really hard to get that as a yes for a lot of reasons. But for the most part, if you go to them and say, hey, can I pay you money to teach in my program, it’s great. It’s awesome. He’s got a serious reputation, a real business, although they’ll probably say yes, because professors are available for teaching higher and assuming like you don’t break their brain other contracts, they’ll probably say yes in exchange for money. So I do want to say, Alex, instead of saying, hey, I’m gonna approach professors and have them launch a digital product and have them pay me money. It’s probably better to go to professors and say, like, hey, I’m launching a digital product. I would like to pay you money. And then you just work your digital product in your face, gets process and then you just start selling courses with access, with access to those recordings. I do the same exact thing with my master classes as well. I find an absolute expert, pay them an F ton of money. They go live for two or three or four hours. And then I get to keep that forever and resell it as necessary. So I have a very similar approach to that.

[00:40:55] It does work, but I don’t know if the.

[00:41:00] I don’t know if the chances of going to a professor and saying, hey, you should be doing a digital product and paying me to do it is going to work out in the way you expect. This is in my limited experience, again, featured in a flawed human being. I’m more than happy people who do me wrong. But given limited time, effort, energy, if I had to say like, hey, Jeff, do I actively go to professors or or experts or knowledge people, knowledge people. And so, like, hey, pay me money. Stop doing it. Pay me money to launch a digital product. They’ve got so many if ands or buts. Like, what about my employment contract? I can’t do it. Who are you? You got a like cover so many barriers versus hey, you’re a professor. I want to pay you to teach in my program. That is much easier. Yes. And you just sell those courses or sell those replays. I hope that answers your question.

[00:41:51] Alex. Let’s see what else is going on. We have sorry.

[00:42:01] All right, Tyler, I can’t even begin to pronounce your name. Moyet Mu why?

[00:42:08] Well, just say, Tyler, would you mind sharing us more than having the courage client, anything you would have done differently and lessons learned? Yeah. So I signed my car right. Client, my first car. I think, like two years ago at 250. And then they just kept adding locations. I was actually permanently that my leads were legit. I was doing sneaky surveys, welcome texts. I was doing customer research. And the reason why I was working so well is because he was packaging up and selling that. And so what he would do is prepay me for like 90 or 120 days of Facebook as. And and customers and things like that, which made it easy for him to sell his franchises to somebody else. Imagine if, like, if McDonald’s was going like, hey, you’re going to get everything. And it comes with prepaid marketing and it’s got a long history of results is much easier to sell that than, hey, here’s your stuff and good luck with the marketing. And so that’s how he’s selling. It is selling for a very pretty penny. I was effectively part of his package, which was cool. And what was happening is after the third or fourth month expired, they were just simply not renewing. I would have conversations like, hey, you’re marketing, is working your revenues up, your dollars are up. It’s not because of X, Y, Z, one, two and three. It’s not because of obviously, your employees aren’t working. It’s not because we sent you fifteen phone calls and told you not to come or for whatever reason, and then they would just not renew. And those clients ended up just naturally closing out. At one point he was paying me ten thousand dollars a month, which was really darn cool. And those contracts had like 80 percent margins. It was all copy and paste. Everything was copy and paste. It was fantastic. In fact, we had three locations in Miami. But here’s it’s interesting. The people that bought the franchises were not operators. They were very, very bad at being business owners. They were just the worst types of human beings ever. I would go to Bayside, that’s in Miami. We had a carwash location paying me money and I would turn on their ads and they had one employee and a line of 18 cars. And I would call the business and be like, hey, what do you think about a business? Like business is horrible. The numbers aren’t working. I don’t like this. Marketing is bad. I know your marketing is great. There’s 18 people lined up. You need to hire people. We don’t have margin to hire people because of blah, blah, blah. Well, I can’t help you there, buddy. We had another time in Dadeland Mall. We sent three sneaky surveys, three secret shoppers. One of them was Jonathan. You had to the the other one was my dad. That then was me.

[00:44:25] We called the business, we call them.

[00:44:29] They didn’t pick up the phone. We called again. They pick up the phone and called. The third time they picked up and said, hey, I like to schedule car show, like, OK, we’ll call you back. And then they called me back and they left a voicemail saying, like, hey, now’s not a good time or super packed. You should come by next week. I like that it’s absolutely like the worst thing ever. Like, they very close. Hey, Mrs. Johnson, supersized. Can we get you prepaid and set up a run and give you an appointment? The first appointment we have is for tomorrow at X time. Can we can we ask you show up on time? Because we’re super packed and we want to make sure that you get your service as intended. Instead, they just told me to come back next week, which means that they won’t. And then they didn’t call back. My dad and I think they told Jonte NATO to simply not show up. They’re too busy. I mean that. I mean, again and again and again, when there’s bad business process, it’s really hard to justify marketing. And so the nail that broke the camel’s back, the nail in the coffin and the straw that broke the camel’s back was this type of recession. I was feeling in January and February where they’re like not picking up my phone calls. You’re, like, not excited about renewing. And as a naturally closed out. But I always got a call up next, missing K. Business back, would you mark me again? But I didn’t get the businesses bad phone call. Instead, they just closed up shop. So that’s how the car wash. Client relationship ended. I was part of my CEO’s package where they would sell the franchise. Everything was set up. The employees are trained. We even had additional training and marketing and it was all done as a package. And it was like flipping these franchises absolute great. And then as the marketing timed out, they would not renew or they were just bad business so that no money reinvest marketing or when they did want to renew.

[00:46:16] Well, the recession came along. And so I think I took like a. Pretty big pay cut there, right? As such is life. And that’s how it works. So I hope that answers your question. Did it do? Let’s see.

[00:46:34] Let’s see. Alexander continues then. Let me put this here. Duplicate. Identical stays on and says, why don’t all the college professors do this, it’s smart.

[00:46:47] I’m specifically trying to help professors right now and not already by the dollars, if that’s case out back. I highly recommend you go for it. I think what you’re doing now is you’re asking for permission from somebody who’s not in the industry, not it’s not doing the work. And so I don’t think that I am whether it’s a yes or no, you should be doing it and then coming back and be like, yo, Jeff, I did it and I got this result and then I can help you get my results faster. But what you’re asking for is like an idea that is just there, just an idea. And all we’re doing is talking about the ephemeral ness of what could work. It could not. What we really need to create a car or create a thing and get some clients, customers in the door like we need a real life. Oh, my God, it worked or it didn’t type scenario. And whether professors do it or not, they have their own incentives. Like like there are a lot of people at Harvard. A lot of people were lot people, Stanford, that are not launching their own online courses, which they should. But for whatever reason, they’re not a box dumb. I gotcha. But I challenge you say, all right, I’m going to start reaching out to five hundred thousand professors or educational teachers every single day. You’re called e-mailing. Have you ever thought about doing your digital product or course online and then start doing the fulfillment in the sales engine and then seeing what happens and come back in 30 days? But you know, Jeff, I just made a billion dollars.

[00:48:01] That’s a scenario. Heiler says. Let’s follow this question and try to get this organized.

[00:48:12] The president says, wow. Interesting new thing. Fixing broken sales process or business? Yes, that is correct. And I, I exit that really ship knowing I gave it my big darn college try and really doing my best to make sure that they can keep their employees, keep the rent paid. Things like that. There was one lady at the Falls where instead of paying me two thousand dollars, she paid the mall two thousand dollars to put signs saying car wash nearby. And I was like, Look, Mrs. Johnson, I’m very clearly going to tell you that’s a horrible idea. They aren’t guaranteeing it. It’s not for a long time. And they’re not going to work with you to increase the amount of money that they’re that your customer is going to spend with you. There’s something going to put it up and they are going to be sitting in your office when and where your customers are. Are you sure you want to this goes? Yes, it’s going to be great if I do it. And then as far as Fox, you’re shit. Hey, Ed, delete that right from the ad and sure as hell she ended up. I can’t believe I said that. Hey, Ed, pleasingly that and this from the video and so sure as hell Qiana just sitting there wondering where all of our customers are in. So I’m just like, why did she not pay me money to simply get more customers wanting to buy what you have to sell? So I’m saying, like, screw it, I’ll just take the hit. I mean, like, look, Mrs. Johnson, I know what’s going on here, which is like you can lose your business. So I take the two thousand I hit and I’m just going this for you and you let me know what goes on. She goes, OK. So he started Genner three or four phone calls every single day, as well as three or four booked appointments that she just had to call that confirm and collect. She still did nothing. She just sat there. So there’s a lot of, like, real human reasons why stuff is broken and most reasons why there are like deeper reasons why a business is broken up because a person is broken or because a person does not fix stuff. Just like when you go to gross home, it’s because of a person did. It’s the same with business. And so, yeah, man as such is life. I’ve really tried to to disassociate my emotions from my client’s success and for my clients, business says I did that in the beginning and I swear to God I was getting more gray hairs than ever before. My emotions were like all sorts of crazy for no reason at all. And so whether my my car wash or my bike shop is like massively wealthy or runs out of business, I’m trying to keep my emotions kind of steady. And that’s ultimately, my God, at least acknowledge when my emotions are unsteady. BNN broken sales processes will kill a business just like a broken home.

[00:50:40] Every single time. So let’s see what happens.

[00:50:48] And I have no idea how to pronounce this name. Asia right away.

[00:50:57] And I tell you what, every every week, these these names get more, more fun. These are not even letters. I know it’s letters to you. But like, I don’t I don’t see it on my keyboard. You know what I mean? Asia says, do you think offering a discounted service discount service fee for restaurants help them through this time taught.

[00:51:15] Hold on.

[00:51:16] Here we go. We’ll try this again. I do think offering this kind of service fee for Restaurant Seltmann through this tough time, get testimonials, even thought about restaurants and on your niche. I’m having trouble kind of understanding what you’re asking, but I’ll just kind of run with it. I think ageless question is, do you think of offering this kind of service for restaurants to help them get through this? Tough time is a way to get people interested in paying me money for my service. The answer is most restaurants I actually have difficulty paying for done for you ads as a whole, like it’s very, very difficult for a restaurant to pay one thousand or two thousand dollars a month. To just simply like get ads and get phone calls and get sales and results. And that’s a function of the margin in their business. So when you look at like Facebook ad agencies that are massively successful, they are selling their clients expensive s stuff like like three thousand dollar packages, 5000 packages, 10000 packages. And those packages have such dollars and such margin that my client has to only sell one 10000 or Bich a month. And he’s paid for my fee three times over. Right. Restaurants don’t have that, like the average ticket, let’s just say, is 80 bucks and they’ve got a 20 percent margin if they’re lucky. So they’re only making sixteen dollars per sale. You would have to sell one hundred. That’s three per day. One hundred eighty dollar things, which is on the high end to begin to afford your service. So for the most part, restaurants just don’t have the margin. I don’t have the high enough money to pay a Facebook ads person to do stuff for them. I’m sure there’s one or two or three other people going to argue with me. But for every one or two people that argue with me, there’s there’s 10, 20 or 30 other people that are like, yeah, that’s right. Like, restaurants are horrible. Rocco DeLeon is still trying to figure out how to crack the code of restaurants. We’ve got to get to the other people on the ice trying to crack the code restaurants. It’s just so much harder. You can discount your service if you want, but I don’t think there’s a connection between discounting your service and getting a restaurant to pay you money, especially when there’s such massive competition where they’re already doing a rev share and you have to compete with that. Like, why would I as a restaurant pay you two thousand dollars when I can just connected to Uber eats and only pay a percentage of sales? So that’s the challenge. Now your second question is how do I get testimonials with restaurants through this tough time? You can do one time installations. You mean like, hey, we’re going to do a bot thing? Costs you five hundred bucks. But because of Curnamona million charge two 250. You’ve got no fulfillment. It’s copy and paste, maybe takes a ten, fifteen minutes. And now you have our product margin that you’re happy with. And it’s a product. So you want to do anything else, like you’re not talking arms. Like you’re just going to call us and say, see you later. Goodbye. And this is this is how you go ahead and use it and stuff like that. And then you can get him like a thousand sign ups or something like that, or send an email and get like 15 phone calls. Go. Mr. Johnson, you got the results. Can we jump in a face time real fast? Mean you tell me about the results. You plug in your phone. Open up quick time. Click record and talk to him like this. So it’s showing on your computer. You record it that way. Didn’t know you could do that, right. Open up quick time with your phone plugged in. You can record your phone. And then you’ve got your mini testimonial and you can have customer saying and clients and end the restaurant saying like, hey, I paid Jeff money for his bought. We’ve got five hundred people signed up and we’ve got 24 hour phone calls and three of them came in. I spent five hundred. I made two grand. I get to use it again and again. Again. So that’s possible. But restaurants are probably horrible simply because they don’t know the margin, don’t have volume and face. We got agencies that work, tend to just do business with people that have big margins and big dollars. And that tends to be the same amount of work. Like you look at be top local based out of Utah. All they do is they sell ten thousand dollar 90 day programs to their plastic surgeons or med spores. And now those meds spasms plastic surgeons will probably make thirty or forty thousand dollars and they’re jumping up and down because they pay 10 and made 30 or 40. That works, right.

[00:55:18] It’s gonna be real hard for for you do something similar with a restaurant. So just as an FII.

[00:55:24] Let’s see. Sean says.

[00:55:31] John Shrier. Schreier.

[00:55:37] Shoreway, Sean Schwemmer. I mean, a square sounds right after this virus. Well, these owners and process would be more competent. No, they will still not follow up. They will still be horrible decision making and they will just go bankrupt. That’s how it works. And what’s going to happen is instead of a human being saying like, hey, I went bankrupt because I didn’t know how to make a three to five thousand dollar sale because I didn’t know how to create automatic follow up, because I didn’t know how to generate customers on demand. Ten, those customers are paying customers and then turn those paying customers into the film. That’s fast and easy and jumps up and down. They will not think that. They’ll say, you know, my restaurant is going OK. And then Korona, I know right in their head they’re always the hero. This is a human trait in the head. The person is always the hero. Whether you’re doing right or wrong, you always think you’re the hero. They will not change at all. They will not become more competent. They will not learn a lesson. They will not say, oh, my God, I should have been better at blank. I should have been better at Y or Z. And so they’ll simply say, oh, it’s the economy. We’re hearing that, oh, it’s the recession. Remember hearing that, oh, it’s quarantine coronavirus, whatever excuse as to why they are not shining bright. That will be the reason. Instead of saying I need to learn how to shine brighter. That’s the uniqueness of people who are massively successful. They will say, all right, every race, quarantine coronavirus. How can I make my business work better? Most people are not thinking that most people are saying like, hey, Ebony’s quarantine, we’re shutting down. Apsley Horrible. I was a restaurant owner right now. I would just be doing top notch, super expensive home delivery and charging a thousand dollars. And, you know, we’re going to feed your family five star restaurants and only appeal to the massively wealthy and deliver everything. And it’s be a five star white cloth, white table. All that fun stuff. We’re going to disinfect and pick it up. But it’s done something like that, like at home break the quarantine catering type thing, like get whatever it is. Right. There are some clubs, by the way. They’re charging a thousand bucks. Delson bottle girls, your house gets apart. Pretend party if like three hours or whatever. Just a break through the quarantine type of thinking. The vast majority business owners do not think this way. They they’ll think, oh, I’m not successful because of X, Y, Z reason. I would argue is well the messenger of agency owners a thing that way as well. I will bet you over the forty two thousand people in this group. Forty one thousand of them are simply saying I can’t get a deal because, you know, quarantine. There’s no money, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, in the ICN, the coaching, the program, the coaching, the mentioned friends that I’m part of, I’m seeing like ten thousand dollar deals every other day. Like the money is there. You just have to position yourself and move towards it. So, Sean, is your question. I don’t think any human being ever is going to learn their lesson from this. They’re gonna say, oh, it’s quarantine, everything’s going to be horrible. I’ll bet you, by the way. And this ties into another bullet point. We’ve all said, you know. God, I really hate my job. I wish I could quit my job, but I can’t because I got to pay my mortgage. You know, I wish I could spend more time at home with my kids because I like them a lot more than my job. I wish I didn’t have to pay my bills. I wish I had more time to read or go to the gym or work out. Guess what, guys? Now, I’ve got all the time in the world. You can call bullshit on your own brain and be like, hey, you know it. Now it’s time for me to read the books that I’ve always wanted to. I’ll bet you the vast majo human beings are not accomplishing their goals and still are not accomplishing their goals. And this is a wake up call for every agency in or out there. You’ve been lying to yourself as to why stuff can’t get done. I don’t have time. Now you’ve got time. You know, I’ve got to focus on paying my bills. Your bills are paid for. I don’t pay your mortgage. There’s literally mortgage relief. I know, but I need to get money and the government’s giving you money. Yeah, but now’s not a good time because of blah, blah, blah. So I really think, Sean, that whether it’s a business owner, a restaurant owner or brick and mortar or an agency owner, human beings still will not learn their lesson. And every single day there is a consistent separation of people that are learning their lesson. Top one percent and the vast majority of people who are working poor and that sounds very political is not my intention. But I think, Sean, you know exactly what I mean.

[00:59:36] Ashvin says.

[00:59:40] What do think of liquor stores? I don’t think you can run Facebook ads for liquor stores, but I know that liquor sales are up and through the roof because everybody’s just throwing away their problems. So if you find a way to advertise liquor stores for sale or liquor stores and what they have to sell on Facebook, go for it. I don’t know if I can advertise on Google either, but I do know more and more people are actually buying liquor. I do think liquor laws are a bit weird because you can’t do like cross state sales. And I am by the way, Ash has been completely unqualified to answer the finances of. All I know is that you can’t advertise for booze on Facebook and liquor sales are up.

[01:00:17] This says.

[01:00:21] A resident cleaning business. Thoughts? Yes. Do it. Go for it. There’s somebody nice doing. Eighty thousand dollars a month. Copy and paste. Offer for essential cleaning businesses. There’s somebody else in the ICI that is getting commercial cleaning jobs and phone quotes and doing three or four of them a day as a service. Yes, you 100 percent need to be doing it. Mario Pajares says, hey, Jeff said, Hey, Mario, how are you doing? I’ve seen senior Massac success. I’m super proud of you. Well done. Fannie Mae says, hey, hey, back at you. Monti just joined meal, just joined, Michael Eastman, just joined. And Sean says the way to pronounce his name is Schwyzer. Perfect. We just broke the solid 60 Minutes. I hope every single person here found a way to move forward faster and ultimately solve problems, their agencies. What I want to do is speak in a way that anybody can scrub this and find a question that that makes sense for them and then speak in a way that anybody can just tune in and answer that. I’m pretty sure what we’re gonna do with video videos, chop it up, and then put on my business page on YouTube. It’s just much easier that way, as opposed to uploading like 18 videos to the group. It’s just not going to happen. Right. It’s just not gonna be a great experience. So that’s it. Go kick some butt, take some names. As always, continue to create your prospecting offer. If you’re not doing a prospecting engine or. Always be running a prospect, the engine, if you’re not running your prospect, the engine, use this opportunity to create a digital product. Read the books, exercise things like that. We are in a literally historical moment where all the rules of normal society are broken. And you’re in a very unique position to call your brain out on some bullshit. If you’ve always said I don’t have the time to do it now, I have the time. I said I have to because I have to pay my bills. You don’t have to make money. Money is being sent to you now is probably the best, single best sign. By the way, just start an agency. The demand is through the roof. The barriers of entry are low. And there is a temporary opportunity and a massive break in the moat. So that’s it. See us later.

[01:02:18] Bye.

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