How You Can Get Paying Clients Without Proof, Testimonials or Experience!

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Hey gang, I want to talk about myths…

…particularly the myth of needing the oh-so-important ‘experience’, proof or testimonials to land high-paying clients.

Because you know what? 

I got into the fb ad space without any of those things…and look at me now…

So… what do you need to land those first solid clients?

For starters you need some darn confidence.

But beyond that you need to know what the heck you’re doing…

…which is what I’m going to show you TODAY.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The way of prospecting and sales which gets you paid faster than any other way known to agency man (it’s how I was trained at Intel and Erickson, and I’m going to share it with you here…)
  • The 3 core ways to get paid by a client – hint…do NOT talk like an agency owner
  • People need to see a plan – I’m gonna give you the exact blueprint for than plan
  • The ‘magic’ phrases you can use to solve a whole bunch of reasons people won’t pay you money…
  • The biggest mistake I made when I first started my business (the solution is the reason I’ve since done $10k deals on a napkin at a bar…)
  • A super easy way to squeeze your clients into upfront payment
  • Why – despite what you’ve heard – you DON’T want to under promise & over deliver
  • And a whole bunch more!
Joining the Inner Circle

Gets you access to a consistent and repeatable process so you can land and keep clients who pay $1k, $2K, even $5K+ a month without any hidden upsells. (yeah… upsells suck)


[00:00:00] So let’s start.

[00:00:03] All right, we’re gonna be talking about how to get a paid client if you don’t have case studies, prove your experience was going to be cool. My game plan on how to remove all those value posts and general Q&A. By the way, if you have any questions, I think you should start typing them in now and said wait until the end. Simply because there’s like a 20 or 30 second lag. And what will happen is I’ll get to the end, make an announcement and be like, oh, there’s nobody questioning. So I just kind of close it out. When I really want to do is make sure that this is valuable for your time, effort, energy. It’s going to even be more interesting, by the way, is if I decide to actually change the topic.

[00:00:39] So, ladies and gents, we have an option. Let me go ahead and bring up this Google Slide right here. I know if I should do this, I don’t think it’ll be mean.

[00:00:52] Oh, definitely an opportunity to, um, call our brains out on our own bull s h. S Rick a t. Regarding their current, of course, regarding the freebees and things like that. That was my running suspicion that if people don’t pay for stuff, they just don’t do it. At least that’s the case for me. And I started doing some research. We’ve had like 600 people sign up for the crown, of course, which literally shows you how to get clients, how to get them interested and wanted by. You have to sell and how to get them saying, hey, I want to hear a sales pitch like a 90 percent of the way. We give it up for everybody for free. And something interesting happened with it, but we don’t talk about that right now. Let me just get this light up on lunch and learn and life.

[00:01:35] April 15th.

[00:01:38] Let me go ahead and share my screen, click that button, click that button, and we’re up and running. Cool. We drag that around and let me get my high fives and hand hugs while we’re here. I’ve got Intergang. Quite enjoy. How you doing, sir? And just part of the eyes. He does a great job. White labeling Angelman doesn’t. How are you? A lock, actually, a lock. I looked you up inside of the KGB course area. What are the odds? I literally just saw you about two seconds ago and I was trying to see your progress. I want to see a look. Well done. You completed the code e-mailing masterclass.

[00:02:13] All four of them. And you’re just sort of the customer research masterclass. Well done, my man. We’ve got Tristan, Jacob, Senior Jacob von Trask, which is probably the best Marvel superhero villain name I’ve ever heard. Emile Garon. Fannie. Paul. David Evans. Bee. We just finally started scheduling demos after me yelling at him for I don’t know how long. I mean, Andrew says sorry. Andy says, thanks for the early reminder on Facebook. Does this happen each week at this time? I find them useful, Andy. It definitely does. Orlando, what’s going on? How you doing? Wielding pen address. What’s going on, George? Morale. Leo. Joshua. Come on. Juan has a Michelle Ruby Gomez Hender says white label all day long and save your time. I got your back. Yes, he does. Low polish. I’m telling Zach, Herman and Jody and Porter before we get started on the lunch and learn and talking about how to get a paid client.

[00:03:06] I do want to say that the ninety seven dollar thread that we put up, I think last week was probably the best one yet. We had straight up millionaires, millionaires saying here’s my stuff, her ninety seven dollars. I know if somebody on that thread that is doing over five hundred thousand dollars a week in sales. Five hundred thousand dollars in sales. I know this because I’ve seen these numbers. I’ve seen the stats and I’ve seen his presentations. It’s nuts. He’s got thousands of e-commerce stores. He’s owned a half million dollars a week. And he’s like, guys, if you want it, it’s there. It’s so darn cool. There’s another many, many times multi multimillionaire saying, screw it. I charge too great an hour for the first five people. Ninety seven dollars. Way to give back. There’s people in there giving out, Klank, getting ads, customer getting ads, video, testimonial, video testimonials, video content. We leverage programs. They’re making PDAF lead magnets.

[00:03:59] There is literally no reason other than you as to why you haven’t gotten the client, gotten them results or kept them longer. It’s absolutely amazing. By the way, if you want my personal help and helping you do that, we have three people join the ICC last week and they’re already getting results. And then in the worst economic time ever. So if you’re interested in that, if you want to see how we’re getting massive results super fast, keep your clients engaged and jumping up and down and get my personal doing it. Just hashtag. I see Brett. Reach out to you say. All that fun stuff.

[00:04:28] We are literally getting people 10, 20 or 30 came on really dark fast. You’ve got a twenty one year old doing twelve thousand dollars a month like those people in their thirties aren’t doing that. Either way though, let’s start talking. Let’s go over this right here. Let me bring up the agenda.

[00:04:51] This is the Lunch Learning Live.

[00:04:55] Does the agenda what I’d like to do, by the way, is kind of put this to a vote and I know there’s a one hell of a long delay, and I’m pretty sure Facebook doesn’t care to fix it. So depending upon what you guys are thinking about discussing and freaking out and whatever you genuinely believe can help you move your agency forward. We’ve got three options. We can talk about how to get a paid client even if you don’t. Case studies, proofer experience. We can talk about a game plan to remove all these value post that you’ve been seeing. It’s so funny. As soon as I start to focus my eyes on my agency, all of a sudden the value posts start kicking up.

[00:05:30] And I’m not a big fan of those or general Q&A. So if you’d like to not get a paid client, if you don’t case studies, proofer experience type number one. If you’d like to know the game plan to remove all these value posts, type number two, and if you’d like, we can just you General Q and A number three, we get to ask me any questions that you’d like. I put up on the board and get my honest five to ten, maybe fifteen minutes to try to answer your question. Do it anyway. So that so that every other single person watching this can actually get it done as well.

[00:05:58] Give me a one. Give me a two or give me a number three. And in the intermediate, Christian John has a question and pop it on here. So, again, give me a one or two and three in a chat. Christian says, What should I do when I say it’s so funny? Your personal profile reminds me so much of Sam Evans. I don’t know if that’s it’s purposeful or not, but it’ll be pretty darn cool on a special high five and hand hug the door in Siobhán. Turn on as just like any I see. Got his first real life client opportunity for like eighty nine cents or something. Christian John says, I’ve had six appointments, the dental nitch and got four of them interested, but not one of them paid anything. When we agreed on moving forward. All right, Christian. Well, it sounds like you definitely need to have this problem solve your problem, losing thousands of dollars a month, if not thousands of dollars a week. And a lot of this has to do with how you’re communicating your program. Actually want to do Christian as an attempt to really answer this. I’m going to talk about this right here. How to get a paid client. It if you don’t case studies, proof or experience. So if I do that, I think Christian actually. We’ll solve your problem pretty darn quickly. So this is how to get a paid client. Had a bit of paid client, if you don’t a case studies he’s proofer experience, and I do want to say I feel like I am somewhat qualified to talk about this because I came into the face with Artspace without proof, without experience.

[00:07:28] Case studies, I mean, I remember it f ton of people saying, oh my God, if only I had a working at only I had proof. Finally a case that is some like that.

[00:07:37] And then they would continue to do the one thing wrong and then they still wouldn’t get paid. They’d be like, oh, here’s the case study in the client, be like thank you so much. I would walk away with doing it. Like that’s not at all what I want it. Or they would say, like, all right, I’ve got three years of experience, a Facebook guys, they’ll get a teacher marketing certificate, but still clients a pan. And what I discovered is a way that works best with me. And it’s how I was trained at Intel and Ericsson and has a lot to do with this whiteboard of death or money. Right. That is my up, my moneymaker. That’s my million dollar slide deck. That’s my million dollar whiteboard. Absolutely made a million dollars with three layers of of white board at anti graffiti poxy. Lee, by the way, that this way of working will get you paid faster than doing it any other way. And we’ll get you paid even if you don’t have cases, proof of experience. This is massively powerful, by the way. The philosophy of if only had a case, any proof of experience is just a weird manifestation of your brain, like you’re afraid that you can’t deliver results. And, you know, you look at Elon Musk and he goes on stage and sell stuff and then has fulfillment. Right. So the easiest way. Well, let me rephrase it like this.

[00:08:44] There are three ways to get paid from a client.

[00:08:48] And this is not exclusive. This is just like how I’m organizing my thoughts in a way that makes it make sense for Christian John and everybody else walking on here. One of the ways let’s do this, three ways of getting paid for a client.

[00:09:04] It’s the first way. One showing.

[00:09:12] Trying to figure out the right way. OK. Showing them.

[00:09:17] What’s the phrase like this? Three ways of getting paid from a client. Wow. Like the coffee it’s getting in.

[00:09:22] You want to sell like a doctor, lawyer or accountant.

[00:09:29] What happens when you buy from a doctor, lawyer or accountant? No. Doctor, lawyer account is running up to it saying, oh, my God. Let me do plastic surgery on your face. You’re so ugly. Your your your entire life is ruined because your nose is all messed up and your face is all gross. Please let me fix it. Like they don’t do that. They don’t act forward and sense of desperation. You want to sell like a doctor, lawyer, accountant. Otherwise you come off like that guy or that agency owner. So when you go up to a client or customer, you’re like, hey, your business sucks. I can generate more leads. Everything about you is bad. You’re definitely not getting what you want. Like this person saying, who the hell are you? What do you think you’re doing here? Get out of here. You’re not qualified. I’m obviously know what I’m doing. You’re just starting out. There’s no reason to listen to you like you don’t want to sell like an agency owner. You want to sell like a doctor lawyer account.

[00:10:17] So what happens when you buy it from a doctor, lawyer, accountant? There’s three things that happen. The first is you actually have a sit down like a real life sit down. The first step.

[00:10:28] We call like this the three steps getting paid from a client like this. The first step is actual sit down sessions.

[00:10:36] A plastic surgeon, is it running up to you and saying, oh, my God, your nose is ugly? Let me fix it for you. And then I’ll charge you later. That’s not how this works, right? Like, you do not get clients from that and said you can have a sit down session when you go to a doctor. They literally sit down with you. It’s a great. My name is Jeff. I’m super happy to meet you. Tell me what’s going on with your face. That’s how they start. They have a sit down.

[00:10:59] When you’re buying from an accountant, they don’t say like, hey, great, let me show you all the taxes that I’ve done. And then slamming on the desk as a way to qualify them.

[00:11:06] They don’t do that, they say. So tell me your biggest problem, your accounting right now. We’ll figure out if we can solve it. No lawyer is like, hey, I just wanna let you know, we just actually set 18 defendants to trial. And all of them went to jail.

[00:11:19] How can I defend you like they don’t do that? Don’t talk about their results in the beginning. They don’t talk about like, oh, my God, you desperately need my help in the beginning. They’re not showing you the YouTube video of them chopping up somebodies knee for knee replacements, which they don’t do that. They have a sit down session. They literally do a sit down session. And inside of it, sit down session. You get to know each other a little bit more than otherwise.

[00:11:44] They don’t. Hard pitch in the beginning. They don’t say your business is horrible. I can help you. They don’t say obviously, I’m amazing. They do a sit down and the business division, a version of a sit down trying to not talk to like the mafia. Sit down. Right. It’s called an onboarding session.

[00:12:01] A friend called a Q&A session. Sometimes called the consultation. Sometimes called an examination. Whatever you’re calling it, this is the first 10 to 15 minutes of you talking with a Real-Life client.

[00:12:18] I’m setting aside the fact of like, how do you get in front of these people? I’m saying you’re sitting in front of a Real-Life future client. What do you do now? You have a sit down. Mr. Johnson, I’m super psyched that you’re interested in buying what I have to sell. Otherwise, it’s gonna work as a sit down for ten to fifteen minutes. I’m asking a couple of questions. Make sure that you’ve got a super big problem that’s worth solving, because ultimately you do have to pay me to solve it. And I really only want to work on big problems that save money or make you a lot of money. So we’re gonna do a sit down, maybe an onboarding session, five, 10 minutes, ask you some questions, then I’m going to tell you and me to beat the numbers meter, beat your numbers, and then I’m going to show you how much it costs, how it works, and ultimately ask and make a buying decision. Yes. As a nose, OK. But maybes ain’t. Is that all right? Great. Same exact way a doctor, lawyer, accountant says you go down to a doctor plastics or they say, hey, Mr. Johnson, they would say, like, hey, Mr. Johnson, this how it’s going to work. We do an evaluation to make sure that I can best fit you for your no surgery, for your risk surgery, for whatever it is, I’m going to check a couple of things, ask you about your health history, then to show you how this surgery works. Talk about what you’re getting changed for money. And then I’ll tell you how much. And see if you want to schedule put down a deposit. Is that OK? Same exact thing. Chances are you are an agency owner if you haven’t landed a paying client.

[00:13:32] You’re running around town saying, oh, my God, if only I had proof. If only a case. That is, if only it’s something that is 100 percent correct. No plastic surgeon is run around town, say, hey, let me show you all the boobs I’ve worked on. That’s not the conversation that comes up. No lawyer saying, hey. Think of all the defendants I’ve accidentally sent to jail. They don’t do that. Their first step is a sit down. It’s literally a sit down. All right. Let’s talk from their.

[00:14:00] They have a next step. That’s up right here.

[00:14:08] Well, Bonson, thanks for answering a couple of questions, if I take a look at this onboarding dock. It looks like you generated three leads in the past 90 days.

[00:14:16] If your marketing you’re not really sure if it’s working. You’re spending ten thousand dollars on newspaper ads, is that correct? Ten thousand dollars on newspaper ads. You only got three leap’s. Your name and your goal is to increase your business by 30 percent over the next six months. Can I show you how I can get you 30 or even 50 or even 60 more customer opportunities over the course of 90 days of highly qualified people to want to buy what you have to sell?

[00:14:40] OK. Yes, sure.

[00:14:42] How do I know what phrases say? I did a sit down session. I ask them questions, onboarding ducks. Right. About 550 of them, by the way, when you sit down with a lawyer or doctor account. And they’re taking notes. It feels like they’re listening. You should be doing the same. Do not just sit on a Zoome call or in person event and go. It sounds right. OK, great.

[00:15:03] Yeah, I’ve been married. Yeah. That definitely sucks. Oh my God. Could you believe it.

[00:15:08] Like don’t do that. Write down their answers to your questions.

[00:15:16] If you do that, they’ll be like, right, at least this guys listen to me. At least he understands me. And when you value what they have to say, they will begin to KLT you. They’ll begin to know you, like you and trust you. If nobody knows you, like you, trust you, they ain’t gonna buy you no other way around it. Not gonna happen. To me. Join the ICC. Like Jeff, I’ve been falling for two years. It’s only about time that I paid you money. I’ve known you. I’ve liked you. I’ve trusted you. Here’s. Here’s cash. Great. Same exact thing. Sit down. Session, onboarding session, Q&A session. Competition, examination. By the way, as part of the inner circle, I give you all of this. It’s just there. And because of it, we’ve got 20 year olds making over a hundred thousand dollars a year. And they’ve got so much cash they don’t want to do with it when they’re quarantined. Their parents are gone. What the hell are you doing with your life? He’s like, I don’t know, getting paid ten grand a month to just talk to people on Zoome and they pay me fifteen, two grand up front. Right. That’s just how it works. So it’s sit down session. The second thing is going to show plant.

[00:16:17] Imagine a world where you sit down a plastic surgeon for fifteen minutes and then they roll you right in the operating room. That’s not how that works. Like, you don’t say like, hey, you know, Mr. Johnson, I like I’m super happy that you want to hire me as an accountant. Give me all your stuff right now. They don’t do that. Right. No, the lawyers like, hey, you know what I think? I think you definitely should retain my services. Let’s walk into court. That’s not how that works and people aren’t paying for things they don’t understand. And they have no idea what you’re doing. None are setting aside the idea of results. People need to see a plan. Like, here’s what we’re gonna do, the five phases to get you your intended result. The three steps are going to go through to make sure that you are defended. The seven steps to knee replacement surgery when they’re showing them a plan. They don’t pop up on YouTube and show you the eyeball surgery and the LASIK surgery and all the stuff. I don’t know. They’ve got like a little done up like you ever see like like the fake knees or the models or something like that. Like higher pressures. Oh, yeah. Here’s a demo of your spine. Like, they they don’t use real bones. All right. I’ll bet you dollars an ounce, by the way, you get so excited about this. And he says, oh, my God, you can get me like 30 leads a month. Oh, yeah. Let me show you my ads manager and you all tap. Oh, my God. It’s gonna be so big, Larry Page. It’s going to look like this. Oh, my God. Yeah, I can totally you something so you can actually love it. No, not gonna happen. No plastic surgeon says, I’m so psyched you want to do your own surgery. Here’s a scalpel. They don’t do that. No lawyer says, like, I’m so happy that we spent 50 minutes together. Here’s all the books I’ve read. Good luck. Don’t do that. They say, here’s the plan, here’s what we’re gonna do if it’s plastic surgery. Great.

[00:18:04] This is what’s going over the schedule you in when really they are going to prep you to activate you, blah, blah, blah, going to five or six nurses right at all time, you’re gonna administer anesthesia. They don’t show the needle when they’re doing the demo. They say anesthesia. You’re gonna be out for about five to 10 minutes. In that time. What we’re gonna do is the following. And they bring out the little like phone thing. And with like the knees. That seven make a decision here. Reconnect the tendons and you put you through a six to a week rehab program. And honesty, by the way. We’ve had a 98 percent success rate with the surgery. That’s the plan. Need to be doing the same. Need to be doing the same. Have five to seven steps.

[00:18:43] Get them the promise or the intended result.

[00:18:49] For me, Mr. Johnson, by the way, I’m super happy that you run a real life business, that you happen to be in Miami. I want to let you know on this show. The three show you the five to seven steps to get you 30 customer opportunity month ranging in the blank. Here’s a seven steps. The blank. That’s it. By the way, I write it out on the whiteboard just like that. It’s the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen. My slide decks are gross. But nobody pays. Because you’ve got pretty slide decks. They pay because you understand their problem. That’s a sit down. You’ve shown them a plan to solve their problem.

[00:19:22] That’s it. Just like this.

[00:19:26] Show them a plan. Five to seven steps, I get them, they promise or the intended result. Here’s the mistake that everybody makes. You ready? You think being a Facebook ad agency is like the biggest, most amazing thing in the world? Nobody cares. They don’t. And if all you’re doing is running Facebook ads, you’re not worth more than for more than five hundred dollars a month. That’s the running rate for a Facebook only Facebook ads agency. And if you don’t believe me, can go to growth geeks and look up. Facebook gets management. So if all you’re saying to your client customer Facebook ads, you’d like a plastic surgeon saying, oh, yeah, I’m going to do is chop it up with a scalpel.

[00:19:59] Isn’t this a great scalpel?

[00:20:01] Oh, my God. Here’s the scalpel. Look at the scale. You’re shoving your stuff in your client’s face. They hate. They think it’s stupid. And if your client is somewhat interested in actually buying, you have to sell. You know, they’re going to go buy the scalpel. Yeah, like you said, I just I just need this. This is what you do. Facebook is just shoving your face. Stop doing that. You do more than just Facebook. And a plastic surgeon does more than just scalpels. There’s five to seven, maybe even 10 steps I have to walk you through. There’s a program, a series of steps. It’s the same way with your ad agency. You’re not doing just Facebook ads. And you need to be obvious and explicit about what you’re doing and how you’re doing. If someone wants to buy what you have to sell, a car is more than just an engine.

[00:20:45] You don’t believe me. Try getting an engine then going nowhere. And sure as hell I’m taking Disneyworld. It’s more than just a transmission of more than just wheels. You’ve got to put all together. You’ve got to guarantee it. You’re gonna have a warranty. You got a hotline.

[00:21:01] It’s more than just a chunk of metal, and your ad agency should be more than just ads. It’s not your running rate will be five hundred dollars a month. And I know this because there’s people in the ICU that are doing it. You’re like, oh my God, I run an ad agency. It’s great. I’ve got 20 clients. I’m like, great. How much you’re charging per client? Five hundred dollars a month. So what? What’s your life like? He’s like. Well, it’s horrible. I work 18 hours a day and nobody’s happy with me. Why aren’t you charging more? Because that’s the going rate for Facebook. Yeah, that’s right. So do more than Facebook ads and you’ll get more than five hundred dollars a month. Right. Have things like a conversion academy, high performing scripts. Scripts. High performing scripts called tracking call. Recording sneaky surveys. Welcome texts. Train their front desk. Using a course area that you can create. And NORAD’s clued in the inner circle. Give it to your client. Yeah, more than just Facebook ads do customer research. So you can tell them what to tell their clients as to why it’s working or why it’s not. Yeah, such as Facebook. If you’re just doing Facebook ads, you’re gonna get five hundred dollars a month. If you’re charging more than five hundred dollars a month, you’re probably doing more than Facebook ads like your client calls you. Now, there’s a dedicated account manager about that. All right. Twenty four seven support. Are you texting back and forth? Some companies charge for texting and calls. You’ll believe me. Go to a W.S. and if you’d like, and get their normal free or low costs here where they can get back to you by e-mail three or four days, or you can pay them fifteen hundred dollars a month and you can call him.

[00:22:36] Do more than just Facebook. Chances are you’re probably doing a lot more. But you aren’t obvious and explicit about it. And half the reasons people see massive success in the inner circles because they work with me on making their offer more obvious and more explicit and introduce things like customer research programs and meet a clients, get used to spending more money with you.

[00:22:54] You’re a really cool.

[00:22:56] So no one to a sit down session, no to show them a plan, five to seven steps. We’ve got the wall it out ready by button seat campaign framework. Cool. If you’ve ever paid money or Frank Kern, you’ve got IPB framework. That’s how it works. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Show them plane just like this. And number three. Here’s what everybody matches up and chances are. Jonathan. Jonathan Christian, you’re making this mistake, too, to the third step.

[00:23:27] I bet you dollars to dance, you forgot this one thing. When would you like your results to start? This is called the clothes.

[00:23:40] I don’t care if you’re using the value stack. I don’t care of using the top down. I don’t care if using blah, blah, blah, whatever it is like the first step is like you do. Sit down, Mr. Johnson, would you’d like to see a plan how or how much you cost. Great. Miss Johnson, here’s the plan. You see, this makes sense for your business. Is this something you’re interested in? Would you like to know how much cost? Great.

[00:23:59] Before I answer that. Let me ask you this. When would you like your 30 customer approaches a month to start? Yeah. What would you like if 30 customer opportunities to start now? Next week, next month, next year. Ask them when would you like your results to start?

[00:24:19] Because there’s this weird assumption that everybody has is like, oh my God. You, like this person should be paying me money immediately. And I get it. Wouldn’t that be awesome? But what was the last time you paid a doctor, lawyer, accountant? Five thousand dollars. Within 30 minutes.

[00:24:31] Not going to happen.

[00:24:33] No lawyer goes to court the same day, no count starts work for you the same day, no plastic surgeons is like, oh, you want to. You want a surgery now? Oh, like 30, 30 minutes. Oh, OK. Yeah. Give me ten grand. We can open up everything like that. Doesn’t feel right. The same way with you. So awesome. Hey Mr. Johnson, what would you like your results start. And they will tell you if it’s in anywhere between now and 14 days, as they say. That sounds awesome, Mr. Johnson. I want to let you know if you want to start now or within two weeks, we’re going to have to collect payment right here and right now. So out get me. Are you comfortable with that? Yes. Great. We require a fifteen hundred dollar month, month to month long term agreement. One will you know that I’m the only marketing agency on the block that actually guarantees that work. Would you like to hear about my guarantee? I want to let you know if you don’t get 30 customer opportunity from the day your campaign goes live. That’s right. If you don’t get it, it’s on me to perform. Right. If you don’t get 30 customer obtuse media campaign goes live, I will take money out of my pocket and pay the team on your behalf. I will literally pay your next month’s bill. We’ll keep your campaign going. And if you don’t get 30 customer opportunities that month, I will pay next month’s bill again. Yeah, and that will continue until you get 30 customer tunes. You fire. So we fire you. Yeah, I know, right? It’s that crazy. I don’t know. The people guarantee their work. Honestly, Mr. Johnson, you know, you go to Honda and they don’t stop fixing it until it’s fixed.

[00:26:01] Sit and wait with me.

[00:26:04] So this is what I’ve learned from you, Mr. Johnson. You want to go from 50 implant cases a month to seventy five implant cases much, you charge me a thousand dollars a pop. That means going to be making an extra 30, 50 or 60 thousand dollars a month. So that’s on, right. Great. And I just showed you a plan that’s going to be a fight, the five to seven step plan that’s going to get you those results. And this makes sense for business, right? If I promised you to get you 30 customer opportunities, my name number two a.m. sometimes call those. Tony wants to spend money with you. Do you think you could probably, like, get at least five of those 30 to pay you money? I know not everybody will, but five. You’re going to pay me fifteen hundred and make six, seven, eight, even ten thousand dollars. Does that seem fair? Cool. How about this? How about I stay on the line? We’ll get that invoice taken care of. We’ll get you onboard it immediately with my partner. What do you say? That’s how you close when would you like your results to start? And I’ll bet you, Christian, I’m only picking on you because you mentioned the question like there was like this assumption of like, oh, what are we supposed to pay me? Money. Like what? What am I supposed to just ask them? What would you like your results to start? If they say anything other than zero to 14 days, you say, look, Mr. Johnson, that sounds great. You want to get campaign up and running next month. And I hear you understand I want to let you know I’m not a huge agency. I’m really not just me and three other people. And we don’t have all the staff in the world. We don’t. I can’t take on unlimited business and so guarantee my stuff just like you. Right. You can’t take on unlimited customers and gonna happen. You want to work with them, make sure they got what they bought. Right. So here’s the thing. Got five other people just like you that are actually interested in starting the next two weeks. Yeah, that’s right. Those meetings are scheduled. If you want us to actually hold your spot, I require a five hundred dollar refundable deposit. Yeah, refundable deposit. That’s right. As a goodwill gesture, that’s fine. And then you let us know within 48 hours if you actually want to continue on the campaign and cover the difference. If you don’t. That’s OK. But I’m just using this as an opportunity to hold your spot and make sure that you’re serious. OK, with that. By the way, using those phrases will take you from zero dollars to about. It’ll solve like 20 or 30 percent, maybe 40 percent. The reason why someone doesn’t pay you money.

[00:28:19] Look, we’re not huge. We take them on as a we don’t take out certain customers. We need a deposit.

[00:28:26] That’s it. And if that does what you say. OK. Want to let you know that we take on our clients as a cohort. We’ve got a new core cohort coming up. They start on Monday, will not be onboarding everybody. If we don’t take you on as a cohort, I can’t place a big enough order if my supplier is giving up and running, which means that I will be having to charge you more money. I bring this up because I want this to be honest and transparent way. That makes sense for your business. Are you okay with that? Yeah, that’s fine. Now you can increase the prices when they come out because you hate them for not paying you money immediately. But Jonathan, our Jonathan Mann did again. But Christian, I hope this makes a lot of sense in a way that is actionable for you. Chances are you or somebody just like you watching this live. And part of the ask Pham has been taking appointments. Had people interested and nobody paid you, especially when you agreed. I’m moving forward. I bet you you’d inclosed correctly. Didn’t say like what would you like your results to start? You probably just said, when would you like to move forward? OK, now. Great. What does that mean right now? When would you like your results? Start that small language change. Get somebody ready to take on new customer opportunities. And by the way, you find it really, really quickly. Maybe they make decisions like six months in advance. Not going to pay for six months. So don’t sweat it. Go get more clients in that area. So. Christian, I hope that answered your question. And these are really three steps get paid from a client we set aside. How do you get more clients interested? I’m assuming that, like you’re prospecting methods are working if you’re prospecting methods, by the way, are not working.

[00:30:03] We’ve got five or six or even seven prospecting methods inside VSC. That’s up your alley. Just hashtag icey Ambre or reach on say hi and all that fun stuff.

[00:30:12] Go ahead back to the comments and see what’s going on and we’ll take it from there. Richins says, will this be archived yet?

[00:30:20] It’s part of the inner circle. Thanks for being part our part of the public group. Thanks for being the ask fam. And your cruzi was gone. Erica says 20 year olds with more cash than they do with Andrew now will be doing any you in this group on Friday. Andrew was a person, mentor and friend of mine has helped me move through my journey. I think you do the same for you.

[00:30:36] Jaron says just Google slides Dangi over complicated hard Jarrin. The biggest mistake I made in the beginning was that some people paid me because how fancy my slides are. They are not paying me because of my slides.

[00:30:49] They are paying me because I understand the problem, because they understand the process. There is a promise in there and ask them when they want to start. That’s it. I’ve done ten thousand dollar month deals on an effort napkin at a bar.

[00:31:06] Pascale.

[00:31:09] Says after the onboarding session, do to tell them we’re going to plan and get another session to show them how to go through steps, no, PA.. Actually, the onboarding session, sit down, whatever we’re calling it is not actually your agency onboarding session. It’s a misnomer. It’s specifically designed to get them into the idea of. All right, let’s get this party moving. It’s your first date. It’s a sit down as part of your overall demo. These three boxes are part of your demo to get you paid your onboarding question and five to ten questions are your onboarding form. You sit down just five to 10 questions ranging from. So how’s your current marketing doing now? What results have you gotten? Is that good enough to grow your business? Who’s your dream client? What’s your biggest problem? What are your goals? What is winning look like? Things like that. It’s not technically a real onboarding session, but I use that verbiage externally so that my client gets it straight and paying me a lot more money. I do this all in the same session. This, by the way, is post qualification call.

[00:32:09] It’s not the first time I’ve met them. It’s probably the second or third time that I met them. They’ve already seen my ad signed up.

[00:32:17] I’ve spent five minutes on the phone, them asking some clarifying questions. Very Sam oven cell that got them interested in open to the idea of not just a demo, but what their goals are and how I can get them there. I’m asking key phrases that make them say. I need to pay this guy money so I do the qualification call and then I schedule a separate demo call and inside of that demo is that onboarding or sit down session that makes them want to pay me a lot of money. I do want to say, Pascal, if you’re part of the inner circle, you could see me actually sell right there and online and in person. I do it probably twice a week. I upload a new thing. We’ve got demos across bike shops, car washes, Medd spores, plumbers. I’ve got a radio company. And there there’s like twelve. So if you’re part of the industry, God, show me how to do it. I just can’t show you now because if all forty two thousand people, forty thousand people saw how I was selling the wallet out campaign wouldn’t really work the way that we wanted it to. And I hope that makes a lot of sense. So I can’t really show you. But those are the steps that I go through. That’s not really clear. I just reach out to Brett and ask some more in-depth questions. We’ll see if the ice seems like a good fit for you and what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ve got somebody named Aoba. That’s right. Whatever says, can you post this video? I want to watch the whole thing. Yes. It’ll be inside of the public Facebook group. You’ll have a good time.

[00:33:43] Linda says, what if they want you to promise the results? Oh, my God. Linda. Promise a result? That would be absolutely horrible. Imagine if you bought something from Amazon and they didn’t promise the result that you’d get your box of stuff out the horrible. Right. What would they do? They’d send you another. Imagine how confident you would be with a plastic surgeon that says, hey, I just wanna let you know, I don’t know if it’s gonna work or not. Imagine how confident you would be buying from Honda if they said, hey, this is the car. Good luck.

[00:34:15] And there’s no guarantee. I can’t promise it’ll work, but, you know, good luck. Imagine if you hired a plumber, paid one hundred fifty an hour and he said. You know, to do this work, but if it breaks, I ain’t fix it like that’s crazy, right?

[00:34:30] That’s absolutely crazy. So, Linda, your question is, what if they promise the result? My question, Delenda, is why aren’t you promising results? You have to promise results. You have to have some kind of guarantee, something that makes him say, oh, yeah, this is going to work. This is our derivative, our function of the fact that you have a tool like a hammer. And you’re assuming that I guess I could build a house with this. And they’re saying, well, can you promise a house that works like I don’t know. So instead of just trying to sell a hammer, sell a house, Lamborghini, you’re like, I’m not selling you an engine. I’m selling you a Lamborghini. And I promise that it works. And people buy Facebook gets me. They get the wallet out campaign. And I promise 30 customer opportunities month guaranteed. We should get 90. But I don’t say the 90. I say 30 customer up my guaranteed.

[00:35:26] Yeah.

[00:35:27] You have to promise a result if you are not promising a result, nobody has confidence in what you’re doing. They don’t believe that, you know, you’re doing that. They won’t know, like and trust you. So we’re gonna have a bad time and you probably won’t make more than five hundred dollars a month, which is the going rate for Facebook ads as a product or as a tool. You wanna make fifty two thousand, five thousand, ten thousand dollars a month. You have to promise a result.

[00:35:50] Yeah, you have to promise a result.

[00:35:56] Francis says Jeff just talked about guaranteeing results and that he does. You got Charles is mind blowing. I’m super happy. Christian says makes all the sense. I’ve had prospects. I agree to start date and I never got anything for them. Christian, easy fix. You ready? Hey, Mrs. Johnson. So if you want to sign the 14th, the way this is gonna work, I have to collect payment. Now, if you’d like, I can stand the line. We’ll give it invoice taking care of. How about it? They say, oh, OK. All right. And if they don’t pay on the line, this is OK. Just want to you only have to collect the Bozic. If not, we’re gonna be actively looking for new clients. Customers do only one more slot in this week’s cohort. And because I’m placing a bulk order, I can get effectively get a discount. But if you’re off cohort or if you’re later on, I can’t get you that discount. The prices will increase. There’s all sorts of different ways to squeeze. But that’s a very easy one that makes complete, total sense. Paul says, Do you record your meetings, every single one of them. A very easy fix, by the way, Miss Johnson. Well, you know, you ever have one of those genius moments? A great time. Like, you know, a genius moment where, like, you say something smart, you walk out the door. You totally forgot it all the time. I know, right? Like life after 30. So what am I doing? Okay, with you. Turn this camera around. I’m a click record. Record everything. I send you a copy. So in case you say anything smart, we can just replay it like you would the NFL or some like that. Is that OK?

[00:37:12] That’s it. Done.

[00:37:17] Francis says, let’s hear about their plan to revalue post. We’ll get to that soon, Francis. Not to worry. And Kate says this change a lot. My limiting beliefs thinks like you do. No problem. It gets better in the eyes. You can have a great time. See, Montay says, what type of ad spend gets 30 custom opportunities a month? I think I don’t know. Our running rate is like fifteen dollars per customer opportunity. So for 500 bucks you can get five hundred divided by 15. Thirty three. So your ad costs are 30 bucks or so and you can have a great time. Usually are. Our cost per lead is a lot lower, especially if I’m not doing the ads. I’m actually like really, really bad at selling the ads manager. I have a horrible time. As soon as it opens up, my brain starts yelling at me and it’s like an engine that’s working. Olofsson is like a seizure, like the gears just just moving. That’s how I feel when I’m inside of ads manager. So I have my white label guy. I pay him money and he does a dang good job of getting more than 30. He probably hits close to 60 or 90. Sometimes leads are like a dollar or two each. And I’m like, why would I even bother competing with that? Can I pay you? And he’s like, sure, like great house. Five hundred bucks a month ago. Awesome. So this guy gets to live on a beach. We’ll get as manager flight 30 minutes and go hang out with his like model wife and French bulldog while they’re just lifting exercise and making Tic Tacs all day. And he keeps my cosplay super low. And actually, I don’t even care about costs for lead. To be honest, I don’t care how many like ads I’m spending money on. I only care if my client makes money. I only care about the end result and the guys on my bench doing ad stuff. And you can see me like in this posting, like, hey, I need a white label guy that does this.

[00:38:58] The reason why I’m it up is because I get approached by like an insurance company or Medicare company or whatever. Dental implant, Cumming’s like, hey, Jeff, I heard you get there because I’m due to my can, you can do that for us. Hell yeah I can. Let me let me do some. Anybody else like insurance leads. Oh, look at that. Of course I can. I’ve got him an expert on bench. She’s part of my company and he’s an absolute expert doing blah, blah, blah. If you’d like, I can show you how I can create a program and use the skills. Let’s get you 30 custom optics. My.

[00:39:28] Now, I don’t have to know anything about that. Yeah. Chuckles Right. Let’s see.

[00:39:37] Did you do with the guarantee, does the clients will cover next month’s Atzmon? No. It’s a very easy fix. You just include ad spend charge two thousand dollars a month and guarantee 30, cosmology’s about 50 hundred dollars for management, five jobs for ads. And if need be, you can just kind of like mix it up. Maybe someone’s at six hundred, some months. Seven hundred summonses. Three hundred. Nobody cares. They just want their tended result. That’s it. And because I’m like keeping them together, I’ve got three or four months worth of management fees to cover a month’s worth of bad spend. So I try to include ad spend if they’re paying enough, sometimes it’s like a pain in the butt. But honestly, like, if you’re focused on like the problem with the guarantee, the result, you’re missing the point. Yeah. Missing the point, your goal should be to make sure that you have a sit down session. You show them results. And what would you like? What would you like to start? And you can always promise fewer results. So, like, look, I guarantee 10 super high quality appointments. People that want to buy you have to sell from a target zip code. Target areas. And then you lower the guarantee and still stick with 30. Ladies, this makes sense, but always under promise, thanks. If you don’t promise them what they want.

[00:40:49] And then over deliver Lydia if that’s working for you. Great. Chances are it’s not. Instead of under promising or no promising and then trying to over deliver your clients if be like. This is great. They only charged me X number of dollars and they may maybe an F ton of money. Well, isn’t that a surprise? I didn’t believe they could do it. Never got that. I didn’t believe it would work. Don’t you want people saying good bang for the buck. That’s consistency, that’s going to make a lot of money. Christian says, I’ve sold SVO before to a few clients. It’s insanely hard to sell since it’s been so overused and so over promised, yet I don’t sell FCL. You’re selling a tool that’s like selling an engine. I’m not selling an engine. I’m selling a Lamborghini. That’s going to take it to Disney World. I love it. No first class ticket is sold because of the leather on the seats and going to work. So instead of selling the tool, so the program and there’s seven steps inside my wallet out campaign, if you join the ice, you can see it. One of those seven steps, Facebook gets one.

[00:41:54] Just like of all the parts of Ferrari, only one is the transmission at four, our eight cell transmissions.

[00:42:03] Allen says you could guarantee results on of three fully ossy fully as you optimize pages launched during a set period. That makes sense for your rate. That’s a great promise. That is definitely a function of promise. I will say this stuff like a tool promise. But that’s OK. You’re in the right direction in a way that makes a lot of sense. Amber says how to transpose this methodology to e-commerce business. Yeah, three steps increasing your are wide, a blank, blank, blank. But, you know, I’ve never done e-commerce ever. Never done e-commerce. I don’t know if I could work enough for e-commerce. But you still have to have some type of promise, some type of process and some type of problem that you’re solving. It can. Chamblee Wellingham, I’m convinced, runs the most famous, most successful e-commerce agency that I can be in like arm’s length from. He’s got a promise like a coding here that makes way so much money. He’s way too much money. He’s got to promise. So it’s definitely way translated. But I can’t give you a good answer because I haven’t done it. Jesse says you have a white label guy for painters. Somebody actually just joined the Icee who does painters, which is really cool. And I don’t think she white labels yet, but if she does, she probably charge a lot anyway. Michael says, do you include Klein ad spend the proposal or is your fee plus ad spend? Typically in the proposal I include ad spend. So two thousand dollars a month. If they are paying you less than two thousand month, I kind of separate it. But I don’t like taking any clients that spend listen to game of like they just end up being worse. The less that they pay. Yeah. Like the less the client pays the worse that they are like. That’s just how all time. Wal-Mart well known for having the worst clients in the world. Louis Vuitton. I don’t know. The difference is probably like they just charge a lot more because they charge more. Clients are less complaining.

[00:43:53] So I don’t take anything sub to K kind of. That’s not really true. But, you know, I mean and if you’re on to I just included spend five minutes for ads. Five fifty and your management fee.

[00:44:05] Exercise had to go out on the creative process for getting out. I don’t I just use custom research and I do three and ninety nine percent time.

[00:44:11] There is wine add works or doesn’t is because of the offer nothing to do with the creativity side. So all my ads are gross, ugly and effective.

[00:44:19] Vishwas says, Jeff, how do you explain what a customer opportunities to a prospect and how to convert leads into customer opportunity? Customer opportunity? By the way, it’s just. Thanks for asking. It is a Real-Life human being that saw your ad clicked on your add to the name. No email lives in a serviceable zone, went through all seven sets of this wallet out campaign and called your business and said, Hey, I’m interested. I mean, if you got five of those, probably make more money, right? Well, what if I guarantee 30? There you go. So they go rock. Christian says are adapting or offering anyway to the Kobe 19. I’m just switching niches, actually. So instead of dealing with.

[00:44:53] I you know, I’m not going to bring it up. Last time I brought up, everybody started doing the same exact thing I was doing. And like, forty one thousand people are coming face my stuff. So I’m just switching, Neches.

[00:45:04] Amber says, can you do an Arizona eCom? I’d really appreciate it. Amber No. We do local legion here.

[00:45:10] You’re gonna have to join a different group for eCom. This is entirely for locally. I’m sorry, dude, but I can’t change the entire narrative of the whole but group for one person. I hope that makes sense and understandable. And by the way, my AC just broke and now it’s blessing. Eighty five degrees. Got to sleep. Underoos sweat and not having a great time.

[00:45:27] I genuinely, honestly believe and I hope that this lunch and learn has helped you. Just plain old understand why you’re not getting paid more or more often for more money. The three ways or sorry, the three steps to get a pay from a client. No one have an onboarding session, a.k.a. sit down, no teach them plan. It gets them the promise and then ask them when they would like to start. Easy said and done. Linda says, I find it hard to get leads a shop for a face to face for financial services. Should I get them on the phone first? Thanks, Jeff. Any advice? So, Linda, I’m assuming that your question actually, let me just copy and paste this here. I find it hard to get Lee to show for face to face meeting. So, Linda, I’m assuming that you’re talking about your clients, customers, not people that want to buy from your agency, but people want to buy from your financial services clients. So not the client, but the end customer. If you’re having trouble getting leads showing up for the face to face meeting, you’re not doing a couple things. The first is you’re assuming that every single person that signs up is actually wanting to shop. It’s incorrect. Out of Lesha, say, thirty five or six or seven all shop. So you have to make sure in your narrative communication in the context that, look, Miss Johnson, you and I both know just give somebody signs up over here doesn’t mean they’re gonna make it to your appointment. There’s so many steps along the way. What we found is that out of every 30 or so, we get five or six people showing up. They got five or six people showing up. Would you make enough money to pay for my fee plus plus three or four times over? Great. So now we’re bringing it down and we’ve got room to work with. The second thing you need be doing is have a really, really good follow up sequence that leads to that short meeting. And so that does not mean just a text message reminder. I’m talking like emails. I’m talking about Facebook ads. I’m talking about a no show sequence. I’m talking about F.A.A. cues and questions of things that people need to know before they show up to get them all excited. You should be doing a thank you offer. Like, hey, I want to let you know, by the way. Thanks for signing up. I if you call and tell your appointment now or and be giving you the fornia 90 dollar guide on on doubling of Harlan K in less time than you think. Great. Collins had your meeting. Great. Miss Johnson, I’m super happy for you. By the way, when you shop or and be sure to give you a guide. What would you like to come in? OK, great. We’ll see you then. Also just before you go. Want to let you know I’m super psyched to meet you. I know they’ve gone through a whole lot of tears and steps not to huff and puff about 10 miles to get into our office. Couple things. The first is going to validate your parking. That’s not even like a good thank you or shop offer. First things first as I’m super psyched to meet you. What were you doing to sit down for 30 minutes and create a plan? And then I’m gonna show you blank like you and other people, just like you, actually managed to cut their financial investment costs by 15 percent, which could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars. But also and here’s my kicker, Mr. Johnson. I want to let you know, like I know you got time when you show up. I’m going to be giving you a 15 point guide on renegotiating any old debt that you have. We have other people just like you that used to say tens of thousands of dollars, and most of them use those savings to pay me for my services. Are you interested in doing that? Great. I’ll see you Tuesday at three p.m.. Something like that. Thank you. Offer in a shop offer. I’m exploring that kind of idea of like a lot of books. And this is not the book. This is psycho cybernetics. But like there’s a book that talks about thank you. Option shop offers. So have something like that and you’re gonna see your shop right through to the roof. John says, also interest me, I see John just tag, I see an bretz going to reach out to you and talk about how we’re doing, what we’re doing.

[00:48:59] We’ve had three people sign up in the past week or so, more so some these people are getting one dollar to dollar, three dollar client getting appointments, which are client getting leads, which is cool. And I also go live for an hour at the beginning of every day. You guys seem to do my qualifications, actually get demos, which is awesome.

[00:49:14] Pascal says, So you have Takumi and his partner follow up in addition to the text and email. That is correct. I got this idea from Nick Robins and Steph. Signs really put into action when somebody signs up. We’ve got a really cool Google five Saorview retargeting sequence and a lot of people end up abandoning and not showing up their appointments, but then resign up using the five star review retargeting sequence, which is not what you think, but it works out really darn well. And then they call from that ad and we know because we can track it. We’ve got one called tracking here, another call tracking here. And we see people Kofman originally had no show and then call from that ad and then sign up. And it’s really darn cool. It’s a good time. I’ve got three more minutes. I got to boogie off. I am sweating from the neck down and I don’t know why my AC does this. Allocca says which book talks about that? Thank you all from the shop over. I like I’m not going to tell you it’s nothing personal. Last time I told everybody about the cool book I was reading, everyone else stole the idea and ruined it for me. So I going gonna tell you, buddy, I’m sorry, but that’s how it’s got to be.

[00:50:20] And I can tell why people are like a lot more hesitant about sharing information. But I hope that the thank you offer in the show off for Ivy makes a lot of sense. I got the inspiration from a bunch of infomercials I was watching and like, if you call now, you get blah, blah, blah. It’s like, oh, I should do that. And then I went down the infomercial marketing journey and found a book that talks about thank you offers and job offers. And I can’t share that with you because that’ll be icey only in about two or three weeks, because I know that if I got a client customer to show up there and be like, oh, my God, this is amazing. I mean, we to care about the 30 customer opportunities. I’ll just care about renewing and making more money.

[00:50:55] Yeah. So last call, if you’re interested in eyes, see, just hashtag. I see. I’ve got to boogie off because I have I’m not kidding. I’m to bring up my calendar right now.

[00:51:04] In fact, today, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight qualification calls done or scheduled today, including one demo at five. And then I’ve got one to.

[00:51:18] Three, four, five meetings tomorrow with my future clients and my target niche, massively powerful stuff.

[00:51:27] So now I’ve got to boogie off. I’m penis at the top of the group for a couple days of guys making half ton of money. See us later bye.

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