How to Turn a Total Stranger into a $2K Sale in Less Than 12 Hours…

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….without ANY previous results, case studies or testimonials.


When I speak with agency owners, the most common question I get is: how can I close more deals?

You see, most agency owners who are struggling to close deals think their biggest problem is salesmanship.

So, they get sucked into tweaking cold emails, LinkedIn messages & social DMs, in the mistaken belief that their prospecting method is the reason business owners aren’t interested in jumping on a call with them.

And when they finally manage to get in front of a prospect? 

Well, they immediately get stuck in the weeds, focusing way too much on FB pixels, lead forms, optimization yada yada yada and before they know it, the prospect loses interest and bounces along with a potential $1K, $2K, heck even a $5K monthly retainer.

So how do you close more sales and prevent agency retainers from going up in smoke?

The great news is that I have the PERFECT solution to blowing through all this trash that has helped me regularly turn total strangers into 4 & 5 figure deals without ANY previous results, case studies or testimonials.

In fact this solution recently helped me take a prospect who knew nothing about me or my agency from lead to $2K sale in less than 12 hours.

And that solution? 

A powerful direct offer.

In my latest video, I’m going to show you how to create your own direct offer that is so potent it pulls prospects through the sales process, even if you’re not an ultra confident closer.

In this video, I’m going to cover:

  • The EXACT formula I use to create direct offers in any niche that will have business owners dropping 5 figures to work with your agency, even if they barely know you…
  • Why focusing on pixels and lead forms during a demo is like a plastic surgeon obsessing over his scalpel, and what to talk about instead…
  • The unique warm up process I’ve developed that pre-conquers almost all sales objections so effortlessly that demo calls become easy peasy straight forward lay downs..
  • My exact sales process including my never-before-revealed “case study+time” closing method that gently jolts prospects into handing over their credit cards THEN AND THERE…


Joining the Inner Circle

Gets you access to a consistent and repeatable process so you can land and keep clients who pay $1k, $2K, even $5K+ a month without any hidden upsells. (yeah… upsells suck)


[00:00:00] Going on, ladies and gents, not the first time I live in the wrong group, twice be alive is give me more huff and puff than ever before and I swear I’m doing it right, but it changes. I don’t know why it looks like we’re finally in the right group, which is the Facebook guys agency scaling secret screw. I’m super sexy for everybody. This is July 17th. Lunch flown in line today. Got a pretty cool agenda, even though I do know I say that all the time. Today we’re gonna be talking about. The ethical bribe, which is ending today. So if you’re interested in getting a free masterclass and if the masterclasses that helped you move forward, opening up a ninety seven dollar bribe, effectively, if you leave a testimonial video and the bribe thread, I won’t give you any masterclass you want for free. I just closed a two thousand dollar client within 12 hours. This was on Thursday to Friday. And then I sent them the onboarding stuff and I didn’t have to do any work since except for maybe a 10 minute call where I yelled to them saying, get your stuff in and then we can do it. Just general Q&A. Let me go ahead, do my click ends and make sure that we’re all up to speed and it’s going to be pretty darn cool at lunch and learned today, again, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, thoughts or ideas. Just ask him. I try to give pretty good answers. I was on the phone today with two people, one guy based out of Canada, another guy based out of England. And they both have the same very unique and different problems. And that’s kind of like a weird phrasing, right? Unique, but different. The first guy that I talked to, his biggest challenge was that he was doing all this loom video and all this cold email and doing everything he could to move the needle in his business, as is in this prospect, the engine was working. But every time we get on the phone to somebody, he always felt the close or the sale or the demonstration just disappear like he wasn’t in control, like he wasn’t the person dictating what was happening.

[00:02:00] And after spending about 30 minutes or so, we realized that his biggest challenge wasn’t his salesmanship or the prospecting ness or anything like that. Was the fact that he did not have what’s called a direct offer, a direct offer for everybody on here. And if you’re watching this, well, you’re going to have a very unique advantage, a direct offer saying, hey, I do this. Do you want it? If you have a very strong direct offer that will power through every. Everything else, like whether you’re a great salesperson or a bad salesperson, whether you’ve got a good prospect engine or a bad prospect, the engine, whether you’ve got the silver tongue or not, the connections or not. If you’ve got a damn good direct offer, people will flock to you and not care if you mess up your sales demo. It would be like a plastic surgeon saying, hey, I can suck all the fat out of your body without any surgery, without any recovery and be back to work in 24 hours. We guarantee you’ll get 15 pounds of fat sucked right out of you for less than three thousand dollars. What do you say? That’s a really cool, strong, direct offer. And if that is a direct offer put in front of my face right now, I would say, all right, I’m in. And I could walk in. The plastic surgeon could be timid and he’s not really sure of himself. And he’s like, you know, if you want it, doesn’t that have a direct offer is powerful enough. If you have a powerful direct offer, you can blow through all of your brain trash really darn fast. But you know what happens?

[00:03:30] Nobody told you you need a direct offer and said what you’re doing is saying, can I run Facebook ads for you? Can I get you more leads? Your pixels broken. Your website isn’t good enough. Something. Something. Facebook. Doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t.

[00:03:45] That would be like the plastic surgeon saying, I’ll look at the scalpels or the knots on your belt or too tight or, you know, maybe you maybe your shirt isn’t tailored as it should be. Those are not very strong direct offers. When you go to your client and you say, hey, your pixels off or or your Web site isn’t mobile friendly, honestly, I take that as an indication that they don’t care about their Facebook pixel or they don’t care about their Web site being mobile friendly, just like a mechanic who sees, like, my car with dirt on it really should take that as a signal that I don’t care about dirt on my car, whether exists or not. But if that mechanic says, Yo, Jeff, do you want your car to go from zero to 60 in three point two seconds? And I say, yes, that’s a damn good direct offer. I’d be more apt to pay that person money as opposed them saying, hey, your car is pretty dirty. Would you like to pay me money for a brand new engine? It ain’t going to work. And so I guess the biggest thing for everybody so far, or at least for me today, is to reiterate the fact that you need a direct offer.

[00:04:45] You need to be able to tell a real life human being, hey, this is what I do in exchange for money. Do you want it? By the way, if you want the shortcut to this, all you have to do is say, I will help you get X number of things in X number of time. I will help you get 10 and 20 new HPC installations every single month for the next 30 days. I will help you get 15 and 20 more booked appointments for your dental company in less than seven days. All of that. You need to be able to say that confidently for whatever reason. You can’t be confident in that. You can find a white label or who does that type of work and you’re good. All of a sudden it works. Just like Elon Musk can go on stage and say that he can deliver a cyber truck. He can deliver on a Model S or a Model three that Jeff Bezos can say, I can deliver anything that you buy from the store. It’s not him doing it. It’s somebody else. So you just simply team up with a white label or a pay as you go professional and you just take their offer to market and you’re good. Of course, it’ll cost you money, but now you don’t have to be an expert and you’ll be jumping up and down every single time. I was just learning that I had from the two 50 minute phone calls I had with two young whippersnappers on their way. So just as a heads up and all that fun stuff, I think that could be useful for you on your journey. I do want to say that we’ve got a ethical drive up and running it for whatever reason, the broad group these lunch and learns the trainings, the pay trainings inside of the store. If any of that has helped you on your journey or helped you move faster or help Yolanda client keep a client and get you moving quicker. I’m going to put an ethical bribe in front of you right here and right now, if you’d like to leave a testimonial on this thread, I will give you any masterclass you want from the agency scaling secret Scott. Oh, R.G. store any single one. Just leave a 30, 60, 90 second testimonial video saying, hey, I watched your stuff. It helped me move forward faster. I part of the ass fam. I enjoy the community. I bought something before from you, Jeff. It’s darn good. Just leave a 30, 60, 90 second testimonial video. Doesn’t have to be great. Just good enough. And believe me, authentic is one hundred percent. OK. AK simply an ugly video with bad lighting is ok too. If you leave me a video testimony and dupere for the end of this lunch and learn, I will give you a ninety seven dollar masterclass for free. Literally in two days you’ll get a pen for my VLSI. Hey, go to the store. Upload it into your account. Now just post up that video. Let us know which one you want and it’s yours again. This is my ethical bribe to you in your journey. Only do this if you’ve had success. If you believe that that more people knowing about this group is a good idea, or if you feel OK with the money that you spent with me in the store, again, it’s my ethical bribe. It’s up to you. No big deal. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is I had another two thousand dollar clothes. And I think if you’d like, I can go over the details of how that worked, why that worked and things like that. Again, no previous holds, no experience, no case studies. It’s kind of like off putting is like, who are you? Why are we talking kind of thing if that’s up your alley? And let’s just say forget about 20 people saying yes. Show me you’re too close. I’ll flip my screen around and do a lunch and learn like Google Slide style. And if that’s up your alley, just give me a two K in the chat. Man, I really have to do this because Facebook is telling me the engagement. The group is too low. And I, I got a feeling. So we have to bump up the numbers and played by Mark Zuckerberg is rules. So if you like, I can go into details on how I got a random Internet stranger from literally halfway around the United States to pay me two thousand dollars and 12 hours, give me a 2k in a chat, and I’ll go ahead and open up the slide decks, show you how it works, why it works, and ultimately how you guys can do it, too. If that’s up your alley or if you’d like, you can take a next step with our paid ISY program and just hashtag icey of access to personal one on one help. Really cool coaching program, long history of results and you get to actually see my recordings of me doing it, which will be pretty darn awesome. So I’ll go ahead and bring this in real fast. We got the comments coming in. We’ve got Pedram. This has hair’s looking fresh. I appreciate it. Justin says like he likes the slides or the shades of Tibo guys. If you’re not wearing sunglasses while you work, you’re having way too much eyestrain. You really should be wearing sunglasses while you use your computer especially or fluorescence. It’s so much better for you. Pedram says, would you consider a financial guarantee, a direct offer? Nick Robins uses a financial guarantee saying, I guarantee you’ll get two times the R y based upon blank, blank and blank in our 90 day program. I think Joel Kaplan does something similar. I know Alex from Mozi is moving to a I don’t think a financial guarantee, but a pay per lead kind of guarantee at three thousand dollars a month plus thirty dollars per appointment. I think that’s what I saw in one of his ads or one of his vessels. So I don’t know if if we’re using the same financial guarantee idea. But Nick Robins uses it. I think it’s it’s really on the edge of what’s kosher, but maybe that’s where the market is moving. I know that that when I go to market, I say, hey, we’re going to make you rich as hell. It’s not kosher. Right. I know that people that are doing this not in my not my culture to do something like that because it really puts the emphasis not on them to actually do the doing part. But I think if you said we guarantee you’ll get it two times are a why. I think that’s market competitive. I think that’s acceptable. And you can have certain checks and balances along the way. That makes a lot of sense. So we’ll see what happens. Lee Reynolds says, hey, I hear our conversation again. Not sure what that means, but supersized for you see the queen. What’s going on, Eli Wild? Eli, if I understand correctly, I’ll be seeing you in one, two or three months in the very same building. And by the way. Well done with the I guess you’d say the the the spotlight or the interview with Tanner. I thought those pretty darn cool. And Matt, congrats on your success so far. Monique, how are you? Michael Johnson, Wayne Gilchrest, Lewis. Ray Bentley. And Pat. And Sid Cleverly or Clint said, I know I owe you a PM. We’re going to set you up. We’ve been working on the new Web site. And so after those launch from the send you a PM, we do an interview in your group. I think be pretty cool. So let’s see what’s going on. We’ve got Pedram, John, Lee, Dane, John, Josh, evet that. How are you, Richard? John Alexander. Joshua. Wayne Gilchrest. All right, cool. So what I’m to do is a flip my screen around and I’m gonna give you the play by play on how I turned a total Internet stranger into a sex sexual successful to a close. I’m entirely online without having previously experience are case studies. So let me go ahead and share my screen real fast. And this will be a. I think pretty darn useful for anybody who has any level of patience. I’ve been watching a lot of Alex Becker, by the way, who says, like, if you tune away from this video right now, it’s your fault you’re unsuccessful, not mine. And I really enjoyed that. So I’m you do the same thing for you.

[00:12:03] I’m gonna be giving you exactly how I turned somebody, how I turned clients into a two thousand dollars sale without previous results experience.

[00:12:19] So that’s how I turned a lead into a two thousand dollar sale.

[00:12:26] In less than 12 hours.

[00:12:31] Out previously experience or case studies? I think this is good. This is a good headline, right? I hope this is up your alley. Meanwhile, Pedram says sex vote might be more intriguing. I agree completely. So let me go ahead and write this out real fast.

[00:12:47] This is how all right, let me bring this up.

[00:12:54] Here we go. This is what you need to know. Forehands.

[00:13:04] So it would be really actually a disservice, Bill, if I just went ahead and just showed you and gave you the scripts and stuff like that. That would be like having a hammer without knowing where to hit it. That would be like having a Lamborghini without knowing how to drive it. And I don’t really wanna, like, give you a thing that’s not useful. It’s not really. We’re trying to do in the asphalt. You know what I mean? So this is what you need to know before him.

[00:13:25] First things first as I’m running. Facebook ads to get clients.

[00:13:35] I’m literally a Facebook ad agency running Facebook. God forbid. Right. Like, oh, my God. Like not having to employ these mental gymnastics of saying you should run Facebook ads. But I don’t run Facebook guides for myself is just. No, massively relieving. I’m just running ads on Facebook to get Real-Life clients. That’s it. No big deal. But this strategy applies whether you’re doing cold e-mailing LinkedIn or Facebook ads or any level of direct response marketing, saying, hey, I want to sell you a thing. That’s direct response marketing. That is not the hey, sign up for more information. That’s not the hey, get my lead magnet. That’s not hey, here’s seven steps. That’s not be Frank Kern method, although I’m a big fan of it. I’m putting it kind of in the same bucket of running an ad and then targeting in the 90 percent watch as they’re running an other ad for 90 percent watches another ad with a direct offering.

[00:14:29] I’m simply running a face God to get a client and specifically running a Direk offer. And I really hope, by the way, as an industry. We move to a point where direct offers become normal.

[00:14:42] I, Jane, believe that the reason why people are not more successful is because they have not mastered the skill set that that old school like 1980s, wearing a tux and being fat with a a horse, you styled mustache. You know exactly what I mean when I say that style direct offer, like, hey, stop what you’re doing. I want to sell you this thing. Are you interested? That’s a direct offer. And a direct offer, by the way, is a certain structure of like, hey, I want to sell you a thing that will get you X result in X amount of time guaranteed. Hey, I want to say this car that will go zero to 60 in three seconds. Guaranteed. I want to say this gym membership that helps you gain muscle and lose weight in 90 days or less guaranteed. I want to sell you a plastic surgery that will remove 15 pounds of fat from you in less than three hours. Guaranteed.

[00:15:26] That’s a direct offer.

[00:15:28] I’m running a direct offer for everybody who’s tuning in. This is my direct offer and a direct offer that you guys should be comfortable with doing it for whatever reason. You’re not comfortable doing this direct offer. I don’t think you should change it. Instead, I think you should find somebody who can fulfill this order for whatever reason. You don’t know how to go ahead. And if somebody says like, hey, you have to get me this you don’t like, it’s not on your shelf, you don’t know what to do. Well, you place an order to your supplier who brings it yourself and gives your client normal business. Right. Same exact thing. Your agency should not be you and you alone. Your agency should be. I’m going to get you the results and find people that can do it, too, if you don’t have people that can fill this order in the ICU. We’ve got people that can do it. The public group, we’ve got people do it. You can Google and five people can do it. Like the I don’t have is not good enough in the in the modern day and age. You know what I mean. So first things first. I’m running a face, got to get clients, I’m running direct offer.

[00:16:24] The second thing, my direct offer is can I get you 20 to 30 or I should say 20 to 30 customers. For niche.

[00:16:37] That’s it. Can I get you 20 to 30 coaching clients for a personal training business? That’s hard, right? Can I get you twenty two Invisalign patients for your dental company next week? Not too difficult, right? Again, it’s can I get you? Let’s just say X for nitch in time.

[00:16:58] That’s a direct offer by best performing ads. By the way, literally, it’s my talking and saying, hey, can I get you blank number of customers for your business in less than 30 days? That’s it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to worry about the colors of the buttons or whether it’s sign up or learn more. If you have a massively strong direct offer, it will pull somebody through all of that non optimized crap. Just have a super strong direct offer. Can I get you X for niche in time? And I really would like everyone to go through this exercise right now. If you’re watching this live or even watching it later on, I would like you to type in some sample sentences. Don’t worry about it. You can fulfill the order yet. That’s not what we’re going for.

[00:17:44] And said, I want you to type in some sample sentences. That would be good direct offers. Let’s just assume that you could say that you could actually fulfill these orders if you’ve got it. Let’s just say you had the best face, God’s people in the world. They know exactly what they were doing and how they doing it. All that. Let’s just pretend. Right. Instead of having to freak out about, oh, can I do it? Don’t do that. And said, just put him in chat right now.

[00:18:08] A direct offer sentence that works in your head. Not something I can fulfill. But that works in your head. Can I get you five to ten more people that want to buy your home in less than 30 days? Can I get you 15 more booked appointments for carpet cleaning company in less than forty two days? Can I get you 15 more clients for your pest control business in less than six weeks? Something like that type in this chat right now. I want to personally challenge every single person watching this to break through the mental gymnastics that you have to deal with when it comes to running a direct offer. Instead of having to freak out, just throw direct offers into the chat. Can I get you X for industry or niche or business in time?

[00:18:51] Just start putting that into the chat and then you’ll be mind blown at how much success you could probably have, just kind of playing with the idea. Don’t worry about the tool, whether it’s Facebook ads or Web site or SVO. That’s just an avenue. Don’t give me that. But instead, for everybody watching, just say, hey, can I get you X result for X nitch, an X time. That’s it. Believe me, the people that end up typing this out will probably be more successful than the people that don’t.

[00:19:19] Again, just like the internal Alex Becker, if you’ve tuned away, you don’t deserve money. If you’re not going through this exercise, you don’t deserve success. If you’re not taking the 15, 20 seconds it takes to actually move the needle in your business and just go through this, you’re probably the reason why you’re not more successful. And instead of having to do that, just say, hey, you know what, I’m a do. I’m just gonna type this out right now. You’re getting ones coming and saying, can I get you 50 more clients for your pressure washing business for the next 30 days? Beautiful. That’s it. Somebody else says, can I get you 10 new clients every single month for your body sculpting company? Beautiful direct offer. Somebody else repeats. Can I get you 50 more booked appointments for your pressure washing business within the next 30 days? Perfect. These are direct offers.

[00:20:05] The cool part about a direct offer is it very clearly establishes if it worked or if it didn’t work. You don’t have to wonder about like is ranking is good enough. Is views good enough? Do they like the Cannava. Do they like the PDAF? No. I got you 50 more book appointments for your body sculpting company. I got it. Order filled. End of discussion. I did the surgey lost fifteen pounds. End of discussion. Somebody else’s. Can I get you 30 more real restaurant views your business in 30 days. Perfect. That’s a direct offer. And now you can really run ads saying, hey, my name is Jeff. Can I get you 30 reallife customers reviewing your business and giving a five star in 30 days? That’s it. We’ve got more coming in. Can I get you there? New patients to your dental practice in the next two weeks? End of discussion. I got it. Or I didn’t. You want it or you don’t. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to spend months, days, weeks trying to figure out whether or not it’s video views or conversions or line clicks. None of that. I’m just going to run an ad with my face holding my phone saying, what’s going on, everybody? My name is Jeff. And if I can get you 30 more Real-Life restaurant, five star reviews your business, click the link below and scheduled time. That’s all you have to do. That’s it. Somebody else’s. Can I get you. Twenty three more byor conversations for a business the next 30 days. Yeah, somebody else’s. Can I get you a twenty three book to new patient calls in the next two weeks. That’s it. That’s a direct offer. That’s it. In the modern day and age where it’s very, very easy to make. Yes. As it knows which people like to do, you’ve enabled. Clients do exactly that. It’s really not that hard.

[00:21:45] And we’ve already got some great ones in the chat right now, which I’ve already read out loud. But all you have to do, and this is what I did. I ran Facebook ads to get clients running a direct offer. And can I get you X niche in time?

[00:21:58] That’s it from here. He signed up and I automatically call or text them.

[00:22:12] This is the automatic booking system.

[00:22:16] Wow. Right. Direct offer. Can I get you I automatically call and text them.

[00:22:22] What’s in that call? What’s in the text? It’s a confirmation. Hey, I just want to make sure you want thirty five star views for business in 30 days. Right. Hey, you want twenty third new patient calls the next two weeks, right. Hey, you want 15 to 20 pest control business clients in the next six weeks, right? Cool. Now, they’ve seen your ad, they clicked on it, typed in their name, number, e-mail, see your direct offer, and responded by text message confirming that they want it is a huge buying signal. Huge buying signal. How do you do this automatically? It’s inside of the inner circle. But there’s other software and programs that I’m trying to not name right now. But you can do this automatically.

[00:23:02] To send them a text straight to your phone to theirs. Just want to make sure you can. Just want to make sure you want this right. Cool.

[00:23:10] From here, we just use a transition script.

[00:23:15] It says, awesome. I give you a call in five minutes. And see if it makes sense to take a next step.

[00:23:33] Now you’re getting super high quality inbound agency leads. It’s not hard at this makes sense for you, and if this is like causing some Leipold moms, you’re like, oh my God, I had no idea. Would you mind just hash tagging light bulb moment? Just so I have an idea that this is something that you’re interested in. I’m trying to mix this up. And if this is moving the needle in your business or saying, oh, my God, just hashtag Leipold moment, because from the narrative and the comments and questions that I’m reading is that that this is impactful information, interesting confirmation, just hashtag labeled moment, because hot damn, having an automatic client acquisition and booking system or whatever cool name really revolves around a direct offer. Can I get you this?

[00:24:21] Hey. You want to. Awesome. Can I call you in five minutes and see if it takes it makes sense to take the next step? That’s it. Let me just clarify right here.

[00:24:32] So when signs of I make a call or text them saying, hey, just making sure you want, I should say.

[00:24:42] Ofer.

[00:24:46] It’s like the. That’s all you have to do. Your ads can be gross. They can be ugly. Nobody cares. I mean, if you had is going to be pretty messed up, right. But let’s say you had a bathtub and you had like 10 people coming over in about three hours and all of a sudden the septic tank backed up and went straight into your bathtub. Do you care if that plumber’s website is good enough or do you care about solving the problem? And a direct offer. The strength of the direct offer is what matters have a really strong direct offer, and every single direct offer that we just mentioned is pretty darn strong. Seventeen new patients in the next forty five days. Yeah, that’s it. That’s all you have to do. Soon as they sign up, have a software, automatically call or text them and call the asshole text like, hey, I just want to make sure you want this right. OK, cool. Can I call you in five minutes?

[00:25:43] That’s it.

[00:25:46] Hashtag light bulb moment. And this is really like making go. Just like that. That’s what you need to know beforehand.

[00:25:57] Otherwise, this sentence wouldn’t make any sense. I had to set the groundwork. If you didn’t have this setup beforehand, you wouldn’t be able to do this.

[00:26:09] What happened?

[00:26:20] As soon as that person who’s based out of Seattle, Washington, I’m in Miami, Florida. He’s in Seattle, Washington, all the way across.

[00:26:27] Right. It’s as far as I can get from my mother. We’ll still be in the continental United States.

[00:26:34] Yeah, that’s where that person is. A couple of things happened. The first we got on the phone.

[00:26:42] And I did normal qualification process.

[00:26:47] Hey, Mr. Johnson, I just want to make sure you actually want this right. OK, cool. Can we spend about five minutes and see if we want to take the next step and if it makes sense to do business together? OK, cool. If I understand correctly, you want us to get you three new patients, your dental practice in two weeks. Again, direct offer. How many dental patients are you getting in an average week or so? Yeah, just just normal patients. All of them. I don’t care whether they’re doing teeth cleaning or whitening or for root canal, just normal everyday patients, people walking UDR. OK, so about 100 hundred patients per week walking out. Gotcha. And do you have a goal as far as how many patients you want walking in your door?

[00:27:30] Like how many?

[00:27:32] OK. So you want to go from one hundred to two injured patients walking in the door? OK, cool. And what’s the number one reason why why you have been able to do this on your own? Here’s a key point. What’s the number one reason you have not been able to do this on your own?

[00:27:49] Gotcha. Well, if you’d like. What we can do is we can schedule a second call.

[00:27:55] I can flip my screen around, show you my face, show him off. Show me a real life human being business. Right? Because it’s the Internet. I have to address it, Crohn, all that stuff, and I’ll show you how we can get you. Thirty new patients walking in your door every single week, within seven days, within 14 days or forty two days, whatever, whatever the direct offerings. Again, the direct offers, pulling them through all these steps. Do doing a direct offer, they just they freak out a flail. Now, I mentioned the direct offer three times that sentence. Hey, I just want to make sure. Yeah. You want this. OK, cool. So where are you now. Where do you want to be. A number of things stopping you from doing it on your own. Well, if you like, I can show you how we can get you direct offer. Would you like to schedule a time? And I’ll flip my screen around and see my face and ultimately walk you through the program and how it can get you direct offer. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. That’s why I did it. This person paid me twelve thousand dollars. Must twelve hours.

[00:28:51] It’s at.

[00:28:53] We got on the phone. I did the normal qualification process. And then I made sure. And this person was warming themselves up.

[00:29:08] Before the next day demo.

[00:29:13] Always schedule a demo for the next day. So the same day, the next day. If it’s too far out, they forget about their backed off or they start going on their journey of like maybe it’s not that big of a deal. Don’t schedule a demo on like it’s like Thursday is scheduled for Tuesday. No shows. Gonna happen at your expiration date is probably at the most. Thirty six hours. I don’t even take Fridays scheduled demos on Monday. The no show rate is so high. I only scheduled demos for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I don’t schedule them from Friday to Monday and going to happen. I said I understand how, but I call you back on Monday with schedule time.

[00:29:50] Otherwise it just doesn’t work. Scheduled down to the next day. And I want to make sure they’re warming themselves up. So I have something called a soap opera sequence.

[00:30:00] Now, there’s all sorts of reasons why somebody is not going to pay you money. All sorts of reasons. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know. This thing is gonna work until we have capacity. These leaks are bad. It ain’t gonna work. There’s no guarantee. All that stuff, every time we get an objection, you write an email about it.

[00:30:16] And you said it to. Dealing directly with that. I’m pretty sure that this guy had no idea who I was. So you know what happened? He got an email said, day number one, who am I?

[00:30:31] That’s it.

[00:30:33] I’m pretty sure that this guy was like, afraid of like, what if it didn’t work? I said, well, we guarantee that it works. That’s it. And if you’ve ever had a scenario where your client has given you an objection and you had to deal with on the call, the success rate is too low.

[00:30:50] You want to proactively deal with those objections, so warming themselves up beforehand.

[00:31:00] Pretty conquering cells, objections.

[00:31:08] For the next gay demo.

[00:31:12] What’s the soap opera sequence? It’s just a series of emails that you send one a day every day.

[00:31:17] That’s it.

[00:31:18] But tune in, they sign up and your demos tease you about four to five days. So you’ve got four to five pre Concorde sales objections. Who are you? Does this really work? Do you guarantee it? I’ve been screwed before in the past. Everybody’s got objections. And what I’d like you to do right now is everybody on this lunch and learn type in an objection that you’ve had on a sales call. Just typing rejection doesn’t have to be like a properly formatted sentence. Just give me the raw brainstorm on spoken, non structured. This is what my client said to me. They go Sydney. They wanted the proposal. They said, Who are you? They canceled the call. I don’t believe it is going to work. Whatever your objection was, whatever their objection was to paying you money, just put it into the chat and just type it out. I don’t care if it’s a great sentence or not. Just. Just brain, don’t give me your objections. Give me the reasons why somebody is not spend money with you. I know for me and my niche, somebody has said, hey, I haven’t seen enough testimony because I want I don’t want to buy you money.

[00:32:20] I don’t want to buy your stuff. I don’t wanna send you money. So it was said to me, I don’t trust you. Some people said, but, you know, it’s the Internet. I’ve been burned in the past. I’ve spent money on all this other stuff. Just just type in your objection. The objection that you’ve gotten into the chat. And I’ll show you how to pre conquer those objections. Using soap opera sequences will be massively powerful again. I want to say this.

[00:32:45] If you are not doing these things on this live right now, the chances of your success are probably lower or not, because I’m in this massively smart person, but because this is your huge opportunity to be like, oh my God, I should probably, like, start solving my own problems faster than ever before instead of going through another long series of YouTube things and getting Gary the testimonial motivation stuff. We got some objections coming in. Somebody says, how do I know that this is going to work?

[00:33:16] What a great objection. Right. Like like I get it. But like, what’s the thing? Right. And by the way, when I say the thing in this context, it’s you, me or the thing. Those are three things that that I do not believe could work and why I’m not paying you money. You mean the thing? I don’t believe you. I don’t believe me. I don’t believe the thing. That’s why people don’t sign up this year. I wouldn’t go. Same idea.

[00:33:34] And somebody types in. How do we know this is going to work? So, you know, you do you write an e-mail subject line. How do we know this is going to work?

[00:33:42] Literally, that’s it.

[00:33:44] How do we know this is going to work? And they just start start typing out a couple of sentences. Doesn’t have to be long. Maybe to Facebook, to iPhone scrolls. That’s it. Mr. Johnson, I bet you’re wondering, how do we know this is going to work? I’ve heard it before million a half times. I get it. We have a proven three step process. We’ve got proof, proof, proof cases. And we guarantee your stuff. Is that good enough for you? If so, reply. If not, say now, I don’t give you more reasons why this is going to work for you. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to be a master at objection hambling. You just have to be good enough at free conquering their objections before they go live. That’s it. Somebody else says I won’t ever prepay for marketing. Guess they’re going to put it in sales. In the subject line I won’t ever prepay from. I can put it in quotes. Hey, you may be thinking this and what I’ve heard a million a half times. I get it. There’s a lot of people out there trying to steal your money. Guess what? Here’s other people just like you that prepay for the Marquitos also they got. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. All the way down. Somebody says, how do you guarantee results? Subject line. How do we guarantee your results are proven? Forceps system, a long history, your previous experience, a result, a great team. And by the way, Mr. Johnson. If we don’t get you direct offer with an X number of days, we refund your entire fee and give you a hundred bucks for wasting your time. Some people say it’s too expensive. Great. That’s the subject line. So people say, I don’t think I can afford it. Subject line. I don’t trust you. I love that one. I literally have. Day one. Who are you?

[00:35:21] Hey, my name is Jeff.

[00:35:23] You signed up and I don’t believe that you should trust me just yet. I get it. It’s the Internet makes complete and total sense. There’s no other way around it. So here’s a couple sentences about me. Is that good enough for you? That’s all you have to do. Just literally prikhodko those objections. And when you pre conquer them, the hurdle for success is so low, you just have to tell them about it beforehand.

[00:35:48] That’s it.

[00:35:49] Somebody says, I’ve tried Facebook and they don’t work great. I’ve tried Facebook ads and they don’t work. Hey, you probably tried Facebook guys before and guess what you said? They said that they don’t work. I understand completely. That’s why we do something different. Facebook guys is just one part of our seven step process. It’s kind of like you bought a whole boatload of gas and you were expecting a Ferrari, right? Well, guess what? We sell you the Ferrari with the tires. The blank. Blank in blank. Just that. That is it. Done as hard as you think. The mistake, by the way, is having to deal with on the call. Deal with it beforehand. Other people saying, I’m not sure I would make their turn off of this, even if you get Meursault’s. Great. This is unique. This is a challenging one. This is different. This is not dealing with the I don’t know, like and trust you. This is. I couldn’t make it work. It’s just like I’m not going to go to the gym. I’m not going to buy a membership. Hey, I get it one way. Know, we’re going to help you introduce a high ticket program. We’re going to charge one or two or three thousand dollars. You’re going to be your sales calls and make sure that we can deliver an oral y. If for whatever reason, you don’t get in our way, we’re gonna run the program for you next month for free. So you can at least make your money back. There you go. Somebody says, well, I sent an e-mail. Can’t we just explain to them on a call? You can if you’d like something more difficult.

[00:37:05] You can literally just prikhodko the objections by sending a pre conquering objection soap opera sequence. Somebody says, I’ll be interested if we do it on a commission base before I send money. Hey, you’re probably saying this and I get it. It’s just not our business model. We can’t do that. You still like to talk? You can schedule here. If not, that’s OK, too. It’s fine. You don’t have to have amazing responses when you prikhodko objections. You can only just pre conquer them. And when you’re pre concrete amendments.

[00:37:33] Knipping, the problem in the but down here, as opposed to doing on a call which is all the way up here.

[00:37:39] So this is what happened. I got on the phone. I warmed him up and Prikhodko demos and sales objection’s before the demo.

[00:37:46] And then I showed him how the darn thing works.

[00:37:56] I said, what’s going on inside to me? Let’s just say his name is Mr. Johnson. I turn on my screen, I showed him my screen, I turn to my face. I showed my face. Hey, I’m superset to me. Yeah. Yeah. I just want to let you know I’m based out of sunny Miami, Florida, and actually typed in my zip code and typed in my and just showed in my house, my office.

[00:38:10] And I’m doing this, by the way, because I know this is the Internet’s fly by night conquering. Right. And I want to know that real legitimate business. We just happen to be adapting to the Corona and all that fun stuff. And you saw ads.

[00:38:23] You decided the time if you’re in town, I invite you into the office, but there’s no reason you got to fly. Right. Very cool. I’m super psyched to show you how this is going to work. One only lean to give you the lay of the land. Now I’m in charge to give you the lay of the land. That’s it. And ask you a couple more series of questions. Kind of make sure that there’s a problem big enough for solving because you know that this costs money and there’s no other way around it. Peacocking. Objection. But you have to have a problem big enough to where you want to pay me month after month after month to solve this problem so you can get a huge hour. Why? So I’m going to ask you a series of questions. Make sure that you’ve got a problem big enough. And then I’m sure how the program works and we’re gonna see if we can take the next step.

[00:39:01] How about it? Cool from there. I have three steps.

[00:39:08] The first I ask deeper questions.

[00:39:14] It usually takes about 10, 15 minutes. So how many leads are currently generated for your online business, for your business online, and how much how many of those leads convert? Is that enough to grow your business? What are your goals for 2020 as far as new customers and how much you’re charging when somebody comes in? How much are they paying and do they ever come back? What’s been your biggest problem with marketing programs in the past? And if you’ve got blank, would you make more money? That said, about 10 to 15 minutes of asking deeper questions.

[00:39:45] Mayor. I move into the demo.

[00:39:52] No part of the sales process for me is five slides. That’s it. John, so you’re probably wondering how we do a direct offer. Can I show you? Great. It’s a very simple system.

[00:40:04] Here’s how it works. We run this online ad to everybody doing a serviceable zone. As soon as they sign up, we text it to your front desk if need be. We’ll do a live transfer. But as it turns, about half the people will call you. We’ll follow these leads. And blank, blank and blank. And I can’t show you the other blank because that’s like my thing. But this is our very simple system. More so. Just willing.

[00:40:29] You know, this works.

[00:40:33] Here’s proof. Proof, proof of for proof. And here’s faces of people that say I’m good enough for a chat.

[00:40:40] Screenshot screenshots. Screenshot testimonial, testimonial, testimonial, literally, like, hey, this is good. This worked. And text above their head. Some of what they said, they’re not actual videos. You can’t show that on a slide deck. And I don’t recommend that you do.

[00:40:55] But that’s it. Super simple system. Here’s proof that it works. So those would be like ads, manager screenshots and faces of other people saying it’s good enough. And said, by the way, my white labeler just gave me all of this. He gave me the proof in the faces. That’s it.

[00:41:13] I don’t have any previous testimonies, experience or case studies. I got them for my pay as you go professional or my white label guy. That’s it.

[00:41:23] Just like that. Go ahead and I’ll be one more over. The way I thought.

[00:41:34] And then.

[00:41:39] I have a steady close, a steady plus time close.

[00:41:46] Mr. Jonathan, we usually charge X number of dollars, but I want to know you’re an advantage because honestly, Mr. Johnson, we just don’t have a case study for a business in your area. This is the first time. We decide to move into Arizona, Washington, Texas, Florida. Yeah, we got previous votes for other people, but never for a business in Jersey. And as soon as we do, we’re gonna be charging three thousand dollars a month. But we don’t have a case that if your area. So if you decide to move forward today and become our first client from the Jersey area, we’re only going to charge you fifteen hundred dollars plus five in Georgia. Fred, spent include these three bonuses. Bonus number one, two and three again.

[00:42:27] Once we get a case that is going to charge three thousand dollars. But we don’t have one. You’d be our first. Which I think you’re comfortable with, right? Great. So for fifteen hundred dollars plus five hundred, all this bad spent plus these three bonuses. And we guarantee you, yes, we guarantee it, we guarantee you’ll get direct offer in direct. Time.

[00:42:48] Or we refund your entire thing, give you a hundred bucks for wasting your time. So may I ask you this, Mr. Johnson? Won’t you like your results to start? Not hard. Again, the direct offers what pulls people through this process. If you have a weak direct offer, they’re not really guided along their journey. They’re like, why am I here? No direct offer all the way through. Then they’ll tell you, like, oh, I want my results to start next week.

[00:43:13] Great. That sounds awesome for that to happen. What’s going to happen is I’m going to send your proposal. Want to let you know that we are directly advertising to other types of businesses in your industry or in your niche in your area. You saw that ad, right? Great. So here’s the challenge ready? I’ve got other clients in your area that have hit my calendar for tomorrow or even Friday or even Saturday, whatever it is. And what do we know, we offer exclusivity, so like we cannot take on any other clients. Pest control, h back carpet cleaning, car washes, clients in your area. Literally, we offer exclusivity for 30 miles. If you return this proposal within.

[00:43:59] Within a time frame, it’s too late. We may be giving up her slot. I don’t want to do is have you excited and motivated and like, yeah, let’s do it. Finally pay the invoice and only have me call you back and say tough. So the faster you turn us turn this proposal, the better. Does that make sense? I’m just trying to be open and honest with this. You see that we’re advertising your area.

[00:44:18] It’s OK. I understand. Is the entire. Two thousand dollar sales and told our process.

[00:44:27] I had a direct offer. I’m running an ad. Can I get you X result in Exhibition X time? Hey, I just wanna make sure you’ve got this great. Let’s talk. Cool. Did the qualification process prikhodko objections for the next day demo. I ask deeper questions. Did a demo with proof and faces of people. I said, yeah, it’s real. Did the case study so I can deal with problems before they come up. Have you ever done it? That New Hampshire area before is like, oh God.

[00:44:55] And then in the time.

[00:44:58] What would you like years old to start? I’ll send you the invoice and we’ve got some pretty cool automation’s, right? Just drag the card over. Sends a proposal.

[00:45:06] That’s it.

[00:45:07] This is literally how I turned to lead into two thousand hours, endless untold hours without privacy. It’s expensive case studies. I haven’t done any ads in my niche. White Liebeler does. And I chose him because he has experience in that niche. He charges me five hundred dollars a month. I triple his fee. Is it is impactful to everybody watching this right now? Because I feel like this is like a ten thousand dollar lesson. Like if I went to a mastermind and presented mastermind, those charging ten thousand dollars for a ticket, this would have been acceptable. You’d be like, oh, my God, it’s so worth it. I hope every single person here is realizing how massively impactful this is. If you feel like this has moved in your business, just hashtag business. Yeah, that’s fine. I just hashtag business. If you, Jane, believe that this is help move the needle in business. Just hashtag business. And I genuinely, honestly and hope that that this has put you in a position where you can actually like. Do the doing part. You know what I mean? And put in a position where you can actually make the dollars that you expect from your agency.

[00:46:12] If not. Well, there you go. All right.

[00:46:17] I think we can move into Q&A unless anybody has something specific. Again, if this has moved the needle in your business or helped you move forward, just hashtag business, we’re going to need some feedback to make sure that this is what you like. That’s OK, too. But this is literally just how I turned a two thousand dollar cell into a 12 hours, two thousand dollar sale in tão I turtle lead into two thousand, I say in less than twelve hours of approval’s appearance case studies.

[00:46:40] Yeah, again, not hard. Just six boxes. So it’s now twelve forty six. By the way, I have at 1:00 p.m.. Another call with another person who responded to guess what? My ad for a direct offer.

[00:47:00] Again, if you’d like personally one on one help to do this, we’ve got a 90 day coaching program. Just hashtag Isy and somebody will on my team will reach out to make sure taking care of no pressure is just a darn good program. I really, really enjoy it. I’m looking through the comments and see if there’s anything specific or any other questions that you guys have, not going to bring this to a close. That’s kind of like my Q and a call. Like now is the time kind of thing.

[00:47:25] Somebody says.

[00:47:28] Why is this going to work? Oh, there we go. So somebody says once you send it e-mail, once you e-mail them these replies to these, e-mail back and set up an appointment. Yes, actually.

[00:47:38] So I have a link at the bottom of all my soap opera sequences that Prikhodko objections along says, schedule your qualification call now. That’s it. I don’t want them scheduling a demo. I’m in charge of the demo process.

[00:47:49] I don’t wanna be like, oh, great. You know, I’m so happy to you schedule demo. No, we talked on the phone. I scheduled a demo is something that you can move forward with. So all my soap opera sequence e-mails, scheduling to my qualification call schedule page. And I have a qualification called thank you page, which helps guide them through the process questions.

[00:48:07] I’ll be asking him things like that. I hope that makes less sense.

[00:48:11] Somebody says, sorry, Drew says, have you ever had to cut your first month half as a bribe and then full price? Six months? Not yet. At two thousand dollars a month. You have a all as long as you have a direct offer that makes sense. Paying two thousand dollars a month is both in the range of acceptability and even out of those a thousand or fifteen hundred two thousand dollars.

[00:48:31] The reason why somebody is or is not paying you your full rate. I mean, this is of course, sub to k like when you go about that, it ends up being a different conversation.

[00:48:39] It’s usually a function of a bad sales process or a bad demo or a bad pre conquering or a bad direct offer or a bad asshole tax. Right. If you aren’t doing those things, you know, you’re not getting confirmation that that it could work in a way that makes a lot of sense. If you’d like, you can. And this is specifically for Drew. Record your demo. I’m gonna send you a calendar link, just kind of like schedule a time and we’ll review this. I reviewed Maryland’s Karyn’s Dimitris four or five other people as well and figure out what’s going right, what’s going on.

[00:49:09] But I’ve never had somebody say, like, if you cut your fee in half, that’s really a I don’t believe you enough type of thing. And I’m not willing to take the risk type of thing. And for me, at a thousand dollars a month, it’s not worth me arguing back and forth. Maybe later on I’ve got this whole, like, account manager thing figured out.

[00:49:27] But for now, it’s it’s really not worth the thousand dollars. It’s better off for somebody like me and probably to to to probably build infrastructure that pretty conquers objections.

[00:49:40] Let’s see what else is going on here. I think that’s it for these questions.

[00:49:46] Yeah, this was useful for everybody. This is a basic rundown of how I turned a lead into a two thousand dollars. And listen, twelve hours without previous experience. Case studies, we may end up creating a kind of pdaf for this type of thing. If you would like this PDAF just hash tag, two case sale. When the PDAF is created of somebody, send it out to you. It’ll be a little bit more in depth, maybe a transcript. You’re going to figure it out. There’s probably a video training as well. If you’d like for us to go ahead and create a PDAF with more information on this process, just hashtag QCA and off somebody reach out to you after the PDAF is created. But for the most part, all I did was these steps right here.

[00:50:28] That’s it, really not that hard. Let me go and double check something real fast.

[00:50:36] Right, click, pause again. Be sure to hash tag to case sale. We’ll see what happens. Sean, I think I had a question. Sean, I think I lost it. Sean, just kind of retype your question. I’ll wait for about two or three minutes and make sure that you can see this. We’ll take it from there. Somebody says.

[00:51:01] Here we go.

[00:51:05] June. Oh. Let me just do it this way. Two to two. You know, it’s funny, is like would be live. I’m not seeing all the comments or all the questions.

[00:51:19] But June says something like, how do you guarantee your results?

[00:51:31] When people say guarantee or field guarantee, they think that means they have to be so darn awesome and so darn amazing, everything needs to be perfect, that’s incorrect. A guarantee is simply what you do when it goes wrong. Like a plumber guarantees our service, right. What happens when a plumber does work and then it’s broken?

[00:51:49] They just come back, right. Let’s say that the surgeon does a surgery and doesn’t work. All right. We’ll redo it. Plastic surgery. Right. Let’s say that you hire a guy to assembly furniture and there’s a piece missing. He’ll come back and redo it. That’s it.

[00:52:05] A guarantee is simply what will you do if you don’t get results? And there are several different guarantees to pick from. You can say, I guarantee this.

[00:52:15] And if you don’t get your X result within 30 days or the direct offer, I will pay your next month’s bill for you. That’s option, right? There’s another one, which is we guarantee that you’ll get X result or direct offer. If you don’t, I refund your fee. And then there’s some people saying, I guarantee you’ll get your results. If you don’t, I will refund your fee and give you exile’s racing your time. That’s the easiest way to do that. Don’t really view yourself as saying I need to be so good. It really means to be at what will happen if it goes wrong. Another thing to think about is that Honda still has broken cars. Happens all the time. But they know on average, their cars are less about eight years and they guarantee them for five. And if the car breaks in less than five years, what do they do? They pay for the repair bills. Right. It’s not that hard. So all they did was look at their average and then cut it in half.

[00:53:04] And so if you find a white labeler that has like more than six months of experience, they can tell you they’re running average.

[00:53:11] And just follow that process at your white label is saying, look. On average will generate one hundred. Let’s just say phone calls for our Aitarak clients. If you spend a thousand dollars a month on ads, you say, great. I’m a guarantee 50 phone calls.

[00:53:26] Not that hard. Really not that hard. Somebody else says.

[00:53:38] Question and called the mailings. I’m getting one out of six hundred yeses a day thing about scrapping the mass e-mails, her personalized view. This has been the trend on Codie Mail in the last few months, using a direct offer now working on Facebook Hemington. But e-mails are rough. Looking for what? The change.

[00:53:52] If all of a sudden your your e-mails go from like, let’s just say three to five percent to.

[00:54:00] What is one out of six hundred percent? Six hundred point zero zero one percent? It’s probably a technical issue. I don’t know your direct offer. It’s probably good enough if you’re getting responses on Facebook and that if one of those three prospect the engines magically breaks over the course of two weeks, it’s probably a technical issue. And you probably have something broken, something wrong, or you got blacklisted or or spammed or something like that. I’m not a cold e-mailing expert. I employ people are smarter than me, cold e-mailing. So the best way for me to communicate back is only when I dance around the subject. I have a guy in the ice that does this for a living. On average, you’ll get between 100 and 150 yeses before lunch. Pretty cool, right? And he has a whole process on proactively dealing with this. But if you’re getting your direct offer responses, if your direct offer is getting responses on Facebook and LinkedIn and it wasn’t good e-mailing. And then within like two weeks, it disappears. It’s probably a technical issue where you just got marked for spam and e-mails like, look, we’re getting a deal with that stuff. So peace out. Goodbye. So that’s probably what’s going on. You do not have to scrap mass e-mails or personalized view. You probably just have to figure out why your emails aren’t working and then pay somebody smarter. Do it for you. I’ve never done my own pulled my own cold e-mails. I don’t like Domecq old emails. I feel like emotionally trimm traumatized whenever somebody replies back saying f off. So I don’t. I just pay someone else to do it and it works out pretty darn well.

[00:55:31] Let’s see what else. Somebody says, you said you didn’t run ads for it, I am running ads for it.

[00:55:40] I may have misspoken, but I’m not sure. I am running ads. This whole strategy works when you’re aggressive in running ads. And if you are a Facebook ad agency, you should be running ads. They’re not as hard as you think, like they are particularly easy. I mean, assuming somebody show you how to do it again, if you’d like a PDAF and more in depth and a breakdown of how the sauce was hash tag, two case sale, if you’d like to have a conversation with somebody from the agency selling secrets team. I’m joining the ICJ. Just hash tag. I see. That’s it, ladies and gents. I’ve got another qualification call that current could start the two thousand dollar sale process. I got a boogie off. I hope this is worth your time. I genuine trying to make these are the best bang for your buck. With that said, everyone. See you later. Bye.

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