How To Regain Your Edge Over Clients Who Claim You’re Sending Them Low-Quality Leads

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As sure as the sun sets, if you’re running a marketing business, you’re gonna get A LOT of clients bitching about the quality of leads you’re sending over.

And the attitude thrown your way can knock you on your heels fast.

But… you don’t have to be suckered into this all-too-common client-set trap.

Because not only is there a way to 100% ethically and honestly show your clients those leads are just fine…

…you’ll now have laser-proof evidence it’s actually their fault!

Trust me, once you apply the 3 simple tactics I teach in this new video, your clients will have no choice but to become way more appreciative of you AND you’ll enjoy a massive boost in confidence.

In this video, I go over:

  • My 3 powerhouse ways to turn-the-tables on clients who nag you about the quality of leads (one of them immediately exposes what 9 out of every 10 clients fail to do when it comes to lead-follow up)
  • What exactly the core of an effective guarantee is, and the critical sweet-spot for just how good it really needs to be
  • The perfect guarantee to offer clients if you can’t afford to pay their next month’s ads
  • More of my simple yet brutally efficient methods of conquering deal-killing pre-objections
  • The 3 possible things – and 3 things only – which could be going wrong if you’re not getting your clients results…
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[00:00:00] Today’s lunch and learns about Dubai, Corona. I’m glancing at my home, not in the office, not hanging out, and I would just do my best to stay here while the largest flare up in the world in Florida and specifically in Miami. So you’re just going to chill here until it all passes. The good news, you can still do a lot to learn still. And clients still fulfill orders to have a good time. All that fun stuff. I don’t give a mad congrats on a special bear hug high five to Ryan Wilkins for going from zero two zero to zero two zero to ten thousand dollars a month and then ten thousand dollars a week using what we’ve been talking about in the ICEE. I’ve been rooting for him for a long time. We’ve been working together for a long time and one day it just stopped and gathers the to the end. And so I want to say a special high five and and hug the Ryan Wilkins. Let me go ahead, make sure everything is up and running as intended. This is a brand new office, quote unquote, setup, or you have to deal with it for now. I want to say that I’m doing it for everybody inside the FEC. One, I want Ryan Wilkins to figure out how exactly went from zero to 10 in a week using exactly what we talked about, prospecting sales with with all that fun stuff.

[00:01:12] So that’ll be pretty darn cool. I also want to say that the Joel Kaplan client getting masterclass is coming to an end. There is a upcoming Q and A call, I think, Friday. We’re still working on the specifics. They’ll mark the end of the Pop-Up Group and then the optional six week sorry, six call Sprint will be starting the 20th predawn. Cool. If you do not get a ticket, you one hundred percent missed out, like beyond a shadow of a doubt. And what’s interesting. As if he didn’t take action, then you had other opportunities as well. We opened the cart for longer. We sent out a whole series of emails. We sent out a whole series of ads. This isn’t the group. And then we open the card again. The hundred dollar threat. So if you saw it and you didn’t take action. The problem isn’t the information as much as this hurts. The problem is you you’re always trying to figure out a way to not move forward. Meanwhile, people who are being massively successful are looking for reasons to move forward. And I hope that hurts just enough to make you say finally, OK, I’ll start moving forward faster than I am comfortable with. So get uncomfortable. Move forward quicker. So that was just me, kind of like kind of, Aaron, some grievances real fast, right? I do want to say that we had the hundred dollar thread that was the most I’ve ever seen ever in the history of the group. Absolutely nuts. There are some people literally giving agencies in a box a season, a Google drive agencies and a loon video. I spent seven hundred fifty dollars on that thread and now I know a track mortgage. Spolar YouTube that my tawaf have other things like Tamme.

[00:03:02] Was worth it, like, really darn well I know one guy that made over seventeen hundred dollars. Holy crap. Right. And he loves it. And I paid him money because it was so damn cool. Which I didn’t do those once every two months or so. And effectively what happens is everyone looks at their toolboxes as well. Am I comfortable? Cycle 100 bucks. Then they just sell it. And if if you’re always having trouble moving forward and trying to figure out the missing piece, that’s a really cool way of just like getting small things, like you’re going to a grocery store, start building your own. Not no agency or business, those aren’t cool. So I spent money on their. People spent money on there.

[00:03:44] And most recently, I paid twenty thousand dollars to a guy in New York to talk to him for once a week over the phone and probably, damn it. So I want to let everybody know I’m beyond reproach and beyond criticism. I also invest in myself, just like everyone has. And I ask you to do it consistently. So if there’s any specific questions, comments, concerns, thoughts or ideals, all that fun stuff, put them into the comments. Now, I’ll make sure to directly address that. On today’s lunch and learn. I do want to say we just closed a thirty five hundred our client add phone call, slide deck Zoome clothes. He put a five hundred dollar deposit on the call and paying the three thousand a leftover today, which is really cool. So let’s make the third thirty five hundred dollar clothes. We are in all the efforts of transparency, having trouble with the first guy who put down five bucks and is now deleting delaying the on boarding call because that’s when he has to pay the difference. Right. So I don’t know if that counts.

[00:04:43] If it doesn’t, I’m OK with not putting them on my trophy. But we got that. All a deposit and credit card. Within four days of the new agency ads going live. And then at 35, Conjola closed the week after. And then this week, let’s just say it’s that Conjola close, which is really cool. So I’ll go over the lessons that I’ve learned with that. Pretty darn quickly and effectively. I mean, we’ve talked about pretty. We can talk about that as much in depth and detail as we can. Let me just double check the comments and stuff like that and see what happens.

[00:05:14] We have Meunier, Lee, Ben, Annette, Caitlin, Caitlin. Sorry. A locked George WJR. Sorry. Got that. Zach. What’s going on. How you doing.

[00:05:28] Doing a job. How much is your I.T. program doing. Dude. WJR. I’m sorry, I’m doing my best, it’s five thousand dollars for 12 months. Taylor how you doing, Tyler? How you doing? Frances Wilder better says, no way. It’s all your fault. I know exactly what he means. Guys, he’s just messing with you. Frances and I are pretty cool together, but he does make a really interesting comment, like the reasons why people are not to explore their journey has more to do with them than it is to do with their people. It’s just the gym. Jim Jaden says, I love the hundred dollars per. I appreciate that Jason led better. I’m pretty sure Jason set a personal record for the most things. So on that thread ever. I paid him money. What’s going on? We had Jeffrey Forbes, who spells his name correctly. Well done, Depok says. Yeah, I had twenty three people reaching out. I’m super happy for you, dude. I hope you get paid for the products and services that you create. I hope people are happy for paying you, realize money and make an effort because of it. Nathan Wilson, how are you doing? Jaden says, How did your student go from zero 10k a week? I wish this was harder. It’s not. It’s just like IKEA furniture, like the zero to 10 té process has less to do with trying to figure it out, less to do with trying to create something in your garage. It is not a garage style entrepreneur, right? Going from zero to 10k involves three steps, nothing else. Anything else that you’re doing is your brain freaking out and saying, oh my God, I need another tool. There’s a reason I’m not getting paid. I need something else. I’m hungry. I want to go hunting. There’s three soups and nothing else. The first is having a direct offer face get.

[00:07:05] That’s it. This is what I can get. Nobody goes the Tesla and says, hey, you do custom order. Tesla says, no, this is all it take to get it, because I do, too. Allen says, Can you make him make the can you make the iPhone 17 inches? Nope. That’s not it. This is it. This is the direct offer. This is what you get in exchange for money. Nobody does custom work when they aren’t when they’re very clearly signing up for a thing like if if you don’t have confidence in your carpenter, you’re going to tell him do stuff. Your carpenter says here, you can pick one of three and we install in 72 hours. You say, OK, I’ll have that one. And that’s the big step. No way having a direct offer. If you don’t have direct operate, you do. You just never thought of one. And you can always do someone else’s direct offer, which is what I like doing. So first things first is running ads with a direct offer, if you do that, people inside say, I want to buy what you have to sell and we’ll know this because they actually felt the form texting on calling, saying, I want to buy this. That’s what happened with a dentist in Delaware yesterday. Literally, you’re talking things like I saw your ad. I want to buy it. Great. Just number one, having a direct offer. Number two is shipping it to the right people. Now, that’s your list, right? It makes no sense to show your Android stuff, to be your IOW people. Megan, by I mean, make an argument that they do, but it’s going to happen, right? It makes no sense to show. Hey, did you want to buy this home to people that just rented their first apartment? Not gonna happen. Right. You want to make sure your direct offers going to people on a spectrum, purchasing relatively quickly and wanting to buy what you have to sell.

[00:08:36] Here’s an example. Colleges are really, really advertising to juniors and seniors, right? They’re not advertising middle schoolers. Right. So if I was in charge college, I want to do a draft offer. Hey, do you want to go to colleges where you can expect and advertise only to juniors and seniors? Great. And a third thing is just having a slide deck or knowing how to do a sales call. Those three things. Nothing else that takes a year that takes people from did a 10K really darn quickly, really darn effectively, really darn safely and relatively risk free. It it works. There’s no other way around it. The biggest reason why it doesn’t work is the biggest reason why people are unsuccessful with going to the gym like they always think that they need like the coolest shoes or something is wrong or like we need pants that fit differently.

[00:09:22] Are these exercises are good for me. Lower back like all the excuses, moral. It’s usually not the gym. Right. You don’t need a lot of stuff to lose weight. Just eat less, walk more and do some exercise. You lose weight. Right. Those three things the same way with ad agency work. Again, I really, really wish it was harder. There are other things to think about, but zero to 10 pay is having a direct offer showing that direct offer to and how to have a sales conversation. That’s exactly what we talk about me. I see. And why we feel like people are having success with that. So I hope I answered your question without giving me too much stuff. Poinar says when you have a higher white label on any niche, you have a written agreement between you and them. They promise to deliver X number of leads. If not, what would you advise having a written agreement in place? Not. So morning, I’m actually doing a white road roadshow this week in reaching out to certain white label is bringing them into the ICEE and saying, hey, how does a label program work? What’s your process? What’s your promise? What problem do you solve? Things like that. So we can standard business. I’ve discovered a lot of white blues are a not making myth as well. There’s a lot of friction or b most white labels are just horrible agency owners that have low dollars and don’t have a white label program. They’re just agencies that don’t charge a lot. No idea what they’re doing. And so inside of the ICM to make dry highlight, people who have great white label programs, make sure they make money and get the visibility that it is there and taking it there. So that question will be answered later on. Phillip says, you know, my Nashville and I talked too long, he’s in the relationship area. How do I go about making that guarantee that I mentioned to me? So a guarantee is easier than you think it is fundamentally at the core? Easier than you think. If you’re saying how do I make it guarantee, a guarantee at the core is what do we deliver?

[00:11:11] What will happen if it goes wrong? What do we deliver and what do we do if it goes wrong? Amazon guaranteed. Their promise is what we do. Amazon does one thing.

[00:11:25] I’ll get you your stuff in two days plus. That’s it. And I know that’s not true. But just go anyway, right? Like Amazon says, you will get yourself two days less.

[00:11:35] Hampton, I didn’t get myself two days left. We’re super sorry about that. Can we comp you can we make your order free? Can we give you a coupon or gift certificate? They have one, right? Gee, for the longest time, said your dishwasher. We’ll fit in your home, guaranteed. How do they know that? Like, what are they saying, a guy out a check before they saw a detractor? That’s not true. Guarantee or we’ll give you a hundred dollars to Customizer Appletree. This is what we do. This is what happens if it goes wrong. Right. And so it’s really, really important to separate yourself from your promised or from your guarantee. Like Jeff Bezos isn’t saying, oh, my God, I have to, like, ship all this stuff in two days. He goes, Amazon’s going to do that. Right. I have to deliver 20, 30 book deployments for my clients. No, my company does that. Elon Musk doesn’t say like, oh, my God, we have to make sure that I have to make sure all my Tesla’s guy gets 300 miles to the charge. Tesla does that right. So first things first. A separate yourself from practice. It’s not you that they’re buying. They’re buying the program. Right. I know personal trainers like, oh, my God, like this is going to do this thing. I have to lift weights. My client. They don’t think that is number one. Number two, one of the guarantee they’ll work eight out of ten times. Your guarantee should not work 100 percent of the time. Your guarantee should not work 90 percent than they should work 80 percent of the time. Eight out of 10 times. It’s something that you can easily do. Quickly unachievable. One out of 10 times, you really need to earn it. And one out of 10 times, it will totally fall and just refund. That’s it. Or you do the other thing, like G.E. was like, hey, we know that eight of the 10 times with the dishwasher is going to fit one out of 10 times. We’re gonna have to give my hundred bucks and one out of ten times are gonna say, I like this the worst, the world.

[00:13:23] We want our money back. OK. That’s fine. Apple, they note that eight out of 10 people are going to love their iPhone. Apple says, you gonna love your iPhone or we’ll give your money back in 14 days. I know eight out of 10 people love their iPhone. One out of 10 people like, oh, got the wrong model of the other. One out of 10 people like the one. Fine. That could be your philosophy about it. And is like a good ballpark. Right. And there are people that run agencies with your clients. Transatlantic alliance is still do eight out of 10 or not. So you’re guaranteed fill Philip, which is in a relationship space is just ballpark from right here. Build a stronger relationship with your significant other and save herself from divorce in 90 days or less. Or blink or blink. So you got to have that line. And so your blank could be or your money back. Right. Or work together until you get your soulmate, save your marriage or find your next best, best friend. I don’t know. Right. I’m not like an expert in it, but I will say that if I was starting with just a carpet cleaning. No, it’s better. Let’s just say I was doing and trying to finish my new niche, let’s say was a tailor. I would say close, you love that perfectly fit your body. In 14 days, guaranteed now or Reef India and custom, tell your suit until you love it. Something like that.

[00:14:49] So I would I would say, Phillip, you have a guarantee you’ve just never been forced to talk about it. Guarantees. Are you really uncomfortable talking about a guarantee? We just told you, OK, so all you have to do is open Google slides and start throwing stuff on the wall. That’s it. What am I promising? What do I do if it goes wrong? That’s it. It’s laid out useful. You’re in a relationship space. And if I was a Tinder coach, I would say get 90 dates, 90 days, or I send you a hundred bucks for wasting your time.

[00:15:16] So I hope a sense.

[00:15:18] Sachs says, I’d like to propose a trade. I’ll build a customized version of the office I place in the hundred dollar thread for I.T. members, would he give me access to the ICI? I’ll build a customized version of the office I placed in the end, you know. I’m not sure what you mean by the office you placed in the hundred dollar thread, if you could. We ask your question. I’m not sure I’m on point. What’s going on, Joel?

[00:15:42] It’s gonna wait. It’s going to Eduardo. James shall preside. Graeme know Wilderman Anthony staff. How you doing? You’re gonna be a check really soon. I have to work with you, Travis. Todd Douglas, Austin Barley.

[00:15:54] Josias, would you recommend working with a white label or when starting out? Joe, I really would. I really, really would. The challenge, by the way, is nine times out of ten. You don’t believe your self. You don’t believe that you could do it?

[00:16:07] You don’t believe that you’re gonna get the result. So it’s much easier to team up with somebody who is and who can. And so I’d really recommend that you actually find a white labeler. And then just for downtown saying, like, hey, I can get you these results. It’s going to cost you to tinger a month and knowing that you’re going to pay your white label at five hundred. John Joshed to Malcolm Francis says, Do you force your clients to have a guarantee for the people that they serve? I don’t. If I was if I was bigger in a target clients industry, I should and I would. I know that Joan Lords is really pushing towards something like that. That is Alex, her Mozi. I know that there are huge chiropractor marketing agencies that essentially like do office services and backend services and we’ll tell their chiropractors this is the offer that you need to be doing. But I’m just not there yet. All he says he’ll be doing while still chasing the U.K. roofing. I think he and I talked a while ago doing calls running as this is hard. Struggling, super skeptical. Just think out loud. But fearing a dead and yet so late that if your question is more about like switching matches, there’s a couple of things you may be going over. The first is that there’s really no harm in changing your major. Right. The second is you should be on the phone with five, 10 to 15 of these people and do demos. I want to do a demonstration, I want to show you how the program works, why it works, how we guarantee it, right. If you do five, 10 to 15 good demos and none of them are biting and you you’re free to, like, twitch a niche, but most people do those five, 10 to 15 demos incorrectly. Most people are doing cold calling, which is incorrect. Some people are doing cold emailing, saying I’m spending 10 hours a day doing cold e-mail. And when they’re really only doing it effectively, like five to ten emails per day.

[00:17:59] Some people are doing loom videos and they’re spending like eight hours a day and two responses. That’s not demos, right? That is doing expecting incorrectly. You should be doing prospecting and mass in a way that makes a lot of sense. A senator called the email incorrectly and pay of the four dollars an hour to do it. You should be doing something like running ads. The really strong direct offer and being on the phone, people saying, I’ll want a buy that. Once you have those types of conversations and qualification calls and narratives, then we can start the five, 10 to 15 demo. Then you’d be like, I don’t want to do UK proofing or something like that. I do want to say beyond a shadow of a doubt, by the way, I think that UK roofing may be a little bit too small for you if you’re at four, five, fifteen going. I think it’s horrible. There’s really no harm in doing like a free trial or a curious student. That’s how I got started. That’s how people in the in my come up group got started, really broke their and saying, oh my God, this could work. But again, like you should be doing five, 10 to 15 quality demos and then taking it from there. So I hope that makes sense.

[00:19:06] Zach says he probably meant offer. Yeah, I realized that after I sold over that I’m still not sure what the offer is. So let me know. Douglas says, wait, there are tender coaches, Douglas. There is a whole billion dollar secretive dating scene and the coaching behind it is absolutely not. It is probably the best place to learn marketing.

[00:19:29] Kind of scamming. But a best place to learn marketing.

[00:19:35] Michael, how are you doing? Wayne says, What’s up, Jeff? Amazing job. Dale Threated spent over a hundred but 800 bucks. Super happy for you, Wayne. Go make that money, honey. Bob says, gotcha, follow up. Who would you recommend for taking over the marketing from my existing agencies business? I fill up. I don’t know. You’re free to post in the group and do what happens from there. I don’t want to make any specific recommendations. I do want to say follow. When you and I talked, you were you had a five K program and we didn’t have you didn’t have a lot of selling that five K program or if it wasn’t getting the traction you expect. So we ended up doing like a thousand dollar and a hundred dollar month. Your best bet is to simply have a five K program, 90 days with a problem as an I understand that you have a poor relationship, your significant other. A process which is here, the six steps that we can use to build a rock solid relationship for significant other 90 days or less. And the promise, which actually is like you just said it, but like it’s the problem. You don’t have a strong relationship. Significant other. The process. Here’s our six step map program. And the promise is you’ll get a rock solid relationship with your significant other in 90 days or less guaranteed if you have that, that you’ll have a great five day program.

[00:20:51] Zach says the same, often angelic thread. It’s a dynamic directory app constructed from Messenger. These are complicated dynamic directory app.

[00:21:02] Zach, you’ve confused my brain very, very quickly. I can’t promise I’ll take a look at this later, but I’ll have to figure it out from there.

[00:21:12] Let’s see.

[00:21:14] I can’t I don’t. Says I’ve got a client that we delivered of our hundred officer loan officer opportunities for funnel. This guy says he hasn’t gotten any real leads. What do I do? Yeah. So this will be a unfortunately common problem with almost every single client, because every single client things that they have a problem. Everybody does. Right. But you really should be viewing your client as like a massively obese human being, as hilarious as that sound. Look, I’m in marketing. I really only know extreme examples, right? Imagine client is massively obese. They’re coming to you and saying, my problem is that that don’t work out. I don’t go to the gym and I don’t work out. I don’t go to jump. Is gym is never open.

[00:21:54] I’m going really like I’m a personal trainer. And this gym is open all the time.

[00:22:01] Like, what do you mean? It’s never open. And like, well the gym I used to go to is never open. It was weird hours and I’d be coming home and I wanted to go, but they weren’t open.

[00:22:10] Now, in fact, I go, well, OK, forget it. Our gym is open 24 hours. Why don’t you sign up and come on in? The expectation is that this clinic is in. But they never really do. Their problem is not the fact that the gene is or isn’t open. The problem is that they aren’t motivated. Thanks to Jim and somebody isn’t yelling at them to go to the gym. The problem is they are not getting yelled at to go to the gym. So personal training is actually like a good personal trainer. Well, like five morning flight, the fucking talkable out of their mouth and drag her ass to the gym. As such is the same for most agencies. Most agencies are getting hit with clients saying I need more leads. The agency is saying, well, I’ve got all these leads in the world. Did you want to pay me money? Like, yeah, it’s like, OK, well, here’s some leads. Well, you didn’t do your job. You didn’t call back. And there’s three things that you can do to do the plumes of slapping the Taco Bell out of your mouth. Right. Number one, you can do sneaky service. Sneaky Skouris are effing amazing with this. Thank you, sir. All you’re doing is texting back the lead saying, hey, my name is Jeff. With loan officer. Think I want to make sure I got a callback and you’re taking care. Yes. Do you feel like being mean, say, by being taken care of by client in spite of your clients? Derrick Lee. Hey, my name is Jeff. I’m blown off. Now, just want to make sure they get a call back and we’re taking care of by Derrick. Mass text. All 110 of them called the sneaky service. Yeah, it’s super fun. Nine times out of ten, you will get your client saying, oh, my God, these are like the worst pleads ever. I didn’t get any real leads. You’re gonna go, hey, look, Derrick, I hear you loud and clear. One like, you know, he ran a sneaky survey and we send the techs out to 110 people. And fifty five of them said that they never got a call back from you.

[00:24:04] What’s going on here? Just like that.

[00:24:09] That’s number one. Thank you, sir. It’s a second your secret shopping, that’s when you fill out the form. What I like doing is recording my screen, filling up the form, saying, hey, Derek, this is Jeff. It is July 14th at all. Twenty four p.m.. One, I’m recording this and doing something called a secret shopper. I am filling out this form right now and I’m just making sure I’m documenting this. And as soon as I get a callback, like you and I are supposed to get a callback, I’m going to rerecord this. And you know what happened just like that. I felt the form and I wait for the callback. Do they call me back? I open up. Zoom is like, hey, this is Jeff. I’m just checking it.

[00:24:45] I used a fake name, Alice, and, you know, my real phone number, my fake phone number or whatever. I was just calling to make sure you’re actually calling back to leave. This is working for you, right? Yeah, you got it. Perfect. What I discovered is that, again, nine times out of ten, my clients are a not coming back to Leeds. B, not calling them fast enough or C, not following the rules of engagement. And the rules of engagement are, hey, when we send you leave, your job is to call them back five times.

[00:25:16] All them back five times.

[00:25:19] If you do not call them back five times, your guarantee or warranty is null and void. So first things first. Thank you. Surveys. Second, secret shopping you can do. Those two things can be done up and down. And lastly, what you want to do is make sure when when you’re telling a lead to call that they are going to a recorded phone call like a call real number or a Twilio number or something like that. Do those three things and you’ll have insurmountable evidence that your client is wrong. And this is why this matters. It’s not so much the client as raw. Your biggest fear right now is what you’re selling, isn’t working or isn’t good enough, isn’t wanted. And when you come out aggressive and say, hey, I did a sneaky survey, 110 people and half that you didn’t call back. B, I did secret shopping. And he called me back before days. And C, I’ve got people that called you and you had a conversation with. And now you’re selling. You’re telling me the leads aren’t real. What’s going on, Alex or Derek or whoever, you do those three things and you’re going to prove, A, that the wrong being about the Taco Bell out of the mouth and more importantly, see proved yourself that you don’t actually worked. I hope that makes a lot of sense. Let’s see what’s going on. Jaden says he really does make everything so simple, Jaden. I’ll tell you what the best part about being a mailing and being 35 and just like looking at the world like it’s if it’s not simple. I ain’t going to think about it. That’s just how it works. Derek says, oh, my gosh, you need to label a train called Slapping Me a Taco Bell ad to the client’s hand. Yeah, I agree. I’m actually in the process of reworking me. I see. Especially after Alex from Luigi said he’s redoes course 16 times and realizing I need to do the same. And we’re going with the minimum viable agency model, which is like just do this. And if it doesn’t work, then except go back a step. Like it needs to be very mechanical and very thought process and very driven. A mistake. I’m going to be ending with saying, like, this is the I see a great time, just kind of like you’re an adult figured out. I’m realizing now that needs to be like adherence to a process. So the new minimum viable agency model, I’ll be showing how to get your first trial, your first five trial clients, how to get testimonials and then how to run ads so that your your client’s testimonials are the ads you’re comfortable with. The direct offer and the mistake I made is going with direct Agora first, which worked for me but isn’t working for a lot of people. So I’m going to be teaching like that organic conversation first and then a paid ad strategy. And it’s called the minimum viable agencies. Like, I swear to God, there will be no automation’s, there’ll be no mass tax. Is Lubic by hand? And the coolest part is like people who are new will be more comfortable with. Texting, calling from their phone and using zoom using slides. They’re setting up this like massive high level animation. So that’s what we’re on right now. And it’s about apathy. They’re going to be pretty cool. Just says, right. I spent four bucks and got massive. I was like enough to drive value. Appreciate it very much. Just now I talked to the phone was like like Justin is posting in the public eye. Bull’s eye. Hey, dude, I’m happy for you. I just please don’t come. And like, we freaked out on each other like. No, I mean, it’s totally fine. So. Don’t worry. It’s OK to upset the cell. It’s still your right. It’s like no man. Like, it’s fine. You’re allowed to have stuff to sell. It’s OK. And I was pretty funny like like we ended having to talk to each other into, like, exchanging text messages. Derek says, Oh, I like the name. Is it a coaching plus courses just. Of course. I think I’m going to introduce the six week minimum viable agents model and have that be a one off program where I don’t like coach in it. Maybe I’ll pay a coach to be in there to answer companies, but I really don’t want to have to split my focus anymore, especially because I really want the the the agency that we’re doing now to hit a million dollars. And that’s one hundred thousand dollars a month and that’s thirty three. Hey clients. That’s like a personal goal of mine. So I don’t need another split. You know, I mean. I think I’ll introduce it as a paid offer and people in the icy blue get it, but we’ll have to figure it out. And if people want to go from zero to clients in six weeks, guaranteed using organic strategies and do it risk free, I think it would be a good a good program. We’ll see what happens.

[00:29:40] Let’s see a Jaiden says, what is objection healing process during demos. So I’m really into prete conquering. So if an objection comes up, it’s too late. I mean, you can do about healing, but it’s finally scored at the court. Too late. So, like, so let’s say I’m a kid buying a Tesla. Right. So I go to tests and I go like, oh, my God, I don’t have a charger at my car. My brain is already moving to. It’s not good for. Then I voice, there isn’t a charger near my car. Then the salesperson has to say, Oh, don’t worry. There’s chargers all over the United States. And then my brain goes, well, if there were, I would have seen one. So it must either be not true or not a good fit. Like that is that’s the problem with objection. Handling and rebuttals and objection hinting about us is totally fine. Like, you can’t ever pre conquer every objection. But imagine this. Imagine a scenario where you’re having that rebelo conversation with the TSA salesperson. My brain is saying I can’t buy this car because I don’t have a charger near my car and I’m having conversation with the salesperson vs.. I run, I send them an email saying the best part about this Tesla is that there’s Chargers all over the United States, including ones near you available for free for life to want to see when you click here like that free conquers that problem. Like, I didn’t even know that this could be a problem. And they’ve already addressed it. Like that’s called pre conquering. And so what I like to do is I could pre conquer a lot of my client’s objections every single time I get an infection on the phone or by text or email. I write top, obviously, with an email that deals that objection, like at the hotline, like when I was doing my boss previous niche, it was like, Hey, who are you?

[00:31:27] Then I did deal with that. Oh, my name is Jeff and based out of Miami Global Bar and was like a whole thing, like there’s no reason for me to have that conversation, like like you don’t like, my God, wear something. Right. And then I just started writing email like they sign up to who are you? And I had a bio of me. I never got that question again. And people said like, well, would this work for me in my area? Now, I’ve got to have that rebuttal right now on day three. I read the e-mails as well. Talk for me in my area. And I answer it there. And then people say this working. Korona And then I work a day for email dinner. And so the easiest way for me to deal with objection ayling repelling is a pre Congos objections. I really got that from Nick Robins, who runs a very successful agency and is based in Boca Raton. Jeremy with Megalodon Marketing, I forget his name. He doesn’t do soap opera sequences to that effect. He runs ads. So I keep like when somebody’s scheduling sales call with him.

[00:32:22] He will run an ad that deals with the top five sales objections. Literally, the top five sales objections all the way there tendered by Dessau, his landing page is pre conquering sales objections all the way through. And so to answer your question. Honestly, like Jadida, the best way to objection to the objection handling is not on the demo, but before the demo. And every time you get objection, a demo, just branon email or do an ad beforehand or send like a fake you beforehand, you’re good. So I have answered your question. Scott says, I’m testing a new nature, totally script automations from the start, saying minimum viable agency. It’s going to Brian Height and Dave, what’s going on as she shows us how to join a six week program?

[00:33:16] It’s still in beta right now. I’m not even comfortable talking about it, but believe me, when you know, you’ll find out, Anderson. How you doing? Ty Hanson, how you doing? I called Nick Parker says, hey, guys. Didn’t update Iconica. Becker did. The stinky survey says the first leads said my client didn’t even call her.

[00:33:33] So now Icon is on the aggressive side. At first there was like the meekness of like, I know this is going to work. Don’t people like me? Am I good enough? All that trash stuff. And simply by doing a sneaky survey you have on deniable proof.

[00:33:49] What you’re doing works. And it’s not your fault anymore. Which is really darn cool. Well done. Oh. Also icon. To check out my place. It’s really cool.

[00:34:03] A says how long soap opera sequins objection sequence for. I repeat it twice. Let me just say to get a LOCKSS, how long is your objection handling sequence? It’s as long as it needs to be. Yeah. Say that right out of the gate. I’ve discovered that about ten to twelve females is as long as it needs to be. And you’re only really know have to get a feeling of it. You’ll know if it’s working because the objections will change. And there have been demos that I’m on where the guy says, you know. I don’t have any objections. I know, great, when would you like your Rusell to start? They pulled their credit card then then you know your objection. Haling sequence sequences done a lot says how many days as a sequence go for about 10 to 14 days and call his book the next day a lot. I would really put that question in the. Oh, my God. What if it goes wrong category? And when it goes in the wrong category, I tell my brain to shut the fuck up and not even care, like when the call is both category. They still get the. Killing sequence. I’m totally okay. I was thinking somebody accidentally for the juveniles. Totally fine. You know, to wrap your brain on trying to figure out an automation, to give a sign up. Day one, then they get a series of emails. But then if they sign up on day four, but what if the meeting is rescheduled to reset it? But what if they schedule on a Friday and they object? Don’t do that to yourself. It’s not going to work. Just literally just had that soap opera sequence running. And that chain is independent of your minders and your meeting notifications.

[00:35:34] Totally. OK.

[00:35:37] Jay says, you know, I miss the logic on the. And the dude runs targeting to those who have said to start to call. I don’t know if I can’t read or sentences. Yo, I miss the logic on the ad that dude runs targeting to those who have said it’s a start. Yep. So Megalodon marketing. Jeremy, I forget his name. When you spent first sales call with him, he has a retargeting sequence. It’s a series of emails that only handled the objections. Karen, try this. So does the same exact thing. I know this. I saw it. It’s like you go to Lane Page. Just objection and link videos. It’s very well done, right? I do. Objection. Mailing soap opera sequences. The result is try not to make it too complicated. You just literally like, hey, this is objection. I’ve got a sales call. It was going to my name is Jeff, and you’re watching this video. You signed up for a sales call with Jeff Miller in company. I want to know the biggest reason people have confusion about this, number one thing, because they think that they cannot afford it. I want to let you know that we’ve got blank, blank, blank. And I’ll see you on the call. That’s it, right? It’s loaded 15 to 20 seconds. And his name is Jeremy Hanging’s. He doesn’t really darn good job. I think I originally saw his video ads and that spurred me to do the top, our bottom bar and all that fun stuff.

[00:36:51] So it’s it’s little just a series of ads with objection handling.

[00:36:58] Jaiden says as the eyes open throughout the year, planning a Web site to enjoin the ICI does. It’s called an open and close. Sorry, I only take on new people after I think genuinely that the most recent court was taken care of. There’s probably like two or three people that I need to feel comfortable and confident and they’re on their way. Like one of the guys adds, like it’s definitely not in any saying too much money on ads. It’s like I wouldn’t do a diagnosis and figure out what’s going on. I think there’s two other people that I want to make sure are up and running once. Those are good. Then I open up more spots and then we take it from there. You’ll know it’s open because I would just say, hey, guys, the I.S. is open. Here are some results. Hashtag I see. And then Bret will reach out, things like that. So, yes, it’s Stephanie Cleophas at the moment because we’re make sure the people inside of it are taken care of. Howard says, if you scheduled your demo on the call, usually it’s one three days. How do a 14 day objection handling sequence over that time? It doesn’t, Howard. And I don’t suggest you try to make it work. You don’t have to. There’s no reason to. You can literally send a FAA cue word doc to your client 50 minutes beforehand and inside of it has a video testimonial. And here’s some common questions. That’s it. You’ve projection handled everything for 14 days. You should also be sending e-mails. And what I’ve discovered nine times out of 10 is that when a client wants to pay me thirty five hundred bucks, it doesn’t happen immediately. Right. The thing about before, during and after. Right. And the first thing that happens is that somebody pays you money and gets Grinnell’s fine. It’s not that big of a deal. I pay Dan Henry money and I got three more e-mail saying that card is closing. Act now. Totally fine. So I really wouldn’t worry about making sure the timelines work. That’s trying to make it perfect instead of trying to make it work. That’s going to make sure doesn’t fail instead of making sure that it wins. And so it just kind of comes to the other side. It’s like, hey, I know that people in a Speedo on the second day and then they’re gonna get two weeks of rejection e-mails. That sounds so much better than how do I squeeze together one side of the bucket.

[00:39:00] One side of the bucket.

[00:39:02] So that makes sense. Getting questions come on through. If not, we’ve got about 30 minutes. Then I’ve got a I see exclusive with Ryan Wilkins, who did a 10K a week after that. I’m chatting with Steven Larson, which will be pretty darn cool. I’ve been watching him for a while and then I’ve got.

[00:39:26] A demo today called the Ghanim Drawn. So they’ll be a fun day. Is that true?

[00:39:34] I have to demonstrate that.

[00:39:37] So I sort of questions that you like doing a say for documentation and authenticity. Got a thirty five hundred dollar closed yesterday for a new agency. I decided to move in industries because I had trouble with the problem with the scenario that my client had to get 20 clients in the first month to pay me back. And I’m like, I’d much rather have them get one or two or three to pay me back. And the rest is just money in the bank. Spee change Neches to a high ticket offer. We charge thirty five hundred dollars a month and our clients, when they do get a sale, make three thousand dollars. Right. Which is pretty cool. So the first one covers the fee for the most part. Second one covers the cost. Third one is all money in the bank. Right. So he ran ads, direct offer to a list of I dream clients and customers, did a qualifying call, did a demo. They said yes. Thirty five hundred dollars. They put on a five conjola deposit on credit card on the call. And then three technologies come in later. So that will be the third. And the plan is they just do that more to simply do that more for people in the eye. See, you’re gonna be seeing behind the scenes of my ads later this week. I think up to one hundred sign ups, agency sign ups saying no deal. Cool. I think the most recent ad is bringing in four to five dollars sign ups.

[00:41:00] So if I get one sale, that means I can get eight hundred more leads. Correct.

[00:41:09] Joseph, what type of guarantee we offer to clients we can afford pay them next month, adds Joe. So the way to do this is, Hey Johnson, we’re gonna get a 20 30 customer every month. Dave Camp and goes live on to charge you for it. I’m gonna charge you. I’ll make up these numbers, Joe. Two thousand dollars. Now, I guarantee you’re gonna get 20 30 customer opportunity. If you don’t, I will pay your next month’s bill for you. Just like that. Now, here’s your thousand dollars. Five hundred dollars goes to ads. Fifteen hundred is for me. If shit hits the fan. I’ve got three extra months of my management fee to use to keep this thing going and get 20, 30 customer. And then we can get out. What I’ve discovered is maybe one out of 10 clients as an actual scenario, one out of 10 clients. I’ve got like lose a margin a bit. But eight out of 10, I usually get it in 30 days or. Yeah, 20, 30 customer days and 30 days. So, Joy, I hope that answer your question. You can’t import a fait afford to pay the next month’s and you are not charging enough. You need to be charging fifteen to two thousand dollars on the low. That is literally the low end. That is like agency minimum wage kind of thing. You’re not charging that you have to charge more. And you need a wife. I hope that makes sense. I remember when I was doing my own ads, I would say it cost 2000 hours a month. That’s not true. Twenty five in your month. And we include ad spend 500 bucks. So I have three or four months management fee to cover the next month’s ads just like that. If you can get your client the result, there’s a couple other things that could be going wrong. The first is you don’t have a very good offer from them. So you have to work with your client getting it sometimes called the McDonald’s problem. Second is you’re not making sure that every single person who could pay their money knows about this great offer. And third, you’re not making sure you’re not doing Stinky’s surveys, what context? Phone calls and stuff like that. So that makes sense. Steph J. David, get senior Ronald’s Fabin. I’ll do it today. So I think we’re gonna bring this sucker to a close in about ten to fifteen minutes. I’ve gotten already way too many pants. I’ve scheduled buol. We’ve been talking today since 10 a.m.. I’ve got one Debow.

[00:43:26] One quick call to call calls. Three equal calls for. Five calls in two demos. All students automatically.

[00:43:37] I see you automatically mean IPV automation’s kicked in or I paid my appointments there to make stuff happen. So it’s been pretty cool. Two or three hours or something like that. We just go and check the stats, professor. We got 73 people supersize that. This is worth your time, effort, energy. That’s ultimately what I’m trying to do. Try not to be hyper or excited or motivate like you like all this stuff. Hand movements and just ultimately trying to solve your problems and moving forward faster, alleviate your pain, moving towards your goals, stuff like that. And I hope the biggest lesson from today is to this. This I’m really messed up. Never trust your client. They are incentivized to tell you it won’t work. Get at the core. And even on my death panels, I say like, hey, you are incentivized to tell me it will work. Fight me on my fee and all that stuff. I say this, my demos say because of that we do things like sneaky surveys, the welcome text and phone call recordings and keep it the flat rate as long as you’re with us. You never charge you more. This is just how much the program works, much the costs. And that just works really, really, really darn well for everybody inside the. Later this week. We’re gonna be doing a break down of those. And. We’ve got a white label roadshow coming up. And I’ll be uploading my thirty five hundred hour closes so you guys can do the same for everybody in the public group. We did a really, really cool one hundred dollar thread where you can buy a whole bunch people’s stuff and move forward faster. Some of the things I would personally value from a thousand to five thousand dollars, like I would have paid that for just at forty five minute to one hour recording because it solves a problem for my agency moving forward faster. If that was too much of a challenge, there are free videos and free trainings done by me in the units section. You can also just watch the YouTube channel, Instagram channel Lentulov alive and just join up depending upon where you are with your agency. I’m not trying to squeeze you on anything like that. I’m just letting you know there are options from free to paid, just like Justin Bieber. You can listen to the radio or buy a ticket. Either one is OK with me. This is a last call for any questions, comments, concerns, doctor ideas. I think surveys are awesome. Direct offers are awesome if you are not constantly getting yeses as in a real human being. This is like. Yes, I want to buy what you have to sell. You need to adjust your offer. Your ad or your list. That’s the easiest thing in the world if you’re not getting five, 10 years as its ad offer list. Nothing else. What I’ve learned with Corona is they can switch and it is easy of anything enough be married to nothing. And ultimately, when you do it right, you can be like Ryan Wilkins and go from zero to 10. So I think that’s it. I do want to say for upcoming masterclasses, we have Nick Robins on the list. We have Brad Newman on the list. And I try to do one with Cole Gordon and Eli Wild. I think they’ll be really darn cool. We may have to change the structure of the ICU when it comes to the icy masterclass in the tickets. What I’m discovering is that, like, we can attract better and pay people more for those trains and those coaches. And I’m betting resistance on my people have been on me. I see for like two years get a free ticket type of relationship. I can feel it coming in. And so I have to figure out how to address that correctly. And so we have to figure that out pretty darn well. Jaden says, How close are you to buying the island? Not close enough. But right now this will do. So is it chance I’m gonna boogie off all night? Turns out. And that’s it. See you guys later.

[00:47:05] Bye.

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