How To Get Your First Agency Client With These Stupid Simple Steps…

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It’s January 2020 P.C.

Or Pre-Corona.

My existing agency had grown to around $30k per month and due to the systems and automation I’d implemented, things were running pretty much on autopilot.

Yep, I was sitting pretty….

Or so I thought.

You see…

Once the pandemic really hit and the economy started to tank, most of my clients went into complete lockdown mode and cancelled all our monthly contracts…

Almost overnight my $30k p/m agency went up in smoke.

So I had a choice…

In the middle of a global pandemic…

Record unemployment…

Businesses closing down by the thousands.

I could take the easy route, go full guru mode and just focus on teaching agency owners how to grow their agency business (without actually running my own)…

Or I could double down, take the path less travelled and start a new agency from scratch.

Now here’s the thing…

Being a guru is lucrative business.

But the truth is, there are way too many agency gurus out there phoning it in, who haven’t run their own for years and are charging owners big money for methods that simply don’t work anymore.

I couldn’t live with myself if I went down that path, so I put my big boy pants on, got to work, starting a brand new agency in a new niche, with a new offer…

I had no idea if it would work, but I knew I had to try and decided to document the journey within my Inner Circle group.

I recorded my qualifying calls and demo calls, revealed my pitch decks and my onboarding docs as I tweaked my process along the way…

No fancy webinars, no VSLs, nothing automated.

Just good old hard work.

And the results?

Within just 10 days, I was able to secure my new agency’s very first client who happily paid me $2k despite the fact I had no testimonials, case studies or any previous results.

How did I do it?

It all came down to 8 Stupid Simple Client Getting Steps.

And in this video, I’m going to show you how you can go from $0 to closing $2k deals within just a few weeks of starting out and you can do it without a track record.

Trust me, if you’re just starting out or making less than $30k a month with your agency…

This just plain effing works.

Along with revealing the 8 simple stupid steps…

In this video, I’m going to cover:

  • Why owning an agency is the best type of business to run during these times (0.42)
  • How to get clients in markets hit hard by the pandemic (NY for example) (7.49)
  • The industry you need to AVOID at all costs (11.18)
  • The ‘mind blowing’ secret to overcoming Coronavirus related objections (34.08)
  • 1 thing you MUST do on your demo calls that will instantly increase your closing rate (25.40)
  • Why you shouldn’t just be offering ‘FB Ads’ as a service and what you should be offering instead (15.53)


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[00:00:00] Are you talking about. I think something super important is landing clients in Corona. And even though I think that Corona as a whole is we’re definitely past the midway point of Corona and quarantine, stuff like that. I still think mastering the skill sets that make your business successful. And during Corona will make your business massively successful out and past Corona. And whether you decide to offer switch or nitch switch, it’s massively important for you to understand that as an agency, you are in the most flexible. Business there is you can switch fulfillment like this. You can switch offers like that. You can change industries like this. You can bring on new staff like that. And if you’re not using that flexibility to go after where the money is. You are at the worst possible intersection of a flexible, low cost business and a slow mind and a slow business and a slow body. When I notice that Corona was affecting my bottom line, I said, hey, we’ve got to do something different. We’ve got to make sure that we’re trying differently. And you know what? It paid off. And whether you believe that we are halfway through Corona or halfway, not through the Corona. The lessons that I’ve learned during Corona are going to be massively, positively impacting my business for the better. I took on a personal journey of saying, hey, if I can’t do my no car washes and bike shops, how would I rebuild this for the better? Why would a bike? What would I be doing? And how would I be doing it so that I could actually run a business and do it the way I wanted to and ultimately built to sell the way I wanted to. And because of it. Ten days ago, inside of the interstate, I documented my journey of starting with this new industry and new niche and new offer. Blank slate. Ten days ago I started. I did a week’s worth of qualifying calls and demos. And halfway through that first week of qualifying calls and demos, my dream client fell into the mix. I didn’t know was my dream client. I didn’t know they had the money, time, effort, energy and the mentality to move forward to somebody like me. And somewhere in that first week, he signed up and then I did the normal follow up manual, follow up some automatic stuff, but just made it work. Yesterday we did a demo deck and earlier today he paid one thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars. The reason why I’m doing this is to prove that it is possible to to make money. And Corona’s an agency to open up a new industry and new niche to move forward without having the baggage of being stuck with fulfillment.

[00:02:40] I’ll have 50 to 60 percent margins on this contract, and I will do. Probably 90 percent less work. I’m charging two thousand dollars a month. Five hundred to go into ads. And the remaining fifteen hundred is managed by my white label guy. I just walk away with 50 margins, 50 percent margins. Easy. I get to put it back in the ads and get more people just like my dream client. And by the way, I have. Looking back, three other conversations with people just like him. Bill, are you spending money on ads? I don’t want to grow. People are realizing Kernis a huge opportunity. And as it turns out. Two thousand dollars paid within like 30 minutes of sending the proposal a growth dirty proposal. At no point did I have all the automation’s set up. At no point did I have everything figured out. At no point did I go ahead and say, you know what, I need to have all my ducks in a row. I said, nope, not going to happen. I said, hey, I’m just trying to get on bat and I’m trying to hit the ball. That’s it. That was me running ads or trying to get my prospect, the engine up and running once I knew how to hit the ball consistently and getting fired his tenure. Every single day I said, how do I get to first base, which is a qualifying call, what can I do to get more qualifying calls in my industry and on the phone with me? And once I got qualifying calls, how do I do demos in a way that makes a lot of sense. First base, second base and third base. And fourth base. Once you figure that out, it just works very, very well. And so I’m super happy inside to say that in a brand new initiative, brand new industry, the brand new offer. I’m using the inherent flexibility that comes with running an industry. It comes with running an agency in this industry. And my team doesn’t always hail came in really darn fast. I will have no time in this when I take on a client. I don’t lose any time to take on a client. I don’t lose any money. I just put it back in ads. This stuff makes a lot of sense. Somebody saying, run that math back. I heard fifteen injured to the white label guy and 502. That’s incorrect. Charging two thousand dollars. Five Indigos goes, Adso. Fifteen hundred to me. Five hundred to the white label. I walk away. A thousand dollars. That’s how contracts are supposed to be very John Lowgar style of just how you know it, whatever it costs me, just triple it. And they’ll run your budget for you. So that makes a lot of sense. If there’s any questions about this during this process, bring them in now. Otherwise, just open up Google slides and show you those steps and show that it’s possible this entire thing is documented inside the inner circle. If you could just go from zero to another client within 10 days, you’d be jumping up and down.

[00:05:14] That’s exactly what we’re teaching inside the inner circle. And whether it’s Crenna or not, it doesn’t matter like this type of line of thinking. And this flexibility is massively impactful. It makes massive sense for you and your industry in a way that just plain ol effing works. Like I mentioned before, I ran as my prospect Tange get five to 10 yeses a day. That’s the left side. That’s the box. Right. You see those boxes? When I worked my sales engine only after my prospect, the engine was set up. I never turn that off. Now I’m working on my sales and doing qualify call doing my demos. It takes five demos to figure out that uniqueness of an industry, the small things here and there. I’m not going to tell you the industry and I can tell you the specific sets for the inner circle only. I don’t need the stuff getting out this way. I listened, you’ll see. Totally bombed. I didn’t walk away the seven figure paychecks. I’m not going to tell you the specifics of, but I will tell you that when you’re talking to five to 10 people in your target industry every single day, it’s only a matter of time before you figure it out.

[00:06:13] Prospect, danger to sales engine. Once you figure out a demo that works, one out of five people will pay one to three thousand dollars a month. Stick around for an average of six or eight months. Goes off the film at White Label Guy. Easy charge. Two thousand dollars. Five French goes ads, five days of film and thousand bucks. Three. I talk supposed to be. Stereotypically, by the way, we tell our clients, hey, you know, like take the first client as a loss to make money in the second third time they come back. Same exact thing. I’m fundamentally willing to invest a thousand dollars, a thousand on my client. And then the second month, I make enough money. That’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s what we tell our clients. So we should tell ourselves that if you guys are interested in me going a little bit more in-depth in detail on the sale steps that I went through and how we went from Zuhur to client in 10 days, I can write that put down on a whiteboard for you if you’re interested in that type one. I do want to let you know that everything is massively document inside the inner circle, including me going live inside of the I.R.S., doing the qualification calls, doing the demos, emails. I send that text message, I send all the demos to Cybex, everything inside the see if you go from zero to client in 10 days, you’d be jumping up and down. That’s exactly what we teach. It’s just damn cool, like real damn cool. He actually said like, hey, Jeff, where is the proposal I’m signing right now? Beautiful, right? Let me bring this up. Put this on pause, see what’s going on. Kent says, bold statement to say we’re about halfway. I agree. That’s pretty much a bold statement. Nadeem says it’s in Brooklyn. What’s going on? How you doing? Joel says, Jeff, the demand you’ve made me pivot my business. So 30 K in two months. Good schedule. Well done. You need more people like you. Good job. Nadeem says, hey, you’re awesome, any tips for us trying to market New York City? Yeah, you want to start off the way clients want to buy?

[00:07:54] What do they want to buy? Yeah.

[00:07:57] Like, what do they want to buy? And chances are your client only wants one of your things more wealth, more health or happiness. That’s it. More wealth, more health, better relationships, those are three big markets. More wealth as more clients or health is losing weight and better relationships as either like sex or family. There’s derivatives of that. If you look at all marketing, it’s always like that Coca-Cola sign health or wealth. But it’s better relationships. You’re always drinking. Go with friends, with beer. Health is always gyms or pharmacies, right? Wealth is like colleges or sales or something like that. Cars do a little bit and mix. The iPhone is a little bit of a mix, but the better you can land one of the three industries, the more money you will make you do one, you million of business. You got a 10 million dollar business through your fucking apple. Yeah. And if you look at a watch, that specifically healthy iPhone, specifically relationships and the Mac pro specifically wealth through work, once you figured out which of the three markets you start quantifying that they’re looking for more wealth with you. Chances are the business side of your head, it’s probably bad. If you looked me, your clients say, hey, can I get you X number of new clients in less than 90 days? That’s your ad. If you aren’t running ads like that, you probably got some other, like, brain tracks to work with that I won’t be dealing with inside of the public group. If you want to see all that, you join the ICC. We’ve got something to help you walk through it and get you five to 10 yeses every single day really fast. It’s a paid program. We’re interested. Hashtag.

[00:09:14] I see. Christian says, Is your prospecting ad niche target for broader her business? It’s super specific for my industry. I don’t like run around town saying, hey guys, you want blank because as it turns out, when you have a running average, nobody thinks that applies them. So instead, I get super specific super industry. All I did, by the way, was talk to them on the phone. That’s what my mentor is telling me, is like, hey, just call on the phone, ask what they hate about the current marketing. Guess who wrote their ad? They did. Scott says, What’s your CPA for this client? Off to check. I’m not exactly sure. I don’t want to open up my ads manager on screen. I mean, last time I did that, like, you just ruined a seven figure opportunity for me. So I can be doing that. But Scott, since June signed it in, since you’re inside of the Icee, I’ll be showing you my ads, how I got the clients, all that fun stuff again. It’s part of the new course. If you haven’t left the testimonial video on the bride thread, do so. We’re doing 15 people at a time. You let me know. David says, What about getting restaurant clients? Restaurant clients are super easy. Hey, would you like 15 to 30 more take out? Blah, blah, blah. Every single day or every single week. Every single month. Answers. Yes. Great. Can I show system how this works. Great. Would you be willing to pay for it. Awesome. That’s it. You sell the system for three thousand dollars. You plug in place you later. Goodbye. As hard as you think. Dean says, thanks to your program’s amazing Nadeem, you have not come to one single Kuching call if you have. It’s not enough for me to remember. Come back and the coaching calls. I’ll make you enough kind of money. That’s right. Come back, the coaching calls make enough money. Last coaching, call it five people close, 50 plus deals, one lady closed. I didn’t mean to say lady. One woman close, I think, to three thousand dollar deals. Yeah, there’s no reason for you not to not be making enough money. I don’t care if this is Korona. I don’t care if this normal business practices. You’re supposed be making half ton of money like some people are doing. Fifty thousand audism of laughing their ass off. I was on the phone with a with my. I must have been nitch with my neches. With my nitch client. With mine. With one of my neches, I should say that. And he’s in Maryland. He’s doing fifty thousand dollars a month. He’s laughing his whole way through. He’s like, yeah, just give me as many as you can. It’s hilarious. Or so. Well, Pavement says I’m still worth batiks. You want to start running ads. You have those narcy. You mean close Fabián. Do not too close flea’s. Just don’t margins are horrible and have a bad time, they’re not gonna like what you’re doing. Like, no matter what, the ad’s not good enough. It’s all branding thing for them. They think like they’ll make more money. Their ads look better.

[00:11:35] And so they what they really need to do is start like just having better clothes or having super expensive clothes or super cheap clothes. The clothing industry, like I never suggest anybody go into a space because it’s more like e commerce thing. And so like a local religion thing, more so it can be real hard. Again, this is my assumption for your boutique clothing client to close a three to five thousand dollar deal maybe at their weddings. Right. Maybe their wedding gowns. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a suit for five K. I don’t know. I’ll tell you what. Every person that’s tried to like, land a face begats agency that does clothing, they’re gone and like two, three, four weeks. They’re gone like two, three, four weeks. Marilyn says, I need to get back Nichol’s. Yes, you do. You’ll make more money. Says any more JEFF Time, too. Yes, you do. You’ll make more money. Alec says my life goals and join. I see nothing else matters. Alex is easier than you think. Hashtag Isy about reach out if you really give a shit. We’ll figure out a monthly payment plan so you can actually make the money that you expect. We’ve seen people land deals and pay off their icey within six weeks.

[00:12:37] Yeah, Pather entire I’ve seen six weeks in this installment program. Harat says a pill industry is way down now. Yeah, I 100 percent do not recommend moving. The paralytics should move into an industry that’s making fun of money. We’ve got listen, side of the Icee like here’s industries are making an F ton of money. So just be an agency pivot and do only ads for those types of people. So for me, I think I had to go into the steps that I used to land my nineteen ninety seven thousand on my client to be documenting this. I mean, it makes a lot of sense.

[00:13:08] I really don’t like the fact that there are some people out of competing groups that talk about agency stuff that haven’t done like any agency work or land an agency client in years. I think it’s like, like horrendously unsuccessful. It’s like it’s Grant Cardone quality work. Like that’s just absolute horrible. And running an agency is hard, just like going to the gym is hard. We have to do the doing part. You can be charge of a tribe like like I know people that run like Facebook, an ad agency. Groups like a hundred thousand people that never actually close in agency client more still have never done it. Brand new. They have always relied on the dollars at their tribe pays them to land a client. It’s like, come on guys. Like like I went into a brand new industry, brand new niche. I had no idea who I was. I never see my face before. I don’t rely on this group. Nothing like that. No. Started from zero. I’m talking zero. Documented the whole thing. And I went to the systems and everything was perfect until we start landing clients. I built out one step at a time and it’s still broken, by the way. But it works. And I’d rather have a car that is missing a door. Take me to Disney World and waiting six months for the perfect Lamborghini and.

[00:14:14] And going to work. Like it ain’t going to work.

[00:14:18] I’d much rather get money now than wait six months hoping everything works out and listening to a guy or gal that’s never actually done any agency work.

[00:14:27] So I’m gonna bring up the Google doc. Share screen, chrome tab. Here we go.

[00:14:36] And like I said before, like, I’ve really learned my lesson with this. Like, I’m not showing you guys any specifics at all whatsoever. Sorry. Top to bad. That’s the icy. Only my team, by the way, is a team of one. Four people are asking me and nobody else. I pay my white labeler after I get paid. Now, before there’s nobody else on my team. Yeah, nobody else. I’ve got people on my team to manage this group, but with my agency, I started at zero. Literally at zero. They know who Jeff was. They thought it was a scammer, thought it was a spammer. I was hung up on. And once I figured out the pattern of what they say and how to say, keep them on the phone for 10, 15 seconds. Perfect. And then I figure out the next step, and that’s the next 10 to 15 seconds. Great. And you know what? My white label guy entirely remote. Super cheap. We get along great. It’s got a proven system on it to do any work. I felt the form. He takes care of it for me. All I got to do is yell my client. That’s it. And so four people are interested in the Icee and documenting this journey and actually landing Clines was hashtag. And Brett or Lois is gonna reach out, make sure it qualified. Like I’m not going to be wasting my time, effort, energy. And people are not interested. It’s a one time fee. It last 12 months to get access to everything, including the new course, where I show you new tax, new proposals, everything, subsidy. Fantastic. Drew says, do you offer ads, a service with just you and your little guy? If you’re only doing ads, your client will not stay with you and will keep you. You cannot do ads. You need a system. You need a Real-Life system. You need the perfect blank system. And people have paid me money for the perfect blank system. And then I can tell you the blank, because that’s my industry and I can’t share that again. I just I got really pissed that I miss out on a seven figure payday. I mean, so it’s not just ads. You need a system of things. And each of the squares in each of the systems is specifically designed to remove somebody whose reason for not wanting to pay you money. And by the way, don’t hashtag ISEF not serious. Like, I got up, I got to invest my time into into you and I won’t be doing it unless you’re serious. So only hashtag. I see if you’re serious. You’re play through a qualification process. This is invite only an application.

[00:16:42] I’m not kidding.

[00:16:44] Like, I’d much rather work with a small number of people than have, like, you know, 5000 people in my group.

[00:16:49] Right. Tim says you have pitched at four different industries. Tim, it’s the same pitch deck for everybody. It’s the same pitch deck for everybody.

[00:16:58] Not kidding. I only want one thing which is more clients. I should not plan to get more clients. They agree that they like the plan. I say, does it cost money? I said, I bet your cost money. They say, yes, it’s great. Would you like to see how much? Let’s go get specific verbiage in case they say. Do you have any proof? We’ve got the white label. We got the case study clothes. It’s perfect. And, you know, it happens, by the way, you find a white label guy to give you all the results. I document the whole thing. I don’t have a single result in my chosen industry, but my white label guy does so gave me all the results to my deck. I look like an expert. Michael says, I mean, look at your eyes. For a while, close to pulling the trigger. Michael, just just make some money. Just joining ICN. Make some money. There’s no other way around it. Like you can not pussyfoot this whole journey in this whole process. Just join up. Talk to Brant. Talk to Lewis Lanta clients literally from zero to client in 10 days from scratch. They don’t know anything about me. Nothing. Nothing. And two thousand on the line. Charlie says, What’s your prospect? The engine called DeMille Adlington. Little bit of all three. By the way, you want a prospecting engine setup or prospecting system setups that you want to pay you money time and time again. So just do what we’re doing inside the ice. We appeal by going from something close to 20. What does do?

[00:18:13] Come on. What the hell are you waiting for?

[00:18:16] Fabian says, What’s the best money I see? Fabian Hashtag I see and Brad will tell you.

[00:18:21] So here you go.

[00:18:25] I’m just double check something real fast.

[00:18:28] Perio, the client getting steps. There are two clients.

[00:18:38] 2000, our client, even though it’s nineteen ninety seven in 10 days. Is a firm process leeson’s it’s like, I’m not kidding. This is a firm process. I just did this. I’m not kidding. And if anybody the wants to call me out on it, you be like, hey. This is the day you went live. This the day your as what life like. I’m sorry. It’s eleven days or twelve days. Maybe it’s different. Right. But the idea is the same shit. Maybe it’s 40 days. I don’t care. There’s nobody else out there saying, hey guys, you know what? I abandoned my post. I abandoned my influence. I abandoned my group. I said, I’m gonna start from scratch just like everybody else. Nobody else is doing that shit. Not a damn person. I don’t care if, like I mean, I can name people, but I’m not going to be, you know, exactly. I’m talking about like, hey, you know what? We just landed a client in charge and ten thousand dollars, you could do it. It’s like, yeah, you got three years. The industry, you spent 15 grand. You took a loss in the beginning and used your influence. And you post on YouTube channel and you got all of your trollies recommended business. That doesn’t count. I luly start from scratch. Brand brandnew page. Nothing’s on it.

[00:19:40] That’s how it happened.

[00:19:44] As a side note, I’m really sick and tired of people that sit in my seat and lie about their journey. I literally went live in my seat for thirty, forty five minutes every single day and said, hey, guys, this what I’m doing? They saw me do it. They saw me do the yeses, the qualifying calls, the ads, the demos, everything.

[00:20:04] First part, five dozen yeses a day. And this is your prospect, Anjum.

[00:20:10] Particularly, we use Facebook ads, his client getting ads. They have access to him. If you join me, I see five to 10 years as a day. I think I’m paying between five and six, maybe seven dollars per. Yes. Name, number an email me and my target industry that saw the ad that once what I have to sell and signed up. That is me. They I’m going to pay money. But it’s a good indication. Right. Five to ten yeses every single day.

[00:20:29] From here to the next step as context, by the way, you feel I no idea of voice, not an idea.

[00:20:36] Jeff was for Jeff Miller, Cobain’s digital agency, scaling secret, something like that. They have no idea who I am. Zero influence. I didn’t run around town saying, hey, my name. My name is. I hate this guy. Hey, my name is Kevin Dave and I’ve got a million have YouTube subscribers. You should pay me money. Nothing like that. When they ask, by the way, I said, look, Mr. Johnson, I got no proof for you. We’ve been incorporated for three years down Miami, Florida.

[00:21:00] But if you’re looking for like a F ton of white label or NAFT proof testimonies, case studies, I’ve got nothing more brand new.

[00:21:08] Brand new.

[00:21:10] I didn’t tell them, like, hey, my name is Jeff and I run a forty thousand person Facebook group. And I’ve got all this experience and all these different industries. And we see chart ten thousand dollars a month. But now, because it can’t, we’re charging two thousand. Nothing. Zero five to 10 yesterday.

[00:21:24] Then I would go to court calls.

[00:21:26] You’re saying, by the way, is your call call. Doesn’t take like forty minutes. You not to be your best friend. Mrs. Johnson, my name is Jeff as I signed up. Does that sound familiar? Great. Can I ask you a couple questions? Cool. Somebody Clance you have now. How much charging do you have any goals for 2020. What’s stopping you. Can I show you. Great. Let’s schedule time.

[00:21:40] That’s it. That’s it. It’s not complicated. It’s like losing weight. It’s not complicated. You have a lot of fun, by the way.

[00:21:49] Instead of doing, quote, calls right out the gate, you do a pre qualifying text.

[00:21:56] And just making sure you’re looking at take on 20, 30 more clients. Twenty twenty, right. Looking back on twenty three more Clines this month, right. You got space, right. Said that prequel text instead of animation. So that goes on. They do it by hand. Doesn’t matter when somebody says yes, you say great can go ahead and give you a call. Yes, sure. Do you call. Phone call. By the way, I’m qualifying. Call people over. Text message. No subsidy. Great. Hilariously awesome. I’m bored doing nothing. Playing Hearthstone, doing qualifying call. That’s in the icy. By the way. Some of these people get pissed off, which is so funny. Like who you think are texting you. So I call him Guy National. Give me crap like you think you’re asking me that question.

[00:22:34] I’m literally playing Hearthstone, talked him on the phone, become best friends in 45 seconds to get Gamma to Brassington, would follow up on a check and just makes sure not scamming. Nothing like that. Hey, no, I understand. By the way, why don’t you know I don’t get proof. Kessman, those case studies, you like a hobo at history. So in our brand age, just like you are. OK, great. I respect it.

[00:22:51] Qualcomm.

[00:22:54] Here is scheduled to.

[00:23:00] Federal.

[00:23:04] You know, it definitely sounds like you’re interested in us getting you 20 or more customer proteins, everything month, if you like, what we can do is go ahead of schedule. Forty five minutes to screen share, show how it works. I’m not scamming nothing like that on a fly by night organization. See where I work, how I work. Put a face to the name and share the plan. And you know, this is a business decisions. I am gonna ask you to pay me money. Yes. As our notes are OK. But maybe it’s not so much. They freaked me out. I’m not as I’m not interested. Maybe clients, you know. I mean. So can you promise me that you’re gonna give me a yes or no on the call? Awesome. OK, cool. I also want to make sure that you’re in a desktop environment, not on your phone. Got enough Internet access. Like I mentioned, this is a business call. So if there’s any decision makers, just make sure the present. Oh, you’re the only decision maker. Gotcha. OK. So I’m just gonna open my calendar and do the same. Thank you very much. All right, cool. So I’ve got I’ve got a 2:00 o’clock on Wednesday and at two o’clock on Thursday. This is insane. What works best for you? Yeah, OK, great. Sounds good. I took their information into Kalani high level, whatever it is.

[00:24:01] Done. I’ve got demos. I’m getting 23 demos a day. Guys, doesn’t have to be hard.

[00:24:07] You have to VSL. Sam Ovid’s are qualifying calls something complicated? No reason about it. I don’t have a webinar, nothing like that. I talk to people on the phone. God fucking forbid. The best part is I have no idea. No idea. And I mean, the who I am part, you know what I mean when I say who I am. Like, it’s so easy for me to lean on. I’ve been doing Bob off for so long.

[00:24:27] No, no, nothing. Absolutely nothing scheduled demo when she scheduled the demo.

[00:24:41] You’re onboarding dogs literally share your screen, start typing and stuff like five minutes of Chatty Cathy bullshit. What’s where you from? Oh my God, my grandparents live there. That’s so funny. How’s the weather? Oh, sports, blah, blah, blah. Whatever the fuck. Spend 30 seconds. Sounds great. Mrs. Johnson, the way it’s gonna happen is I’m asking serious questions to make sure that there’s big enough from your business. Make sure it’s a good fit. Ultimately, I am going to ask you, am I. So we’ve got to solve a super big problem. Otherwise, it’s just not worth keeping me on for three, six, nine months. I understand completely. Yeah. So we’re gonna do these questions on a show, the program and tell you how much it cost and ask you to make a decision. Yes. Or no’s or. OK, maybe I hate you. Set aside like a plan. Cool onboarding. Awesome. Five 10 questions sometimes as well. But this takes fifteen, fifteen minutes. You’re more apt to pay a doctor who listens to you, who cares for you and is willing to help you and understand your problem. There’s a book called The Why Factor. People would rather deal a business that do business with people they like, having delivered subpar results and ranch’s. You can do great results. That’s just how the world works. Subsidy fantastic. Onboard Dr. Essam, 10 to 15 questions. Write them down, people. The ICU aren’t landing. Deals aren’t doing this. Write them down a little bit. I do a screen share and they can see me typing stuff. What did you mean about that? OK, understood. Ten to fifteen minutes, sometimes 17 to 20 minutes. I don’t give a shit. JOHNSON According to these docs, I’d definitely to beat these numbers.

[00:25:55] Would you be interested to see how this program works, how much it costs. Great goal. And then you do a demo.

[00:26:03] Show them the three, four, five, seven steps. That’s it. My demo part, the the steps part is maybe five minutes. The rest is objection handling.

[00:26:10] Now, literally four screens for screenshots, for samples. That’s it. And the rest is objection handling. That’s easier than you think. You seem lean in the text on the screen. There’s no pictures, by the way. It’s just text. That’s it.

[00:26:29] There’s always a risk reversal. Men. And do you want your results to start? That’s a risk averse. When do you want your results to start? Nothing else. Are you on Tuesday? Great. I’ll send you a proposal.

[00:26:49] Yeah, you pay it. We’ll get started Tuesday. That’s it, guys, eight steps. Nothing else. Two thousand dollars a month per client. Rinse and repeat. You had 20 clients at four thousand a month. That’s it. If you get to fifty thousand dollars a month, someone by your agency for you from you got no margins. Get normal prices. Just like building a house. Just like getting renters. That’s it. You can sell it.

[00:27:14] If anything, you just aren’t doing it right. And I think you’re wrong and you need to join the I.C. like I’m sick and tired of this shit. I am saying, like, worse, people teach worse steps with less caring. Charging ten times as much. Stupid like you can pay somebody ten thousand dollars. I’ve got to talk to them. Absolute retarded document the journey they hide behind. Like, you know, you should be doing this now. You guys get to see me pitch life.

[00:27:38] Qualify. Call it life. I recall my demos, I put them in the I see no other way around it.

[00:27:46] It’s not hard. Just pay me two thousand dollars to see steps number one by 10 yesterday, prequel text message, qualifying call scheduled them. That’s it. Get to three times a day. As I mentioned before, you make a ton of money onboarding Doc’s demo risk reversal. This is you’re talking them on the phone when you want your souls to start to Saddam to say your proposal. By the way, now that we’re building a site, I can have a salesperson do this like I can have the five percent yesterday prequel text and appointment said it does this. All they do is schedule demo. I give me 40. Elisheva known that demo that a schedule. And if they shot it and now I’ve got a salesperson that just does this all day. And then I got my white label guy. And yeah, I will take a margin hit and have to pay the salesperson X number of dollars.

[00:28:25] But it’s free money. No more time. That’s it. Multisystem million dollar agency. No reasons for not do anything else. Destroying the icee. Stopping them. No other way around it.

[00:28:38] Like, I’m part of other groups that teach agency stuff. And the guy who’s leading the tribe hasn’t closed or sold an agency client in years. I don’t know what high level is. They’re still using, like active campaign or some shit like they aren’t using better ads is still time out, like click funnels and landing pages. It’s sort of like the Facebook lead form. They’re doing things like the one percent trigger retargeting of the abs in your stuff before ads. It’s mind blowing. Alec says, do you think you are asking me that? This effing demon hunter deck. I mean, shit. Yeah, that’s exactly right. Like, I’m literally talking this guy in Nashville who says your questions are stupid. You shouldn’t be asking that. Who do you think you are? I’m playing hardball, talking to my personal thing. And I see how to turn an angry Qualcomm call into a happy client.

[00:29:18] My blowing.

[00:29:20] Malikai says, Jeff, has your process heavily predicated on following the selling system of demo calling and qualifying call and what not. There’s another selling system, old organ, the Sprint Malikai. I don’t mean this in in the insulting manner that’s going to come out of. But I’m just going to say it. Unless you’re doing 30 to 50 thousand dollars a month, do this. If you’re doing over 30, 50 thousand dollars a month, I can’t help you. Somebody else can help you.

[00:29:41] I can refer you out if you in less than 30, 50 thousand hours, that’s less than one or two thousand dollars in your pocket.

[00:29:48] Just do this. Just do the climb getting set, there’s no other way around it. Maybe, maybe, dude.

[00:29:55] And again, I don’t mean it, as insulting as it came, I just got to phrase it a certain way so people listening can understand it. But if you’re if you’re sub one, it took a day in your pocket. You need to be doing the climb, getting steps to Katunga in 10 days. And this is repeatable. Put it back in the system. Yeah. Reinvest in your business. Whatever profits I’m getting from this deal, go back into the prospect engine to expand the prospect to get more to get more yeses. And then we’re just going to scale up. And I’m document all things I see, I see. And this is probably the best time to join, by the way, like brand new course, branded demos, brand new ads. Klein getting out. Holy shit. Right. This is mind blowing. We’ve got somebody else that I’m testing out with this on the side. And I wanted somebody outside the Icee to see if they could do it without explicit, obvious mentorship and somebody who has no experience in it. None. I’m looking at our messages right now. She says, hey, I got six client getting leads for thirty two dollars. She got her first client getting laid within four hours.

[00:30:56] Come on, guys. Mind blowing.

[00:30:59] Michael says, Jeff, you’ve been working out did Logan fit, bro gets up, by the way, it’s obvious actually give a shit. I do like like I, I genuinely want to make an industry for the better. Like, there’s no reason to not be better in an industry. And yeah, I’m working on June four or five miles a day. And I feel so fucking great with it, by the way. I genuinely, honestly care. And people inside the ICD, like they get it. Like I show up on the call and the call calls and the coaching calls like, hey, why aren’t you doing better? And I’ll call people randomly throughout the day, like, why are you on the coaching call? And I remember people blows my mind.

[00:31:33] Nadine says it’s all things just logical, cool. Isaac says that’s not logical, actually great ideas. Just do the climb getting steps. By the way, there is no advantage in making this more complicated like the people that are really, really overweight. And then some part in the brain, they’re like all, you know, we got to make sure I have the right shoes. I got the nutrition right. Like, oh, you know, I need vitamins, too. No, you don’t just go to the gym. And so if you’re not hitting your income goals, if you not one in two thousand hours day in your pocket, you probably just simply going to the gym. Now get you to the gym.

[00:32:04] Yeah, and just do what I did right here, document the entire thing in this IPSC. By the way, I’ve got every single demo Dick, every single sales call, everything qualifying call it ever done. In the icy brain, of course, mind blowing for people who just joined up here, the client getting steps one, three, four, five to 10. Yes. Is a prequel text qualifying calls as a demo of the prequel texts. Like, I just wanna make sure you can take on 20, 30 more blank. It’s just from the at reaffirms the reason why they’re great. Can I ask you some qualifying questions? Great. The schedule demo on the demo onboarding docs just like a doctor. Ask some questions. Do the demo. It’s four to five screenshots rest. Objection. Handling this, by the way, takes forty five minutes. If I’m slow. When your Aunt Mugger’s will start, Gradle, send your proposal. None of this is automated yet. It’s all manual doesn’t fucking matter. Shit is getting done. You’re interested? Hashtag, I see. I’m sick and tired of greencard, don’t screw people over like I’m sick and tired of shitty people in this industry just ruining and just taking money. Like there are people, by the way, that run competing tribes just like this. I like, hey, you know, if you just pay ninety seven dollars, you learn how to do blank. And then the ninety seven dollar thing is not to learn how to blank, it’s to make you realize you should be paying one hundred ninety seven. And then they value that the whole way through. It’s stupid. I’ve got nothing else besides the I say it’s mind blowing. Charlie says what’s a demo. You showed them and said, hey, we got to counter something. No, no, no, nothing. Screenshots, little screenshots there. Mockups. They’re fakes. And, you know, I say I said, look, Mr. Johnson, I’ll show you a fake ad. It’s pretty darn close, but I can’t show you everything.

[00:33:35] You know, you’re not a client yet. OK, great. That’s a isaam mockup tool dried out.

[00:33:43] That’s a.

[00:33:45] Nothing complicated. You never asked how much money I spent on ads before. Nothing. He asked, like, do you ever zolt? I go, Yeah, you know, I did I called my white label guy beforehand and then he just gave me white label stuff.

[00:33:58] Literally just screenshot it from the Zoome meeting. Now I can go into any industry.

[00:34:04] There’s no reason for you guys to not be making a ton of money and literally, by the way, I got the Korona objection three times and then, you know what I did and my slide deck, I said, yes, this or even working Korona. You know what happened?

[00:34:17] Nobody gave that objection anymore. Yeah. Mind blowing. Right.

[00:34:22] But that’s because I’m doing this shit for real. And I don’t think people or or in my seat would compete with me. Ah, I think they’re trying to like, I don’t know, do some weird shit. Like, there’s this huge narrative of, like doing the best for your money or time for money and so doing best for your tribe. Like I was talking to somebody that that’s other agency for a thing like ten million dollars. And he’s like, Jeff man, I like I really respect what you’re doing. I was like, tell me why.

[00:34:45] Like, I need I need to hear you say this, right. Is like like you’re in a position where you could sell like thirty thousand all your programs. I just feel I wanna talk to you. And not only do you not do that, you still run an agency and you still deal with the client bullshit. I go, yeah, you know, I got pretty fucking hard with this up stuff. My agency went from thirty thousand dollars a month on autopilot to zero dollars in about three weeks. It’s like, yeah. And you know, Jeff, you’re rebuilding it. Should I go help you? Fucking hell fucking I am. And there are people in this industry that my target is. You have no idea who I am. None at zero two thousand client ten days. And you’re into the singes hashtag. I see. And don’t give me this bullshit. Were you like, hey, you know what I got to think about now? If your hash tagging, I see it, I, I take that seriously and I’m going to put specific time, effort, energy into my guy to contacting you and making sure that you’re qualified. And I don’t want people knowing I said anything. Anything less than a player’s. I don’t want people in the ICU. Anything less than eight players. I’m giving you everything. And I’m not holding back. And I’m not putting my son position where I care about people who don’t care about themselves.

[00:35:46] This works. Get to see everything. Scott says, I used a similar deck to your new one. That’s one village. It couldn’t afford my services and she was blown away by the service, which is four slides and 50 words each.

[00:35:56] Exactly. Yeah, it’s got exactly like we have people inside the ICU still making bank. And there’s no reason you’re not to switch industries like that switch offers like that switch with him and teams like that. Yeah, accountability coaching, somebody actually gives a shit and is doing their job. Mix, mix, simply in total, a sense. I don’t know why more people whose who sit where I am aren’t doing it.

[00:36:24] Blows my mind.

[00:36:26] Thing is really unfair. And you saw the poster I made by Grant Cardon was like, that guy’s just a dick, like he’s just manipulating people. I think that’s stupid. They’d be like me. I’m not going to go down that path. So I’m a stay on board for like five, 10 months or so. Let the comments come in. You let me know your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Q And and stuff. But at the core, you’re not landing two clients in less than two weeks. You’re not doing the client getting sepsis. What I teach inside the Icee and I’m kind of like on a rant. I get it. But I think it’s such bullcrap that people who sell agency stuff aren’t doing agency stuff like fucking mind blowing to me. Like, I know I kind of messed up a little bit in like November, December when I was like, you know, I’m gonna sleep on high level for a bit, let it get the attention. I’ve done that. So I took it to express built out everything. Yeah. Mohamed says, as I see help with caring at the services funding right levels. I mean, one of the bonuses that’s coming up is we help you find a white labeler like preapprove white levelers. And yeah, you have to still do your due diligence, but it’s not with everybody. It’s with a specific number of people that I generally know, like and trust and have confidence in that can make you take care. And I don’t think they’re gonna be like the best in the business, but they’re going to be best at making sure you got what you paid for two or three times over which one matters more like you actually don’t want a person who’s best in the business. Somebody actually gives a shit. And we’ve got I’ve got to go see a white list, a short list of white labels that I genuinely trust who have something to lose if they screw me or you over. And we’re coming up with that list and about. I know it’s like the new module that comes out.

[00:37:47] I forget when, but it’s going to damn good, like, damn good.

[00:37:52] Joseph says when prospecting, using pulled e-mailing, had a chance for asking questions, it said pitching because your e-mail says your system and get more leads. Gamow instead called e-mail. They reply, yes. And we’ve got a cool integration that connects your perfect agency. Follow up. Don’t fucking seal that name, Liz. And gents, that’s mine. Trademark. Done. We got a perfect agency of all that connected. It called e-mailing responses. It goes in and text messages get fired. Hey, my name is Jeff. As he responded by email, I just want to confirm, can you get five to ten dental implant cases every single week? Cool. Can I give you a call. That’s at or qualify by text. Yeah, just like that. Joyce says he sees first class Jeffrey learns about success and sharing. Yeah, most definitely. Cindy says any way I can partner provide the white lab work, Sydney, we’re going to be doing applications soon. It’ll probably be doable within my network. People have a lot to lose if they screw me or somebody NYC over and people have a long history of delivering results. If you’re just starting out, Sydney, this is not the place for you. Yeah, it’s going to be only people of consistent awesome Effinger results and probably people who used to be in the agency space. They’re like, you know, I just want to make fifty thousand dollars a month and live by the beach and work two hours a day.

[00:38:55] I can provide that for you. It’s gonna be awesome.

[00:38:58] Sydney says, my agency can handle complex industries. And Janet Rosell to help their client, Janet Williams. I want to actually I want to be an actual resource people in our land. Great. Sydney, I’d be super psyched to talk to you about that. The applications and the short list got like one or two weeks and then we’ll see what happens from there. But I’ll tell you what, if you’re a white label looking for white clients, you know what they’re doing. Agency clients like you want to join the ICI or you want to hook up with the ICI because you’ve got a high ass filter that’s really tall. They’ll pay an afternoon to join up and they’re falling.

[00:39:27] Somebody is actually doing what you’re doing. It’s damn good to pious, says Jeff. Good stuff. Have you done services for SRS? I do not do S.A.S.. Not even close to it. I know people that do it like cap out. You came up and tried to do a million a month and I don’t know anyone in my circle is doing. S.A.S. ends up being like a client churn game or client tench game. I know nothing about it. Absolu nothing. Know this guy here inside this group as soon as you came on and he’s got three or four developers that do many programs is shit like that. But I know nothing. Sydney has been dealing for two years. Good stuff. See if you want to join the IOC. Just hashtag guys again. Don’t like don’t hashad guys. Don’t waste my damn time. Like I care too much about this huffing thing. It’s getting awesome results. People are signing up. It’s a stupid, simple process. My demo decks are idiot proof, like literally idiot. And as I introduce the new version of the I see which you will have access to asking for testimonials. We’re getting fifteen testimonials a day. Fifteen testimonials, it it really fails to mention. So, yeah, again, a client getting SEPs again, this is just like the gym. If you’re making complicate, you’re not going to go to gym by saying this is day we should do with Illington Facebook ads and quality, mainly pre quaff, take pre qualification decks. I just want to confirm this. What you want. They can ask you a couple of questions.

[00:40:40] Call, call or text. Call or call. Call or call. Text.

[00:40:42] Yeah. Scheduled demo show. How to do that. It’s really easy onboarding.

[00:40:48] Docs can ask for a couple of days and forget Ferguson. Right. Here’s the stupid simple system that gets you the result that you want. I want to let you know we guarantee it when you are slow to start. Cool. When if I demonstrate to 1-3 came on, keep me five, six, seven months 10k deal. Then not including ourselves. Let’s who else is going on here? The comments are breaking out again. So he says no, this group was called qualification for the ICJ. Just hashtag. I see if you’re serious about joining us, he’s a pay program. It’s damn fucking good. We’ve got massive effort results. Hundreds of testimonies, videos, thousands of screenshots. This shit works. It’s a 10 month program. Somebody says, hey, Jeff, what do you do for your client that your white label is not already doing, which is getting more than just shops? Your client only wants shops. And your white label as a person is like, I don’t want your client stuff. I’m exhausted from that. It’s absolute horrible. The worst people, the world. I don’t do that. I go great. I do. I’ll do the yelling. I’ll do the prospect. I’ll do the selling. You just want to take orders. I’m in. By the way, that’s how most people are like. They just want to be an employee. It’s so much easier. The cool part about white labeling for Facebook ads or agency stuff is you’re not an employee. You’re making like fifty thousand dollars a month because you’re dealing with the same type of people and the same type of client subsidy. Fantastic.

[00:42:01] So the difference is that I’m on the front end and I’m doing the prospecting, I’m doing the selling, I’m talking to clients, which is where the money is, something happened. I think two years ago, all the money got off of came off of fulfillment. And when did the prospecting, the people prospect make the most money? So great. Let’s do it. Now, I’ve got to here’s a white labelers that are like, no, man. I don’t want to prospect. I don’t want to sell. I just want to keep my system running. And I want to find jobs. One client and only one with you. And you got have 10 clients against me. Five came on. And I want five you.

[00:42:28] Cool. That’s it.

[00:42:30] So it works really, really well. Francis says hardly implemented anything. Double income. Yeah, Francis, that’s about right. Wait till we start fixing your shit. You gonna be a much better time. Let’s say what’s is gonna. I think I said for the comments to be off. That’s what making two thousand dollars in less than 24 hours is pretty simple. That was from the day we the proposal kicked in, the day he paid. And my white lip, who is watching this right now, is going to send me an invoice for five bucks. He’s going to take care of everything. He’s got his own, like Learning Academy and Incline Academy and Conversion Academy and all that crap. Beautiful. One last question is, I’ve done services for BTB other than this. I don’t understand a question, Tobias. Everything that we do for agency is Business-to-business. So the answer is to every client I’ve ever done is Business-to-business. Let me send an e-mail to my white label guy real fast.

[00:43:24] That.

[00:43:29] Yeah, send me about.

[00:43:35] Tobias or Tobias? Not sure. I only do business the business. It’s just so much easier. Yeah. My white little guy just responded. Go on. I said five bucks. You can take your client off to do shit logorrhea. Thousand dollars a month, everything. I’m lucky. 10 months 10k. All right, guys, I’m out. I just. You’re the eye. This is stupid. If you don’t do it like. Like you’re losing time. You’re losing money. You’re in the middle. Like the worst crisis of humanity ever. There are people walking away with hundred thousand dollar checks.

[00:44:03] Like, I know it’s amazing to watch a thousand dollars on lost his whole ass off of this crap thing. It’s like everybody thinks this is running business.

[00:44:09] It just changes offer and changes industry and changes market normal like normal. Came on.

[00:44:17] Yeah. All right. I’ll see you later. Bye.

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