How I Got 17 Sign-Ups and 9 Qualification Calls in 48 Hours…Without Doing Any Real Work!

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It’s true.  

17 sign-ups, 9 qualification calls in 48 hrs, and all I did was run through a quick script on the phone.  

How’s it possible?


But first you’ve gotta understand the new-economy agency – and the 1 dinosaur mistake you absolutely can’t make when trying to build a business.

Once you’ve got that down, the monthly 10 to 100k revenue world is your conversion oyster. 

Okay, ready?

In this short but extremely sweet video, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 core things which move BIG MONEY very fast into your business
  • The single thing which killed the garage-style entrepreneur and what the successful new-economy agencies focus on 24/7 365 days/year…  
  • Why Ferrari can sell cars which don’t exists and Elon Musk was able to sell 2 billion dollars worth of trucks with just a single sample and pretty screenshots
  • How I got 17 signups and 9 qualifications in just 48 hrs while barely lifting a finger! 
  • My pest control agency story or… ‘how I built 75% of a business without ever looking up a pest control ad, looked up a niche, or gave a damn about being an industry expert’
  • How you can completely avoid fulfillment yet have a bounty of testimonials to show potential customers
  • The secret to quickly building a rockin’ agency and clearing 30-50% margins every darn month!   
  • And a decent bunch more!


*Note: the sound cuts out at 22:02 but returns at 22:55 and again at 25:33 returning at 26:30


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[00:00:00] So this is how I got 17 sign ups and nine qualification calls in 48 hours. So I’m going to put up the three charts of happiness, a.k.a. the three boxes of money, the three things that move your agency.


[00:00:14] We’ve got the prospect engine. We’ve got the sales engine. We’ve got the fulfillment engine. What I’ve discovered.


[00:00:27] The vast majority of human beings and the vast majority of agents, users we all adopt at first. Make sense entrepreneurial activity in the make sense marketer mindset, which is that I’m going to go make a thing and then I’m gonna go and sell it, which I tell you what a got all of humankind. From the beginning of time up into like 2006 right around there. But something massively changed, which is human beings and business owners at that excel. And that work got off of fulfillment, like the garage style entrepreneurs success rate plummeted. Like all of a sudden it wasn’t based on your ability to make something cool in your garage and then have customers flock to you. That doesn’t happen anymore. Maybe one out of 100, maybe one out a thousand. But it happens so infrequently that I can’t actually endorse the idea of a garage style entrepreneur.


[00:01:19] So this is what I mean. A garage style entrepreneur. Entrepreneur will focus almost entirely on this box right here, fulfilling orders. Building a thing, creating the next thing, writing their book. They will focus on fulfillment of their product or service. But what’s interesting is like you’ve never gone to a plastic surgeon based upon how skilled they are with a scalpel. And you’ve never made a purchasing decision with a plumber based upon how much of an expert they are plumbing. I mean, I’m going to be spending too much money on a car wash for everybody around this block. And I didn’t make my decision based upon the guy or gal that knows about which soaps are the best fit for tree sap, dirt, grease or grime. The purchasing process for me had nothing to do with his fulfillment. And garage style entrepreneurs, when you think about like your grandfather’s economy or the old sallied economy, those are the type of people that were successful up until like 2006. And I just kind of made up 2006. But you’ll know what I mean. Some way. Somehow, the decision making process for future climbs and customers became separated from fulfillment. No longer was I the purchaser. Running around town saying, who’s the best guy at this? And so is running around town saying, I’ve got a problem with this. And I probably saying at a gut level 2006, because that’s where, like Google became a thing. That’s where search engines became a thing. That’s where it was institutionalized in the way of our working, the way of our growth and our experience. No longer was I the person purchasing going on a journey to discover the best person, but instead of saying in terms of problems, I was thinking in terms of what do I hate about this? Who can sell my problem? And then I was making a quick decision. Garage style astronauts focus on fulfillment first. OK, now that we understand there’s a concept, most garage style entrepreneurs, any agency space will spend a ton of time like, I mean, hours and hours and hours out of the day perfecting their many chat sequences or their LPs or their landing pages, or they’ll have like really, really strong conversations about lead ads vs click funnels or kajabi vs peachable. Or any of the final Ts of their parts, their tools, etcetera. That would be like a mechanic arguing about a four pin hammer or an eight pin hammer. I don’t even know if those are types of hammers.


[00:04:05] It’s just so hilarious and nonsensical and non needle moving to have an argument or discussion about whether or not many chat beats a landing page or a text sequence or email or landing page or click funnel, kajabi. Well, those are all fullfillment things and they almost barely even matter.


[00:04:23] Like, barely even matter. Like no plumber is going to miss out on business much as gain business. Whether he uses a snake from 2006 or a snake from 2012, it’s still a snake.


[00:04:35] It still works. And like no plastic surgeon will gain or lose business. Whether or not they’re using the 2018 Da Vinci machine or the 2020 Da Vinci machine, like nobody else around town is going like, oh, my God. That car is from last year. That be horrible.


[00:04:50] That’s not a Real-Life thing. Like nobody makes a dating decision based upon the year of the car. They do. You probably shouldn’t be dating that person. But it’s the same exacting fulfillment and a garage style. Entrepreneurs will do as they will spend the vast majority of their day trying to figure out this. And they shouldn’t. There’s no reason for it. All of these things perform within like 90 percent of each other. All of these things perform about 90 percent of each other, sending somebody to a mini chat sequence versus a tech sequence as fine, a landing page with a quiz. Doesn’t matter. I don’t care if using Kajabi or teachable or click funnels or whatever. I don’t care for using lead ads or landing page. It’s 90 percent the same. It’ll go from zero to 90 percent. And that finerty of argument doesn’t matter. That’s like sneaker heads fighting about, you know, Jordans versus LeBron. It’s like it doesn’t matter at all. Does not matter at all. That’s like PC versus Mac. Again, it doesn’t matter. The garage style entrepeneur’s will focus on Fullfillment so much that they will miss out on how new people on how a whole generation of individuals are now making their purchasing decisions. Very few people now going to join us saying I need to find the best person in the world. Instead, now they’re saying, who knows my problem? Who knows? My problem.


[00:06:08] The new economy agencies. Don’t focus on fullfillment at all. They don’t care about it. They don’t care for it.


[00:06:23] Does it matter, like when you look at the people are making a ton of money on Amazon FBA? They’re not thinking about fulfillment at all. At all. They don’t care. Someone also do my fullfillment for me. When you think about Wal-Mart, well, you think about Apple. Are they saying, Oh my God. We need to figure out fullfillment? They’re saying now that the factory is going to do it. The truck driver is going to do it. Someone else is going to do a fulfillment for us. New economy agencies thinking they are not thinking about fulfillment. The thing about prospecting. They are thinking about prospecting 24/7, 365, day and night. That’s what keeps them up. Fulfillment. And what’s really, really interesting, by the way, is if you want to spin up an agency fast and get massive results, you turn on a prospect the engine. That’s all you have to do. And what I want to do is keep myself on. You see, I got like destroyed with the Corona thing, like like all my clients canceled or paused or effectively canceled. They have no interest in renewing. I tried every single script in the world. I think I kept one person.


[00:07:26] Everything was everything, what the trash. So I took like a two week hiatus, tried to figure out re read some books, try to fit what I was going to do. And I re watched and relearned and reiterate the fact that garage style entrepreneurs will focus on fulfillment. But new economy agencies focus on prospecting. And to be more specific, they focus on getting five to 10 yeses a day.


[00:07:47] Every single day, either automatically or nearly automatically.


[00:07:54] Automatically means something else is doing it or someone else is doing it. If someone else is doing it, I’m paying them money to do it. Cool. And yes, is the manual process in the beginning, but very, very quickly, you can get somebody to automate your prospecting for you. I mean, companies do this all the time. The CEO is not trying to prospect new accounts he runs an ad or goes to a trade show or something like that. Prospect change engine five to 10 yeses every single day. Yes. Is it when a real life business? I don’t think this is listening. Right. I don’t mean this is actually working. I mean tests. Oh, it is, OK. A five to 10 yeses every single day. That’s a real human being saying, hey, I’ve run a business. I like what you said. Let’s talk about spending money with you. Then I’m gonna spend money with you. It’s just like, hey, time. I’m going on a date together. Same exact thing. New economy agencies don’t focus on fulfillment. They focus on prospecting. That’s it. Now, I’m probably going, oh, my God, Jeff, what am I supposed to talk about? I don’t have a thing. I go. Neither does the Lamborghini salesperson. But you know, what he does is they open up the brochure and says, oh, look at all the stuff that I could do for you. Ferrari sells cars, even though they don’t exist. Elon Musk sold two billion dollars with a trucks based upon a sample and a screenshot. New kinds of agencies do the exact same thing. So you do need something to sell, something to show, something to sell. But it’s not your thing.


[00:09:18] You didn’t spend six, nine, 12 months trying to build that and then try to sell it. You got a bunch of designs, a bunch of drawings, or probably got a team and said, hey, can I use this and see if I can sell it and split the difference with you?


[00:09:31] Most fullfillment partners will say yes. And there’s a whole genre of other agency owners that are like, I’m so sick and tired of going retail. That’s when you have direct and conversations with the end client. They just want to go wholesale, which is I’m not talking all these stupid business owners and arguing about seeking services. Welcome to spending. So I’m just going to go to go wholesale and only talk to other agencies who can whitetail my stuff. One ad went off well and page your works were done. They moved to fulfillment. No, I don’t. At all. So this is what I did. This is how I got 17 sign ups and nine qualifications in 48 hours. I completely, totally ignored fulfillment. I said, I don’t have to be an expert. I don’t have to know to fulfill these orders. All I have to do is make sure I’ve got somebody on bench that could do it for me. So, you know, so did the public group, the same group that you guys are in right now. I said, hey, does anybody white label insurance appointments about mortgages? How about pest control? Thinking of the eight of the agents, the agencies, the industries that I wanted to go into and test and see?


[00:10:40] I had five, 10 minute conversation with all of them. I said, OK. This person got three results. Experience charges. A fair rate could take care of it. We’re done. I don’t have to build a fulfillment engine. I can just rent their’s. I don’t have to build a fulfillments engine. I can just rent theirs. And immediately I went to Prospect Engine and I turned mine on Prospect, the engine, five percent yeses a day. Matt is either. And I’m just putting these up on the wall to see what happened cold e-mailing, in-person events, Facebook ads, LinkedIn, form fills, voicemail drops, all them. I mean, even Facebook groups.


[00:11:25] That’s like the engine get five percent yeses a day. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. If you got five to 10 yeses a day through your cold e-mailing in person events, what Facebook ads, Linkedin, form fills, voicemail drops, Facebook groups, etc.. Your market may be interested in buying. You have to sell now. You’re like Elon Musk onstage saying, hey, ladies and gents, I just rented this fulfillment engine. He could do 50 or 60 pest control appointments every single week. Would you like this? Great. Pay me fifteen hundred bucks. Yep. And you’ll get the 50 or 60 pest control appointments every single month. That’s it. Then I land a client fifteen hundred until my white label guy, like hey,  How much is a white labeling your bucks? Here’s a check. Let’s go. All I got to do is yell at the client. He guarantees results. No different than a general contractor or subcontractor. Because I didn’t have to build a fulfillments engine and said I got to rent his. I can go prospect to as many pest control clients as I want. So I turn on Facebook ads for pest control clients. I got 17 sign ups as soon as they signed up. I called them. We did a qualification. I went live in the ICU like six times. Qualification call again and again. And again and again and again. And I even did like fun stuff with my automatic follow software would force call them three times and connect with me on my phone. Pick up. They’re waiting for me. Hey Mr. Johnson, my name is Jeff. Thank you. I think you raise your hand to fill out a form to get 50 to 60 more pest control. Oh, yes, that’s right. Great. Can I ask you a couple of questions? Cool. So how many customers do you have? An average month. Awesome. And how much are they paying you? And it is at one time or is that monthly recurring. Gotcha. OK. And how many more accounts are you looking to get in the year 2020? Unlimited. OK.


[00:13:06] Cool. I gotcha. Well if you’d like, I can show you how we can get you 20, 30 more pest control clients. Guaranteed. All I ask is that you buy desktop screen that you can focus and pay attention if there’s a decision makers on the call. Just make sure they’re there, because I will be asking you to sign up and we’re gonna go over how the program works, how much it costs. Are you interested in something like that? Great.


[00:13:26] Oh, my God. I just got.


[00:13:30] Halfway through my agency journey and I haven’t once looked up a pest control ad, I haven’t once tried to figure out what works in the industry. I haven’t once tried to become a niche master or once tried to become an industry expert. Look at that. I got 50 percent of the way. In fact, if you look at this math. I’m about seventy five percent of the way fullfillment doesn’t count.


[00:13:56] I’ve already got somebody saying, yes, I’m interested in buying. We have to sell and are done a qualification process. Cool. I just got to get them phone and convince them to give me money. Sales engine one out of five sales calls. Turns into one case, two three came up one five sales calls that every Victoria’s Secret models were going to agree to go out with this. That’s fine. So I’m out of time. I’m just going to keep asking and ask people. They’re somewhat qualified to pay me money.


[00:14:23] I don’t want any small time individuals that only have like one person or two people as the worst business to be in. You don’t want those people’s clients who can try and come back and argue with me. You want semi’s? I spent money on marketing. It’s got a team, got a staff, got trucks and used to spending money. I don’t see them paying me and not paying their mortgage.


[00:14:41] Cool.


[00:14:42] So now I’ve got three demos later this week. I’m halfway to my sales engine. Once I get five million and one thousand or three thousand a month deal. And once that’s done, I’m to collect. I’m gonna get paid and I’m going to pay my white label guy and his magic is going to take over. He’s got a little coarse area they have to go through. They have to upload their stuff. They had to fill the form. I’m done. And I got to walk away. My target average monthly recurring revenue for my pest control business. Fifteen hundred a month. One five zero zero five hundred. Those adds five hundred goes to me five and the white label guy. I get 500 bucks a month for just doing near zero work. I got is dedicated to do it. I’m including ad spends and I have to have that fight. And it’s the first fight, four or five deals I get to walk away 30 percent margins. I got nothing else. Cool. And as I get better at it, I can charge more. The first three or four or five people. Fifteen hundred. And then seventeen. And then nineteen hundred. And then we’ll separate ad spend and we’ll move up and up and up and up. What’s even cooler is they say, Jeff.


[00:15:47] Right.


[00:15:48] Do you have any previous results?


[00:15:54] Oh, my God.


[00:15:57] Do I have any previous results? Of course. I’ve got 18 different screenshots. Forty five different testimonial videos for the guy on my team. His name is Alex. Yeah, Alex and I are teaming up. I’m the hype man. He’s entrepreneur. I’m a hype man. And he’s fulfilling all the orders that OK with you? Cool. So when I send you these testimonies videos, they’re gonna say Alex, not Jeff. Like I mentioned, just the hype guy. Alex is the brains behind the operation. So here’s our previous results. Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot, screenshot, testimonial, testimonial, testimonial, testimonial. Within 15 minutes. I have all the proof that they need because they are all for my film partner. He’s built on a course area that automatically addresses all. They’re frequently ask questions, has scripts that work, has sequences that follow up. And I didn’t have to do any of that and said I’m just going to rent his fulfillment engine. I got 17, signed up to nine qualification goals without doing any real work. All I did was talk to people on the phone. Hey, Miss Johnson, how many clients you have now? How much do you charge and where do you want to be? Was it a more reason why you can’t? I can definitely believe that. Would you like to see it? Great. And they just scheduled and then I’m just going to do a lunch and learn style like this. So this whole frustration and challenge that people have about like how do I get my agency up and running?


[00:17:25] This is it, prospecting engine get five to 10 yeses a day.


[00:17:31] And then you’re gonna have a sales conversation, you’re gonna follow proven steps, proven processes, proven scripts. I provide all of them in the ICU if you’ll doing thousand dollar days consisting of somebody that joined 60 days ago. They’re about to their ten thousand a month. Come on, guys. You don’t have to do fulfillment. You could if you want. Once you figure out how to do it, you can have a V.A. do it. And it’s called Esso peeing, creating an IKEA manual for your business. But if you want a QuickStart. Hire out your fulfillments engine. Walk away 30, 50 percent margins, be jumping up and down. You never have to worry about it ever again. All I did, ladies and gents, was turn on prospect to answer whether it’s called e-mail I linked or Facebook got, it does matter. Get more yeses. Once you have yeses, you can have a sales engine. And when you have a sales engine, give to your film partner. Job is done. And what’s even cooler, by the way, is some white label guys like David Sanger are doing like twenty one thousand dollar deals because they’re so good at fulfillment. So they attract people like me and I want to win them business.


[00:18:29] I hope this makes sense.


[00:18:31] That’s how I got 17 sign ups, nine qualification calls and 48 hours. I just turned on Facebook. Prospect Hanjin and.


[00:19:26] All right, so now Sound should be working again. I don’t know why it’s not working, gents. I really wish I knew. Want to go and check? I can hear you. I can hear you with the sound.


[00:19:44] Yeah, no sound.


[00:19:49] It sounds bad, but it’s like pretty bad. Either way, though, I hope this provides a thought process behind what you’re doing, how you’re doing it. Here’s this interesting.


[00:20:02] If you feel stuck like you’re not making progress and you aren’t doing what you’re doing to move the needle. Because you’re on fulfillment.


[00:20:20] Because you’re on fulfillment. There’s something about in our brains that are very, very tribal that does not inherently understand this type of thinking.


[00:20:28] And this type of working, you’re saying if I only had the better tool, I’d make more money. If only I had a faster car, I’d get there quicker. If only I had a better bone marrow, I would be able to hunt enamel and eat. So they end up doing that. Like agencies, I feel stuck and make no progress. Are human beings that make stuff and feel the products. Now imagine this. Imagine going to the gym and you’re losing weight and saying this is great.


[00:20:51] You don’t go the gym and you feel sick. What should you do? Go back to the gym? Just go back to the gym, your gym. Is the fulfillment engine, you feel stuck because you’re on fulfillment. You’re dicking around on a screen trying all this stuff and blah, blah, blah. If because you’re on film. If you want to unstuck. And I’m Prospect. If you want to get unstuck. Get on prospect. That’s how this works and that’s how this works really, really well and really, really quickly.


[00:21:29] I hope that solves somebodies problem and answers their question and things like that. I’ve just got a missed call from somebody that I think is important for some reason. So what I would do is I’m a sentiment text message. Let’s see. Hey, on a call. How can I help you? I don’t think this is a client, but probably someone that’s going to be coming by. So I hope this answers your question and move the needle forward and provide the line of thinking. If you feel stuck, it’s because you’re on fulfillment. Categorically. As a whole, 100 percent. When I felt. I have no idea why there is consistently no sound guys like no idea why.


[00:23:01] But I hope that, like, in this limited lesson, like it shows you how, like, you can definitely get moving faster and put yourself in it in a way to make a lot of sense. All I do is switch my mike again and it worked. But I’ve got to pick this up. I know the audio guy goes on and off just trying to make this work. And we’re still seeing that red bar at the top. I hope that there was something in here that made sense. I’m going to go ahead and bring this sucker to a close because I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, the audio is gonna get a lot worse. I can always repeat this later on if if shit hits the fan and this audio is absolutely the worst thing in the world. So I’m going to bring this to a close. Sorry, this was not as impactful as it could have been, but I really wanted to move somebodies needle today and get somebody unstuck. So I’m going to bring this to a close. I’m going to stay on line and answer like whatever Q&A is that come up on the chat? Because I think it makes a lot of sense. But this audio’s good. Just gonna get worse. So I’m gonna bring this to a close if need be. I’m going to go live tomorrow. And all of this is settled down. And I’ll catch you guys later. Bye.


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