Here’s My Million Dollar Game Plan (don’t worry, 99% of people who know it will never follow it, but those who do…)

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Okay gang, we’re winding down the summer and I figured why not show you all EXACTLY how I made my humble fortune!

Is it simple? Yes.

Easy? Not really. 

But for those of you with the moxie to take the methods I show you and actually IMPLEMENT them in your business, you’ll be on your way to the 7-figure/yr lifestyle so many claim they want, but will never, EVER achieve.  

So, with that said…

In this video you’re gonna learn:

  • The 3 “boxes” your agency MUST have up and running (if you don’t you’ll fail 100% of the time…all the time)
  • The 2 critical aspects of a successful qualification call
  • The ‘magic’ words to say to a prospect who CAN’T afford you…and how you can still make money off them…
  • The sales engine demo guaranteed to work, covert, and CONQUER any and all sales objections.
  • The 3 reasons people DON’T buy from you…
  • My slam-dunk ‘case study close’ (if you dread the ‘I’ll think about it and get back to you’ line, this is your lucky video…)  
  • And yes, my million dollar game plan… you want to know how I do it, this video is it…
Joining the Inner Circle

Gets you access to a consistent and repeatable process so you can land and keep clients who pay $1k, $2K, even $5K+ a month without any hidden upsells. (yeah… upsells suck)


[00:00:00] Talk about those three things, the first is my three 2K a month deals, three more verbal yeses and my plan to turn those yeses into actual payments. My next big hire for my agency, which should remove me from the prospect. So I only focus on the demos. And when I focus on the demos and do five to 10, I can then put a salesperson in there and I won’t make a thousand dollars a month. I’ll make probably like eight hundred dollars a month clean, but I’m totally fine with that because it’s effectively free money. And having 30 percent margins is an industry standard. Having 50 percent margins is better than everybody else. I’m totally fine with that. It’s effectively free money from there were going to go on and talk about the purge and the game plan and the rules and regulations and all that stuff. But yeah, any questions, comments, concerns, thoughts or ideas? Now is the time. Effectively, my agency is still growing. I have not touched any fulfillments at all. I’ve not opened any ads account. I have not created any ads whatsoever. I have not touched any automatic follow up. All I’m doing is looking at the pipeline or the stages that the accounts are in. And I have somebody building all the stuff and I’ll have to do is yell at the client like an agency should. I’m the CEO slash account manager slash salesperson, and as the numbers move up and the revenues move up, I’ll be removing myself from positions. The first thing that we’ll be doing is remove myself from a qualification called position. And I’m calling that person Debra, which is probably an incorrect term, but I’ll really help. Make a lot of sense. So I’ll be going into details about that now. In the meantime, getting a couple Q and A’s feel free to ask questions, comments, concerns outside the US. Now is the time.

[00:01:30] Nick says, I love that very conscious of the culture of the group. You don’t see that often from our Nick. I appreciate that. I do not want this to turn into quick funnels or consulting dot. The value posts are definitely within, I would say half or like in a range of acceptability. I understand this is a person’s line of business and I understand how the world works and they have to make money. Otherwise it’s not worth being part of the group. There’s a whole swath of value posts that are just for mining, for data side PMing getting linked and trains getting followed, trains, website trains. And that’s that’s fake engagement. That doesn’t allow for a new person to really understand the rules of the game. It’s like that, Kevin says. So how will people drop value in groups if it’s not a lot anymore? There’s a difference between providing a post that solves people problems versus a value post. The value is very much in jest and a in a sarcastic tongue in cheek comment when somebody puts like here’s seven steps and very clearly all seven steps are incentivized to. If you have any questions p me. Now that’s really not what we’re going for. And I’m not against people using a real honest dollar. I mean communication and a real honest knowledge and relationship. But we’re gonna have a higher standard and we’d be very, very clear. And I’ll let you know how it turns out. Chris says, Are you crossing a minimum of a thousand dollars in ads but from these prospects? No, Chris, the way it works is it’s fifteen hundred dollars plus five hundred dollars of ads. So it’s a two thousand dollar ask for the vast majority of businesses, and particularly in my niche, that have, I would say, one to three thousand monthly or quarterly customers. The two thousand I’ll ask is well within the range of acceptability, especially if they pass the qualification called test and the onboarding docs test. Two thousand dollars a month is not that big of a deal. We’re seeing proposals turned around. If I do squeeze correctly within 36 hours. If I don’t. About a week. And I’m learning how to squeeze better on the drop of a dime. And as necessary, I need it. David says, I definitely want to fire myself, David. It’s a wonderful process that only comes with time, effort, energy and the application of consistent time, effort, energy. And what I want to do is really go over that idea now and I think it’ll solve people’s problems and move them forward. Again, this is all stuff that I cover inside of the. Remember the eyes you get behind the scenes of all this fun stuff and makes a lot of sense. Once you’re seeing the actual done and done with you and done for you. Aspects of all this. So this is the standard. Three buckets. Three squares. Three boxes to rule them all. If your agency does not have these three boxes up and running, you will ultimately beyond a shadow doubt. Flat out fail, unequivocally, 100 percent failure rate. If you are not having these three boxes up and running at all times, you will fail.

[00:04:12] Prospect Engine. Sales engine. And fulfillments.

[00:04:22] These are the three boxes that you need up and running. Otherwise, your agency will fail. Every single person that’s come into the eye to the public roof, who has always felt like, I don’t know what’s going on. My agency, I feel like this is not working. It’s because one of these engines broke. It’s just like going to the gym. You have to go to the gym and eat right. And surround yourself with food or people. Otherwise you will fail. End of discussion. No other way around it. If you have a prospect engine up and running and it’s not generating private kindness, is it, that you will fail? It’s like going to the gym and not burning five calories. You will fail. Sales engine should turn out a five to one case of three K a month. So if you do not do this, you are effectively failing at your demos consistently time and time again. You can fail at your demos either because you lack the enthusiasm you have not unboarded correctly.

[00:05:12] Ask them questions correctly, qualified calls correctly. If you see a huge drop off from your qualification call to your sales demo, you’re not qualifying in a way that makes a lot of sense. And ultimately, guess what?

[00:05:23] You will fail and you’re fulfillment engine should either be you a visa or a white label.

[00:05:32] One of these three, this is the foundation and ultimately what I teach inside of the ITC in a way that makes a lot of sense. Prospect engine sales edged some attention. You need all three of these to run in a way that makes a lot of sense, just like a car. Your car is not a car. If all you do is sit in garage, your car is not a car. All it does is not have gas in the car. Your car is not a car. The transmission doesn’t work. You need all three of those to drive your car to Disney World. Otherwise, guess what? You do not have an agency. You have. Whatever your version of it is with my agency, I have a prospect and who was gendering five to 10? Yes, every single day using Facebook ads. I’ve and called including e-mailing and other people who linked it was the big three. There are other smaller ones like Facebook groups, personal profile, which is more like a hygiene thing. You need this because somebody will say, where’s your website? What’s your profile? Can I check on you to see if you are any good or a scammer? And you need to be able to say, hey, you not just check on my personal profile, you can do a Web site for a hygiene check. I use a sales letter, do not have a superintends website. It literally just needs to be sales. It is totally fine. The first three are are ones that historically work for me. People in the icy and other people that have been a part of Facebook groups also work. Personal profile also works. Facebook groups are always an iffy category because the more I talk about using Facebook groups to drum up business, the more I am on the receiving end of that.

[00:06:54] And that’s not well within the range of acceptability for me to see people use a marketing group to talk about marketing, to generate value posts about marketers selling marketing services to marketers, not kosher, not into that incestuous circle. So I don’t really talk about using Facebook groups in a way that makes a lot of sense like that, but also personal profile. You need to make sure that your cover photo is legit and you pass that hygiene, that 90 second smell test. All that stuff.

[00:07:16] Facebook groups called e-mailing LinkedIn. Great. Now what happens is here, this actually breaks apart. You do not go directly from prospect engine into a sales engine you have with something called the qualification call.

[00:07:34] Qualification called those two main things, the first is the crazy test. See if you’re a client and if you actually are crazy for each other or if one of them is just flat out crazy by themselves. If you’re crazy for the check for each other, you can move into a demo or as part of the sales engine, need to make sure that your client is actually spending money on marketing you pulling their their mortgage dollars in exchange for money. They are not a fly by night organization. You need to make sure that you are communicating that you are not a fly by night organization.

[00:07:58] This has to pass muster. We have 10 to 15 questions that I ask. Sorry, three to five questions that I ask and I’ll send my client is going. Let’s talk. I’m interested. A lot of the success of the qualification called has to do with what’s called a direct offer.

[00:08:14] Inside of your prospect, they do not. Do not have a direct offer into your project. Your client will not be interested enough to do a qualification call which will not confirm that they should be on a sales call with you, which will make your fulfillment funky. A direct offer is not, hey, we can rebuild your Web site or hey, people are losing action and traction. Hey, I found an error. No, that was not a direct offer. Your direct offers. Hey, do you need blank? Yes or no. That’s it. That’s direct. Opposite. Do you need like yes or no. A do you need five to ten more dental appointments for a dentist for your dental practice. Yes or no. Two on five to ten more electoral insulation panel jobs for a track company. Yes or no. Do you need. One hundred and fifty more booked appointments for a chiropractor company, yes or no. A direct offer. If you get yeses, you can know a great qualification call. We can lean in with power, leaning with a way that makes sense and ultimately have a strong business. I’ll conversation where you don’t have to be best friends. This costs money, Mr. Johnson, but if I got you 150 booked appointments, that’s five a day every day for 30 days in a row. Could you get that second location you’ve always wanted? Hire a second doctor and spend more time with your family. Great. Looks like we definitely do a demo. Looks like this makes a lot of sense. Moments like to setup a demo. The power of your qualification. Calls directly related to the power of your direct offer instead of your prospect. The engine with my new agency that we’re only doing one specific mission, not sharing inside of this group. You have a direct offer in the app, which means I can lean over and say, hey, you responded to this at. Are you sure you’re capable and ready of taking on this number, brand new monthly recurring clients for your business?

[00:09:53] Are you sure? Gotcha. Can I ask you a couple of questions? All right. How many months your current clients you have now and how much are you charging for your area? Gotcha. And you have any goals for 2020? What’s stopping you? OK.

[00:10:07] Well, if you’re interested, I can show you how we can get you those twenty three monthly recurring clients. I want to let you know that this is a paid program. We can’t pay the bank with branding. What would you like to sit down for? Forty five minutes. I can show how it works, how the guarantee happens and ultimately how much it costs and can expect results. The qualifier is to make sure that they feel like they are or are not good enough for you not to go to them and beg, borrow and steal. This is a very free trial, this very curious student. Otherwise, they will not take you seriously, nor will they pay you money if we don’t go down the free trial. Curious to know if you’d like, but you know what’s gonna happen is gonna get burned out. I can make it and you can have a bad time. It’s really just a sales tactic for somebody who sits in my seat saying you can do it for free. Guess what? You can probably fail for free to your best plan is to have a prospect, the engine with a direct offer and move to qualification where you are qualifying them to see that they are good enough for you.

[00:10:57] And then you move to the sales engine. There’s any questions. Now is the time. Gonna take a mini break and we’ll see what happens from there. Let me bring up the comments. We’ll see what happens. Chris says the majority of you is coming from called the Amylin. No, Chris, you can actually see the ads. And I’m running to get the majority of my code to get the majority of my yeses. Most of those yeses are pre qualified and set up their own qualification call. I have.

[00:11:22] Three more clarification calls today and two more demos today simply because of the qualification process I did on Monday. It’s very, very powerful. But to answer your question, this is all Facebook ad director for I’m paying seven, eight dollars for relight businesses, name number, email. And then I use the perfect agency following up enough good time. Meynell says, does your sales letter have testimonies and cases? It does, and it will. All my cases and testimonials come from my white Liebeler. I have never run a ad in my target niche ever.

[00:11:52] They are all built upon my white label guy and makes complete and total sense. And it’s 100 percent OK. That’s how businesses are built. You do not have to be a expert. You do not have to have all these cases and testimonials. They just want their job done. Like the Lamborghini sales guy doesn’t have testimonials or cases. Right. But he’s still selling Lamborghini. Same exact thing. My sales letter will have testimonials and case studies. I just haven’t put them up yet.

[00:12:16] David says, just post that I’m hiring for sales because of this call. Very cool. I’m super happy for you. Let’s move on.

[00:12:24] Prospect engine qualification called direct offered the prospect the engine and its LinkedIn Facebook called e-mailing whatever it is. Into qualification call. I would say about half the people pass this level of qualification call. Otherwise, your qualification call process is either too weak or you’re just pitching to bad people. You should be willing to say, you know, Mr. Johnson, it looks like you don’t really pass muster. This is a paid program. I’m not sure if you’re willing to spend X number of dollars, but I think this is not a good fit for you. In case you happen to know anybody that wants this direct offer result, feel free to send on my way and I’ll pay 20, 30 percent for the referral fee. That’s it. And now I’ve got a client that couldn’t afford you. Now repping your services, it’s really darn cool. Now, the sales engine part is, well, you’re going to have a very simple, easy to understand.

[00:13:12] Demo works burts and. He conquers their sales objections.

[00:13:23] Very simple, easy to understand, demo that works, convert complete honkers or sales objection, three people or there’s three reasons why people don’t buy you, them or the thing.

[00:13:31] I don’t believe you. The agency, whether it’s like I don’t trust you. I don’t know you. I don’t believe that you can deliver results or I don’t believe what you’re talking about. You cannot beat that unless you create concrete. The other number two is, hey, I don’t believe that I can actually do this. I’m not going to go to the gym. I can’t drive that car. I’m not going to leave my house. You cannot sell sell to somebody who does not want it or believe that they can use the middles of thing in the middle. I don’t believe the car is any good. The computer is any good. This microphone is any good. You made the thing. Nobody else. You need to have a very simple sales deck and a very simple demo so they understand.

[00:14:04] Guess what? The thing my demo is five slides. I’ll say it again. My demo is five slides. That’s it. Nothing difficult. Nothing complicated. They understand the thing.

[00:14:18] And then in the sales demo deck, the remaining other slides are to deal with you or me. I have testimonials, case studies, guarantees so they can believe in me. The thing I also do something called pre conquering their sales objection through a soap opera sequence.

[00:14:43] And over here, I mean this real fast, hot. Because come on. Shit. Sequence. Morning Dock’s.

[00:15:07] Demo, every time I get a sales objection that I’ve never dealt with or heard of. I wrote a soap opera sequence about it, added to my client’s email list, and every feature client will get that email list. So a matter of time. I already conquered their sales. Objection. How fast does it happen? Do you have any guarantees? Who are you? How long you been in business? How is this different? Why are their competitors in the industry? Do you have any testimonials? If you are too late to deal with those, it feels more like a sales rebuttal when you have to print Conca those upfront. I write a soap opera sequence every single time and then I add a slide deck to my sales demo to pre conquer those objections. Does this work in Corona? I used to get it all the time and then put a slide deck that says this works in Corona. Now, we never got that sales objection again. Again, very simple. Sales demo, demos, only five. And then I deal with the precocity, those sales objections, me, you or the thing. Most small business owners do not believe that they are the problem, especially they’ve passed a qualification called you don’t really talk about that too much. So it’s effectively me or the thing. And I’ve got a ton of proof of Tennant’s. Eskimos have tons of case studies as well as what’s called a guarantee. I guarantee that you will get the direct offer.

[00:16:12] Right. There are refund you and give you a hundred bucks wasting your time. Easy enough removes the risk of them paying me money more. So the qualification call and the onboarding documents, which I will get into and a little bit, I can actually understand their biggest challenge problem if they’re dealing with and talking to companies like Yelp, Home Advisor and Thumbtack.

[00:16:30] If they spent all this money on MCO and our Web site and paper click and all they feel like is they just don’t get the bang for the buck, they just want their marketing to work. Guess what, Mr. Johnson?

[00:16:39] You know what to deal with that anymore. And I can guarantee your marketing will work. You spent tens of thousands of dollars over three years and just lost everything again and again and again. Have those people ever guaranteed your work, guaranteed their work? Well, I do. That’s it. It’s very, very simple, very, very easy, my average demo. I would say is 15 to 20 minutes and then 15, 20 minutes of conversation, a back and forth.

[00:17:02] Just checking here and there again when somebody signs up to a demo.

[00:17:10] They get the soap opera sequence onboarding, doc, things like that. My question is probably what if onboarding boarding? Well, you don’t sound like a doctor, lawyer, accountant, but you want to you want to be an agency that sits down to clients saying, hey, can ask a series of questions. I asked five to 10 and reaffirms the reason why they’re here on the call. And they told you forgot otherwise. If you expect people to walk into a demo later that day or 24 hours or 48 hours later, like, totally remember what you talked about. It’s incorrect. I asked very similar questions all over again to get them realizing that they have a problem. They’ve already heard the soap opera sequences are prikhodko their objections. I showed the demo. I always make sure to do what’s called a case study clothes.

[00:17:52] It’s close. To bring this up right here.

[00:18:06] After you’ve done the demo, you do a case study, close case that closes. Hey, Mr. Johnson, we usually charge three thousand dollars a month, but we don’t offer a case study for your area. So Prikhodko in their objection. Have you ever done it in this area before? No, I haven’t. That’s one hundred percent. OK. You charge three thousand dollars a month for our service. But if you become our first case study in that area or only charge you two thousand dollars. That’s it. You prikhodko their objections more. So they’re probably in to say, OK, I’m thinking about I’ll get back to you. And you can say one hundred percent. That’s okay Mr. Johnson. Your student is incentive. There’s no advantage of me trying to squeeze you on the call. You know, it’s good for you want to let you know that we are actively advertising our direct offer to other businesses in your area. And I’ve got three other phone calls of people in New Jersey, Colorado, Miami, Denver area with businesses just like yours. You see my ad. Correct. And I want to let you know on this and this proposal, like you asked, but if you don’t return it within two or three days, there’s no real opportunity for reaction to just to join because other people are taking your spot. Are you sure you want to wait on this? OK, great. I’m a safe proposal. But again, there’s no guarantee. And if we get a case study, we’re in charge three grant and we offer exclusivity if somebody joins up. They could just take your geography and then you’re just as well. Thanks so much. Have a great day. That’s all you have to do. And I’ve seen proposals turn out in 24 hours because of it.

[00:19:20] You sent off to the white label guy. Not difficult, not hard if this isn’t working, you’ve been taught wrong. From here after this person has paid.

[00:19:32] And the starting links.

[00:19:35] It was our link to your onboarding guy or gal sent you to collect client information, get access to all the stuff, usually in terms of three or four links itself or a client academy, whatever you want to do. This is it. It’s massively easy. No free trials, no curious students. Nothing complicated. Nothing difficult.

[00:19:56] All I do.

[00:20:00] Is the first two boxes on the left. I do not do anything on the right because I don’t do anything on the right. I got to rely on my white label guy or gals. Case studies. He’s more than happy to give them me. And guess what? I pay money for it. Let me go ahead and increase the. Well, I’ll just leave that as an ex right there.

[00:20:21] Is it super simple, super easy. Now, if you’re bad at your job, you can do three boxes. If you’re bad at your job, doing three boxes, if you’re OK, you’re going to do two. If you’re really good, you’re going to do one. Right now, my prospecting is about 50 percent. Automatic qualification call is one hundred percent me, remember. Three is bad. Two is OK. One is really good. The next thing that I’m gonna be removing is this right here.

[00:20:44] I will not be looking at my prospecting anymore.

[00:20:46] Pay someone else to do it and I will be not be doing my qualification goals anymore. I may be paying someone else to do it. You’re possibly saying, oh, who could you possibly pay to do a qualification calls? I’ll hire a woman named Deborah Bass of New York. I’m a paid twenty dollars an hour between 9:00 a.m. and noon every single day. Her only job is the same conversation with my list. I’ve an agency CRM where all these systems go. They get the soap opera sequences. They get the actual text messages. All she has to do is call, have qualifying call conversations and arguments. Callback qualified or not. That’s it. They’re qualified. Guess what? They get booked onto my sales engine calendar. It’s not difficult. It’s very, very easy. I am right now the bottleneck with my agency because I’m doing these qualification calls and I have 50 people that message me back saying how I’m interested. This is my fault. I will not be a part of this problem anymore. I’m gonna pay someone to do this. Deborah is sitting right there.

[00:21:37] Now, all I do is sales demos.

[00:21:43] Three is bad. Two is OK. One is even better. Now, if you’re really, really good, you don’t do any. And I estimate about six weeks or so, I will no longer be doing this right here and said I will be paying a sales guy or gal to sit here and do the same demo again and again and again and again. And they’re gonna be paid 20 percent when they close. That’s it. The only flat rate problems or flat rate cost of the Atami Prospect engine, my qualification call 80, my Deborah. Everything else is variable.

[00:22:16] This is easy.

[00:22:18] This works, you can spin this up and down at any single time. As soon as the client pays, you put more money back into prospect. I’ve closed six.

[00:22:29] That’s not true. I close three to two thousand of my clients that will renew. So guess what? That’s a thousand dollars a month clean for client. Three thousand dollars a month clean really fast. That’s three thousand dollars a month put back into prospecting.

[00:22:41] Joining five to 10 yesterday now are getting 10 to 20 hours a day. Deborah, for 60 bucks a day, she does all the qualifying calls. That’s it. She calls in a recorded line. I send her samples that I’ve done before. And all that happens is as I sit in the sales engine area, when we get a consistent three, four or five demos a day. I’m done. Give all my recorded demos to my sales guy. Go up, get time. This is what’s called the agency NGO.

[00:23:13] This is what works.

[00:23:14] This is what I’ve studied. This is what more successful people than me are doing. There’s no reason why you cannot do this for yourself.

[00:23:22] You’re part of the asked FAMM group.

[00:23:24] You can do this if you want my personal. I’m doing it. Just hashtag ICN Brett or Louie. Louie will reach out. We have a paid program out helping do this even faster than before.

[00:23:33] But this is the agency engine. This works and it’s worked for me and worked for hundreds, if not thousands of other people. If you’re not getting the results, you’ve been taught wrong.

[00:23:43] Prospecting, qualified sales engine of a soap opera sequence, every Donkers objection’s onboard and ducks are my clients or they’re going to pay you money. A stupid, simple demo deck that deals with three the reasons why people don’t buy. Case study closings squeeze them correctly as soon as they peg in the starting links.

[00:23:57] The job is done. Go back to prospecting. It’s not difficult. And it works. So any question, now is the time. Angel says, Are you using a preamp for your mike? I have a focus right to Scarlet to eye to. Mario says, Do you charge everything upfront? Of course.

[00:24:22] And Jim McCloy says, What financial guarantees are you giving people at home in terms of leads? I guarantee 20, 30 real life customers will pay the money or refund their fee and give 100 bucks wasting their time. Still ticking off the bill the next month. We don’t have a target. No, that works pre Corona for a high dollar client ticket type thing. And I’ve never not once hit the target. If you cannot hit the target, you’ve got a problem. You’re Philmont. Find somebody else.

[00:24:47] Chris says on the food side, does your client had to lead nurturing appointment booking once the leaders received my white label, guy or gal has what’s called the perfect client follow up, just like the perfect agency fault that will automatically nurture these leads. So the client only deals with Goodlett pre book shop and by. Do you give them access train for high level of my white label guy? Does or does your weather provide Dunfee services and everyone back? Yes and yes. Davis has this great knowledge. I’m glad you enjoy it. Christian says you plan on hiring. Close it. Yes, but I will not be using the term closer. Closer as a term has been totally destroyed by the culture around that word. Closure tends to be kids that are 18, 19 and 20 that read a den lot book that try to wear a tie and a suit and have an iPhone that’s way too expensive and then think all they do is send a phone and say, hey, I want to close you today. Incorrect. I’m just going to hire a salesperson. Normal reallife human being in their mid thirties. That’s calm, cool and collected. I can listen, read and understand and grow and listen to the clients, have a sales conversation, that type of thing. Mario says since you’re not doing a service delivery, focusing on one niche. Yes.

[00:25:49] Are you just getting clients and niches, your white label experiences? Yes. I’m only running my prospect engine to match my fulfillment engine. If you do not have a film guy or gal post in the group saying a hand looking for X result, do not try to white label tool. Do not say I’m looking for a white label. Facebook ads guy. Do not do that. You will fail miserably. Instead say hey, I’m looking for somebody who can deliver five to ten book deployments for a dental implant business.

[00:26:11] That’s it. And then you go to the client, you go to market, you go to the end result with that direct offer. That’s it. Joshua says, I see really helped me implement this. All these process pro 10k last month using this process. Joshua, super psyched to you.

[00:26:25] You’re gonna come down to Miami. And when we have asked me really, really cool, I guess this random question do have your own office. Yes, Mark, Mary says you are using do the work for you. My white label guy or gal who will remain nameless. Any questions? Now is the time. This is literally a million dollar game plan and I have no problem showing it to you because. Ninety nine percent of human beings inside of this group and I don’t mean this offensively, just watch, not do it. And that’s why we’re gonna do a purge later on. Somebody says hilarious of their plight. I was that close are exactly Christian. The term closure is it’s been horribly polluted and now the verbal treadmill is moving towards a term. Salesperson like it should. Maria says, What’s your process to like to select a white label company? Somebody that I know, like and trust on it says somebody has appraisals experience. Case studies, somebody that delivers the direct offering. Somebody has a refund or a guarantee policy depending upon a white label, or it will change and vary. But for the most part, your white label would charge one third of what your retail agency can charge. So if you’re if you can charge two thousand dollars a month, sorry. Fifteen hundred dollars a month. Your white label will charge you five dollars a month to walk away with two thirds of their business clean. No worries. I think Tesla has like 17, 17 percent margins. So you can microwave margins even bigger than Tesla. Your margins will, of course, go down as like you spend more money, adds qualification car sales engine. But, you know, it’s free money. There’s no reason not to. I hope that answers your question, Mario. Actually, it doesn’t. The way I felt my white label guy is I posting this public group saying, hey, I’m looking for niche result. And then three or four people reached out. What I discovered is most agencies don’t know how white labeling works. So assume white label people the incorrect question. My weight label guy was asked by one of his clients to show up to a meeting and close them and collect and get and only get paid 20 percent and the white label guy laughed his ass off. This guy’s doing thirty thousand dollars a month. You don’t talk to somebody like your white label guy like that. This is your manufacturer. Only does one thing. Do not ask your manufacturer to go retail. This is your job. Your white label guys only job is to make sure any orders he receives works. So in about three or four weeks to come out with a white label, standard operating agreement between an agency who’s at the retail end like me and the white label who’s on the wholesale wholesale end, we’re going to be creating a kind of like mini committee and things like that and come out with a proper rules regulations. I’m just in a very unique position to kind of make that happen. Enable people to make more money. And there’s so much friction between what white labeling is and isn’t from retail agency is not from wholesalers, but from retail agencies that if I can just collect, what, forty thousand people inside of a better way of working, everybody will make a lot more money really, really fast.

[00:29:05] Joshua versus facts, people don’t execute you, right, Joshua? They just plain old don’t.

[00:29:12] Again, this is the agency engine, this is what we teach inside the ISEF, one behind the scenes view and have me do this with you. Just hashtag Isy. I use the same exact process, land three, two, three, two thousand dollar a month accounts as it paid. Now I have three two thousand verbal yeses that should be paying within a week or so or something like that. That’s usually just long turnaround. If I don’t squeeze correctly again, don’t squeeze correctly. Joel says, sorry, you’re on the call late. So are you only offering Facebook ads? Yes. My expertize is on marketing strategies that I offer my conciliations customer each client.

[00:29:43] Joel, the the short of the long is that if you do not standardize your process, you’re going to have a bad time. It will not be able to find a white label or you’ll have to build a quote unquote massive team to do everything custom. You’re gonna have a bad time. You’ll be able to sell your agency. You won’t build to make it work. And you’re gonna be one of the few less doing. Let’s just say a million dollars a year. At the end, the end of day only taking home eighty thousand dollars. You’ve got all the stress, the frustrations and the weight of the world on your shoulders. That is inherent problem with massive custom work. If you do one thing and one thing, well, an entire industry will flock to you. And that’s my plan. I’m doing this built to sell. Process. If I get 50 clients at two thousand dollars a month. Two thousand dollars a month. That’s one hundred. Came on the count that another agency that’s bigger than me can gobble away for me and just give me flat out money in exchange for. So let’s just say I’m walking with fifty thousand dollars a month clean. So the thousand dollars goes to ads plus my weight level guys in my agency itself making fifty thousand dollars a month to three times earnings.

[00:30:36] That’s one point two to one point eight million dollars. That’s the advantage of it. Read the book Bill to sell. You have a much better time and says, do you go to more in-depth and you really ship the white label like prices, free funds, et cetera. I see. Yes, we will soon. You can either join now if you haven’t already joined or wait and pay ten thousand dollars later. David says I’d love to learn your closing process. Well.

[00:30:57] Learn, then. There’s no loving. It’s just the doing so learn the closing process. It’s all documented inside of the Icee. Every single step, every single sales call wins, losses, big learning moments, all of it. It’s all right there. There’s people that have spent four thousand dollars a month on ads that I convince to give me two thousand dollars a month. There are people that have three thousand dollar quarterly accounts that pay them every single month. That gave me money there. People based out of Utah or brand new saying, hey, I’m gonna pay you money. Let’s take it from there. I document the entire process. Mahrous McCanless, how much to the I.R.S., Mario? Tag Brett Factor X or he’ll reply, because I think he’s watching us. You can have a sales conversation with him. Alan Jones is awesome. So Jeff, I am super psyched. Christian John says, Where can I get your book? I think we’re taking the book off the shelf and probably ought to take down the store as well. I think I’m just going to focus on moving everything into the IOC and making that program worth like a hundred thousand dollars instead of constantly breaking stuff out or rerecording modules and information I’ve discovered. And this is through like a long, lengthy analysis that I’ll go through later on, that the vast majority of people that buy the book don’t actually read it. The vast majority of people that look at the bonuses, the book don’t actually open them. The vast majority people who go to the store and buy stuff don’t actually finish it. And I know this because in the Koran, of course, we had forty four thousand people in this group right here. Sixteen hundred people said, hey, I’m interested in the Quran, of course. Six hundred of them actually signed up. Less than half opened it. Less than half completed one module and nobody completed three. So I think what I’m gonna be doing is actually closing down the store, closing down the book, and then just moving everything into the ICEE and making that program cost ten thousand dollars to make it worth one hundred thousand dollars and just continue to pump out millionaires. Right. There’s no reason not to. More so at a really high price point. It’s much harder to leak and it’s much easier to dictate people saying this is what you’re gonna be doing. And probably include things like visa and free services done for you. Prospecting, done, called e-mailing. I have white labelers that have a super high level of quality, things like that. So this will be doing.

[00:32:57] And his next match class, please. Everything I need to know my relation with the white label. Erin, we will definitely not be covering that is 100 percent icy. See, only the next masterclass is with Jeff Lopez. Or are we going over the. Power partner process for prospecting. But the white label in the relation to white label is one percent Icee only. And you can join now early if you want or wait and just pay an ton more money later. Whatever you want. You’re more comfortable with. Maria says they have about 10 year masterclasses, not sure about the ice. What’s your feedback? The icy is where people are getting massive epic results like. People are closing one, two thousand dollar day. It’s Apsley nuts. Mary says, what was the name of the person talking about the icy Brett Factor X?

[00:33:43] Ex.

[00:33:48] Here you go. Nag, nag, Linda.

[00:33:56] Matt Glynda, not Lindus is what’s your revenue, Jeff, with my brand new agency that started last month? We are at six thousand dollars a month from zero start, zero ads, zero influence and zero. Everything I’ve just been reinvesting correctly, but my personal income is much higher than that. Joshua Grosz’s, a collision outside agency scaling secret set. R.G. Yes, unequivocally. 100 percent, yes. So there’s no reason to keep it up and running anymore. I just have rather have everything else in the see and make it massively competitive, massively value packed and just consistently turn people into millionaires, like pulling out like one time masterclasses just doesn’t work the way you expect at all. And I know this because I’ve been monitoring like there’s homework inside of the book. Nobody’s ever done it ever. Ever. Tiger says, I know and just read the Facebook group with the Eyes of the Eyes is my page coaching program to go over things like this. We include ads that already work done for you prospecting called E-mailing LinkedIn. You can see me cell. You can see me convert. You can see me do my white label. All that unstuff rebuilding course. And we’ve increased our price, I think five fold and we have more people joining because of it. Brian says the ice is where I can find the info, looking for the next level beyond joined. Sorry, I can’t speak beyond joined. Thanks for the value they provided. Yeah, Brian can have a really good time. Brian just joined. It’s damn effing awesome. Like you don’t understand the dollars. I can make a bit during that you’re gonna be on. And there’s some people inside the isolative I’m working with for over a year. It’s really, really cool. Let me make sure I went over the agenda. We talked about my three 2011 deals and three verbal yeses at two came up. The reason why everybody else is not paid is because I didn’t squeeze correctly and I didn’t preempt the.

[00:35:41] You need to act fast. And so the qualification call and the direct offer and the qualification call, I’m gonna be adding a new question, saying if I showed you a plan to get direct offer within 30 to 60, 24, 24, 36 hours to June interest in time, immediately, they say, yes, I can just lean it. That would squeeze more. So what I’m discovering is that agencies have faster cash on cash return and it making more money faster. And that’s ultimately why Internet as always, newspaper ads, radio ads, radio and newspaper work. But it takes six months to get your online versus Internet can deliver it within 24 hours. So I’m now introducing a plan inside of my slide decks to have a 48 hour guarantee to get cash moving faster and then they can upgrade and spend more money.

[00:36:23] It’s in the beta, but we’ll see what happens. What was else? Oh, the next car from agency is this right here? The qualification called for some calling her Deborah. I’ll be making that decision at the end of the week and all she will be doing is just going into my agency, CRM and having conversations. I’ll be documenting the process and suddenly I see so that people can have their own Deborah and do it in a way that just makes money. The biggest mistake you make when hiring a Deborah is they hire an agency owner or an entrepreneur.

[00:36:51] No, don’t do it. You’re gonna have bad time. Who else is going on here? Joshua says, I’ve been getting so much shock from the site. Yeah, I appreciate it, but it’s closing down. Joel says was linked to of course, there isn’t one you have to get in touch with. Brett Factor X.

[00:37:11] Mary says they’re still checking to see if the client actually handling it properly, yes, by a white label guy institute Stinky’s surveys welcome text phone call recordings. All that fun stuff. And I end up with a sheet at the end of the week with all the leads and all the follow up inside of our agency, CRM, or I should say my agency clients CRM, which is effectively a copy and paste. And we can put the fake leads or my leads in there and make sure that they actually call back, followed up, follow through. And I’m actually paying people in my client’s area to actually receive the services and then do secret shopping.

[00:37:44] It’s massively powerful, like massively powerful. But again, we’re at six thousand dollars, move the agency. My close rate is anywhere between 20, 30 percent, which is too low.

[00:37:55] So I’ll be going on the qualification calls and definitely having Strugar qualification calls. I’ll be training Devora how to do it. Stronger qualification calls. And then up in the dollars and the prospect, the engine. Once this is consistently pumping out, I would say 10 to 20 thousand dollars a month in free cash flow. Then I can effectively put a salesperson in there and then double up on Facebook ads and called e-mailing LinkedIn and just effectively have a really damn good time. Again, the soap opera sequence I’m building up as I do it. This is not a system where you build it all and say good luck. This is much more organic and fluid and you buy a scenario where you solve problems as you’re doing it. So if I rent a near where a client is giving me an objection, it cannot be. I go back to write a soap opera sequence and every single client is now on that sequence or they get that sales email. That print conquers that objection. How fast does it work?

[00:38:38] Are these is real? How are we different than everybody else? That’s it. I answer their questions before they pay me money. I’ll be experimenting with the VSL and see what happens. But that’s later on. I don’t want to change something that’s already working. If there’s any more questions, now is the time I have 20 minutes after this call, I have another qualification call and then I have a demo and then another qualification call and then another demo. So assuming I close 50 percent, this could be another two thousand dollar day really darn quickly in a way that makes a lot of sense.

[00:39:07] And I don’t have any proof, testimonials, case studies from myself. All for my white guy. And we get along great.

[00:39:16] Like right now, we have three customer research ads running for three clients. He’s got fifteen clients of his own. And we can engage in something called knowledge transfer is the highest form of payments and highest form of value add, which is, hey, this is what your competitor is doing. You should be doing this, too. We’re going to do this for you. That’s where you start. They start getting paid a lot of money as this gets more advanced.

[00:39:41] You can do things like program through your clients.

[00:39:45] They can let you set up payments. Johnson’s part of, like, you paying me money. You’re going to join a 90 day coaching program. We’re going to show you how to do X, Y, Z, one, two and three. Increase your margins, increase your sales, cut your costs and stuff like that. And you can pay coaches to go live. Just like any other marketing program does.

[00:40:02] Now your client realizes you do 10 things instead of four things, and only one of them is Facebook guys who keep your client three, four or five times longer. And there are companies that use this to increase their, let’s just say, 2000 our client and move it into a 20 thousand client very, very quickly. But that’s a little bit more advance and well outside the culture of this group. We’re just trying to gain clients. We make a lot of sense. Again, if you have any questions, comments, concerns outside, he is now is the time. Otherwise, I mean, turn off this. What, seven figure, eight figure blueprint. Right. We’ll take it from there. Get your screenshots in while you can, because this is gone in three, two, one. See you later. So again, if there’s any questions, comments, concerns, that’s how is the purge will begin tomorrow. You’ll see a post at the top of the group saying you have to comment and respond.

[00:40:56] Otherwise, we will be actively removing you. I estimate we’re gonna be removing 4000 people from this group. The vast majority of low quality posts are from people have just joined or people who are consistently leaving low quality kind comments and cod content. And that’s not really what I’m into. And when I’m part of and what we’re trying to build and grow, I don’t want klick false. I don’t want consulting Incom. I don’t want none of that. And so it’s going to end up happening is we’re gonna be putting a purge post. You have to comment or any give you about 30, 60, 72 hours. That’s about going to go member by member. And if you haven’t commented, we’re going to remove you.

[00:41:29] And if you’ve commented low quality poster or remove you and you’ll know if you’re safe, if you comment, you’ll see it will be pretty darn cool and you’ll see the forty four thousand people slowly shrink. What’s 4000, about 30.

[00:41:45] We’ll be removing one hundred thirty three people a day for 30 days in a row. That’s part of the purge. So you’ll see that posts coming up pretty darn soon. Ultimately, it’s a way to save a group and keep the quality high and make sure that I don’t have to deal with.

[00:42:00] Shitty people putting up shitty things on the Internet. Yeah.

[00:42:05] Pretty much. That’s the game plan.

[00:42:13] Look up tomorrow, but also, like I mentioned before, Agency Skillings here is that R.G. is coming down to a close. I’m just gonna move everything into the SC and make that program worth six figures by itself. Next, big hires gonna be a Debra. Twenty dollars an hour for three hours a day or only job is to go ahead and turn my lists, have Real-Life conversations, pick up the phone and call people and schedule demos. Once I’ve done five to 10 demos and consisting pumping out money to put a salesperson in there. I have a seven figure payday. Again, if your agency isn’t working, you are flat out doing it wrong. If your agency isn’t working, your flat out doing it wrong, you want to see out supposed work hashtag icey, but reach out, you’ll have a sales conversation and you’re gonna see behind the scenes. I’m closing. I’m showing, I’m qualifying how my ads are working, how I called. E-mailing is working on my LinkedIn is working. I’m getting five to ten yeses every single day and ultimately closing two thousand on my clients every single week for three weeks in a row. Tiger says, How can I join? I see you’re going to get in touch with Brett. I’ll tag him for you and have a conversation with him and take him. There is my number two when it comes to this type of stuff, T.J. says, love this shit, bro, kick ass. I appreciate that very much. This number one reason I feel don’t actually get the results that they want. Their brain is the biggest challenge for them. Tony Tovar says pump money. That’s a better T-shirt. I like that a lot. Fifteen minutes ago, ladies and gents, ask your questions now or forever, hold your peace. And for any questions, this is actually. Yes, our logo. Yesterday, I did seven qualification calls. All those calls were prescheduled and I did three demos. One was based out of a company in New Jersey who said, yes, I want to buy all you have to sell, but I cannot pay the cost to bounce off. My partner said, you got it. Understood. Nothing I do. Mr. Johnson, you are definitely an astute business owner. Want to let you know that we offer exclusivity. So there’s any other pest control businesses in the New Jersey area? Well, that’s to take them soon. Maryland says just from the. Yes, indeedy. Well, I won’t bring this to a close. I’ve got to boogie off. I’ve got to qualification calls in to demonstrate a again, if you are not dimmesdale to expect your agency. You’re just doing it wrong. And hashtag Icee and Brightwell reach out.

[00:44:29] That’s it ladies & Gentz. See you later. Bye.


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