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If You’re Struggling To Scale Your Agency Because Your Clients Cancel Their Contracts And Demand Their Money Back, Then This Will Be The Most Important Thing You Read All Day.

Here's How To Triple Your Agency Income In The Next 90 Days By Keeping Clients Longer And Charging Them More...

PLUS: I’ll share with you how I discovered a way to transform a client conversation from “It’s not working out” to “I want to increase my monthly retainer with you.”

Dear Agency Owner,

Have you been racking your brain, trying to figure out how to scale your ad agency but are having a hard time getting your clients to renew their contract?

Does it seem like no matter how many leads you get them they always tell you, “Hey we’re not going to renew this month because this just isn’t working out.”?

Or maybe you have dreams of scaling your agency to the next income level but you’re feeling burnt out because your churn rate is so high that you’re constantly hustling to find new clients.

How I Turned A Client Ready To Jump Ship Into A $10,000 A Month Retainer

What I’m about to tell you is my iron clad secret to proving to my clients that my leads are solid and how they’re missing out on 10’s of thousands of dollars every month.

Just this one small change is how I took control of my retention rate and kept clients 2-3x longer than everyone else which protects me from having to constantly chase new clients.

It All Started The Day I Decided To Go To War With A Woman Named Sharon.

You see, Sharon had been secretly sabotaging my client’s campaign by throwing away perfectly good leads.

I knew that if I didn’t do something to fix this problem (and fast) then there was no way I was going to keep my client.

That meant I was going to have to go back to the grind.

Back to looking for new clients.

Back to booked calls…

And no shows…

And “let me think about its”…

And on and on all because Sharon couldn’t be bothered to do her job and follow up on the leads like she had promised.

But what Sharon didn’t know is that I had already discovered a powerful tactic used by million dollar ad agencies to prove their leads were real people, with money in hand ready to buy…

…but that nobody had reached out to them to close the sale.

Before I continue though, what I’m about to share with you doesn’t involve some sort of ninja persuasion skills or script you need to convince your client that the campaign is crushing it.

That stuff doesn’t work.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret….

Most clients can smell that kind of nonsense from a mile away and will run over top of you if you try it.

Consider yourself warned.

What’s even more fascinating about my discovery is that each time one of my clients tried to claim my lead quality was bad…

and I used my new found strategies to prove they were wrong…

Not only did they renew… but I was able to get them to increase the size of their contract.

Take for instance these three clients:

* This car wash that I signed back in March of 2019 started as a $2k a month client. After just 2 weeks of working with me they tried to use the excuse that the leads were bad.

After showing them solid proof that the leads were great and that they were missing out on thousands of dollars in sales…

They were so impressed with the results that they increased their contract from $2K a month to $10K a month!

Remember, this is a carwash company that was getting ready to cancel their contract.

At the time this page was written, they were getting ready to cancel after the 2nd month (sound familiar?) and then we renewed at $10,000. Twice.

* Or how about this bike shop.

Same EXACT situation.

After about 3 weeks of working together they complained that the leads were no good and that they weren’t going to renew next month.

Thanks to my new system I was able to prove my leads were the real deal and that because of a MASSIVE mistake on their part they were missing out on thousands of dollars in lost sales opportunities.

As you can guess by now, that conversation turned their small $2k a month contract into a $6K a month contract and they’ve been with me for over 18 months!

* Or how about this Orthopedist Same EXACT situation. I had to pitch 3 separate times. Their CEO, Their CMO, and their SVP. Each time they grilled me on but does this work? We’ve tried it before. Is it worth it? I battled through their objections and finally won a $3,900 a month contract. And guess what?

I ran my proprietary system and guess what?

I fought back, had evidence, they renewed. And I won.

And in case you’re wondering if my system will work for you, I’ve got you covered.

I reached out to a few of my students and asked.

Here’s what one agency owner had to say about his success with my method.

Tommy, Anisha, and Joshua ran into the same issue you’re probably dealing with right now.

Business owners claiming that they’re not getting what they paid for and that unless you have CONCRETE PROOF that your leads aren’t crap….

….it’s your word vs. theirs.

Look It doesn’t matter if you have 20 clients or if you just landed your first one.

My Methods Will Give You The Ammo You Need To Go To War With Your Client So You Can Keep Them And Increase The Amount You Get Paid.

No this isn’t a flash in the pan success either.

In fact, I’m convinced it’s the #1 reason why massive agencies are able to scale to 6 and 7 figures a month and beyond.

Imagine if 8 out of every 10 clients you landed stayed with you month after month after month…

You wouldn’t feel the constant stress of wondering if you’re going to have to refund a client’s money AGAIN.

You wouldn’t worry yourself sick about trying to generate enough income to keep the doors open and put food on the table.

My method is why I’ve been able to help so many struggling agency owners like you keep the clients they worked so hard to land.

Like Jimmy here who instead of having to fight an uphill battle about lead quality…

He knows going into the conversation that he can prove his lead quality is solid – beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Why Should You Even Listen To Me?

If you’ve seen me around the internet then you probably know that I’m the guy who shows agency owners how to stop working their butt off.

I show them how to work smarter instead of harder to scale their agencies so they can make the income they need to build the lifestyle they love.

Nobody starts an agency with the thought, “I want to burn myself out, constantly chasing new clients because none of them will stick with me for longer than a month.”

So one way I help is by teaching agency owners my proven methods for retaining clients so that they don’t have to endure the income roller coaster caused by high client turnover.

You see, I was once sitting right where you are now, wondering what the heck I had to do to prove to my clients that the leads I was getting them were good.

I was so mad about constantly losing clients that I could spit nails.

I mean, I was getting them PLENTY of leads that they could have easily closed.

But no matter what I tried, one thing became painfully clear…

A high performing facebook ad campaign is not a strategy for keeping your client.

That’s Because The Ability To Keep Clients Is A Completely Different Skill Set Than The Ability To Get Them Leads.

And I learned that the hard way when after getting my Orthopedic Surgeon Client 30 leads in 30 days only for them to say they no longer wanted to work with me.

I was friggin’ done with that life!

I was so sick and tired of doing all the research, building everything, and meeting with my clients seemingly everyday…

…only to have them tell me it wasn’t working out.

Even after trying to show them why the campaign was solid, they still didn’t believe me.

It was like they spat in my face despite all the proof I had!

So I did what any frustrated agency owner would do and I scoured the internet looking to see what other people were doing to solve this problem.

But turns out nobody had any clue.

Some agency owners go so far as to say:

“You’ve got to set expectations early about lead quality and work like hell to keep your client.”


My lead quality was solid and I knew it. I didn’t see how “setting expectations” was going to get me to keep more of my clients.

And the only other so-called “strategy” I found was,

“This is all part of the game – you just gotta keep finding more clients.”

But I was done breaking my back to find more clients only to have them cancel the next month.

So I kept looking for the answer.

Reached my boiling point.

One day I said, “Screw it if they can’t do their job, Im gonna do it for them. I’m gonna call THEIR leads and figure out what the hell is going on”.

I wanted to know firsthand if someone had followed up with them.

Almost every lead who answered said the exact same thing…

“I had money in my hand ready to buy, but nobody called me!”

Of the 30 of leads I generated for my client:

  • 5 wanted to come in but after the holidays
  • 11 setup or wanted to setup an appointment
  • 3 of them actually came in
  • 8 of them ghosted

63% of the leads I sent them were looking to take a next step.

Now I Had Proof.

It’s not that my leads were bad.

Sharon At The Front Desk Was Throwing Away My Client’s Leads By Not Calling Them Back.

When we first started working together they signed an agreement stating they would call leads back within a certain time frame and then update a google spreadsheet.

That’s how we were all going to be accountable in this process.

But what I learned from calling back the leads was that Sharon LIED!

And yeah, I took it personal.

Because not only was she getting paid to do a job and wasn’t doing it (i.e. stealing my client’s money)…

And throwing away perfectly good leads by not calling them back (wasting even more of my client’s money that he was spending on ads and my services)…

But she was sabotaging my ability to retain my client and scale my business.

Then it donned on me.

How many of my clients had I lost because the “Sharon” in their business wasn’t following up on the leads I worked so hard to get them?

And I’ll be willing to bet that you’ve experienced the same thing with the clients who told you they’re taking their business elsewhere.

And it’s not just about the money.

Sure a high churn rate will kneecap your business and stunt your ability to scale…

But your reputation will be dragged through the mud.

All because your client’s employees aren’t doing their job.

Think of all the times you’ve heard clients say, “We’ve used companies like yours in the past but never got the results we were promised.”

It’s clear now that the reason they had a bad experience could be because someone on their team didn’t follow up with the leads.

So How Do You Know If Sharon Is Sabotaging Your Hard Work?

That part is easy.

All you need is a reliable system that proves your leads are real people with money in hand, ready to buy…

…but somebody on your client’s staff dropped the ball.

But calling back each and every lead Like I did for ALL of your clients is no solution.

The sheer amount of time that would take would make it impossible.

What you need is a system that you can just plug into your business that creates visual (and verifiable) proof that your leads are legit so you can keep more of your clients and make more money.

Because, like me, you know that your existing clients will cancel their contracts with you faster than you can land new clients.

And let’s say that you’re a rockstar one call closer who lands new clients like it’s free.

Think of how much your revenue would grow if more of your clients stuck around for 18, 24, even 36 months.

I knew that’s what I wanted for my agency.

That’s how…

The “Prove Your Leads Are Legit” Method Was Born!

During my search for an answer I discovered my old notes from my Fortune 50 Consulting Career.

I’ll bet ya didn’t know that I did Lean Six Sigma consulting at billion dollar companies like Intel and Ericsson.

I took what I learned from these massive companies and created my own 5-part system so you can prove time and time again that your leads are working, they’re ready to buy, but the campaign is bombing because of the front desk.

In this 1 hour recorded masterclass I walk you by the hand through all 5 methods that I’ve gain control over my retention rate (aka gain control of my business).

You’ll discover things like:

  • The SECRET technique credit card companies use to monitor call quality (and how you can USE it on your clients)
  • The one simple trick you can use that FORCES your client to listen to everything you have to say. (Do this and you will never be interrupted… NEVER)
  • The 15 minute ‘SET IT AND FORGET IT’ setup using our proprietary Welcome text and Sneaky Welcome step
  • The FAST way to get your leads to call your client automatically without changing the offer
  • How to tracking and recording in 5 mins (Plus, how to avoid the #1 mistake EVERYONE makes)
  • How to automatically turn the quality phone calls (and the client f-ups) into documented evidence
  • The Fortune 500 Secret to divert fear, anger and regret AWAY from YOUR agency towards the real problem (their front desk)
  • How to actively prepare for your client FIGHT (aka your renewal)
  • The 7 mistakes to avoid that other agencies make all the time(strategies that generate leads is NOT a strategy that keeps clients)
  • How to tell your client the leads are real, that the program is working, that *THEY* didn’t follow up, here’s proof, and a SCRIPT that gets your client to stay longer.
  • How to automatically send the OWNER a recording of the call to you generate and everytime the front desk doesn’t pick it up
  • How to notify yourself and your client every time your campaign generates a phone call
  • How to automatically update the customer opportunity database with the time, date, and duration of phone calls
  • How to handle that pesky ‘recording call’ disclosure
  • And the ‘easy as snot’ walkthrough for welcome texts and sneaky surveys that prove the leads are LEGIT.
  • The right way to setup up your ‘Prove My Leads are Legit’ process so it runs automatically with only 1 hour of manual work a MONTH.


You’ll get the EXACT script I use to RENEW my clients EVEN IF their front desk bombs the campaign.

This is my EXPERT SECRET that makes my clients realize my ads are working, that my leads are real, and their front desk isn’t following up.

Other People Have Paid $97 For The Exact Information Contained In The Exclusive $37 Offer.

I’ve trained over 1,000 agency owners who paid $97 my “Prove Your Leads Are Legit Method” with incredible results.

Think about it, if you’re able to retain more of your clients by proving to them how effective your campaign is then you can command higher fees.

But there’s a catch.

You have to be able to prove it… and I’d like to show you a foolproof way to do that.

It’s so effective it even gives you the opportunity to charge new clients higher fees because you don’t have to worry about taking a dip in income due to client churn. (just like I did with my car wash and bike shop clients)

But you don’t have to pay $97.

I’m willing to make you a special offer if you act today.

For a small investment of $37 and you get full access to the “Prove Your Leads Are Legit masterclass”.

You’ll get access to the same videos, scripts, and templates you’ll need to start implementing this method right away.

And your clients will love it!

But This 62% Off Deal Is Only Good If You Act Right Now

So if you’re ready to prove to your client your leads are legit… And get them to renew their contract month after month… And increase the size of their retainer because you can prove your campaign’s effectiveness… Then click the button below to get started.

No Risk - No Time Limit Money Back Guarantee

I know $37 isn’t a lot of money but I want you to have absolute piece of mind about your decision today.

That’s why I’m willing to offer you a no time limit guarantee today only.

That’s right.

Not 30 days. Not 60 days. Not 90 days.


If you use the methods I teach you and it doesn’t work for you, all you have to do is show the proof and you can get your money back no questions asked.

That’s how much I believe in my Prove Your Leads Are Legit Masterclass.

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Fair enough?